Romance Novels

Scandal Supermodel
[ 1V1 pet wen, body and mind clean ] "Lesson one: there is no inappropriate place, only I want to and don't want to." "It has nothing to do with love to exchange money." However, he was addicted to her for a while and gradually spoiled her to the skies. "Huo shao, miss an said she wanted to be the number one supermodel
I Will Always Love You
I will always like you. "Brother, what is the relationship between having sex?? Is kissing eating each other's mouth?? How was the child born??" The three-year-old white rabbit liked to chase after cheng zhiyan and ask strange questions.
Reborn As The School Hunk's Dearest Daughter
Haicheng fu pei was unruly, violent, ruffian and wild, and no one dared to approach him until one day there was a little girl beside him. The little girl was born with ice and bones, her lips were red and her teeth were white.
Candy Marriage
"A man appeared very unexpectedly, saying that it was his child. She thought she could end this with an operation, but the fact was that the man showed off once again. "Qu Qing, wanna run away? No way!"
Hey, Don't Be So Thirsty!
"Her husband had a love affair with her good friend and even secretly left their daughter to take her son away. When she was holding the divorce agreement and about to walk away, the cold man appreared in front of her, looking at her and smiling in a peculiar manner."
Lucky Pregnancy & Sweet Marriage: Hubby, Please Turn Off the Lights!
"I give you two choices: be my woman, be my mother's daughter-in-law, or be my son's mommy..." The man wrapped the little woman in his arms and forcefully gave the question. Little woman: "Yishao, do you... Know how to count?" Overnight, he became a clean freak.
Doctor Jiang’s Beloved Sweetheart
I heard that the first knife in the department of thoracic surgery in ningcheng was jiang beiyuan, cold and indifferent, not close to women. The other colleagues in the department immediately opened the table and said, "No! He has a little wife. She's so precious!" The reporter immediately went to the interview, but was sent home by a "No time." The next day...
My Guardian Mr Bo
"Uncle, why are you peeking at people taking baths??" "It's you." "Uncle, how can you steal a man's woman?!" "It was you who stole it." "Uncle, can you be more shameless?" Overnight, the arrogant and indifferent, abstinent elders became husbands, and she bit..

Billionaire Novels

Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You
On the day of the wedding, Mr. Yuan's childhood sweetheart, shu qinger, was killed in one fell swoop! For a moment, mu chenyan, the bride with the greatest suspicion of murder, was accused by thousands of people and imprisoned! Overnight, the mu family building collapsed and their family was destroyed! Only then did mu chenyan realize that she had been with him for 12 years without any warmth! When shu qinger died, he wanted her whole mu family to be buried with him... Two years later, due to insufficient evidence, the former socialite was avenged! Unexpectedly, she was taken back to the yuan family's old house by yuan xuan. Day after day, she pressed herself on the bed and continued to interrogate! One day, the smoke was unbearable. "You're not done yet!" Yuan xuan looked at each other coldly. "No end!"
A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality—Immortal World Arc
Mortals cultivate immortals, the wind and clouds travel back and forth in time and space, reincarnate and reverse the golden immortal taiyi, the three thousand avenue of daozu in daluo, the law of supremacy, "The legend of mortals cultivating immortals," the immortal world chapter, a story of han lizha's immortal world, an immortal immortal legend of a mortal boy cultivating immortals.
From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS
With a high order of 20,000 works, the quality is guaranteed and no less than 10,000 words are updated every day! My name is Qin Shujian. The emperor had been in power for thirty years, and neither of his books nor swords was successful. This is a history of righteous and kind-hearted growth! (There are already two million words left in the book "Rebirth alone," updated and guaranteed) popular group (2000 new groups): 951578438 vip fan group (full 1500 fans available): 1105669567
Comrade: Almost A Cat-Astrophic Love Story
The person pei zhen hated the most in her life was fu sichen. However, the sky was not as good as people expected, and in the end, he became the cat of fu sichen's family...* the cat of fu yingdi's family became a genius, eating with a fork, toilet with a station, ordering takeout, playing games, catching thieves... All 18 kinds of martial arts proficient! It's just that it's not very good. He's either hanging out with the dog next door or falling in love with the kitten downstairs. Fu yingdi always felt that the green grass on his head was growing wantonly. Fu sichen pondered for a long time and took the cat to the vet shop. "Too rough, castrated." Pei zhen: ... Fu! Si! Chen!"
Cultivation Taobao Store
Liang jie, an archaeology student from kyushu university, occasionally acquired the kyushu heavy weapons and used his ability to communicate with all the sorcerers in the world to start a taobao shop, vowing to make the world's cultivators have nothing they can't buy.
Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser
In her previous life, chi shuyan was full of grievances. She was clearly a rich and wealthy person, but she was' borrowed' by others. Her fortune turned into bad luck. Her good cards were broken, her family was ruined, her relatives were taken over and divided her property. Her college entrance examination was reported and cheated, and her future was ruined. And she was stupidly grateful to her good friend who planned everything. Until one day, a heavenly master broke this scam and took her as an apprentice. Chi shuyan hated her and was reborn from the fire. She became a blood-soaked female devil on the road, killing all the people with evil hearts, so she also lost her life. In her rebirth, she returned to the age of 17 before the college entrance examination with the memory of her previous life. Her family had not yet been destroyed. The person she cared about was still there, and the person who hurt her was still there. This time, she dared to hurt the people she cared about. God blocked the killing god,

Action Novels

So Pure, So Flirtatious
Yang Ming is an ordinary high school student. One day, he receives a gift and a magic pair of glasses that can offer him a superpower: high intelligence and unstoppable fighting techniques. From then on, his life has been totally changed...
Legendary King of Soldiers
Qin Kun was famous as the King of Soldiers among all the mercenary organizations and his legends spread around in all countries. He intended to lead a normal life, but got involved in conflicts of different kinds in which he never failed, though.
Flash-Marriage with a Rural Teacher: She is Busy Farming
"A teacher from the countryside left her village, ditched her boyfriend, who she had been together with for six years, and the flash-married a guy from a rich family. On the marriage night, she surprisedly found that he had sexual dysfunction. What overwhelmed her more was that she realized she was pregnant after a month... "
Invincible Soldier Controls the World
He is the invincible soldier of the army who sweeps all the enemies. He is the charming man who attracts all kinds of beauty. He is bold, strong and unscrupulous! He looks above everything and manipulates the world! Let's see how Xiao Jian overcomes everything on the journey of the transcendent!
Super Luxury King System
He got the luxury king system and reached the top of his life.
Lord of All Realms
In the early eras, there were numerous giants of spirits, and they were so tall that they could pierce the sky. With shapes as tremendous as stars' rivers, they flew across the whole universe and controlled everything. Clan leaders with ancient bloodlines smashed heaven and rebuilt new realms. Ancient Qi Warriors crossed rivers of stars to enlighten countless mortal beings. Somehow, an age quietly came to an end, and all domains were divided, ancient giants of spirit vanished one after another. Years later, a young man called Nie Tian renounces the world splendidly. He successfully employs the ancient magical powers and travels back to the early eras with the aid of a drop of mysterious blood…