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The reborn spy princess
After the mission failed, bai xinruan woke up again and lay on the bed with four men in front of her. Her eyes circled around the four men and she killed them cleanly! Time travel, it doesn't matter, as long as you're alive. It didn' t matter if it was a conspiracy. It didn' t matter if she abandoned him or not. It didn' t matter whether she was spoiled or not. The magnificent wind from oblivion thought that one day he would fall into someone else's trap. He glared angrily at bai xinruan. The playfulness in her eyes pierced his nerves deeply. He said, woman, you'd better behave yourself! Otherwise ... Bai xinruan smiled innocently. Wind from oblivion speechless, this woman is so shameless.
Imperial palace: imperial palace
He restored her face and gave her a new life. She used her life to make a deal with him. In the palace, she met the man who cherished her and protected her. Lowly as a slave, her hands actually controlled the lives and deaths of many people in the palace honor and disgrace. It looked like a beautiful landscape, but in reality, waves were surging in the dark. Since this life was not destined to be mediocre, then she would wrap herself up in rong hua and feng lin would come to the world ...
Barren sword song
"I remember two years ago in Nanji, when that woman died, she told me not to go to Imperial capital. Imperial capital is a place where people don' t spit out their bones." "I still remember when I was in Shuo fang a year ago, an old senior told me that sword alone could not save the world." Young people stand under the majestic walls of Yunxiang, Imperial capital, looking up at the sky. "But you' re still here." "I have to come. For every Yunzhong sword, this is the supreme battlefield." Ranger, assassin, Jinyiwei, charlatan. During the qingli period, the Castration was in chaos. Jianghu ranger group" Barren" draw sword in the face of danger, to save the world with one's own efforts. Barren's elite, known as the" sword of Yunzhong."
The woman is a vixen
The female lead is to serve the female lead. Why?! Zi Huan flipped the table. After accepting the flower demon's entrustment, he wanted to save the little fox of his beloved and enter the 3000 world to find a soul reincarnation. Senior gao leng? Okay. First love? Okay. The evil emperor? Okay. ... As long as it was him, Zi Huan would not let it go.
All the way to immortality: get a monster to make a cauldron
Her soul had been suppressed and almost disappeared. Her banished immortal fiancé forced her to annul her marriage and she would fight in sword immortal continent five years later. Her mother was also killed by the attack of the black beast because she was looking for pills for her. Her father intended to support her second aunt, raccoon, as his wife's mother. The other sisters in the residence framed the female protagonist everywhere and took away her cultivation resources. The female protagonist inexplicably had a space and regained her profound qi. The female protagonist used these pills to earn Lingshi and escape from the family. She was actually a top-grade cauldron that was rare to meet for a thousand years. When combined with her, she was able to increase her spirit power. Because of her status as a top-grade cauldron, she was coveted and hunted down by all sorts of people.
The wife abandoned the concubine
In exchange for a lifetime of infatuation, her family had perished. She no longer believed in the man's oath when she was reborn, but she met him at that time. "I' ll write the article on planning, and you' ll marry me as your husband in the future. I rule the world, you add fragrance to my body, you cook tea on the zither." As he spoke to her with deep affection, a pair of bewitching eyes shone brightly. She could clearly see that those eyes that seemed to be able to absorb a person's soul quietly reflected her flustered look ...
Mo Emperor's pet: princess of heaven defying waste
She was the top assassin who could kill people in the 21st century! It was the trash and infatuated third miss that the people of the purple moon despised! He was the master of Blood netherworld, peerlessly handsome, gifted, cold and overbearing, not close to women! The world had insulted her as a trash bag, and he was the only one who knew her well. He treated her like a rare treasure and would never give up on her! She also vowed to take his hand and experience the world! Let's see how they step by step to the peak of the world, proud of the world! A certain woman looked behind her with a black line on her head and chased after her. Are you sure this is the master of Blood netherworld, will not be replaced! What happened to being cold and heartless? What happened to not getting close to women?
Xifeng lie
World view: the real history of the warring states is based on the sky. West qin, with, wei, xue, liang, xu, you shan seven countries known as the seven warring states. The seven warring states were in chaos, but the western qin dynasty was the most powerful. In order to restore the glory of the qin empire, the western qin dynasty continued to expand eastward, and the other six countries repeatedly failed. Under the pressure of destruction, they all changed the law and power, playing tricks. But Xue Guo, one of the seven warring states, became the weakest country because of a defeat more than a decade ago. Works style: hot blood, rigorous textual research, serious with a bit of humor. Main content: tells a Mo family ranger how to stick to his faith in the changes in the war, with the world as his own duty. In order to realize his dream, and also to wash away his father's shame, he entered the weakest Xue Guo, joined the Xue Guo army, and continued to struggle, and eventually will worship the minister, to help