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The time reversal of the empty track
The lost time will not look back. This world will be empty, and I can only hold your hand. Can the price of blood lines, the branding of god, and delivery be told? Seven obsidian wafers, the light flickering, were swallowed up by time against the current. Time hands, stop and walk, leaving only broken promises. Eternal moment, unpredictable, the end of heaven do you wait?
Heaven Awakening Path
Chong, ming, qi, pivot, strength, essence, ying. Seven forces of courage! Perception of the seven souls, creating countless strong. However, in an unremarkable academy, the youngsters were facing the danger of being expelled... Tianxing road is a historical novel written by the original author butterfly blue. The pen interest pavilion updated the latest chapter of tianxing road simultaneously. The comments on tianxing road published by the book friends did not mean that the pen interest pavilion agreed or supported tianxing road's views. Other works of butterfly blue: solo, full-time master, online game melee mage If you think the road to heaven is not bad, please click the share button at the top to share with your friends!
A thousand years old: king ning has been ordered to dote on his concubine
She was going to marry the arrogant prince whom she hated the most. He had clearly said that he would not touch her if he did not love her, but he would take advantage of her every day. He married her and doted on other women at the same time. Damn it! She could not bear it. The bad man quickly rolled over. This princess wants to divorce you!
The prince was upset: his highness, black belly, wanted to hug him.
Oh, my god? What the hell is this place? That bad? Do you dare to be more sad? Her. Xia qinian actually came to this place? A moment ago, she was still at home with her legs crossed, sitting at the computer table, thinking about the end of the novel ... Through time? The 21st century, how wonderful. There was no need to worry about food and drink, but she could also write some novels, earn some money for her articles, and increase her fame. Until I met him.
The emperor's daughter jing hua: the cold king's absolute pet
Life and death look indifferent, not willing to fight! One move through, sister frame, biological father decadent, courtier rebellion, surrounded by songs, wolf girl alone up, vegetarian palm world. Fighting standard sister, is the court, the four sides of the battle! She had thought that this would be the case for her whole life. The imperial power was in her hands and she could see the whole world. Who said that a woman could not bow down to a mountain? However, that noble and cold prince didn' t seem to be an idiot. He wanted her to be his woman? How is that possible? Are you good enough for me? You want to fight me, you want to fight me, you want to fight me? So what if I win? I'll take your offer and consider it again. Fighting against the heavens, fighting against the earth, wasn' t enough. ? ?
A Clash Of Gods
Yang Ning, a retired armed policeman and a businessman, who owned the possession of ten million before, traveled time and space to an ancient world by accident. Since then, he had become Ermine, a member of the Beggar Sect. He was as tolerant and stable as the earth. And he was as silent and smart as a secret treasure! At that time, the scroll buried underground unexpectedly appeared at public, and the golden phoenix arrived in the world again. Chu Country on the south and Han Country on the north fought for the throne, and the situation was complicated and ambiguous like layers of clouds in the sky. Tricks were used in the palace, while blood was splashed on the battlefield. Take the whole world as a chessboard and the public as the chess pieces. May all the heroes and beauties put on a game of chess to surprise the world!
Pamper the princess
She was originally a top assassin, but in the course of her mission, she fell from the sky into the palace. Well, she could travel through time, but why did the emperor call her a concubine? She doesn't. How can an independent woman in the 21st century share a man with a bunch of women? Rumor had it that this man's taste was not ordinary ... He would settle down if he came. You can't be a concubine, just be Empress! A palace fight? What's there to be afraid of? In her past life, countless dogs and blood traveled through great dramas.
Lord, come to exorcise evil spirits at night
One was the mysterious imperial tutor Qingluo, and the other was the valiant and handsome war god Yi Wang. Because of an accident, she made a promise to the red leaf alliance, and then fell into a tug of war between breaking off the engagement and breaking off the engagement ... Pulling and pulling, it seemed that something was not right. Your highness Yi Wang, tell me, how did we pull it onto the bed? "Xiao Junting, if you know what's good for you, then obediently write down your divorce. Otherwise, I' ll wrap you up with the big kid tonight!" "Entangled? When have I ever been entangled with anyone other than you?"
Lord demon king: exalted goddess, please come into the bowl
Peng lai immortal island, surrounded by immortal fog, pavilions, looming, beautiful. One was the exalted goddess qionghua who was created by the god of heaven and earth, and the other was the demon king who seduced the world. One day in the sky, one year underground, time flew by quickly. However, she did not know that their fate was involved in an accidental encounter.
Lilisi's morning light
The protagonist made a mistake in her rebirth and became a girl. In order to build the ideal of the heart, for that dream. She began her journey around the world. If violence is only about killing, it will be meaningless. In order to create an ideal world, only to become the greatest evil, in order to forgive all sins. Feet and darkness, longing for the bright dawn. This is a journey of strength and glory against the current.
How to tame a sacred beast
This Your Highness died for eighty thousand years. The first person he met in his rebirth was not my brothers, not my unreliable master, but the crown prince Your Highness. He had thought that this crown prince Your Highness was a cold and indifferent person, but he didn' t want to be a stubborn and broken sleeve! "Ah He, you came to my dormitory so often, but what's there to worry about?" Ben Your Highness looked at the sycamore tree at the entrance of the crown prince's bedroom and said with a reserved tone. "I do have concerns." The crown prince Your Highness suddenly pounced on ben Your Highness like a hungry wolf. "I knew that Ah He really likes me!" "Get lost!" Holy shit! Was the crown prince sick?! I am a male phoenix! ... (The crown prince of heaven is a broken-sleeved man, you are a male phoenix who is in danger! (*'? *) In this article, I wish you a 1v1, with he and be as the result. Don't spray it if you don't like it. O ~ ~
The princess is not to be trifled with
She was reborn and was being dragged to death. One time through, become everyone despises and spits the waste woman. Contracted with an ancient divine beast, the cultivation level was heaven defying, possessing a mysterious space, blinding everyone. White lotus, green tea bimbo, virgin bimbo, all the way through the thorns. I'm sorry, I'm the princess. He was a charming and unpredictable prince. Everyone thought he was cold and heartless, but why was he so difficult to deal with in her eyes? "Why are you staring at me?" "I' m thinking, when will I be able to hold you down?" She smiled and put a poisonous needle into his waist. "Your highness, you think too much. If you want to, I' ll be the one who presses you."
Heroine Saves A Gentleman
The female protagonist was born with great power and strong martial arts. The male protagonist was fair and beautiful, weak and easily pushed down. Zhou Xiaoxiao, who studied art, crossed over to the ancient girl who was born with divine power and inadvertently saved Yu Xingzhi, who was tortured to death and had a beautiful face. Yu Xingzhi: "Madam, don't go back to your mother's house. I'll promise you anything you want." Zhou Xiaoxiao: "Do you really agree to anything? Then you can model for me naked." Yu Xingzhi blushed and undressed. ... The female protagonist is either saving the male protagonist or on her way to save the male protagonist.
My Dream Man is Inhuman
I use WeChat to kill the time and the man I had been in love with secretly for years abruptly talked to me and asked me out. I went on the date anxiously, only to be fucked by a stranger. After that, I was flirted by a ghost and the disasters came...
It was a big battle, and both of them were hurt, but it was the fate of the two servants. Life follows, two lives cause and effect, but can not block the cruelty of the heavenly dao. When she stood in front of him, her chest was pierced, but she still smiled." Your majesty, I will not regret following you for the rest of my life." [ This article has been adapted into a cartoon and will be online soon. Please look forward to it! ] Please add qqqq1311243169 for copyright cooperation.
Time travel: the lady is lazy and domineering
She admitted that she was lazy, but that wasn' t the reason for her to travel through time, was it? In this alienated world, she thought that she could grow old together with her childhood sweetheart. But in the end, many years of deep love is no match for the lure of luxury; helpless to marry far away, but also cherish the hand of her husband's childhood sweetheart. She was angry! You don't want me, girl, and I don't want you! Having divorced her husband who had no opinions, she took her servant girl and went far away. Since that was the case, then she could only be at ease and take out her skills to gain the most benefits for herself!
Snake fairy can't
Weak and sickly I have a boyfriend, but recently he is strange, I also because heal the body to find the divine wife, invited the snake fairy to bless me, but did not expect to find the boyfriend's shocking secret!
The beast princess could not be tamed: the dark king, please accept the challenge
She, a gold medalist beast tamer in the 23rd century, had once crossed the body of the empress dowager. Before she was familiar with the bad situation, she was betrothed to king jing with iceberg facial paralysis and even guarded the empty room with ruthless assassins. Her vicious mother-in-law's vicious tricks were incessant. F * ck, she just wanted to live a good life. Unexpectedly, palace fights and family fights frequently attacked her, and various schemes and schemes flooded her name ...
Sovereign To Immortality
The immortal road supremacy is the original author of the fairy tale novel by sleeping autumn. The pen interest pavilion updated the latest chapter of the immortal road supremacy at the same time. The comments of the book friend on the immortal road supremacy did not mean that the pen interest pavilion agreed or supported the view of the immortal road supremacy book friend. Other works of sleeping autumn: nine changes in spirit If you think "Supreme immortal road" is not bad, please click the share button at the top to share with your friends circle!
The ghost princess of rebirth
A useless little orphan girl who was bullied by others? All right, I'll show you what a reincarnation of a ghost lord is! Regaining power, raising her spirit power, turning her hands into clouds, and turning her hands into rain, how could she have offended a scheming black king? Stingy mode started, who bullied who exactly?
Agent queen: princess is hot
She's the number one killer in the world. Once she fell into a different world, the phoenix was stained with dust. She rose step by step and killed a path of blood. So what if the world is unfair? The strong are respected. White hair becomes a devil and goes all over the world. He was the king of the alienated world and ignored everything, but she was the only one in the fire. She was destined to be his legend.
Forcing good into evil
Anyway, this is a very serious (do you believe) fairy tale
I'm a rich woman
Hua Weiwei originally ran a skincare product taobao store and accidentally crossed into an empty dynasty. She was inexplicably chosen to become the eldest young lady of the ke family. She was not willing to be a moth and decided to resume her old business to manufacture skincare products for sale. In the end, she became a famous female tycoon! This is the love history of a woman who has worked hard to become a rich man, even if she had to work hard to become a rich woman.
Fox fairy attack team
This is a realistic fantasy. The world view of this book is a demon world that coexists with humans. It can be understood as a supernatural person with chinese style. However, there is no stupid ability to control the wind, water, and time. There is no new demon skill setting, and there is no mysterious group a in china. The world of demons is a kind of jianghu pattern. Actress Geqiu and her three sisters set up a special team to punish adultery and evil three years ago, has been secretly defending the world, Geqiu's other identity is one of C city's four big gangs, Qiubang boss, the gang is the real basis for the team to stand firm (the world's vigilante first have to be rich, right?). The protagonist Lu Lingling accidentally found himself a baby demon, and accidentally saved a small fox, four mysterious girls in his life (future girlfriend and sister-in-law, absolutely no harem), when he was involved in a shocking plot, Geqiu fell from the sky, from Lu Lingling stepped into the world of demons Boundaries. H
Imperial concubine of the divine thief: I want to turn right
As a thief who only wanted to make a small fortune, Fei Bai had a bad idea. She was going to steal something to offend a prince, steal something to offend a prince, not steal anything and offend a prince. Qi King. "Your body is so soft. Your waist is quite strong!" King rong. "Senior, sit down and let's catch up." Lord. "If you want, I can cook for you for the rest of your life." Walk. "It's the first time I've been a thief for so many years." Thieves are high-risk industry, enter the line to be cautious!
The tomb raider queen wants to be with li
He had stolen the tomb, but somehow, he had transformed into a female corpse in a coffin. The most outrageous thing was that this body brought him back to more than a thousand years ago. Can a man not live as a woman? See how he plays this dynasty! Late at night, a certain woman who had crossed into a woman was sitting alone in yilou. A palace maid rushed over and said. "Your highness, it's late at night. Go back to your room!" A certain woman glanced at the palace maid and turned her head again. The palace maid continued. "Your highness, let's go back and get some clothes!" This time, a certain woman did not turn back, as if she had a lot on her mind. In the end, the palace maid knelt down and said in a trembling voice. "Your highness, please don' t peek at the ladies' baths. This is already the eighty-sixth time. If the emperor finds out, I ... I don' t even know how to tell the emperor ..." A certain lady saw that the palace maid was crying so pitifully and her eyes were wet. That was all, she waved her sl
The evil husband is a bit bad
That day, I unwittingly untied the seal, released a millennium old demon, he said that will repay me, but in the most cruel way ...
Surgeon kensei
I have a three - foot sword, Take a glass when you smell it. With a sword in the air for thousands of miles, Kill all evil spirits to control the sword!
Heaven defying poison pet: the evil young master's most revered little girl
She, a genius cultivator of the nine great clans, was framed to death by a scum of a man? Once he was reborn, he would slap the scum in the face. Tell me, how do you want to die? Looking down on her status as a daughter of a concubine? Beat the shit out of you. Jealous that she's attracted to men? Kick your ass. With the genius spirit vein here, who else would dare to refuse! What? Someone actually gave her a pig to eat a tiger! "Bastard, you drugged me again." "Hmph, you stupid woman." The killing intent was overwhelming, and a certain woman was lying on top of her, turning the world upside down ..." Don' t move." As he spoke, the man threw all the bottles and cans into the lake. Unfortunately, even if she was a genius, she would not be able to defeat the evil young master of the Feng residence.
The love of a lifetime
Five hundred years ago, she had a love affair with a man and a demon. Five hundred years later, she had an ordinary car accident. What kind of secret is there between the threads? Love and hate intertwined a bad fate, give you a long way, such as jun wrong love please love deeply!