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The Indomitable Master of Elixirs
She was the most powerful immortal cultivator of the 24th century, but was transported to a world of sorcery and demons. There, she is persecuted by her family and ill-treated by her scumbag of a fiance… Want to bully her? Haha! She would be teaching them all a lesson very soon! Amazing sorcery? Here's a Five-Blow-Thunderstruck talisman that will smite you to dust! Superb medicine? One pot of my elixirs can turn a good-for-nothing into a genius! A fierce and might army? I can conjure up soldiers from just a handful of peas! The evils we bring upon ourselves are the hardest to bear. Submit to me and prosper, oppose me and perish! However… why is that handsome Grand Tutor sending her signals with his eyes all the time? Grand Tutor: "Aren't you going to take responsibility for your own actions?"
Ao huang: the daughter of the snake and scorpion
Minister Fu shuangshu, a beautiful matchless, an enchanting infinite, the twin sisters fell in love with the whole of Kyoto city man. But who knew that the Minister Fu had an ugly eldest daughter? After eight years of shaoguang, Yun Yuewan betrayed his family members and gave everything for a man to help him ascend to the throne. He turned around and sent her into the cold palace. He cut off the entire family of her maternal ancestors and married her two younger sisters to enjoy the happiness of everyone. After returning from her rebirth, she vowed to teach that wretched man and woman to die without a burial ground. Recommend 3, 000 two already finished old text:" spoiled princess has no lower limit: belly black prince medicine does not stop,"" evil phoenix defying heaven: poison medicine mad concubine" click the title of the book can see ~ absolutely beautiful oh!" (〔  ̄ 3-  ̄) 〔
Double jeopardy: the princess with the hot hands!
After ten years, Mu Jinqi lived in guilt for ten years. Once upon a time, the late best friend suddenly appeared in front of her and showed her husband affection. It turned out that she had only been a pawn under someone else for ten years. Rong hua was extremely humble and extremely painful. It is false to be deeply in love with one another, and even more false to be in love with another. Vows of love two white-haired husband has long been and" dead" friends of the secret. Pity for her pair of children, innocent children but both become a drug guide. It was ridiculous that she had been forced to die of anger. Once reborn, phoenix nirvana. The best friend is deep, the scum man is affectionate, the first wife's younger sister is deep! I'm Mu Jinqi! I swear to kill my dog!
To abandon a concubine in times of trouble
He was the king of Nie Hongguo, cold and suspicious; she was the one who entered the palace to investigate the cause of elder sister's death. He knew that she had ulterior motives and treated her scheme as a joke, but he did not know that she had already seen through it. One dance, one person. And Shezheng King of Xiheng kingdom said, I am your fiance, what has she forgotten? The intrigue and intrigue in the rear palace, and the night's intrigue. Let's see how she makes her way to the phoenix throne.
Peasant gate jiaoniang: your highness, come and plant the fields
She was originally a descendant of the modern ancient wu family, and once she crossed the border into a child bride of the peasant family, she would fight against this unreasonable world as soon as she opened her eyes. Uncle third uncle of" eat out"? Kick it away! Corrupt officials in the fish country? Kick! The stereotype of bullying women? Break it! Lu Jinshu gave a contemptuous smile." If you don' t make sense, then make it your fist!" Let her correct the view of the ancient people! As for a certain handsome and infatuated man, could you please get lost? Don't think you can be taken seriously just because you're a father! Lu Jinshu (cold eyes): have you ever heard of" joe to joe, land to land"? Qiao Zhitu (smiling): has that woman ever heard of a saying," the path of the shu return together"?
Imperial concubine: the evil king please go to bed
The first aid physician crossed into the air to become the imperial physician's daughter, leveling the grievance with her left hand, and abusing the lotus with her right hand! . How dare you plot! Make you a black widow. Qiao shi framed him! To turn your stepmother into a poisonous woman. What kind of weird patient had never seen her before, so she didn' t want to continue being a cowardly daughter! It was just a dream in the middle of the night, entangled with that bewitching Your highness. Climbing the wall is nothing, I spoil you! Xu Xun. "You hungry bastard!" Bewitching Your highness. "Consort ai, don' t jump. Can' t I be a bastard?"
I will never be with you in this life
Feng zhi wei fell in love with a man, for this pay all their own. He even brought his loved ones, relatives, and subjects to a dead end. Her younger brother and sister, who was still a child, were killed by a random knife. However, she was no longer a superior emperor. She could not save anyone, and she could not even die. She killed his favorite woman with the dagger he gave her, and he tortured her childhood sweetheart. She wanted to die, and he traded his life for hers. At this point, she and Qi Ye were destined to live forever ...
The imperial physician was unhappy: the evil king, I' m on top
It was not until the day she died that she realized that the husband of the man beside her was a wolf in human skin. The overwhelming hatred was as intense as fire, and the phoenix was once again human. She was a human again, swearing to the heavens that she would no longer be a victim to be slaughtered by others in this life, and that she would be respected by all the people! Laugh at me, scold me, cheat me, you are the coquettish daughter of heaven also want you to be disgraced! Rebel against me, betray me, harm me, even if you are the emperor will pull you off the horse! The world thinks less of me? It doesn't matter. Look at me, I'm the emperor, I'm the emperor, I'm the world, I'm the best!
The return of a deceased daughter: the promotion of the vice princess
Song chu originally thought that the day her husband ascended to the throne would also be the time when she would become the mother of the world. She did not expect that it would be her death date. She drank the poisoned wine to save her child's life, but she could not even fulfill such a small wish. When she opened her eyes again, it was already ten years ago. Faced with sister white lotus and the hypocritical scum, song chu sneered. Since she wanted to use her to get everything she wanted, she would not be as good as what they had wished for. What she had lost in her previous life, she would take it back bit by bit in this lifetime!
No trace of this man
The heroine, after the lovelorn, a chance, through the ancient times, become a prince, experience the high rich and handsome exciting life, help the li family to return to the throne of the tang dynasty, married three different personality princess.
Princess scorpion: third miss Murong
All the plans, all the creatures buried at the bottom of the ocean. A white light stretched out from the sea, then quickly retracted and disappeared from the bottom of the sea. I'd be sad too, and now we can't decide each other. I miss when we went to see the beautiful scenery on the maple mountain together, but now I am just a snake and scorpion.
The Female Film Emperor
On the third day, please support and reject any form of reprint. There have been several major events in the entertainment industry recently. The two movie kings are really getting married. The two of them did not come out in public. Third, national husband Zou Yun is actually a girl.
Listen to the rain for your return
Her father died in battle, her elder brother was framed, and the queen's position was crippled. It was as if her entire sky had collapsed overnight. Looking at the man who had once told her that he was weak and could only take a ladle of water, holding another woman in front of her, she only wanted to see him and never see him again! The mist has been completed the same type of ancient saying short chapter" not to lose the heart not to lose Go after the book, so you can read it next time. ]
The harem is full of intrigue
She was a lowly and insignificant palace maid; he was an overbearing and merciless emperor; he couldn' t get her but wanted her the most, and he cut off all her happiness just to keep her close to him ...
Glory world pampered: first rank poison imperial concubine
In her previous life, she was the most despised daughter in the Prime minister estate, and her looks were ugly and bullied. In this life, she was the most noble woman in the Sky que dynasty, and she was extremely skilled in poisons. However, her father did not dote on her, and her sister bullied her. Even the outsiders who stayed in her home dared to frame her. Emperor even gave her an order to marry the crazy prince who had killed her! So she was bullied and supported by a guard; she was wayward and spoiled by a guard; she had provoked the queen with impudence, and Bai King himself came out to shield her! After every 100 plus more. Any gift plus more. There is also an indefinite plus 1 more.
Fortune girl: uncle's obsession with addiction
Yizhuang, the body thief, yuan yuan. "Amitabha, blessed be buddha. The jade emperor, the elder son of the goddess of mercy, qi tiansheng, has come to help me. I' m grateful to you, amen!" "Who!" An ice-cold voice sounded and grabbed her at the same time. "Second miss yuan?" Zhao gou said slowly. "Why are you here?" He stole a corpse and bumped into his brother who was running away from his marriage. God, do you want to play with me like this?!
The catch is not too cold
The duke of yongzhou and other places suffered floods, but the relief of 800,000 taels of silver in the yongzhou prefecture under the jurisdiction of the songping county disappeared, is the yongzhou relief of the crown prince rushed to songping county ordered to wear the crime to recover the lost silver, and the task of solving the headless case fell on a young man who took the place of the deceased father as the leader of the capture team On his body ... There was a robbery case involving two victims of disaster relief. What kind of conspiracy was hidden behind his back? The young man tried to solve the mysterious case repeatedly, and it was so exciting to listen to. He broke through all the way and ascended, but in the end, he held the power of the prison with one hand, and the power of the court was turned to the wild!
The concubine is beautiful, the devil is evil all over the world!
In her previous life, she was crowned the sixth house and enjoyed the emperor's favor alone. However, the rebels took the opportunity to rebel, zeng sheng pampered her Emperor personally executed her. After her rebirth, she took the imperial examinations and became the top scholar in the imperial examinations. In her previous life, the evil temptress became a virtuous person and a model for women.
Rebirth: the general will never be a consort
In her previous life, she was originally a princess of a country and was forced to the city wall by that cold-blooded cousin. In the end, she chose to kill herself and end with hatred. The heavens treated her well, allowing her to live a new life. That cousin had already ascended to the throne, and she was only the young miss of the general's mansion. In this life, she would definitely avenge her past life and let him taste all the pain! * * * * * * * * * * Daily 4-6k, plus more willful, recommend 100 plus more, reward 100 plus more ~ like the point above" book chase"
The first queen: the heart of a king
He was an extremely intelligent woman who liked him, but on the way to confess, he encountered a natural disaster and traveled to ancient times. In ancient times, he met a person who was very similar to his old enemy. That was the prime minister, the prime minister, who staged coups one after another, and she had protected the emperor ...
Here's to my love
She was the most famous and influential lady in the world, but unfortunately, she was born in the land of the wind and moon. Meng Zhijun thought that Murong yan was her lover, and she held back her anger to stay by his side. She thought that they could live forever. Sure. The one she loved, cut off her fingers and disfigured her face - at last, with a knife and a knife, he dug out the white bones in her body, and made a hideous bone flute. "Ah Zhi, look, this bone is perfect for making bone flute." His hands were stained with her blood, but he laughed like a picture. And he took his flute, and laid ten leagues of red makeup, and took his beloved wife. But she was killed by a thousand arrows! "Murong Yan, here's a toast to you. From now on, we' ll be apart." All inclusive.
The Abandoned Empress Rules the World
After a time travel, she became an abandoned empress. The emperor regarded her as nothing important and married a slippery woman pretending to be an innocent lady. They showed their love all day and night.
Lan imperial concubine qingcheng
Is it laziness, stupidity, or seeing through everything? Everyone thought that she was a useless idiot and was a big joke. However, in his heart, she was extremely pure and beautiful. He fantasized that when she left the palace, he would stay with her until she was old, but would the noble and overbearing king agree? What will the three of them pay for this? And who she will ultimately choose ...
The strongest peasant girl
The top chefs of the 21st century, accidentally killed, once crossed into the ancient peasant girl body. Having a father was better than not having one. There was a mother, but she was a soft bun who was often bullied by the second niang. What the hell was this second niang? If he dared to bully her mother, he would kill her if he didn' t see her. If father slag became a demon again, she would let her mother rest. With a pair of craftsmanship, with a mother to become rich and well-off. It was a good day, and she was entangled by a handsome man. "Shu' er, we have flesh and blood relatives, so you have to take responsibility for me." A certain man said with a wicked smile. Liu shu rolled her eyes. "Since you' re pretty, I can' t help but accept you."
Gold medal agent: princess leng ao is leaving
She, the golden agent of the 21st century! With her hands raised and her sword fell, she was valiant and valiant. Her name was famous, but she was killed by the person she trusted the most. She was reborn in a strange world and was unwilling to give up on a young girl. He, the famous cold-faced prince! Hidden dragon in the yuan, only to fly to the sky! On their wedding night, she threw him to the ground, but unexpectedly, they met each other. Let's see how she can play a game of love with each other. In this sudden whirlwind of wind and cloud, she stirred the world, and her name shocked all over the world!
Beauty is a curse: the beautiful princess is going to turn the sky upside down!
Suddenly, the atmosphere in the capital changed unconsciously. Is it time to change your life? The vicious flower that was born from the prosperity should be buried by someone. What kind of woman can be in the bustling capital, what kind of vast love can withstand the family, friendship of the disillusionment. Everyone said that the feelings in the world were all foolish, but someone was willing to prove it.
The prodigal princess
As a concubine leng, she was flogged the first time she saw the prince. The second time she saw him being slapped, the third time she saw him become a servant girl ... She remembered the cruel treatment she had treated and hated him in her heart. She swore that one day, she would take revenge and tear him to pieces and destroy his bones! [ The website supports qq, baidu, and weibo to quickly login. ] [ If you encounter any other problems such as filling, please contact the customer service girl, qq: 2134 979183 ~ weibo @ melon seeds * * ]
Foodie: the president, come to the bowl!
The imperial power struggle was shocking. After a bumpy situation, she became stronger. He still protected her behind him, but excessive protection was not a form of injury. He let go of his protective hands and looked at the world side by side." When our parents recover, we will return to chang' an city and marry me, okay?" She only smiled without saying anything, but her eyes were filled with joy. God knows how long she's been waiting for that ...
Cold palace abandoned
Although Ji Qingyan was a captive of the enemy country, her unique beauty made men crazy. Zhao Yuancheng was domineering and bewitching, and he was arrogant as he announced to ji Qingyan. "I want you to be my woman. As long as you obediently submit to me, I can give you everything you want, power, wealth, fame ..."