Billionaire Novels

Lova Battle after Marriage: Husband with Passion and Wife with Apathy
"Yu Yunqing, you're mine, this is my right." At night, he licked her shoulder and his voice was sexy. Each time he touched her, she vomited on him. Despite that, his desire for her was still burning."
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Divorced Lady Got in Trap of a Demon CEO
She was used by Nangong Chi to take revenge. When the marriage was set, she was so conservative that she didn't go against it. She thought there would be the light at the end of the tunnel in this marriage, but it turned out to be that her husband didn't want her to lead a happy life...
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See You Tonight, Master Su
The orphan girl Tong Hua accidentally got trapped by this demon-like man after she was betrayed by her aunt.
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Spoiled by My CEO Husband Every Night
Tong Huaer had an interview at Zong's Group. She would never expect that the CEO, Zong Beili, dragged her into a pantry! Huaer thought it was just a nightmare but surprisingly, she later married Zong Beili and started to lead a luxurious life!
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Thriller Novels

Ghost Marriage was Far Too Hard
"She thought she could get rid of the ghost marriage like a nightmare by leaving the village. However, 12 years passed, he came to her again. She felt painful when she woke up and what's scarier was the ring which she could never throw away. The elderly said that the ring was the keepsake for love. With that, she could never escape the marriage."
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Feng Shui: How to Raise Ghosts
When my eldest brother died and got married, I was forced to take his place. From then on, I was haunted by the infant spirit, and I had no choice but to inherit the secret art of raising ghosts handed down from the ancestors and went on a road of no return.
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My Dream Man is Inhuman
I use WeChat to kill the time and the man I had been in love with secretly for years abruptly talked to me and asked me out. I went on the date anxiously, only to be fucked by a stranger. After that, I was flirted by a ghost and the disasters came...
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I Saw the Ghosts Alive
If someone tells you that there is a weight loss fluid that can change you from a fat girl to Angelina Jolie in a second, don't believe it and don't buy it.
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Romance Novels

Love You Forever
Plotting with a rich woman, my fiance sold me to the human trader. It was Fu Jing who saved me from danger, after which I treated him as my God. I thought I could make use of him, love him and be with him for the whole life, but I never expected one day he would ask me to call him "brother-in-law"...
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For Youth
I had been in the jail for two years taking the wrap for my cousin's crime, but only to find after coming out that he had stolen away my favorite woman...
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The Femail Emperor in Charge
"She was born in a very noble family and everyone was jealous of her. But in childhood she suffered a lot and became a nerd whom everybody poked fun of. Even on the day of her wedding, she was insulted in front of many. Her father plotted to kill her, her younger sister framed her and her husband cheated on her. When she got a second chance, she came back, with the determination to take revenge..."
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Adolescent Instinct: Meet My Sexy Teacher
On the first day of the third year of high school, I met this very beautiful and open teacher...
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Blooming Love
She gave him her entire life in exchange for his promise to keep her safe and sound. What she got in this relationship was his exclusive love. He knew he had a lot to give to her. But if the time is limited, he would use his next life to keep his promise!
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Never Walk Away
Ye Xiangwan thought that as long as she tried hard enough, Zhu Minglun could fall in love with her; but she forgot that love was something that should only happen between two people.
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Candy Marriage
"A man appeared very unexpectedly, saying that it was his child. She thought she could end this with an operation, but the fact was that the man showed off once again. "Qu Qing, wanna run away? No way!"
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Hey, Don't Be So Thirsty!
"Her husband had a love affair with her good friend and even secretly left their daughter to take her son away. When she was holding the divorce agreement and about to walk away, the cold man appreared in front of her, looking at her and smiling in a peculiar manner."
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