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Picking Up Attributes From Today
Traveling to a world ruled by dragons, giants, orcs, and elves, the human race was just a vassal of these four great races, and Meng Lei thought the future was dark as hell! However, when Meng Lei found out that he could pick up other people's fallen attributes to strengthen himself, everything started to change! Ding! Fusion is successful: Physique + 9! Ding! Fusion is successful: Magic + 10! Ding! Fusion is successful: Gaining level nine magic "Thunderstorm."
Let Me Game In Peace
A drop of blood kills one's life. Other people lose their lives playing games, while I lose my life playing games. When the dimensional storm came, a large number of Alien Dimension fields appeared everywhere on earth. Immortals, buddhas, demons, angels, elves and other kinds of Alien Dimension creatures came to earth. But those mysterious Alien Dimension areas have become mobile game replicas. Others risk their lives, but I play the game desperately. The novel "Super god gene" was 7.3 million," sword suit" was 3 million," divine dao saint" was 1.6 million.
Residual Washing Guide
Xiao Qingrong thought he was going to die, but he wasn’t dead. The former male god system was transformed to a scum-washing system. In order to take care of this crying system 618, Xiao Qingrong once again embarked on the road of beating …
Urban grim reaper teenager
The child lost by his parents was adopted by a kind-hearted couple, but the couple died unexpectedly. The child was once again on the streets and was taken in as a disciple by an old man. Return to the city, originally wanted peace and quiet but not, but death came to the city, brother only love, love between obstacles, family entanglement. Death young write their own legendary road!
Emperor Of The Cosmos
When humans began to step into the age of the galaxy, the ancient practices radiated new vitality. Cultivation, no matter in any era, will never be outdated. In the diamond sutra, xubodhi asked sakyamuni, "If you want to become a buddha, how can you subdue his heart?" . In one sentence, he said the true meaning of cultivation, and in four words, he subdued his heart. Sun wukong was also known as the heart ape because his mind was well connected. Each person's mind is a sun wukong, surrendering to the ape can fight against the buddha. In The great star river, dreams of divine machines explain the true meaning of cultivation for you.
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
She, the master of the modern secret order, gathered the abnormal geniuses of the heads of various families, refined medicine and poison, and was good at assassination. In the eyes of the world, the abnormal monster was accidentally killed, but was reborn on a disfigured young girl. What? Her face was ruined and her identity replaced? Return to the family...
Love Code At The End Of The World
Travel to the future, think you can eat, drink, play all kinds of high-tech, see all kinds of evolved beautiful men, the result... Is the end of the world! It's the apocalypse! It's the apocalypse!!! Or the end of the parallel world!! Say something bad three times. He had no food, no breasts, no buttocks, and was exposed to radiation all day long! Orz, this is the rhythm of death... Nani, this is a radiation physique, not afraid of radiation? What? Does radiation physique have superpowers? (● - ●) Ouch, not bad, ouch~~ in the face of crisis, the radiation world everywhere, how can the human beings who can only survive in the ecological gap survive? She had traveled to the end of the world and had to be able to survive in this world where even knowledge was lacking and save the world and the beautiful youth.
Bloodthirsty oracle
Sun wenlong lost his job on the way home was bitten by a vampire, body changes, from a full of crisis but colorful road. Step by step danger, step by step opportunity, and see how he can rely on his tenacious will to lead the earth to challenge the great leader of extraterritorial civilization! The domineering female ceo, the little princess of the east, the vampire, and all kinds of beautiful women of various statuses came in a flurry. How could he choose to give up?
The overlord of the capital
The situation in wucheng changed, and the three forces of the huang tang family and the wang family became the most powerful and powerful. However, due to the fact that one person took over, wu city became restless again. Who is this guy?
Emperors Domination
This was an age of power, an age of hierarchy where only the strong could survive. Only the strong have the right to let others abide by their own rules, and only the strong will be willing to obey.
The path of the divine
Liangran alone in heaven and earth for many years, seven water 14 mountains with legends, one of the wan wan wan mountain, an orphan boy finally grew up. Under some chance and coincidence, she set out to search for her past life, going through hardships and tribulations, from a young man with nothing to integrate with lianran ...
Super Gene
In the future of the magnificent interstellar era, humans finally conquered the space teleportation technology, but when humans teleported to the other end, they found that it was not the past or the future, nor any land under the stars... The mysterious world of refuge, countless tyrannical creatures, human ushered in the great leap of evolution that made people's blood boil, opening the most brilliant new era under the starry sky. "Kill the black beetle, obtain the spirit of the black beetle, and eat the flesh and blood of the black beetle. You can randomly get 0 to 10 points of the god gene."
Hail The King
A little person who had mastered the golden thigh, crossed into a small king, so in this cold and cruel alien world, he left behind a unique and invincible hot blood legend.
Blood fairy
There were both good and evil ways to cultivate immortals. They were bloodthirsty and became immortals. Their minds were not disordered, and they eventually became the overlords of heaven and earth, looking down on the world.
Scarlet love song: the vampire princess of his highness
In the name of love, she was forced to become a member of the bloodling. Once through, through fire and rebirth. In order to restore her human identity, she set foot on the journey to find a blood servant in a different world. Unexpectedly, she fell into a whirlwind of emotions that could not escape ..." I will make you remember me!" "Only human blood can save me. I don't want to hurt you, go away. "With my blood, as long as I can save you, little yi ..."
Phoenix Destiny
As the daughter of the Sect leader, Lu Mingshun was cast by her family as a piece of trash because her father remarried another noblewoman. Never mind, she still had a genius master. While unexpectedly, his martial art was destroyed, and he became disabled afterward. Disdained by her evil stepmother, surpassed by her talented sibling, abandoned by her relentless father… Lu Mingshun had to change her destiny on her own. Fortunately, she held a heavenly wheel, a sacred object which could grant her immense power. With it, she will be like a phoenix rising from the ashes. “Phoenix Nirvana, Born of Fire.”
God of the stars
The mortal resistance of ordinary humans and unknown creatures was aided by the help of orion by chance. Step by step upgrade and mutation will bring about what changes to the world!
I Possessed a Demon Sovereign
It is often heard the accidents of powerful people, like leaving a tenacious wisp of spirit. Then they take over the body of a young man who was suffering at the bottom of society, reborn as an ordinary man with intelligence and power, and then implement a counter-attack! Or he could travel through the body of a poor young man and embark on the path to becoming a god. But it seems like the thing goes opposite on Chen Luoyang! When he transmigrates to another body, he becomes the most powerful person in the world, the godfather of the devil, the revered demon emperor. "I feel like I'm about to break down. What should I do? Can someone help me?"
Match the enemy: a handsome and overbearing husband in the sky!
Missed ten years ago, ten years after the meeting, is right or wrong; this is wrong life, because the fate of the arrangement meet again. Fate is destined for a lifetime of entanglement, who will not let go of who, who will not let go of who. Where do they end up? "Qin xuxiao, let me go and let yourself go!" "That's impossible. I' m telling you, I will never let you off for the rest of my life."
Feng xi of the sacred academy
Fighting in the world of the sacred academy was like playing a game! God is like a machine, knowledge is equipment, computing power is like the network, experience is the level of personal operation. Feng xi. "Well. What rank is that?" Author. "Don' t worry about the details. The core isn' t a fight." Surprise! Feng xi. "Is there a core in this book?" Author. "The angel's dream boy cultivation plan!" Feng xi:
Mystery paper
In a natural opportunity, Zhang Heng found a newspaper, so that the newspaper and other newspapers are different, it shows the next day's events, so Zhang Heng took advantage of the newspaper, began his own entrepreneurial road. Through this newspaper, Zhang Heng transformed himself from a poor kid with no money to a rich man with a fortune of over a hundred million dollars.
The First Light
The trust of the two young men clashed, and a pair of super partners broke through the bloody battlefield. During the rainy season, the weather in the forest was humid and hot. Sunlight filtered through the thick woods and through the wooden windows, into a wooden house deep in the jungle in the suburbs of Bangkok. Guo Yang was...
Small farmers with hot blood
In terms of intelligence, they weren' t considered geniuses, but they were all crying in shock when they were pretending to be cool with girls. When it comes to fighting, you can't beat me when you have a hundred men. Who am I? The world beautiful woman regards me as the country cock silk male, but do not know, I sell shoes to become the boss!
Warlock Of The Magus World
Lei lin traveled through the world with his brain and became a noble sorcerer apprentice. By using his own advantages, he learned to become a sorcerer, obtained the inheritance of a sorcerer, embarked on the road of bloodline, embarked on a series of adventures in the mysterious and strange sorcerer world, and finally obtained an eternal story. Update: keep a minimum of two changes per day for 6: 00 and 15: 00 pm, and add more at 21: 00 pm. Detailed rules: 1. The monthly ticket is over 100 votes, or the subscription is rising, plus one more. 2. For every increase of 2000 yuan in the collection, add one more. 3. There is an elder in the reward, plus one more, and the leader three more. 4. For each additional 20,000 or 200,000 clicks, add one more. Note: due to the author's code speed and other reasons, some additions are more likely to be delayed, but the latest should not be more than a week, please understand!
Phoenix nirvana: exalted goddess, please respect yourself
Ordinary immortals who had worked hard to cultivate because they were afraid of tribulation had an ancient magical beast riding on them even though they were weak. If she could be carefree, then it would be fine to be an ugly immortal with an average appearance. But I didn't know so many things at that time, really love deeply, all over the body. After the tribulation, the phoenix nirvana rebirth of the exalted goddess, to me before the pain bit by bit back.
Break the girl kingdom
This was a world called the country of women's children. Women were respected in this world. There was a special structure in the body of a woman. A woman could absorb the essence of a man through the essence to improve her strength. In this world, men were called male slaves. As the name implies, they were slaves. Their role was to donate their essence to the cultivation of women. The essence, the source of all things, is also the root of practice. It was not easy for men to raise their spirits, but easy for women to plunder and acquire their essence. Hence, in this world, women were powerful and overbearing, and men became slaves. Women were superior to men and animals were like this. Wang zhiqiang, a dirty young man from earth, had the special ability to suck on the essence of a woman.he crossed the girl kingdom and stirred up a scene of bloodshed, ruining countless beautiful women and young women.
Cave emperor hegemony
This world was not as peaceful as it appeared on the surface. Besides ordinary people, there was a group of special people. They were called cultivators, and their world was called the cultivation world. Prince kong did not expect that fate would be so magical. One day, he would also enter the magical cultivation world. I am the real existence, the other, is nothing, is illusory ... But you are with me, wives, let's create a real world!
The Sword God Of The Universe
[ Chinese dream essay contest ] Jing Yan was once the most outstanding genius of the Jing family. At the age of 16, he broke through the ninth heaven of martial arts and stepped into the inborn realm. No one in East Lincheng could compare to him, but somehow after entering the realm of the Jing family, he fell and became a laughingstock. Untie the seal of the The Ring of the Universe, rise again, and finally dominate Tianyuan continent, becoming the existence that countless martial artists look up to.
Yan shen
In ancient times, the heaven and earth were created by heaven and qing dynasties, and the weight and turbidity kept falling to the earth. In order to prevent the heaven and earth from merging again, the body was transformed into the path of becoming a god. Because of the relationship between the two sides, the path of becoming a god was passed down to future generations as the road of being a king. Our story is about a blue-eyed young man five thousand years later who aspires to become a king. On the path of the great king.
The world is gone
Shallow song a song is boundless, cross the sea to the horizon. Walk to the edge of the sky for a long time, sit and watch the sunset sleeping cloud. God said that as long as day and night were always there, there would be no difference in this world. And the most holy one said, he hath two souls in him, one that believeth not, and one that is born suspicious. I say, the weak make good, the strong make evil.