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Divine Beast Adventures
Heaven and earth changed after a catastrophe, and countless space doors appeared with no reason. All kinds of strange beasts came out of the gate, and the human race was facing a critical moment of life and death. To survive, the military's powerful soldiers and the scientific researchers risked their lives to enter the world behind the space gate. They were shocked to find that there was a certain chance of obtaining the Beast Card for hunting and killing strange beasts here. A person with stronger mental power than others could control a different Beast Card, or become a different beast's living fighting body, or become a weapon, or... A new profession emerged, and was revered as a beast trainer. A traveler who had merged two souls invaded into this magnificent new world ascended the supreme throne of the divine beast trainer step by step.
So Pure, So Flirtatious
Yang Ming is an ordinary high school student. One day, he receives a gift and a magic pair of glasses that can offer him a superpower: high intelligence and unstoppable fighting techniques. From then on, his life has been totally changed...
The painting style is strange: the magic stick is new
What? You let a doctor create a business empire? Well, under the influence of the space elves (humanity destroys), ye was forced to accept the arduous task, and began to embark on the arduous (fog) stick to start a business. Eat gourd masses: the site of space-time good power, ghosts and gods do like real, ghost writing novel amazing, ah, worship the kitchen god after the boiling water is strawberry flavor ... Soy sauce male lead: ah? What? You said I had too few scenes? I am here to play soy sauce, light is my wife's son.
The phoenix abandoned the girl
Heaven and earth do not take everything as their cudgel. Jianghu ups ups and downs, the boudoir cold and warm, huan hai promotion, the change of the imperial dynasty. Time is fleeting and fleeting. And the fight was never far away, like a song called" leave someone to die"
Tales Of Demons And Gods
Once the demon god came out, who would fight with him? Nie li, the most powerful spirit master, was reborn in his youth because of a mysterious book of time and space spirits. He practiced the most powerful skills and spirit power and stepped on the peak of martial arts! The enemies of the previous life, all settled. Now that I am reborn, I am the king of the gods who rule everything in this life. Let everything tremble under my feet. ~ "The devil" is a magical work carefully carved by snails. It will be a different kind of fantasy story. In addition, the cartoon of" the devil" is also released at the same time in the Tencent comics and cartoons. The style of the painting is very beautiful. Please support us.~~ The book of demons and gods was a great fantasy novel by the original author, the snail, who was furious. The pen interest pavilion updated the latest chapter of the book of demons and gods at the same time. The comments of the book friends did not mean that the pen interest pavilion agreed or support
Imperial God Emperor
Thousands of worlds, three thousand realms. The youth of the human race, named qing yu, came from the snow country and ruled the heavens!
Sovereign Of The Three Realms
The son of the heavenly emperor, jiang chen, was reincarnated in a young man who had been bullied by others. From then on, he embarked on the path of a counter-attack that killed all kinds of geniuses. In front of jiang chen, no one is qualified to call himself a genius, because no genius knows heaven better than the son of the heavenly emperor. Genius? The one who obeys me is heaven, the one who disobeys me is scum!
Divine sanctuary
Even though the continent was a hundred years old, it would still face the invasion of the demons. Old gods, gods? As the world crumbled and fell, the seal of the alien god was slowly opening. In the name of the strongest seven domains, overlooking all beings; to create the power of space and time, breaking the shackles of eternal life; to all things are the rule of existence, to the peak of life!
The average teenager chanted. And then it became extraordinary. The world's greatest thief, the leader of the country's most mysterious organization, miss unruly ... All changed because of him. He achieved one metamorphic transcendence over and over on earth. Now that he had come to this" place," how could he face repeated blows and stand up in the midst of the blow, and finally get the beauty back ...
The king's bluff!
The network novel quasi - female writer cao jing is reborn! What the hell is going on with this planet? As for everything in her previous life? Don't be ridiculous! A novel? No! A song? No! Tv show? No! Celebrity celebrity? No! Then let me carry the body of the man, will here all the original cultural things, all step on the foot! Hahahaha ... I want to be a super king!
Shenhao rescue system
I am a girl bulldozer ... No matter if you are 10 years old or 50 years old, as long as I like it, I will not explain it ... The author is new, can not continue to write! It's gone after this ...
I'm crazy for the east
In order to bibi east travel, but fell in love with small dance; fate unwilling, a pair of lovers into a living with blood zombie; to control their desire for blood, want to seize the warmth of their own.
Astral Pet Store
Everything can be nurtured, everything is a pet! In the super god pet store... There are super small skeletons that kill the golden dragon, watchdogs with ten pet skills, and even people who call themselves gods...
When I was young and hot
I have only one thought in my mind for a long time, that is to be the eldest brother! I always thought I was better than a lot of people, better than a lot of people, but I wasn't.