Billionaire Novels

See You Tonight, Master Su
The orphan girl Tong Hua accidentally got trapped by this demon-like man after she was betrayed by her aunt.
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Here Comes the Mommy: Daddy, Take It!
After seven months' pregnancy, Ye Zhiqiao not only lost her fiancé but also her child. Five years later, as a famous designer returning with glory, Ye Zhiqiao started the prelude to the story at the airport...
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How to Get Rid of My Thirsty Cunning CEO Husband
"Marry me! It's your best choice! Why me... Because I need a wife whom I don't dislike..."
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Spoiled by My CEO Husband Every Night
Tong Huaer had an interview at Zong's Group. She would never expect that the CEO, Zong Beili, dragged her into a pantry! Huaer thought it was just a nightmare but surprisingly, she later married Zong Beili and started to lead a luxurious life!
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Thriller Novels

Imp Seller
A female star suffered from imps. To save herself, she decided to make a sacrifice...
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Husband's Strong Control: Every Night was Busy on the Bed
A director was impressed by me and offer me to join the shows. That night, an evil man fucked me and chased after from then on.
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I Saw the Ghosts Alive
If someone tells you that there is a weight loss fluid that can change you from a fat girl to Angelina Jolie in a second, don't believe it and don't buy it.
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Ghost Marriage was Far Too Hard
"She thought she could get rid of the ghost marriage like a nightmare by leaving the village. However, 12 years passed, he came to her again. She felt painful when she woke up and what's scarier was the ring which she could never throw away. The elderly said that the ring was the keepsake for love. With that, she could never escape the marriage."
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Romance Novels

Starry Sky: Lord's Love for an Imperial Concubine
She was born in a noble family, but descended to be an ordinary one and lost her status; She used to be kindhearted, but was now insulted many times and made fun of; Later on, she's got to seize an opportunity and change her destiny for good!
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 The Other Life of the Prince
I unexpectedly became the vicious main role of a story, the oldest princess of Nanyan named Yan Feiling. In order not to be fucked and lose my life, I tried my best to survive. To prevent Yan Xiaoxi from destroying the country, I endeavored to alter my fate and fight for my true love.
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Never Walk Away
Ye Xiangwan thought that as long as she tried hard enough, Zhu Minglun could fall in love with her; but she forgot that love was something that should only happen between two people.
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For Youth
I had been in the jail for two years taking the wrap for my cousin's crime, but only to find after coming out that he had stolen away my favorite woman...
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The Untold Secret
Liu Qingqing met Ding Zu, the legendary "Subway Lady-Killer" on her first day to work. From then on, the untold secret started developing between them......
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The Femail Emperor in Charge
"She was born in a very noble family and everyone was jealous of her. But in childhood she suffered a lot and became a nerd whom everybody poked fun of. Even on the day of her wedding, she was insulted in front of many. Her father plotted to kill her, her younger sister framed her and her husband cheated on her. When she got a second chance, she came back, with the determination to take revenge..."
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Adolescent Instinct: Meet My Sexy Teacher
On the first day of the third year of high school, I met this very beautiful and open teacher...
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Candy Marriage
"A man appeared very unexpectedly, saying that it was his child. She thought she could end this with an operation, but the fact was that the man showed off once again. "Qu Qing, wanna run away? No way!"
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