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Heaven defying mad phoenix: ultimate beastmaster
A generation of geniuses? No, it's the rise of a god! The death of her father, the doubts of her mother, led her forward. This peak of the road blood flow into a river, not her wish, but the fate of heaven! He allowed her to live and protect her all the way. Their love was firm and enviable. He became a demon, and everything about her vanished, and she was sealed, and everything about him was gone. The final battle of the firmament, the former lover of the war, you die and live. Her whip pressed against his heart, her blood stained his eyes, and the scene from a thousand years ago reappeared. This time, how did it end?
Blood of the phoenix
Sometimes, love is a hurt. Because I care, so I hurt. Luo Lixiu, chose to hurt Bai Qingqing; and white Qing Qing, chose to hurt himself. Bai Qingqing thought that Luo Lixiu was her way back, but she didn't expect Luo Lixiu to be her last resort.
To be married: to marry a prince
From the beginning of this day, there was a small mistress in the mansion, yun liyuan. It could be said that this little guy under one year old was an absolute weirdo. She was already able to talk and laugh in a cute voice when she had just had a full moon. She had not even started reading and reciting poetry in three months. In less than half a year, she could actually make the whole palace dance like a chicken. Who would have thought that such a young girl would become the ultimate feng wu world? Since then, feng nan has been the emperor's surname. Empress fengnan pear margin pregnant again, give the name in advance, yunfengtian.
Medicine woman jing hua: first rank poison imperial concubine
The super beautiful agent, gu youran, had died on her first mission and had actually become an official prostitute. After that, someone dared to bully her and still bullied her shamelessly ...
The first wife of the rebirth scum
She, zhuang jingyi, had crossed over! Indeed, if he had seen too much time travel literature, he would suffer retribution! It was just that other people were all full of energy and lived colorful lives. Why was it her turn to travel, but there were bloody stories everywhere? ! God, you really don't have eyes! Other people were getting married and carrying dowries all over the street, but she was fine. She was getting married with a concubine. Moreover, this concubine was so hateful to her that she gritted her teeth and was so full of her heart that she wanted to kill her! Husband and wife were promiscuous, concubines were enchanting, sisters-in-laws were fighting, sister-in-law was fighting, and princes and men were also coming to join in the fun. How could they be so confused in their whole life?! Just look at how she, zhuang jingyi, was able to turn around and live a life of tranquillity!
Evil phoenix defying heaven: the poison doctor's crazy girl!
There are two women in the Xiao family. Ugly and dull, hedonistic and lecherous, the good-for-nothing was the eldest daughter, Xiao Baoxiang. The world laughed at her, insulted her, and looked down on her. Her white clothes were fluttering, her immortal appearance was blue in her heart, and Xiao Yunrou, the second daughter of the heavenly order, was praised and praised by the world. She was regarded as a goddess. Xiao Baoxiang gave a wicked smile. "White lotus, let's wait and see!" Through World continent, she became a household name of the Xiao family dandy young lady, born to waste, she would burn, re-molding meridians; ugly face terrible, she then needle into the hole, to poison to scar. She was the one who was enchanting and powerful.
The law of survival in the apocalypse
After her rebirth, Muyu only wanted to live a good life with her parents. But there's always trouble.
Witchcraft: pear blossom
The dispute between the three realms of immortals and witchcraft, the evil desire in the world. Shen Qingqing accidentally crossed over and got involved. It was already strange enough to be in love with a sheep, but she didn' t expect that it would still be entangled in her past life and this life. In fact, she only wanted to cultivate with her master and live a peaceful and peaceful life. Why did these people, these things, not let her go? What is destiny driving? Against the current, wearing a sharp edge. One death and two rest, no need to see each other again.
Step by step: the prince indulges
The sedan chair was robbed, and a shameless prince was dignified. "Do you believe that I want you now?" Yun ruoqing somehow traveled through time and married a prince who wanted her to die every day. Facing a vicious lady and mother-in-law, she was like walking on thin ice. Later, a prince with a sad face looked at this heartless princess. "Madam, can you give me another chance? I was wrong."
Male lead nurturing
It wasn' t enough to enter a male lead's immortal cultivation essay, but to be dressed as the female protagonist was still one of the two female masters! Luo Yingchuan looked at his small frame without any pressure. After all, everything was variable. So, she accidentally pulled the relationship between the male and female lead onto the wrong path for everyone to be good friends ...
Princess rebirth: it's hard to train your wife if she doesn't obey
In her previous life, she was taken in by the boss of the mafia, and was forced to marry, so she couldn' t kill herself without marrying him. In a fit of anger, she jumped into the river and killed herself. She didn' t want to wake up and come to ancient times. No response through ancient times! It happened that the imperial family was imprisoned! Own wandering jianghu and yi 'er!
A gift from heaven
Purple spirit was a combination of foxes and humans. She and her mother had always been chased by taoist devotees. In order to protect her, her mother used the last drop of blood to make her travel through a different time and space, and make her face a red mark, become ugly. Her peerless face could only be restored by a drop of tears from the person she loved, and she could become a real person after she had met him. In the country called qinglin, she met the beautiful emperor mu qingyang and the seemingly silly prince mu qingyi, and met the hero jing tang and some people of all kinds. She was looking for the tears she might have given herself, missing them, hurting them, and smiling happily. Mu ran looked back and realized that everything in life was an inexplicable fate. She was a modern demon fox, sent to ancient times by her mother. And he was the terrifying black hell. She only wanted to find the man who was willing to give her a tear so that she could return to modern times. As for him, from the start,
Imperial physician of genius: seventh miss of the black belly
Charming, the 21st century gold medal killer, but encountered the lover and bestie" double betrayal," heart died after jumping off the cliff. Once she crossed over, she became the seventh young miss of feng Ningguo's trash yun residence, yun qingwu, and her heart had already been sealed in her previous life because she had been injured once. The genius prince of feng Ningguo, bei lingye han, was chasing after her when he saw her. He doted on her so much that he couldn' t do anything to please her, but under the circumstances of bickering with him and doting on her, her heart gradually loosened and gradually sank ... Could she and him finally achieve the results? Please look forward to it!
Special forces king
Special forces king li moran traveled through a different world, one step at a time using his own strength to cultivate into an immortal and want to return to the modern city. Can he succeed? Let's wait and see if the king of war can write a sensational legend! What power! What status! A cold fairy! Warm and open little lolita! The domineering and charming female general! All kinds of beautiful women! It's all here! As long as people are in the immortal path!
Rebirth to lord black belly
The young girl of the 21st century was inexplicably reborn to a dynasty that had not been recorded in history, and she also accidentally got entangled with the emperor's son! So trouble followed. Prince shang? ! Please stay away from me! This was a country where men were respected, and it wasn' t a country where they had to take responsibility for their relationship! Your highness? ! Thank you for your love, I can't stand it! The thirteenth prince? ! Are geniuses and idiots really different? ! Your highness? ! Holy shit! Who can tell me where that little hostile look of yours came from? ! Damn it! Are you kidding me? ! I came here to see handsome, earn a small amount of money, it is best to sit on the beauty of the three thousand men, a careless gold brick hit people! In the end, why did the ancient roaming become a horrible palace fight? ! Little girl can't play! Cao qingqing classic quotations. "She is the moon in the clouds, and I am the grass on the earth. Because the moon is hidden in the clouds, you can
Consort shang shiqi: the arrogant prince is so difficult to deal with
In her previous life, ling moran was the ceo of a certain group and accidentally came to the Daye dynasty to save a cool little boy, but she was missed by him ever since. Ling mo ran: I only like to earn money to open a shop. The king. "All my money is yours." Ling mo ran. "Really? Give me all your money? A certain king smiled darkly. "I' ll give it all to you, even those who know how to earn money." Ling mo ran. "I only want money and no one else, okay?" A certain king said firmly. "No way!" Ling mo ran: then can I go out of the wall? A certain king had a cold expression on his face.
The moon of rebirth
He was always dressed in white, a peerless genius with five spirits and two cultivations. Such a perfect man is almost the dream lover of all young girls. However, no one knew that he was Leng Qingyue. He was the emissary of the ancient god pangu, Tian Long. A thousand years ago fell in love with the true phoenix, in order to pursue the true phoenix, the lower world reincarnation, but this reincarnation of the true phoenix will still know Tian Long? He was the son of the beiming family who had the ability to predict. Every time he did his divination, his body would be slightly weaker. He was destined to live less than twenty years old, and that cold Qingyue was a light in his life. After the reincarnation of the true phoenix, the three realms were in chaos.
Spy wife: evil spirit fighter
Humiliating my incompetence? Poison your body, cripple your spirit root, more ruthless than who! Calling me a heretic? I will use poison to save ten million, rumors all get lost! Spreading my bloodlust? Skin and bone for my joy, laparotomy gouging out the heart I love most! I am the poison woman that everyone is afraid to avoid! Those grudges, you have to pay them back! Kill me if you want! Dark swamp, desert of death, mountain of the dead, poison weapon in hand, everything is unstoppable! Poison pet, poison powder, pill refining! People see people afraid, ghost ghost ghost worry! Who will fight against the heaven to control the poison?! When the queen of poison-control met the armament refining fiend, who could conquer who first? When the ghost spirit meets the little white melon, strong and strong together, she and he together rob all directions!
Glory of the hero system the first king
A tianmei employee with the hero alliance system unexpectedly came to the glory world of the king. Through the great qin emperor wins politics, he will change what, and what kind of love and hate intersection. Would it be a different scene?
The throne of sin
If you see death, the universe, wandering in struggle, howling in despair, if you have a superpower, you have a fatal flaw; if you have only a limited amount of time left in your life, where to go, where to go! My name is luo fanchen, falling from the sky, what is the throne?
A dream from the past: a lifetime of beauty and a lifetime of tribulations!
In the flood and desolation era, heaven and earth were gloomy, and the blood of the devil was born, and the beauty of the world was lost only for the memory of the devil's well. The witchcraft mad mantra creates the eternal hatred of life and death, all the ages love all the world grief qi condenses the soul to scatter the shadow of love! Beautiful face pearl tears. "Devil, the mountain is boundless and the heaven and earth are united. I swear that I will not be cut off from you!" The prodigies who rewrite the human race ...
Full weapons interpretation
At the peak of the spring and autumn period of the qin dynasty, the mo family, the military family, the sword dao, and so on were in contention. After that, the sword god lin qingyi broke through the enemy with one sword and twelve thousand two. The sword dao was the first to win the battle. The mo family retreated, and the military family was scattered into a lot of weapons schools, not the glory of the past. Since then, qin people like sword, long sword fame spread far and wide. "All the heroes in the world are out of my sword gate," a sentence more let all the young people of the empire sword practice, looking forward to one day success, famous qin. The story of this book, from the young zhao ce heart to learn sword.
Peerless and sharp-tongued: the black-bellied empress!
After all the tricks and tricks, her lover ascended to the emperor, and she sacrificed herself to become a demon for him, but in exchange for the end of the execution platform, her body and soul were destroyed! After her rebirth, she climbed to the top of everyone one step at a time, only to one day destroy that person's throne and destroy that person's mountain and river! Blood sea deep enmity, the next world persistent, thought that his life no longer believe in love and love, but do not want to some evildoer not believe evil:" if you want to defy the sky, I will break the sky, you want to be a buddha, I will kill buddha, this boundless cloud and desolation, huangquan below-where you want to go, I will accompany you, why not?" The woman thought for a long time. "Really?" "Of course." "Then I' ll sleep with a man, and you' ll go too?" "En ... Then I' ll just try my best to be the one sleeping."
The false face of the tao men
A strange and strange incident happened one after another. There were dead people everywhere. Were they psychopaths? Or was it just a coincidence? Just as the white left to experience fear again and again when a person's appearance overturned his current life? Search, explore! Time after time, was it a mystery or an unacceptable truth that awaited them ...
Runaway princess
She came from the 21st century and became the grand tutor's daughter. As soon as she arrived in this strange world, she was pushed into the abyss as a political chip - marrying a prince she had never met before. As a modern man, this parental arranged political marriage is extremely opposed. So she ran away! However, what she did not expect was that the prince had also escaped ... That wasn' t the point, but the point was that the two of them had actually gotten together in the process of escaping from the marriage. However, the next development of the story was not that the princess met the prince and lived happily together. Instead, she was disdained by the prince, and even one of the guards under the prince also spoke coldly to her ... Not to mention, during the process of forced wandering, they had gone through many hardships together. It was not easy to be together, but she had returned to modern times ... The princess did not run away from his marriage, but how could she find his man?
The medical lady was frivolous: your highness, please take responsibility after flirting with her.
In front of people, she was a weak crown youth, a glib tongue to argue with the group of young people After her, she was a stunning concubine with a face full of charm. She, gorgeous, he, take care of wing When the dust settled, she held him and said with a smile, Your highness, after flirting with my family, you have to take responsibility ~
Pillow talk
When I'm king, may you live forever? If Shi Tongchen had seen this, he would have spit at the one who said it! Her husband was only able to ascend to the 95 th level because of her. Only the cold blade that pierced her chest. Now that Shi Tongchen was reborn, she swore that she would kill all the heartless dogs in the world with her sword!
Wan yan shu
One night for hundreds of millions of years, more than the world died of white head; one time in the air: the king of Yunnan wu sangui with a half-life of secrecy, raised the flag of the qing and ming restoration. Eight years later, kangxi emperor in one fell swoop to quell the rebellion, blood wash kunming city. The power of the king of Yunnan has since been eradicated. Although the day of life is still alive, another time in the air: yunnan university graduate student wan xiaoyi, due to an accident, was thrown in the" thin horse" girl golden biography of the body, become the most close to the political struggle in the palace of pingxi woman. The two people who were deeply in love with each other were pinned by fate in a painful history: it was ten years since Kangxi, less than two years after the king of Yunnan raised San Francisco soldiers. The chaos was about to begin, and the love and fear of an era and a region were destined to disappear in the written ending ... The era that could not escape, the futur
Xiao ling's wife: honey, don't worry
Their wedding caused a stir in the city, but it also caused a storm in the city ... A few years later. "Mommy, someone is saying bad things about you on the internet again." Meng bao held the tablet and lowered his head to refresh it. He frowned slightly. "If they want to talk, just say it. If mommy wants them to shut up, it's only a matter of minutes." A certain woman didn' t care at all. "Then why didn' t mommy come forward?" Mengmeng pouted. "Little darling, do you want to see mommy come forward?" A certain woman's lips curled into a faint smile. "Yes! My mommy's not what they say! Hmph!" Meng bao snorted in displeasure. If mommy didn't make a move, he would have made a move. "Good. Mommy will shut them all up tomorrow." A certain woman said domineeringly. "How can I be absent?" Unwilling to be forgotten, a certain man interrupted.
Poison free concubine: evildoer Uncle huang gently hurts
One was the crown princess who was carried into a bridal sedan chair by dizziness and sent to the imperial palace to express her joy to the young emperor. As a medical examiner, she was framed by her cousin and wanted to destroy her innocence. She was sixteen years old and had a thirty-year-old heart in her body. She had already passed her emotional age; she had become an abandoned concubine in the cold palace. So she regained her wealth, her medical skills, and her case was unrivalled. She regained her freedom and tried to approach him. She had thought that she had paid enough and her two hearts were close enough to each other.