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Terminator 2 chicken eater
Retired wcg world runner-up South of Jiangsu, back to the top of the world! "Eating chicken, I' m a professional ..."
Titan of online games
Hades, who was unwilling to leave, resurrected the monster titan! The human race is in deep trouble! But the gods had already left! No one can seal the titans, no one can kill them! The earth is full of life! People don't want to live! And disaster also gradually from the western mainland to the eastern continent! The gods of the east should not only resist their own demons, but also resist the western monster titan! In this case, the gods of the east could only guarantee that humans could barely survive! All the gods and humans in the east were waiting for an opportunity, waiting for someone to kill the monster titan again, and everyone was struggling! There were even more warriors going to where the titans lived, trying to kill them! Gradually people will call this - titan journey!
Final fantasy of terminator 2
Unreal world, there are real challenges, vowed to become a god, the need to slaughter the quartet.
The joker's game
When Su Ye woke up, he realized that he had become a new plaything of god. In order to keep himself alive, he had to travel through the world of anime, exhausted his wits, exhausted his brute strength, and used everything he could to complete god's game to please the god above. And all this made him so excited that a patient with logical autism, who had no concept of good or evil, would degenerate into The devil in this endless world? Or was he influenced to become a sage? That's not the point. All he could think about was how to pull god from his throne. Big date fight? Why are the girls here so gullible? An alchemist of steel? Why give up everything you've got? School notes? Why would she die to save me? What is so called good and evil, fatezero? Pure Maria? Why sacrifice yourself to save the renegade? Time market? Time no longer moves forward, where will the soul go? God slayer? With the power to make the world tremble, why choose to guard? Problem child? So kindness is based on the body of evil? The curta
The comeback of terminator 2
"Hello! That boy! Take me' chicken' in the evening!