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Little miss bewitching: the palace fight in the red wall
When she turned around, it was already a vast ocean of vicissitudes. At some point, the once excellent bai fumei had suddenly crossed over, and the white, rich, and beautiful that she was so proud of did not appear on her body after her transmigration. Just as she was feeling extremely depressed, she accidentally saved the handsome young master, but she realized that it was her father. So she swung her hoe and headed for her wife's goal ...
The dark emperor continued to pamper her: consort, don' t provoke her
"Woman, you want to run away after stealing something?" "I stole something from you. I made you chase nine streets." A man said faintly. "I have kept my innocence for twenty-five years. Therefore, you have to take responsibility." "Well! However, the prior inspection!" ..."" The man was helpless. "Be good, don' t get angry!" When the top thieves cross into fat, ugly and weak waste, a woman said: hehe! Beast tamers are awesome? If she moved, she could make the beasts submit! Armament masters were even more awesome? She casually mixed up a divine rank! The alchemist was the best? Oh, the most powerful divine rank alchemist on the mainland is her little brother!
The Supreme Dragon Emperor
Young Lu Ming, his blood was taken away, he was reduced to a useless person and suffered great humiliation. Thanks to Supreme temple, he was reborn into a bloodline. From then on, he was a genius, and he fought back all the way to the glorious road of blood. Devouring endless living beings, melting the blood of the heavens, crossing thousands of mountains and rivers, breaking through nine days and ten lands, defeating all the heroes of the world, cultivating the true skills of the dragon, and achieving the emperor of the dragon. Group number: 570274770
I am the most beautiful
One was the stunning Miss third of the general's mansion, a notorious idiot who had been tortured and killed by his half-sister. The other was a talented student from the university of washington who was betrayed by a scumbag and his cousin and pushed down the stairs to die. When the soul falls into hell, it is fortunate to be reborn. After being bullied, he opened his eyes again, and his fate was overturned. To fool her? The other shore flower jade pendant is in the hand, the trick is easy to grasp. Laughing at her for being a loser? The spirit power talent was heaven defying, and no one in Cang xuan continent could compare to it. Proud of heaven and earth, but with the devil prince entangled. "Hehe, honey, your body smells so good ..."
Prince bai fei
Bai luo thought that she might be wearing a fake yue. Step by step up thousands of people, beauty, such as flowers, all kinds of beautiful men, fat and thin, ignorant human prostrate feet. This was someone else's time travel. And she -- Li Jin looked at her affectionately. "Lolo, although you' re a little stunned, I won' t dislike you." Duan shaoling smiled faintly. "Miss bai, I was really moved by your innocence and stupidity." Yin Qiudao's eyes were filled with pity. "Xiao bai, your attribute is truly worthy of your surname ... It really complements each other." A family tragedy, a human tragedy. The book, is a silly carmen girl to work hard, successful transformation (fog) and become a male god harvester inspirational story (fog) yes!
Back to Ancient Times to Make Pen Pals
Zhu Yuan crossed. How did she spend her time in this backward ancient world where there was no internet, no cell phone, and no entertainment? She made a pen pal - a real pen pal. Zhu Yuan took out her notebook and drew with a brush: Goudan, come out and chat! Xie zheng, who was practicing calligraphy in the study, slipped and destroyed the entire calligraphy post. The book has its own yan ruyu, the ancients did not deceive me! Xie Zheng after many years by
Yun shui yao ge
When he saw her for the first time, he smiled and held her waist." Young lady, it would be good to offer yourself to her." A certain woman was speechless and decided to slap fei zhi! She thought that there would be no more interaction, but she was entangled to the end by him. "Baby, double cultivation!" A certain evildoer was obsessed with her. "Come on, let's sleep to relieve our worries!" Lying on the bed, a certain evildoer swayed his alluring posture. In the daytime, he was a god above all others, but he doted on her to the death. At night, he was a bewitching and bewitching evildoer, but he was addicted to her seduction. Too many peach blossoms? A certain evildoer smiled coldly and angrily cut off the peach blossom blossom before carrying her onto the bed." Girl, change your position and continue!"
Imperial physician qingcheng: please respect yourself
Who said only men can three thousand harem, women can also. A time travel, flower The palace lord constantly enrich the harem, haoyan into reality, opened her own world ...
Finally, the king of war
In the near future, a huaxia special forces soldier encountered a group of strong enemies after various special missions in the city. The story is compact and suspenseful.
The evil fox princess of the tyrant who gets away from me!
In order to cultivate to become a fox fairy, she went into the mortal world to find her savior who had saved her life a thousand years ago to escape the tribulation of her heart. Only after she truly loved him did she realize that the tribulation of her heart was not that easy to pass. And the tyrant who had persecuted her, could she really be separated from him?
The guard of the sea bandit king, the straw hat and the sea bandit gang
Coming into this world, I wouldn't let that happen, whether it was Nicole Robin or naomi. If not, I will use my life to protect them and the straw hat sea bandit gang to climb to the highest peak, even if the last covered with bruises, even pay for life, I will not hesitate, just for the heart of the attachment, I will go forward.
The emperor died far away
"She is the daughter of the son of the first wife, the princess of the holy father. However, because he was weak and sickly from a young age, and had no talent for martial arts, he was ignored by his father. Father didn' t care, aunt bullied, sisters schemed, and finally died miserably in the small courtyard, her body was almost turned into a puppet. Her whereabouts were strange and decisive. She was the king of assassins in the world, but because of a piece of blood jade, her soul traveled through. On the day that the king of assassins became the daughter of the xiangfu, the situation changed, the stars were disordered, and the god beast of the country was panicking. People say that people from heaven go down to earth, so you can't pry ... She wanted a simple world, a world where she could come and go freely, a world where she could bow down and bow before her, and a man who loved her incomparably. And look at the incompetence of the bag, how to shake nine days. ...""
The birth of the king: the son of prophecy
When heaven and earth first opened, the alienated world became. One of the nine thousand nine hundred worlds, cang lan world was invaded by the demons, and eventually the gods were destroyed, the demons were all sealed. After a hundred thousand years, the seal gradually lost its usefulness, and the apocalypse would soon come. The son of the prophecy that could save the world was born at this time. Salvation is our mission, but becoming king is our greatest purpose in this world
Prince charming: the queen of fools will not marry
In the first year of the ling nation, this was an era that had not been recorded in history. This was a time of war and chaos. This was a love that seemed to be calm in the turmoil. Li was fourteen years old. General Ouyang had settled the war between ling and li for a few years, and ouyang peak became the most agreeable langjun in the hearts of the women of ling nation. And she is destined to meet him that year, and life is really like this, you will never fall in love with the most know you. There is always separation and separation in life, and there are too many irretrievable regrets.
Queen beastmaster: good-for-nothing young lady
She was the young lady of the prime minister's mansion. She was beautiful, but she was a good-for-nothing. One death, ushering in a strong soul. Beast control, pill refinement, male control, everything is easy to handle. He was known as the retarded emperor of the western yuan kingdom. She was forced to marry him, but on her wedding night, she was almost eaten clean. It turned out that the wolf was pretending to be a sheep. She stood up and fought back, not knowing who had pounced on whom.
The evil king's pet: the arrogant princess is worth ten thousand gold
In her previous life, she was the king of the underworld who stood at the pinnacle of the world. *" The weapon is fast enough to pierce into your heart. It won' t bleed out, nor will it die so quickly. You' ll slowly feel how your cheap life is slowly slipping away." His eyes were cold as he watched her easily kill the person who wanted to kill her. "A woman's hairpin is used to make up for her beauty, not to kill!" * He was cold and merciless, giving up on love, but after seeing her amazing talent, he was willing to change his life and save her life! Her indifference was like a thousand years of ice, but she was willing to live and die for him.
Iron blood red maiden liang hongyu
Song huizong declared peace for two years, the residents of wuzhou fang la, xiao jushan uprising, quickly developed to hundreds of thousands of people, even fell into the state county, the official army repeatedly failed to seek, liang hongyu's grandfather and father were killed because of the chaos in the calm fang la, war lost ...
The queen of the evil emperor: the arrogant devil emperor dotes on him
She was a modern agent in the 21st century. She had been reduced to a dilapidated and useless material. She was not afraid of the world. She could catch divine beasts, refine sugar beans, search for secret treasures, explore historical sites, beat up trash men, and torture white lotus. However, once she crossed the continent, she was completely wiped clean by the taboo. What was this situation? ? How many punches? How do you break it if you can't beat it? ! She could run, but her plan couldn' t keep up with the changes. The next second, she was pushed against the wall by him. "Woman, you saved this lord. This lord has to offer himself to you." "Can I refuse?" "This lord's woman has no right to refuse!" ..." Then I can ..."" you can enjoy this lord's love for you ..."
The Blessing of Odin
The Blessing of Odin is a full-length religious love myth. The novel takes Iceland’s epic Edda and North Europe myths as the background to build the myth world view set in nine worlds and six races. The story tells the love triangle among Odin, the King of the Gods, Frigga, the Queen and the Goddess of Love, and Loki, the God of Fire.
In her previous life, she had been killed by a scumbag, a poisonous girl, who broke her bones and took her soul jade. In a desperate situation, she blew herself up. Who would have thought that she would be reborn on this trash of the same name? Ever since then, she had refined medicinal jade, tamed spirit beasts, raised spirit slaves, and avenged herself. But this prince, can you pick up your integrity and stay away from me?
Through the wu pavilion
Four women wear, came to the alien world, to save their lives, chuang - Wu court. The four of them joined forces, fighting concubines and torturing scum. In short, each of them had their own strengths, and no one was their own. The female masters were flexible, literate, and powerful. They could go to the kitchen and go out of the hall. Medical poisons, everything. Well, there are flaws. If you want to know, read the text.
Princess poison doctor: please respect yourself
Once they crossed the border, in the 21st century, doctor asura became the daughter of the first wife of the general's estate. The scumbag broke off his marriage, the scumbag became a demon, and the enemy chased after him? I have medical skills in the hands of the world, a word, is not willing to do! When the lead china dispersed, she looked at the world with the queen's attitude and attracted countless men's admiration. However, a certain doting wife was getting more jealous and wanted to pursue her instead of releasing her child. "Madam, look at the weather today. Let's have a baby." "Madam, look at the gloomy weather. It's a good time to have a child." "Madam, look at this ..."
Princess difficult to train: the general's husband gently dotes
The gong sounded with joy. In the bustling street, a long procession of couples was walking. A group of children surrounded the sedan chair and shouted loudly. "Pretty bride, handsome bridegroom, bow down to the hall and send it to the bridal chamber!" She squeezed her way through the crowd like a maze. In short, this plan to escape from marriage was much more difficult than she had imagined!
The evil husband picked it up and went home
I was a fallen divine, accidentally picked up a beautiful box back, until the discovery of this box of wonderful use, just know that I have picked up a man back! I ran all the way, he chased all the way, when I had no way to escape, looking at him with tears in my eyes, my lord, can you let the little girl go? However, a certain someone said lazily. "In this life, in this life, in this life, I will never let you go ..." If there is anything you want to say to foam, you can leave a message to me. I will reply immediately after I see it. Thank you! How recommended! More collection is foam writing power! A reward of 1000 plus one more, and so on!
Special dragon spirit warrior king
Five years ago, the family was destroyed, only he was rescued; five years later, he returned for revenge, but he found that the plot behind him was far beyond his imagination, how should he choose?
The queen of passage
He is a brilliant and beautiful man, with a charming smile like a spring breeze and a blooming pear. His demeanor was elegant and graceful, and his sleeves were lightly flicked, giving him an air of arrogance and authority. His every move was full of elegance and elegance. She came from a different world, her eyebrows were as pale as autumn water, and her jade muscles were accompanied by a breeze. She has a clever mind and is calm and collected. She wanted to escape from the conflict of imperial power, the harem plot, the battlefield killing ... She only wanted to spend her life quietly with the person she loved. Hand in hand if dependent, this life is not separated from each other.
The thirteenth lost city
She was the protector of the addiction city and the manager of the flower shop for half a life. She took the flower shop around, walking and stopping, and recruited talented people for the addiction city. With this, she changed her fame from nameless to famous. She recalled her memories from thousands of years ago and met that quiet place again. Her half-life flower shop had countless flowers that could not be bought or seen in the world. Her flowers were only sold to fate. The people who came to her flower shop never knew her name, but the world was known as the little demon, so they became prosperous in the name of the little demon. They did not know that she was a demon, for tens of thousands of years. She was always indifferent and asked about her. "Little demon, what can cause you to stir up trouble?" Answer. "Everything is simple except death." And she had already died once.
Wife: princess, stop chasing me
As soon as she was dressed as an official slave, Duan Yi was really frustrated. She did not want to be a slave for the rest of her life. She tried her best to escape, but the general had been chasing after her. She had been hiding in the bandits' den, the rest of the rebels, and the enemy's barracks. He followed her step by step. She was pushed by him step by step, and there was no way to retreat. Facing his determined gaze and deep affection, she was finally the way. "Master, stop chasing me. I' ll just follow you!" He caught her as he wished. "As a repeat offender of the official family, if you are caught, you will not be able to walk free again!" He picked her up and turned around, entering the room full of words, the cup, the bridal chamber, after which she was personally guarded by him, locked by his side, never leave.
The warrior villain
Xing Chendian is the number one villain in Jiang Hu, The devil reputation is very bad, people get it. The main character had just crossed over and became the palace lord of Xing Chen. He was more familiar with the game script and his identity would eventually be killed. He felt that his life was in danger. In order to make Xing Chendian better reputation and not be surrounded by martial arts, but also to live and work hard. Facing wu lin zhengdao's incomprehension, disbelief, and disapproval, he wanted to kill his famous wulin shaoxia. The protagonist will work hard for wulin peace.
The time reversal of the empty track
The lost time will not look back. This world will be empty, and I can only hold your hand. Can the price of blood lines, the branding of god, and delivery be told? Seven obsidian wafers, the light flickering, were swallowed up by time against the current. Time hands, stop and walk, leaving only broken promises. Eternal moment, unpredictable, the end of heaven do you wait?