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Perspective Doctor on Campus
His skill in martial arts was so strong that he overwhelmed the powerful police beauties. He was a brilliant doctor who threw himself at the charming and affectionate female prioress. He is incomparable in painting and calligraphy, making the innocent schoolgirl and sexy actress obsessed all day and night. When he turns on his perspective eyes, he always offers a friendly reminder to all the beautiful women around him: please get dressed before you talk to me. He is Lin Chengfei, an ordinary student who has received the immortal inheritance...
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World
In Chaos City on the Norland Continent, there is a strange restaurant. Here, elves and dwarves share tables. Beastmen are prohibited from making a din, and giant dragons can only seat around the tiny square in front of the restaurant. Even demons have to bring their own stools… But it is such a strange restaurant that has long lines outside every day. Elves are stuffing kebabs, paying no mind to their manners; giant dragons are sitting around a hot pot, strainers in their hands; demons are eating nice-looking dango… "There's no other place on this continent where you can find food like that! The boss here is a genius!" a customer provides such a review. Then, he gives a furtive look at the door. "Also, don't you think of kidnapping the boss away or dine-and-dashing, or you will suffer a tragic death." "Eat, pay, or you will be beaten to death." says a cute little girl in her childish voice as she trots forward. A five-meter tall dragon shivers when it meets her eyes.
Super Urban Doctor
An ordinary kid accidentally got a magic tripod: it not only can refine a variety of immortal medicine that can cure any disease but also create a pair of eyes that can see and cure. From then on, gambling is only a piece of cake. He can easily get wealth and gain beauties' love.
Legendary Soldier King
Tang Feng used to be a legendary mercenary. He walks in the flourishing city, looks down upon on the wealthy young masters, and embraces beauties. So much entertainment and recreation... He uses a pair of iron fists to knock down his enemies and protect his woman. He is the soldier king of the city!
Don't Annoy Me, My Ex-Husband!
[ Don't spoil it, it's not love overnight! "Boss, miss mu is back!"" Mmm!" The man replied indifferently." Boss, someone gave miss mu a bouquet of roses!"" Adulterer! Hmph!" The man finally raised his head, narrowed his eyes and snorted, his last note rising." Boss, miss mu watched a movie with that man today, had a candlelight dinner, and..."" what else..."" and kissed him!" The man's eyes lit up, and he could no longer sit still, rising from the sofa." B... B... Boss, no good. Miss mu is going to marry that man in Holland!" The man clapped his hands on the table." Which plane? Shoot it down!"" Yes!"" Wait a minute!" The man suddenly stopped." What do you want from boss?" If she loses a hair, try it?!" ... Wedding heart: chief husband, hold me tight. I am the original author nan nan li's meticulous urban novel masterpiece. Bi interest pavilion is also more newlywed heart: chief husband, hold me tightly in the latest chapter. The book friend's marriage heart: chief husband, hold me tightly to comment, does n
Super medical fairy system
I have the system in the hands of the world, Zhu Qiang coincidence has the invincible medical immortal system, from now on, a lot of money, beauty inverted. The police caught a cold and a bowl of noodles was done. The campus belle has a zit, a bowl of soup is done; Lori wants to have a big boob, a bowl of milk ... We don't need to see, eat! We eat medicine, pooh, art!
The Ultimate Student
Under the eyes of others, ji feng got the future technology products at the lowest point in his life.with his magical ability, his life became no longer ordinary! Clairvoyance function, stone gambling is no disadvantage. Future technology allowed ji feng to become a business empire, training system, and extraordinary skills ... Ji feng's life became infinitely exciting!
Antique tycoon
Daxing pawnshop apprentice Xue Chen, by coincidence, got a mysterious black jade, with the ability to identify antiques. From then on, the little apprentice began to dress up as a pig to eat tigers, beat all kinds of masters, eventually become a generation of legend!
Here Comes the Mommy: Daddy, Take It!
After seven months' pregnancy, Ye Zhiqiao not only lost her fiancé but also her child. Five years later, as a famous designer returning with glory, Ye Zhiqiao started the prelude to the story at the airport...
Pack Up Hot Girls with My X-ray Eyes
"His eyes accidentally gained magical powers after he got framed. This young guy—Ye Feng can see through the stone at a glance. Evaluating some treasures? He can do it in one second. Coming across some beauties? He can do whatever he wants... Don't get him wrong! He said he used the power for good reasons. Rich babe, charming lady, attractive policewoman, cute schoolgirl, passionate flight attendant, hot actress, mature sister, delicate and beautiful woman... Happy life is coming! When he's awake, he takes control of the world. When it's night, he sleeps with beautiful ladies."
Flash-Marriage with a Rural Teacher: She is Busy Farming
"A teacher from the countryside left her village, ditched her boyfriend, who she had been together with for six years, and the flash-married a guy from a rich family. On the marriage night, she surprisedly found that he had sexual dysfunction. What overwhelmed her more was that she realized she was pregnant after a month... "
The most powerful cultivator landlord
Young chu river occasionally received the supreme inheritance, from now on to play all the noble families, aristocratic families, martial arts grandmaster, god realm master, cave heaven and fortune. Until one day become a celestial emperor, who in the world does not know the king.
Transdimensional Marketing
I'm just a reviewer assessing some unique products. The things like quantum computers, artificial intelligence, antigravity flying vehicles, superluminal spaceships, planetary cannons, and two-dimensional foils are all under my assessment. Chen Yu: "Today, the high-tech product that I am going to show you guys is — the planet smasher! Hey! Don't be panic! Everybody! Please calm down. Let me explain it to you...."
Legendary Doctor
A legendary doctor started his new life in a city surrounded by quite a few beauties. See how he dealt with them...
The lady ceo's personal maniac
A generation of the son of god fell into the mortal world, for a paper marriage into the city, but not welcome ... In the face of his fiancée's arrogance, many strong resistance, the enemy's scheming ... And to see how lin tian could easily strike back ... Stepping on the city, sharpening the emotions, Practicing cultivation methods was comparable to mastering without a teacher. The mad soldier stood close to her and his arrogant fiancée bowed her head.
Super Lucky Dog
Chen Haotian infected with a super-virus during his mission in a certain African country. Being disappointed and hopeless, he was about to dawdle for a couple of days. However, something happened and everything's on the track. Hotties were chasing after him! Are you kidding me? And just as he was annoying, he found that he will not die even if he wants to...OK, it's better to enjoy a carefree life in this city.
The holy hand
Lin Feng, who had been humiliated by his ex-girlfriend and the chief physician, got his medical skills and passed on by chance. Pure affection nurse, charming elder sister, peerless young married woman, tongyan lolita, coquettish female network red, proud lolita, pure school beauty, beautiful star, hot teacher, iceberg president, hot policewoman came one after another ...
I Have An Handbook: How To Pick Up Girls
A middle school student Lin Feng accidentally received a valuable book of peach blossom and learned all kinds of superpowers. From then on, he tried his best to taste all kinds of beauties and look down on the whole world!
Perspective village doctor
Lu qing's girlfriend was taken away by the water conservancy stationmaster, looking for stationmaster desperately, injured accidentally wake up a fairy bracelet, get immortal soil, immortal medical skills, perspective. And look at the village doctor across the countryside, doctors exorcise evil spirits, do the village rich leader ...
My ceo wife is a goddess
Mysterious master bai yunfei signed a contract marriage with the beautiful president, but was despised. At the same time that he conquered the iceberg beauty, all kinds of beautiful women followed suit ...
Invincible trail
Black and white impermanence is my brother, the king of hell is my godfather, you say I have a strong background, I have a strong relationship? Not only do I have a strong background, but I also have a strong head ...
All the way to danger: to climb up to the female leader
The smooth camouflage of the workplace modesty, by the extremely clever jiangfeng deducted incisively and vividly. This is strategy and wisdom. Jiang feng relied on his superb playing skills, defeated one opponent after another, to become the final winner. However, jiang feng, who had won the game, did not get the joy he deserved because he paid a huge price for it ...
The invincible little prophet
As the saying goes, man is not as good as god, but there are times when god can not calculate. The street super small swindler luo ning, because the deception is superb to even the heavens are jealous, so want to chop him to death, but under the chance of coincidence failed to chop it to death, unprecedented, the next generation of space-time hegemon is about to be born!
The bodyguard of the beautiful president
The professional bodyguards were ordered to protect the cold and charming female ceo, and there were misunderstandings between them, but they also met the captive's heart.
The all-around fiance of the campus belle
Talented young man, all-powerful king, in order to complete the marriage contract, a foot into the red city, wandering among the flowers, fighting with various enemies, finally completed the master's mission ...
Married women have secrets
She met him on a business trip. She was as beautiful as a flower, gentle and intelligent, making him fall in love at first sight and pay great attention to her. In order to enjoy the sweet love again, she hid her secret.
The city's super dark emperor
Urban ups and downs, beautiful women difficult to flirt? It doesn't exist! Second generation young master, a powerful position? Hehe, I just smile and don't talk! Drink the strongest wine, hold the most beautiful people, sing the most proud songs, step on the strongest people! I, the dark emperor, was extremely arrogant. In this world of flowers and flowers, I held all the beauties and stepped on all the great powers. Although the red dust was beautiful, I was allowed to soar!
Dream master
Win Longjiang snobbish and stingy do not know shame not gentleman, dare to fight with the beauty of the food, is a thorough little person, the biggest advantage is many defects, but the only bright spot is enough to serve justice. Win small Longjiang to be a landlord and rich, buy a mansion to raise a dog to ask for flowers and willow, it is a pity that the number of bad luck, spring and autumn dream has not yet This temperament also attracted a lot of good luck for it. Heaven is fair, a coincidence of a dream, let win Longjiang on their own life, more independent and grasp, free to run between the battlefield in the business world. Why is it so often assumed that one does not reach the realm of heaven and man? Why was there a trace of objectivity in his hands? Because, he had dreams ...
With a ghost in his heart!
He brought his girlfriend back to the countryside to meet his parents, but he didn' t expect everyone to look at us with a strange look ...
Beauty lost: the privacy of a female boss
On his first day of work, he discovered that his female boss was a stunning beauty who had been molested by him, and what was even worse was that he accidentally discovered the top secret privacy of the beautiful boss ... However, after that, he was lucky to be in love with her, and he was even more adept at changing his desire for profit. To deceive the sky and sea, to return to the dead, to escape the shell of the golden cicada, all kinds of schemes ... Life is to struggle, for the ideal career and love.