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The world is gone
Shallow song a song is boundless, cross the sea to the horizon. Walk to the edge of the sky for a long time, sit and watch the sunset sleeping cloud. God said that as long as day and night were always there, there would be no difference in this world. And the most holy one said, he hath two souls in him, one that believeth not, and one that is born suspicious. I say, the weak make good, the strong make evil.
Hyper - space warrior.
A gathering ten years later, most of the students from grade three and ten came, but there seemed to be something hidden in this gathering place. All the students who came to the party lost control of the high-tech and robot battle that ming wei carried with him, so they all went back to their high school life ten years ago. In the old familiar school, although very nostalgic, but we all put aside the power and wealth of family members ten years later, and then tried to find a way back.
World Of Immortals
Who in the world can survive? No matter how magnificent and gorgeous you are, you will be a red and pink skeleton in the end. However, the legend of immortality has been spreading throughout the world. According to the old legend, beyond the world, there is a huge The eternal world...
The supreme god
God, an ethereal existence? But when you find out one day that you can be a god, will you still be in awe of them? God? It's just a creature above us! You? Are you ready to see a path of mortal ascension?
Omnipotent Data
When Cheng Nuo woke up, he realized that the world had changed completely. In his eyes, anything could be reduced to groups of data. The beauty in Cheng Nuo's eyes: height 168 cm, weight 57 kg, chest 85 cm, waist 63 cm, hip 89 cm. Billiards in Cheng Nuo's eyes: diameter 57. 15 mm, weight 170 g, pole length 145 cm. The force required for the No.3 ball to enter the bag was 2.14 bull, and the angle was 68.54 degrees... You can call Cheng Nuo a scholar-tyrant, a king of data, or a calculation expert! Skills owned: 100 % shot, 100 % score a hit, 100 % clear the table... Cheng Nuo's life motto was: in this world, there is no problem that mathematics cannot solve. If there is, then add physics and chemistry!
Legend of hell
The stone of fate falls on my head, six samsara is unattended, and the bridge of naihe is broken; if there is no power, there is no way to protect everything, then, let me, become this samsara of the supreme hell! From now on, heaven for my eyes, huangquan read for me!
Reborn, I Became a Male God
Chosen by the system, every time JingLing completed a task, the pile of scumbag men who hated her would grow. Eventually the accumulation of hatred led to an accident, causing her to be reborn into the 17 year old body of an alternate timeline version of herself. In this world, although her gender had changed from female to male, the skills she had gained from the system stayed.
Divine servitude
Purple gas as a guide, holy as a spoon; fire, god and demons cry blood; all the ancient ways, return to the yuan.
Sage Monarch
The sage propped up the gods in heaven with his back, and the king suppressed the crowd in hell with his strength. Between heaven and earth, there was only the holy king!
Let the Villain Go
Legend has it that Ye Peitian's blood has the miraculous effect of living and dead flesh and bones. The strong human beings swarmed like ants under the banner of justice, just to achieve their own ulterior motives. Ye Pei let his broken body soak in a pool of blood as he crushed all the covetous with yellow sand. A woman appeared on the edge of the battlefield and quietly approached him. Ye peitian tugged at the corner of his mouth, which was a little laborious, with a mocking smile. Even a low-level saint dared to take advantage of the opportunity to take his own flesh and blood... He closed his eyes in boredom. However, the woman bent down and draped her warm coat over him. Ye Peitian:?? When Chu Qianxun was on the verge of death, he saw what was happening in another parallel world. In that world, the great devil who made the world's hair stand on end did not darken, but smiled at himself in a soft and shy manner. For that smile, she stepped over the mountains of corpses and carefully approached the cruel
Master of urban magic
The chen family was a long hidden family, and chen haoyuan had only one name since he was a child:" little bastard!" He did not know who his parents were, and he was persecuted by his uncle, but he had practiced the ancestral technique" xing si jing," relying on his own ability to escape from the chen family and deduce a wonderful life. Know beautiful woman, called half fairy divination, all the way to catch the devil and destroy evil spirits ... Finally become the first person to break through the sky! The passage of heaven and earth opened for it, but it was a blessing or a curse ...
Blood locust
The body was destroyed, but there were fewer shackles; the soul was refined, but it opened up another method of cultivation. Not afraid of the difficulties, afraid to surrender!
The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband
The first time they met, all the other ladies avoided it. Only Ye Huaiyang stood there and watched Chu Jinglan meet for the third time. He threatened to take her life, but she came over and kissed him. She said it was worth the fifth time to meet him. They were forced to hide in the bookcase.
Upgrade Specialist In Another World
The traveler is dead. Please burn the paper if you need anything. In the land of heavenly soul, which is mainly focused on cultivation of soul, a few soul fragments of the deceased traveller, and a skill book beyond the standard plane rule, what kind of storm will it bring to this world? To see how an ordinary civilian youth could walk a path of freedom. Yunhai's new book, "The expert on the restoration of magical treasures," has been uploaded. There is a through train at the bottom of the ranking. I hope everyone will support it!
This article describes the course of the three churches' believers, from steadfast fanatics to skeptics to confrontations.
Lord of All Realms
In the early eras, there were numerous giants of spirits, and they were so tall that they could pierce the sky. With shapes as tremendous as stars' rivers, they flew across the whole universe and controlled everything. Clan leaders with ancient bloodlines smashed heaven and rebuilt new realms. Ancient Qi Warriors crossed rivers of stars to enlighten countless mortal beings. Somehow, an age quietly came to an end, and all domains were divided, ancient giants of spirit vanished one after another. Years later, a young man called Nie Tian renounces the world splendidly. He successfully employs the ancient magical powers and travels back to the early eras with the aid of a drop of mysterious blood…
Lord of the ninth god
A catastrophe was about to come, and the people of the tens of thousands presented a precarious situation. Was this world a place for all races ... Or was it a cage that had already been designed?
The battle of hegemony
It is a world of power, of power struggles, of martial supremacy, of power supreme; it is a world of faith in the gods, of suffering and pleasure in the hereafter. There was odin riding on a steed, holding a spear to judge evil; the sun god in a spaceship, leading the sun to bring light to the world ... There were all kinds of strange beasts lurking, dragons in the distant valleys, mammoths in the cold glaciers, pythons in the hot desert ... And the most cold regions, the undead black ghosts.
Eternal destiny
I would like to block all the darkness, only for you not to be filled with them. I wish to pray for you forever, only for you not to be blown away by the fire of karma. This book is a collection of classic literature, as well as web literature. I don't want to be angry, I just want to be clear. To those who give and fight.
Yin yang divine police
Xiao yuanhuang, the tiger of the south asian police force, was reduced from a police officer to a police officer because of his poor background. What's wrong with the police? The supervisor's side of the underworld was white. As long as it was gold, it could be fluorescent everywhere. Moreover, there was an old cat beside xiao yuanhuang who was greedy and lecherous, guiding him through the yin and yang world.it was not a dream to reverse his life in the future.he could not afford to hurt his little feet.
The awakening of the great disillusionment
For the fallen. Love for hate. Hate is love. The devil is a god!
Gorgeous metamorphosis: the struggle of ordinary girls
Liu wei was a modern little white-collar worker. No one had expected such an ordinary woman to cross into the ancient world by accident and mingle like a fish in water in the ancient times. She did not even want to go back, but there was still a fight in the ancient times. When she met the interests of the powerful and powerful, what would happen to her?
Here Lies The Wicked
You flipped through the unsolved mysteries of the world and got nothing. If you don't give up, you can find a bottle of liuwei dihuang pills at home and successfully strengthen eight kidney liuwei dihuang pills. You picked up a stone on the side of the road and turned it into gold. You dig up the white radish* 1 with mud on both feet to strengthen the thousand-year-old ginseng* 1. As you were walking along the road, you met an old divine stick selling fake martial arts manuals. You went from empty-handed white wolf to three fake manuals. You are meditating. You have been meditating for five minutes. This is an era of spiritual recovery. The world is no longer peaceful and everyone is in danger... You began to collect shaolin 72's unique skills; golden, ancient, yellow and other martial arts secret books. You find that you need to expend your own qi and blood to increase your strength. Once again, you fall into deep thought. Then, you run downstairs to the pharmacy in two steps. Under the smiling eyes of the
Bully a
School weather! At the freshman ceremony, the principal claimed that the education bureau had recently issued a" smoke-free school district" target, so he announced loudly to" ban smoking," but this did not achieve much effect, but virtually gave birth to the campus of" capitalism."
Student salvation: school magic season
She's ugly? Beautiful as a fairy? Neither. She was just an average-looking high school student, xia zixuan. She had no money or power, but her life did not make her suffer too much. It was only a few days after school that she encountered something magical. She was saved by the beautiful butterfly, touched by strangers, and accepted by the strange old man ... She lost her memory and magic power. During the process, her dusty memories were gradually recalled, and her magic power gradually increased. What choice would she make between the memory power? Can we save the planet before the evil lord darkens it?
War God Asura
Ten years of military service, unparalleled glory, brothers died miserably, and returned to the city. The god in your eyes is only fit to crawl and tremble under my feet!
Marriage is wrong: marry a fairy to be husband
In ai yao's world, clean and full of sunshine, pure laughter, accompanied by happy songs, let him carefree life in a significant beauty and kindness. She had never experienced the pain of separation, but she knew that there must be vicissitudes in life. She had never felt the sweetness of love before, but from her sister and brother-in-law, she could feel the deep love that she missed and missed. Her sister's happiness made her yearn for someone who loved her as much as her brother-in-law loved her. Yeah, she's looking forward to it.
The Charm of Soul Pets
The winged cloud bird in the blue sky and the grass; the wild and savage blood wolf in the wilderness of Gobi. The night dream beast that flitted through the moonlight forest; the ghost king who drank the wind and swallowed the mist from the cliffs. Under the vast ocean, the sea spirit monster, the proud and isolated thousand pupil tree demon on the top of the sea of clouds. Sword sting, sunset peng, ancient wooden demon, chaos thunder crown elf, ice cursing fox... Plant, monster, element, undead, this is a strange and mysterious world of soul pet! Our protagonist, a young soul master, carried a young abnormal soul pet, the moonlight fox, in the beginning, which transformed into a more powerful evil flame six tailed demon fox and a higher level nine-tailed flame fox! Accompanied by this abnormal soul pet, he embarked on the road of a real strong man, taking in more precious soul pets that he had dreamed of, and working tirelessly towards the peak of the highest powerful man!
The future of world domination
The earth was destroyed in the final battle. The survivor who migrated to the planet ended up with a great warrior growing up, and in this great warrior's struggle to conquer the world, to rule the world, you will see an epic of world domination in the future
Alien game: the journey of the gunslinger
Ou shaodan, who was known as the" sharpshooter," was killed by a mysterious man who had ulterior motives when he received a delivery one day.when he woke up again, he realized that he had arrived at a plane that looked like a game.he had even crossed over to the most revered great elf in this plane! The most important thing was that this elegant fairy was actually a male fairy with a beautiful and gorgeous fiancée! But why did the original owner of this body actually know about ou shao dan's existence and guide her to follow a demon that was despised by others?