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In the Years When I Was a Father
The story of all the worlds being fathers! Qi sheng was originally the executor of the cannon fodder man's task. After experiencing n worlds, he successfully transformed himself into a perfect male god with all kinds of skills. Then he was captured by the system as a strong man and continued to start the next task. System: master host, save the child!! So Qi Sheng had to travel all over the world to be "Bad fathers" one after another, saving poor children after another! [ It's over 1 ] playboy dad: the rich are holding the wrong family? Illegitimate children? Three sons in a play. [ Finished 2 ] biased father: a sensible son is a disaster? The nineties. [ It's over 3 ] gangster dad: gangster is actually a big shot? King of the vest star. [ Finished 4 ] ancient strict father: incompetent father? Promotion, wealth and upbringing. [ It's over 5 ] weak father: a son of a scum can't be angry? The internet addict becomes a god. [ It's over 6 ] father of the movie king: the heavenly king retreats? There are still l
Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain
Ruan Qiuqiu was wearing a book, and there were two paths in front of her: One was to continue to be a match for cannon fodder and die miserably after being slapped in the face by the white lotus female protagonist. Second, in order for the tribe to have enough salt and stones, to marry the book's blind, disfigured, disabled, and ruthless former Wolf demon leader. Ruan Qiuqiu chose the second path without hesitation. Instead of fighting for men, she wanted to recuperate and cultivate buddhist fields. Besides, husband Elang was disabled and blind, so what could he do to her? After that: Ruan Qiuqiu, who was pinned to the ground with teeth marks all over his fingers, cried and hugged Moulang's arm. "I was wrong, qwq!" Mr. Elang gently licked her lips, his heart aching, his voice depressed and aggrieved. "You think I'm ugly? Hmm?" ** Mr. Elang with demonic blood was disfigured, disabled, and blind. He was on the verge of death, but he was abandoned, when he was so hungry that he ate the snow by the cave: The lit
Become a Villain Wife After Transported
Jiang Tang was a bit unlucky. She crossed the line. Her husband was the evil villain in the game of b girls, and he was killed by a decent man because he took over the female lead. It was very sad. In addition, her eldest son would be the future boss. The second son was a fierce bully.
Best to Have Met You
If the first encounter was an accident, the second encounter was a coincidence, and the third encounter was a coincidence. Then the nth meeting can only be called fate. As to whether this fate is a marriage or a bad fate... Ah Miao said that even god couldn't make it. Everything was in Old xu.
Wipe Clean After Eating
When the flowers fall, I fall in love with you, when the flowers bloom, I leave you! Poor girl falls in love with rich young master, see how the shy girl dressed up as a tiger to eat pigs, gentle and handsome man, unfortunately, this miss has a crush on you! Joke: a woman peeks at a man who is caught in the shower.
Sweet Finale to a Lifetime of Quick Transmigrations
After Su Nuo had died, she discovered that she lived in a novel where the female supporting character had overtaken her role as the female lead. The female supporting character, who had transmigrated into Su Nuo’s world, was pretty and outstanding. She had easily replaced the good-for-nothing dodder of a female lead. Then, Su Nuo went through a series of quick transmigrations — The flirtatious concubine of a troubled nation, the cannon fodder in a prestigious family, a young girl who joined the military for her father… Su Nuo transmigrated back to her original world after completing ten quick transmigration assignments. Outside the patient’s room, the fiance that she had grown up with mocked her coldly, “I don’t care if you try to commit suicide for me 100 times. I will never be interested in you.” This was the day after she had attempted suicide for Shen Weng. It was a warm and sunny day in spring, and she was 19 years old.
Genius Fundamentals
Everyone thought that Lin Zhaoxi was a genius. Only she knew that she had used years of experience in math competitions to turn around and "Cheat." Until one day, the male god looked at her quietly. ** Time and space overlapped and returned three times. The past can change you. 1. Go back to the past three times and find yourself. Take it easy. It's a walk of sorts. 2. The school and the competition system are half-overhead.
The Landlady and The Amnesiac
The fortune-teller said that Luobei was born with a fortune of one in ten thousand. Luo bei didn't believe it at first, until one day she found out that the poor girl next door who had been abused by her own mother was a powerful and domineering president. The poor pregnant woman downstairs was cold.
My Mr.Mermaid
About the waves: as a swimmer, tang yibai conquered the masses with his face and was named "The male god of the swimming world." Every day, countless fans went to his social media to leave messages calling him "Husband."
The Healer Demands Payment!
In the past, there was a small cannon fodder who wholeheartedly dedicated herself to the medicinal path. Only after dying once did she learn that even if she was brilliant, she could only be an insignificant side character used to emphasize the female lead’s limelight. Any relationship with the male lead and other supporting male characters would bring her bad luck. When going out to collect some medicinal herbs, she kindly rescued a male side character, but was tragically killed. The man woke up and saw the female lead, then became eternally grateful to her, but thought that the monster that hurt him was brought by the small cannon fodder. Without sleeping or resting, she tirelessly give medical treatment to the male lead and successfully got rid of his poison. But when he woke up after a brief rest, the female lead became the male lead’s saviour and she was the despicable villain that poisoned him.
The Daily Record of Secretly Loving the Male Idol
What if you happen to like me when I like you? One day, the male god rong si asked Li Erqin, "I have a vacancy here. Do you want to fill it in?" "What?" "Girlfriend." I like you all the time. This..
I Married Female Lead’s Crush
The male protagonist of the snake sperm disease venomous tongue* rainbow fart soft female protagonist # This is the story of a big devil bending over for a little girl and chasing after his wife from time to time at the crematorium # Once she crossed the border, she became a vicious woman who was going to marry the The gu family's seventh master. Rumor has it that the seventh master of the The gu family is a snake in the mouth and has a vicious temperament. Most importantly, this man was still the heart of the lady of the white lotus, the white moon, the greatest evil spirit in the book, the kind that men have to admit their own opinions. This... This, this, this is not forced to push her to the yellow spring road? ... At night, she straddled the palace wall, looking at the smiling seventh master under the wall, and swallowed with difficulty. "Master seven, master seven..." "Hmm?" Gu Zifu tiptoed lightly, sat beside her, raised his hand and stroked her face. "Qing Qing, it's so late. Where are you going?" Su
Those Sweet Times
For Ye Weilan, there were two things in this world: what she wanted and what she didn't want, until she met Jin Yangzhi, there was one more thing: what she couldn't have. Before falling in love, he said, "Ye Weilan, you are not a good match for me. Don't show up in front of me again." After falling in love,
The CEO’s Cute and Delicate Daughter
Yu Mengmeng dressed up as a spoiled wife running around with the ball in the president's novel... The "Ball." Mummy was delicate and soft, but she was strong. In order to support her and her twin brother, she still owed a lot of foreign debts, along with a lot of excellent relatives, even though she worked hard. The twin brother was a genius with a high iq, and the little man shouldered the burden of taking care of his mommy's little sister. He was both a father and a mother who cared about her, so much so that he didn't even have a friend. Although Yu Mengmeng was a traveller, he had forgotten a lot about the past and was a little nerd who could do anything. ... One day, on the way home from kindergarten, Yu Mengmeng picked up an injured man. The man looked 90 % like his twin brother and looked very rich. Yu Mengmeng thought of his poor family background and hard-earned brother mummy and decided to get some money from him.
Crossing Into The Emperor’s Body At Night
Fang shu had a secret that she would wear to the emperor who was as high as a god at night. He was too timid to do anything else. At most, he could borrow his identity to eat something delicious. In this way, nothing went wrong for half a year. Until one day, the emperor found himself fat. Reason for participating: the female lead traveled to ancient times, cultivated rice with modern science, developed food culture, advanced chili age, and advocated the technique of grafting.
Mr. Earnest Is My Boyfriend
Xia Zhen thought that although Pei Chengan had the same mind as her grandfather in the last century and spoke the same way as her grandfather, she could pretend to fall in love with him at first sight because she had the qualities to keep her mind on him. Well, Pei Chengan actually thought...
The Heartbeat at the Tip of the Tongue
This article is based on a screenplay from the author's previous article, "Floating colors." The female protagonist and the male protagonist have three different views: the use of food: the female protagonist: the male protagonist: the feeling of art towards the other party: the female protagonist: the abnormal male protagonist: is it possible to fall in love with the other party if you are too stupid?
Guide the Villain Father to Be Virtuous
After waking up, Huo Xiaoxiao awoke into the novel as the daughter of an unruly and domineering big villain. Legend has it that her father Huo Suicheng is ruthless, relies on power, plays tricks, covering the sky with only one hand and commits all kinds of atrocities, is a real big villain. In the end, the father and daughter lost their reputation and their fate was bleak. Which gratifies the people greatly. But now Huo Xiaoxiao is just an obedient baby who can’t do anything but eat first. For the sake of her own life and the future of her villain father, the lovely baby tried to correct the villain’s three views, but heard a sentence from the gap of the door: …….”Kill, throw into the sea.” “…sorry to bother you.” Huo Xiaoxiao fled in defeat. * * * “” … Kill and throw into the sea. ” Huo Xiaoxiao: Did I hear it wrong!? Until one day- Everybody saw him with a beautiful little girl riding on his neck, while wearing a HelloKitty headband on his head.
Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife
Ruan Jiujiu wore a reincarnation text, where the female lead had a love White moonlight in her previous life. In the book, White moonlight cheng junkong has a good face but nothing. He is a cold and beautiful vase. And Ruan Jiujiu,...
The Peach Blossoms Begin to Dance
Pianpian was a famous big shot who was trapped in the underworld. She bought a salted fish to play for the elderly. Found out that the previous host and the gaming husband had two abortions The female apprentice, xiao san, went up and killed the original master to sell the number sadly. Pianpian felt that it was a little exciting to set up a third male student representing the former leader's rebirth of the slags. Master: "She's different from you. She's very simple. If you have anything, just aim at me." Pianpian: "No, no, happy divorce." The original master husband: "Hey, why do you have to force it?" Pianpian: "It's not a pushover, it's a real pushover. After all, she's the number one woman in all." Little three: "Honey, did you hear that? She said she wanted to be boss Han's woman. Help her spread her blessings." Master husband: "A Stream Of Cold Stars's woman? You?" Pianpian: "Wait, did you get the wrong idea...!" Later, Pianpian, who had been ravaged by boss Han 818, met his true self. "Pianpian, I hea
What Comes Around Goes Around
Copy1: the first time Cheng Yao met Qian Heng, he couldn't match the man in front of him with the nickname "Industry cancer." He was handsome and tall, with an outstanding temperament, and his eyes were especially charming. Cheng Yao doesn't believe in evil. He looks so good. How can he be a cancer?
The System for Mentoring Villain Bosses
After Su Tian crossed, she got a "Sickly big boss feeding system" that automatically identified the big boss who had been in contact with her. Her task was more complicated, such as stopping the bullied male student from going astray.
Honey Stewed Squid
This article was a repost by "Mo bao fei bao." For the first time, she formally introduced herself as ge ji. He... Did not understand. She also said that her online name was" fish in a secret room." Before he could understand it, she continued to explain that the name was from" hunter x hunter."
What an Audacious and Sly Servant!
There is such a martial arts family, a hundred years of men and women, and finally one day, got a girl, a little red in the green, and the result is still the ultimate tough female han paper! There was also a royal orthodoxy where his father had six princesses and lacked a son.
Dragons Flies Phoenix Dances
Can you really change your temperament when you lose your memory? When Feng Ning woke up, he asked himself. The man named feng ning who was mentioned by others was insidious, selfish, and even put on a huge green hat for his husband. And now she...
Checkmate Your Heart
That year, she met under the Apricot blossom tree and devoted her life to it.
The Most Pleasant Thing to Hear
For her, love was a rare thing. To him, love is asking myself if I can beat you, but I like to lose to you. On the subject of love, they use each other as a specimen, learn together, love each other, uncover the secrets together, and progress together. Only...
The Male Lead’s Wife in the ’80s
Su Maner put on a book, put on an era article, and became the little wife of the man who wrote heaven and earth. The petite wife learned from the mistress that there was no x for the male lead, so she embarrassed the male lead's family on the wedding day. On the third day of the wedding, she had an affair! When Su Maner crossed over, the original owner was having an affair with a wild man hiding in a thatched cottage. The man and a large group of villagers were preparing to catch the adulterers outside. Su Maner, who was the most revered in The flower demon world, immediately knocked the wild man unconscious without even thinking about it. Even this kind of wild man was not fit to rub her feet! Su Maner sympathized with the handsome but sickly man. She patted the man on the shoulder, "Don't worry, I'll find a cure for your illness." Male host chi Yun Chen: ... "" is he sick? Why didn't he know he was sick Later, after giving birth to two children, Su Maner looked at the two little turnips, "Hehe, who said Ch
You’re Beautiful When You Smile
[ Rumor has it, if it were you, how would you choose to have a good relationship with an esporter? ] Tong Yao thought about it and she answered seriously - if it were me, I wouldn't have fallen in love with an esporter. With that patience, why didn't I go to tsinghua university or peking university?
Transmigrated Into the President’s Stepmother
Jiang Rao dressed up as the stepmother of the male protagonist in the novel "Overbearing president falls in love with me." A woman who has a vicious heart and is constantly on the move not only has a fickle nature, but also has a monopoly on the inheritance given by the man's father. According to the law of supporting roles, people who go against the male lead usually end up with no good. Jiang Rao didn't want to get entangled with his "Stepson." He just wanted to put on a good show and go on the road after the movie, but he didn't want to catch a pure love movie king by the way. Her mind pierced through the book, and her mistress su broke the sky. * Ending 1v1 sweet.