3 Books
Young master gong doted on her: she couldn' t escape.
She was arrogant for a moment, but it was hard for her to chase after her wife. After lu xing was injured, he chose to go abroad and return to china again. Long sen was already by lu xing's side. Hearing this news, gong Hailin could no longer be arrogant. "What? I can' t take my woman back. I have to take it back." She was cornered. "Mr. Gong, please take care of yourself. I' m your brother's girlfriend."
The emperor's heart is unpredictable: the harem is in chaos
In ganxuan years, xiran dynasty was destroyed overnight. Three years after the draft was launched, the emperor, mo qing yuan, was slightly convinced that he had first met the female lead, su qing luo.
Shen gong: the first wife is huang
She was a naive girl, but she was pushed back into the abyss step by step. She swore that she would never be bullied like before!