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North yan di song
Hero: Lin Luo, motivated to become the world's number one teenager. He had a complicated background, the prince of North yan. Character: loyal, decisive, good at planning and then move. Character defect: being soft on friends. Appearance: two slightly heroic eyebrows, thin and thin body, slightly pale and thin face, bright eyes. Story: prince Lin Luo of North yan, step by step to the peak. Features: hegemony and intrigue, love and protection. Conception: the background of the dynasty's struggle for hegemony, the twists and turns of life as a clue.
Adorable Goddess
This girl has eaten every single move of her life. First, she has spoiled your stomach, then she has teased your mouth. Whether you are the evil seductive wolf king or the difficult mother-in-law, it is all settled. As for those idle sisters-in-law who have a sore egg, they should continue to envy, envy, and hate! My aunt did not serve. My lovely wife's private room.
Trick: step by step to win
Zhang qingyang just want to do a foot treatment, but service younger sister but begged him to add service. Solid, wholehearted for the people, this is his official intentions, but often reality is always contrary to expectations, money, women, power every moment in the temptation, corrosion him. The so-called people in the jianghu, he went to the highest peak of the career, this road must be difficult and dangerous, but he is still duty-bound.
Biography of the prisoner
She was a princess who had been wandering among the commoners. On the night of the wedding, she was surprised to find that her long-lost lover had turned into the crown prince of the enemy country.
The phoenix spirit of rebirth
Come back from the dead, this is my life I will not repeat the same mistakes.
Fenghua recording
It is an age of no discrimination against gender, in which the scene of a passionate, loving, awe-inspiring young man colliding with the world is intense. Everyone born in this era is as hot as fire. They're the best. They are brave and daring. Dare to use a lifetime to love a person, can also spend a lifetime to hate a person. They do things aboveboard, and their blood is flowing with pride.
A mirror and textbook on the road to women. A small section chief, an occasional opportunity to seize him, just in time to participate in and involved in the city party secretary, mayor, deputy mayor of the fight. Because of this, he was promoted repeatedly in his career. How would a woman who had a smooth career change after she was promoted to the mayor? Marriage is not satisfactory, career resistance, multi-party pressure, for that step wrong, can not be enough to turn back? After the small section chief was promoted, he was both a pawn and an emotional entanglement with the mayor. What choice would they make ...
During the northern song dynasty, the rich and weak people, Central plains Wulin prosperous development. A few decades ago, Longevity old man received the book" taixuan scriptures notes" of the former dynasty, and received several disciples. Central plains Wulin road prosperity, undercurrent surging, the former Taixuanjiao resurrected, the Maitreya Religion of this dynasty is eager to move, Xixia and liaoning spies also in the dark move. Xu Fangxu and Sun Xiangjing went to the hospital together, and they were involved in a lot of difficult things when they traveled all over the country.
The sixteen mounts of yan yun
Huangtu hegemony talk and laugh, life a drunk. Carry a gun across the ghost rain, white bones such as a mountain bird flying.
Good son-in-law of song dynasty
Lin Xiaoran inexplicably traversed to the song dynasty, a ignorant and incompetent, idle young master of the body, from this adventure to continue to love. Beautiful maidservants, princesses, and even cold and glamorous killers came one after another. Since he had come, he would be at peace. The continuous bad luck in the song dynasty caused him to be in a flurry, but there seemed to be some dark tide behind the quiet surface. Look at how young master I will fight back, water comes to earth to hide, is still a double income of wealth and color.
At the end of the tang dynasty
Introduce: a science male traverses to the end of tang dynasty, at first he only wants to sit to hold the beautiful concubine of beautiful wife, live freely in this times of great heroes, what vassal town secession basis, qidan iron horse has nothing to do with him, anyway how to toss history has its own law. In times of turmoil, he had experienced a series of twists and turns of adventure ... Facing the world of the weak and the strong, thrilling conspiracy, can he turn the tide on both sides?
Walking lotus
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The dynasty's pursuit of the central plains
"I thought it was right, and it was right to find that it was necessary for others to admit it; I thought that power could decide everything, and finally found that power needed to be recognized by others. Xiaoying, I have nothing today. I miss you, I miss home! Qin mu sat slumped in the empty hall, leaning against the pillar that was pressing against him.
Back to tang
Time: three years of chastity - the first four years of chastity Fang Yan was a physics teacher in the modern world. After the plane accident, he became the son of a farmer in a small village. His age changed from thirty to fifteen. The difficult living environment and childish age made Fang Yan panic, but he quickly adapted to his new body and life. During the early years of his chastity, the drought locusts were inoculated, and he lived in misery. This was the age of emperor Li Shimin, when Fang Yan met Cheng Chumo in the farmhouse because of his horseshoe experience. Cheng Chumo told Daddy Cheng Yaojin about the horseshoe that improved the horses' walking ability, and Cheng Yaojin gave it to Li Shimin lee Second, li gave Fang Yan the first bucket of gold in this era, at first Fang Yan had no ambitious goals, only he and Daddy fangji can eat. Fang Yan used some modern physics techniques to create something new in the ancients, for money to live, in the process, he met Wang Zhuang's grandmother, and Wang Zhu
Wen qingce
If I hadn't met you, I wouldn't have thought that there was a cause and effect.
King of the western chu dynasty
Qin destroyed the eastern zhou dynasty, the five allied forces to seek qin defeat, during this period of five dragon struggle to rule, with the goal of transcending destiny for struggle, the grandson of king song kang wu mind the desire to restore the country, xiang yu was bent on revenge on qin, xiexi xiongnu chaos central plains, who can succeed beyond the five dragon qin predetermined fate?
Glory world's pet: his highness, don' t be impudent!
Suddenly, a strange man appeared, rolling around in search of the contract, and all sorts of strange things rushed to appear, disturbing the small days of the celestial butterfly was still quiet. Strange handsome boss can talk white fox and always want to drink their own blood black eagle. "Don' t follow me. Also, don' t call me madam anymore!" The two of them stood still and looked at each other before speaking respectfully to the eunuch butterfly. "Yes, madam."
Rakish Prince's Courtship
She, the gold medal killer of the 21st century, was dressed as the most useless fourth miss of the su family. He, the royal highness of the imperial jin dynasty, was cold, evil, powerful and domineering, with outstanding talent. Everyone knew that she was a piece of trash who would bully and humiliate her at will, but he was the only one who knew how to pester her and never let her go. Let's see how strong they are and how strong they are.
Eldest Sister, Why Haven’t You Married Yet
Once he crossed into the fire pit, Yue Youjin, the eldest daughter of his second wife, had a bunch of younger sisters under her head. Her strong soul had no strong physique, so she could only endure until she was twelve years old. A scumbag father who couldn't bear a son and cheated on his wife, who brought his third son home, a grandmother who valued men more than women, who didn't treat her granddaughter as a person, and a cousin who wanted to climb the ladder and despise the country people, who took out all the money to bribe the examiner... Fortunately, he finally found a chance to escape the family of the Yue family. Yue Youjin had to bear the heavy burden of supporting a family of ten. He had to think of ways to earn money and finally raised his sisters. He thought he could retire honorably. What? You guys are starting to rush the wedding? The sisters: "Elder sister Zhang, you and your brother-in-law have not known each other for so many years, so we have to pay our respects. Why don't we choose a day
Pillow jiangshan
Golden steed for me to play the legendary song shang, beauty groups for me to grind ink add fragrance. Like the pillow qingshi enjoy thousands of miles of jiangshan, like wine sword accompanied by lying on the sand laugh ao. The gas swallows the mountain river to block thousands of troops alone magnificent hun, the chivalrous bone core writes the wanli river vastness. Hanging a pot to help the world, a qi wave to the world of the devil, a man angry, a sword fu nine thousand miles vicissitudes of life!
Yunmeng the great
On the mainland of Yunmeng, an nation. This was a country with spiritual qi, and the rule of survival was always to respect the strong. An nation was full of spiritual energy, and many martial arts talents and wizards were born. These people are successful in their studies and serve the country. This was like a virtuous circle. In the long run, the entire country of an was strong and powerful, and it was famous throughout the entire Yunmeng continent. After more than a thousand years of the rise of an nation, the royal family was in decline. Rebellion, like fire. The huge land of an nation was divided into several pieces by the various princes. Years of war, bones into mountains, blood into rivers. In the smoke, the once rich land of ann was a mess. After the war began to calm down, feng, mo, yan, chen, jin, yan, and the seven kingdoms stood side by side.
Restart daming
He didn' t want the chinese civilization to be trampled under the iron hooves of the foreigners. He didn't want the chinese civilization to end He didn' t want the chinese people to suffer a hundred years of humiliation. He wanted to resist the alien race, resist the invasion, let the chinese civilization continue, let the chinese nation rise again in the east of the world The second is pure first novel writing, hope to get everyone's support and encouragement. Let the waiter collect all the tickets!
Changan vindication
August 15, Changan full moon, the moon black wind high, killing invisible! Changan was shocked to find that" iron face killer" committed the crime, the head of the Luoyang mansion heard that song was ordered to the capital to investigate, but was accidentally involved in a strange case in the jianghu river and lakes, the mysterious case, the symbol of jiangshan orthodox" pass on the country's jade seal" hidden shadow, many jianghu forces gathered in Changan, as the first arrest of the tang dynasty, wen ge how to stir the clouds to see the fog, Catch the shadow behind it ...
The world of the game
Nine feet of knife, holding a hundred thousand people, not the meritorious service. Who can not forget the first heart, not to lose the first love, not to spy on the divine weapon? It is difficult to be a powerful official. Step back, you don't have a clue. Husband difficult: wife, low eyebrows hidden plot. Concubine, string songs are easy to break. A brother with a different surname is difficult to control. Brothers of the same race, fighting for their children. And see how he grew from a giggly boy to a ruthless generation of heroes.
The empress of glory world
The empress series 1: the empress of the hua dynasty, opening thousands of years of territory, setting a thousand years of peace; linshi female glass, the fate of heaven, take the road of the emperor; the return of human emperors, is the world, or the future? To see all human love, to see through the court struggle; she said: I only want, this heart is stable.
No evolution
Ps: the last time I was suspected of plagiarism, after several twists and turns, I have proved to customer service that I am the original author. Shen Pingan sheng was the only grandson of a prince with a different surname in the Liu Chu dynasty, but he lived very hard because of Emperor's suspicion. He could not even associate with his grandfather's descendants, so he was tired of fighting for power and wanted to leave with his family. Neither god, nor immortal, nor human, no one can live outside the realm of affairs. Seeing countless Shen Pingan who had no ambition to live or die, he also became a hedonistic Master an who grew up to be a respected Mr. An. In this world, there was a scholar who was studying for the people of the world, a monk who was chanting for the people of the world, and also a Master an who was practicing for the people of the world. Features: after the war of god's execution, the powerful divine race had also become a slave for others to drive. Idea: no one has a lot of positive energy
Lovable Beauty
At first sight, he was cold and mysterious. The imperial city was cold and quiet, and all he wanted was the emperor. In her prime of life, she secretly wished to marry a lover. When they met again, she was deeply in love. He hid his identity, schemed his way out, took advantage of his power and power. Just to make her...
In troubled times
The turtledove is on the river continent. The name of guan ju already implied that gao qiao should belong to this life. In her life, she was lucky to meet him. And him? She slowly fell ..." Guanju, marry me." That's his answer.
Sui and tang xiaoshusheng
He had just graduated and found a job as a librarian, but he didn' t want to have an accident on the third day.when he woke up, he found that he had traveled through it.when he came to the end of the sui dynasty, the key was that the entire library also lived in his mind along with him.
The demon princess attacked: the demon king didn' t spoil her enough
In ancient legends, the phoenix's daughter was born once in 500 years and was reborn once in 15 years. When her ability was awakened again, she would be the ruler of the three realms. Many underworld demon worlds would take advantage of this time to find nirvana's phoenix girl to kill it and obtain the spirit of the phoenix girl, and their power would increase greatly.