98 Books
Genius Bady and Bad Daddy
She only wished to take advantage of him to live in a five-star hotel, but accidentally got pregnant because of him. Daddy is not an easy man to deal with, and the baby is just like him. Attention, please! What are they conspiring?
Candy Marriage
"A man appeared very unexpectedly, saying that it was his child. She thought she could end this with an operation, but the fact was that the man showed off once again. "Qu Qing, wanna run away? No way!"
See You Tonight, Master Su
The orphan girl Tong Hua accidentally got trapped by this demon-like man after she was betrayed by her aunt.
Remarry the wife: the president dotes on unlimited
Because cold, husband wants to divorce, and try to insult me in every way possible. I decided to find someone to teach him a lesson, but wrong, I had a secret relationship with a strange man. I never thought he'd become the second man in my life.
The ceo's doting wife
Being betrayed by the person closest to her, her life had fallen into despair, but because she had slept with another man, she had started a new phase of her life. She was pressed onto the bed by a certain someone, pampered in her arms, and held in her palm. She tried to distance herself from him, but she only got deeper and deeper ...
Wrong marriage ceo: buy one for one, buy one for one
She applied for a company with a high reputation in the industry, but she was surprised to find that the young ceo, so ou chen, was the man she had once let down. What was even more shameful was that when they met again, she accidentally took advantage of the male lead and offended the big ceo. Working in a bar, she accidentally met the ceo again. Because she was insulted by his words and actions, she was so angry that she poured wine all over the male protagonist and ran away. In order to avenge her mother, mengmeng hacked into ou chen's computer and even put the photos of ou chen pretending to be a girl when he was young on social networking sites and magazines. Ou chen was furious and sent someone to look for the female protagonist and the culprit who hacked into his computer. "Do you want to die?" "If I die, no one will let you have a child." The big ceo was too shameless.
Spoiled by My CEO Husband Every Night
Tong Huaer had an interview at Zong's Group. She would never expect that the CEO, Zong Beili, dragged her into a pantry! Huaer thought it was just a nightmare but surprisingly, she later married Zong Beili and started to lead a luxurious life!
Busy CEO: Playboy at Midnight
She was forced to get married and after years she met him again. She was quite confused, But what she wanted is that he said: You are my destiny.
Meng bao marries: the beautiful wife intrudes into the bosom
Jian yang was invited to attend the annual meeting of entrepreneurs as the president of the Bei'an group. After the meeting, everyone planned to go to the alley bar. As the deputy director of the public relations department, zhao anning was called to deal with the guests in the private room when she got off work.it was not easy for her to get out.she received a call from tong jie saying that bei bei bei had a fever and was sent to the hospital.zhao anning immediately rushed to the hospital. Tong advised zhao to change a stable job.
A hundred billion dollars in love: the darling of the president of a rich family
Xia yihan wanted to avenge his boyfriend, mo xiaojun, by sneaking into ye mo's house and being a maid, but ye mo fell in love with him ...
President meng dotes on my sweet wife
She had been obedient and sensible since she was young. Although she was her sister, she always tolerated her unruly sister. She originally thought that they were all family, so it was fine for her to take a step back. Until her birthday, her sister had sent her to the vice director's bed to fight for a role. Entering the wrong room on the wrong bed, helpless under the agreement, promised to become the man's mistress. Under the circumstances, she entered the entertainment circle and easily achieved better results than her sister. The evil elder sister's mask was slowly taken off, and her parents' bias finally found a reason. Under layers of truth and pressure, she could only choose to protect herself. However, she did not expect that the man who had accompanied her in the end was the man who had threatened her in the beginning. "Why did you help me?" A certain man waved the agreement in his hand. "If you sign it, you' ll be mine. If you bully me, then you' ll hit me in the face."
Rich and powerful families pampered him: bossy ceo, please listen to me
It will be eternal, it will be brilliant; it will be immortal, it will meet the glory; if life will eventually turn to ashes, I will release the last light. Life, life will die! The future, the future where am I? Where are you? That zigzag road need not recall, like the mirror to see the flowers of you, I have been struggling to pursue ...
Trying to love: the ceo's heart is too dirty!
She had become his personal secretary and had even tortured and slandered her. In order to live, she had to swallow her pride. When she was finally captured by him, she realized that he had a fiancée. Her fiancée was still her best friend. She left in a carefree manner, but was chased back by him. She had a proud look on her face. "Men, please queue up."
The president dotes on his wife
Lu Yaoyao had originally only wanted to anger her green tea b * tch sister and steal her blind date. Who knew that this guy was actually her neighbor and was serious? Ye Yisheng looked at his wife in front of him with a wicked smile. "Why are you suddenly scared? Didn' t you just say that I' m your man?"
The first lady of the wolf ceo
It was rumored that the ceo, who was famous for his fame, would block her door every day. "Yu haochen, are you sick?" A certain woman's face was cold. "Yes, but you have medicine." The man chuckled.
My wife is not good: president, let's fight
The saddest thing in su ruyi's life was to befriend a confused best friend and be cheated of money and sex. In order to vent her grievances for her best friend, she fought fiercely and beat up her handsome and powerful ceo during the interview. After that, she found out that he was a scumbag's twin brother. Sigh! At the thought of this, su ruyi wanted to kill herself with a piece of tofu. And the saddest thing in mu yun mu's life was having a dumb brother who looked like a twin, with the exact same face. He was not successful enough to win, but he was not successful enough to win a girl, so he was chased and beaten all over the street. In the end, he became a victim. Being beaten up by a crazy woman in the men's room at a bar became the most humiliating thing in mu yunmu's life.
Divorce, ex-wife, doting
He was very resistant to the arrangement of the family, and an accidental drunkenness made her entangle with him ever since. She was framed, beaten, and misunderstood by him, causing the child in her stomach to almost lose. She was extremely hurt and asked for a divorce, but secretly gave birth abroad. Six months later, he returned to china and accidentally bumped into him and su su Peipei dating, three people from the emotional dispute never sleep. "He's my boyfriend." "I already have a child with him." Knowing that she had regained her life, it had nothing to do with her anymore.
Arrogant secretary: president zhu ma is bullying me
He was her bamboo horse and her superior. When they met again, he forced her into a corner. "Lin Zhitong, long time no see?" She laughed. "Pei Xiunan, you've grown so big. Have you grown up down there?" His dark face pressed her down. "Alright, I' ll let you experience it tonight!" She held her waist and complained. "When can you finish?" His smile was wicked and cold. "Feed me first!" The sheep go into the wolf's mouth and eat it!
Love is like fire: the president's sweet engagement
She had once been devoted to each other and treated each other sincerely, but unexpectedly, she met a heartless jerk. Not only would she be ruthlessly abandoned by the incident, she would also be branded as a bartender. Turn around to meet the top warm man when the mountains and rivers run dry. From now on, life has changed greatly.
The proud and sweet wife of billions of ceos
The billionaire ceo who doted on his wife, sometimes rebellious, sometimes obedient and sweet wife, what kind of sparks would they have between them? Where could a marriage contract take them? Love, affection, friendship, rich family based cooperation, and how long can it last? Unexpected betrayal, shocking secret, after all, how deep is the water here?
Love and intrigue: president, please accept
Bai jing was a female university student in the city. She had lived in the countryside when she was young. She used her hard work to become a good student when she was in college. However, when she was employed, her best friend, qi lu, was a rich girl. They had a good relationship, but later because of the emergence of the rich and handsome president, xia zhinan, Now that the two of them had turned against each other, what would happen to them ...
Rogue ceo: eat dry and wipe clean on the bed
"My name is xia siyu. I' m four years old this year." The little boy wiped his tears and looked at the" uncle" in front of him. "Siyu, are you okay? Why did she sneak onto the road?" "Thank you, sir. I' m so sorry. My son is a little naughty ..." The woman patted the soil on the child's body and smiled brightly. When she saw the man's face, her expression froze ...
Step aside! My Demon CEO
"She planned a one-night stand with him, only to get revenge on her stepmother and her sister. He made her have the baby, only to cure his ex's leukemia with cord blood. It's a mutual use without any sincerity. She stabbed him in the heart... After three years in prison for assault, she returned to get her child back. She hated his guts, and he used the child to humiliate her..."
Where does the lovely wife escape
Five years ago, lu sisi was framed and fled with the ball in her stomach. Five years later, when lu sisi stood on the land again, she could not help but feel that the person who had harmed her could be let go temporarily. However, in the future, she would not offend anyone if she did not offend me. If she offended me, she would reciprocate three times!
The ceo's all-around bodyguard
In order to find out who betrayed his brother, a generation of king bing returned to the country and joined as a female ceo's bodyguard, while looking for the behind-the-scenes boss, while protecting the female ceo.
I accidentally hit on you
A girl who was outstanding because of her talent was constantly being schemed against by many people because of her talent and pride. However, she managed to avoid it time and time again, but the last time she was fired, she met an overbearing ceo when she was cornered. Because of her previous experience, she was wary of the ceo, so what kind of jokes would they make? Now.
Old love new rich: ceo's number one new favorite
He was one of the city's leading young and wealthy people, and she was the daughter of a certain group of wealthy people in the city. This combination of two people was definitely a match made in heaven in the city! What did a deliberate encounter change two people? Please pay attention to the text ... This article, a little witty, a little sadistic, a little romantic, a little bit more happy! Don't miss it when you pass by!
Love or not: abstinence ceo flirts with addiction
As soon as she was admitted to college, she had a husband who was a male god in the department of abstinence. She was good looking and had a bad temper, which was extremely difficult to deal with. She also has a straight man cancer mother-in-law and a busy sister-in-law, life is miserable, but she has a prosperous life. The tiger can't touch its butt, but she is addicted to it. After a day of not touching the skin, she was pressed against the wall by her abstinent husband. She touched her aching waist and swore to leave home.
Chief's secret sweetheart
Le xiaomi, the most tragic person in the world, laughed at the president after she was forced to deal with him. From then on, she started her long career as a maid in the difficult choice between bankruptcy and debt. Li feng han dug a big hole, holding a thread and waiting for the pig to jump in by himself.however, he didn' t expect to kill a way to ruin his plan and compete with him for the little rice. Le xiaomi felt that her life suddenly felt like she was playing online games, attacking two big bosses before and after. Omg, she belonged to her, okay? It's not something they're fighting for, okay? Is there any freedom left? And make people happy to play? Ah
Divorced Lady Got in Trap of a Demon CEO
She was used by Nangong Chi to take revenge. When the marriage was set, she was so conservative that she didn't go against it. She thought there would be the light at the end of the tunnel in this marriage, but it turned out to be that her husband didn't want her to lead a happy life...