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The Marriage Of An Esteemed Supreme Healer, A Noble Ruler
In her previous life, she was the esteemed princess destined to be worshipped by everyone. However, she ultimately burns herself to death when she is betrayed on the eve of her wedding day! She is reborn into a declining aristocratic family as a loser and forgotten daughter. While she leads a life full of bullying and suffering, the ones who had hurt her before are already enjoying the glory of the world at the top! Once reborn, the phoenix dances to the nine heavens, taming magical beasts, strengthening her force, and dictating the life and death of gods and humans as the master healer. To those who betrayed and humiliated her, she swears a hundred-fold return on them for the torture she suffered!
The Noble Lord Is So Fierce: Greeting Kiss, My Sweet Wife
"Sir, don't!" "Your clothes are already soaked, you're still refusing?" he says with a wicked look on his face. "Yeah mommy, I was just excited to meet a godfather that looks exactly like me, were you really that agitated to the point of pouring water on yourself?" The cute little genius brings an identical-looking man and child to mommy. "Look, one for one! It's super worth it!" She looks at the three-carbon copies in front of her, the color draining from her face. Without saying anything, he pins her against the wall, "Your son has already sold you to me, be good, and become my wife!" "Mister, we're not well acquainted!" "We've slept together, and you still claim we're not well acquainted? We've already had two children together, are we not close?" The noble lord is fierce and shameless when spoiling his wife. He can be cruel to everyone else just to win her smile. "Sir, aside from being stubborn, what else can you do?" "I can spoil you, pamper you, bed you!" he says with a meaningful look. Fans
So I Am A Demon Descendent!
When li xianyu was twenty years old, he received his father's inheritance, a beautiful grandmother-in-law who was eighteen years old. Li xianyu: "Grandma, why are you so young?" Grandma zu: "Because I died in eighteen years." Li xianyu: Σ (Д °)
Death sommelier
Zhang bingtian, who just turned 19, is a hotel sleeper living a normal life. However, when he checked in, he inadvertently broke the taboo, and thus opened his own talent, he could predict danger and death! As night fell, the yellow and red light of danger and death flashed, and an incredible legend began.
Eaglewood Crumbs
This is a wonderful story about a millennial dogleg lotus seed named Yan Danny. According to the order in which the male characters appeared: lord Shan Chief was gentle and moody, with a tenderness in his bones, but he made Yan Danny a member of the clan.
I Became Cinderella’s Vicious Stepsister
As the evil stepsister of the hostess cinderella, she let her cat bite the Grey spotted bird that her sister raised in the morning, and at night someone dug out the eyes of a down-and-out young man. They were all the incarnations of the world master and God of light! A month later, facing the future of being sucked up and sent to the gallows, Liu Yu weighed the reality. The duke of night had been completely conquered and abandoned by the good-looking cinderella. Kaluo Prince is holding the crystal shoes all over the world to find the owner of the shoes and give up. 3. Only God of light, the man, has not become the captive of her good sister. Liu Yu pinched his throat as he looked at the young man whose eyes had been gouged out of his original body and who had lost all his memories. "Oh! My god! Who is this heartless person to treat you like this!" The downcast youth: "You saved me?" "It's me." - - - Young Gaia: When I fell in love with her, I really thought she was the kindest, gentlest and purest girl in th
Dawn of a New Era
With the revival of spiritual energy and the rise of martial arts, there were many channels connecting different dimensions on earth. Countless extraordinary lives entered the earth, gods invaded, laws descended, strange reappearance, human beings opened the book of knowledge of the young man in the era of evolution, inferred skills, and improved the secret book.
Pursuing Immortality
It's probably a story about how a modern civilization evolved into a cultivation civilization. The main role of the protagonist is to say something, change the setting of the world, and take a group of people to the edge of the waves. - The book was still very inky.
Strong Counterattack
After traveling to Marie su wenli as a female supporting role, facing the fierce male masters and the invincible female protagonist, Fang Qingling had to keep a low profile and keep a low profile, but wasn't that the female protagonist's good sister? Why are you staring at her? And the number of female partners, no...
Ring The Chime Of Grievance
A wind chime that can only be rung by the grievances of the dead. A drifting journey without an end in sight. A crafty young woman steps onto a long path overrun by grieving spirits. Her mysterious chime rings with the madness, sin, cruelty, despair, and even love of humanity. The chance encounters of Ji Tangtang and Yue Feng. Uncovering the interlocked cases and mysteries within mysteries. A life and death romance that will move you to tears.
Dead factory
I went to work as a security guard in a factory that made auto parts for a high salary, and then I realized that the products in this factory were not auto parts at all, but ...
Married To The Male Lead’s Father
Duke ding Xie Hank was a famous leftover older man in Great yue dynasty. He was the adopted father of the reborn female protagonist. He was the guardian god of war in the eyes of the common people. When everyone in Great yue dynasty thought that the ding guo guild had died alone, it suddenly burst out.
The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus
This world is full of monsters, waiting for heroic children to write legends. Unfortunately, you are not the pure and clean female lead, not the delicate and elegant villain second female lead, but the third female cannon fodder that everyone hates. Her original love for the male protagonist, secretly harmed the female protagonist, and her life as the male and female protagonist of the road of love made a stumbling block, so that sister controlled the male and female to step on the foot, using life as a "Stupid" annotation. "You mean... I succeeded by stealing the woman's man?" "I'm sorry, your target is... The younger brother of the hostess." - Brother? - Yes, the one who had a crush on her sister, with a wicked, twisted, ruthless heart... Hei Lianhua brother. If a sick girl eats a girl, she won't spit. Disrupt hong luan, turn the world around, eliminate demons and protect the way... Attack the sick woman w Plot! Plot! Plot! Suspense + brain hole + feel, welcome to collect~
The Lover’s Prattle
It is a pity that there is no tender love in a lifetime. In all the happy endings of the story, the scumbag always ends up alone or unhappy. They may regard love as a plaything, or as power by any means, after being abandoned by the whole world, will they?
The World of Deities
On mount olympus in the center of the world, zeus, the king of the gods, held the spear of thunder tightly and looked at the world with a smile. Before him, the gods were like a forest. In the silver hall of the north, odin, who was sitting on the throne of the supreme court, held the gun of heaven and looked down at the world. In his eyes, there was endless snow. On the bank of the river in the south, armand, who was in charge of the sun boat, set his eyes on the aegean sea. His feet were like a mountain of bones. In the land of two rivers, the lord of light and wisdom, mazda, reigns over the eternal fire and looks west at the world. His hero, king gilgamesh, carried the oracle on his expedition to greece, and his ships were like the sea. At Platon academy, a young man named su ye walked up the mountains and reached the pinnacle.
The Mighty Cauldron: Extreme Alchemist!
A generation of heaven proud dan zun, because of refining the reincarnation of life and death dan fell, the soul was reborn in the body of an ordinary young man, from then on, fang lin was out of control. Dan dao genius? In front of my great danzun, you are scum! Martial arts genius? Come on, try your master's pill. Dan zun's road was rugged and bumpy. Above the nine cauldrons, it was the ultimate cauldron! Build a group: 31o 159658, need to subscribe to the group screenshot (there are three million words to finish an old book, never eunuch, don't worry about going to the pit)
Yin three doors
You' ve never seen a taoist who cultivated with the help of a dead person, mixing with corpses all day long, sleeping, taking corpses to soak in women, then burning a piece of paper at the grave, and sucking on the stench of dead bodies to gather yin energy. Such skills were rare in this world, and not everyone could cultivate at the same time. And I am one of them, a subordinate to the yin three door, not pay attention to the poor taoist.
Myriad Paths Of The Dragon Emperor
Wan dao Dragon emperor
I Dumped the Male Lead Before the Apocalypse
Tang Tang was found by the system, penetrated into an apocalyptic novel, and became the male protagonist's ex-girlfriend. Before the end of the world, the male protagonist was thrown out of the house after being betrayed by his family. Not only did her ex-girlfriend not comfort the man, she humiliated him and broke up with him. When the end came, the ex-girlfriend did not wake up to the Ability and was successfully eaten by the zombies. Tang Tang listened to the system and conscientiously completed the scene between his ex-girlfriend and the male lead. At this time, she had just humiliated the man and broke up cruelly. Although the way the man looked at her made her feel a little sad, the thought of him as someone who wanted to become a big brother in the apocalypse made her feel that she could not delay him here. Everything was done. Tang Tang happily asked the system, "Can I book a time machine to go home now?" The system suddenly faltered: ... That one, that one... Tang Tang's heart jumped. "Which one is
Becoming the Male Lead’s White Moonlight
[ Article 1 ] The ambiguous Ling Rong signed an agreement with the system to save the little poor man who had been bullied, killed, abused, and abandoned. So it became their moonlight to save them. At first, when they thought she was "Him..." Male host 1: we have been good brothers all our lives! Male host 2: this time, the first seat will be reluctantly given to you. Male host 3: I will definitely practice hard to repay master! Male host 4: A Rong is my closest brother. I believe him. Later... Male hosts: I'm so silly, really [ Case 2 ] Because of the systematic dragon, Ling Rong, who was originally a female, had to become a male character in the eyes of outsiders to save the male protagonist every time. Thus, the male protagonist's mental journey... Male hosts: what should I do? I seem to be bent. I have fallen in love with my brother / enemy / master... Later... Male hosts: I am straight! Steel straight! Guide to eating (demining): 1. The female is dressed as a man. She has a high value of force. She brin
Scary neighborhood
Introduce, his name is You Xi, hope xi. But he could not see hope in this world, so he looked for despair in another. His name was Game, and he regarded everything as Game. A teenager with a split personality moved into a strange and horrible neighborhood to complete all sorts of strange tasks. And his split personality was his talent? Or was it his trap?
Heart Protection
"The most dangerous thing in this world is the human heart. It can kill the immortal and injure the uninjured body of all things." "Speak human language." "I was dismembered by my predecessor." "So... Why are you still alive?" "In order to meet..
Nine Astra Skies
This is a world where humans, monsters, and Black beast coexist. Humans cultivate mystical qi, monsters cultivate physical body, and the Black beast cultivates soul. It is said that there are some very powerful beings in the endless jungle wilderness. They are called demon king. Some demon king's body was extremely strong, some demon king was good at puzzling, some demon king was good at illusions, some demons... If you think the The Nine Star Heavenly Formula is not bad, please don't forget to recommend it to your qq group and friends on weibo!
Warlord of Chaos
To be weak, not to live well, not to be strong, not to die well, the so-called destiny is to choose between not to live well, and not to die well. One of the few cultivators in modern times, in an unfortunate accident, his body was destroyed in the big explosion of the same death. Everything began anew, from a fallen aristocrat to a chaotic war god who dominated the continent. This could no longer be summed up in legends because this was the life of the war god.
I'm a ghost catcher
Better to provoke the king of hell than a carpenter. Ning lifted the lid of the county government office and did not touch the rice bowl of the carpenter's house." Cheng Xiaotian a standard poor cock silk, body by grandpa true Lu Ban secret art. Because her friend had a weird car accident, the person in the car was crushed to death by her own car. She was involved in a series of supernatural events. The beautiful Policewoman, the seductive fox demon, and the fierce blind date object were all in" I am a ghost catcher!" !
Grave of death
That year, my father wanted to buy a fierce house in the village. We couldn't stop him no matter what. On the night that the haunted house was bought, my father and my brother started digging for treasure. However, no one expected that such a thing would happen ...
Masked Knight
In a world where magic and sorcery flourish came a tale of a nobody who grew into a legend. Partake in the conquests and tribulations of a great army where warriors live day-to-day, seeking the thrill of combat. Experience heart-rending drama and hilarious situations while awaiting the impending arrival of the malevolent evil stirring in the darkest depths of the world… Journey alongside Rody, a young knight, as he dons a mask of circumstances that is filled with secrets to unravel the mysteries of the universe!
I'm a people's policeman. A nightmare woke up another soul in my body. She was the lover of my past life, the lover of my present life, and the demon who killed her in her past life was plotting a plan to destroy heaven and earth ...
Invincible Evocation
The disciple of the rong family had a rare chance of triumphant return. He learned the art of summoning spirit and summoned the special spirit body that existed forever, thus becoming famous all over the world.
Ancient Sky Fiend
The young man yun shu was gifted, but because of his strange illness, he did not enter the threshold of cultivation for ten years and was humiliated. The night before he was about to be expelled from the sect, he unexpectedly picked up a broken world from a dream that lasted for ten years. In this world, there was an endless supply of spiritual herbs, an inexhaustible supply of concentrate, a body that looked exactly like him, and the treasures carried by the body. With this endless opportunity, yun shu embarked on the road to rise which shocked the world. Go against heaven and earth, reincarnate, recreate the universe, look at me!