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Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
“Even if this universe is truly nothing more than a brutal, bloody, shadowy forest, we Cultivators will burn all that we have just to give off a single weak flickering spark in the darkness! “No matter how weak each spark is, how short-lived, how small… As long as the sparks flow unabated, then one day one of those sparks will light some tinder, and that tinder shall light some fallen branches, and those branches shall set ablaze each and every last tree of the forest! “In the end, even the smallest sparks will eventually set the shadowy forest ablaze and illuminate the whole world!”
My weird dead girlfriend
Lin ge was so handsome that she had no friends. She insisted on being lin ge's girlfriend. Well, just do it. Who's afraid of who? Just don't bite, or get rid of your ... Clothes, and then" get rid of" you! Thus, a thrilling and exciting, beautiful and stunning journey began.
You and I were obsessed
Both he and she felt that they had an unhappy but warm childhood. So when they think of it, they can't help but smile. He wanted very much to go up to her and ask her," qing yan, we never have time to regret our own mistakes." However, he would always think that a girl would always have a happy fantasy for the first time! Marriage or love, both!
There is a white-faced scholar Wang Yi, his parents from a young age and friends of the daughter of zhang shi married as a child, but later, his parents died unfortunately, the family was poor, poor. However, his father-in-law was straightforward and still admitted to their marriage. He also valued Wang Yi's literary talent and deliberately cultivated it, hoping that he would one day be successful. However, his daughter, zhang shi, hated poverty and wealth and had always looked down on him. After they got married, they were not very presumptuous because they were afraid of their father's rebuke. Unfortunately, not long after, her father-in-law died.
The mantra of tomb raider notes
The young coquettish young man who just graduated from college with a note left by grandpa, to years of incantation forward. What he didn' t expect was that the spell from a long time ago was not as simple as he had imagined.
I'm going to catch a ghost with a beautiful woman
The domicile, the alias, is actually called the domicile. Hell, the world after death. And the netherworld is the place to deal with the soul and the dead. I hurt my eyes by mistake and asked the witch doctor leng ling to treat me. At the same time, I worked in her underworld. From then on, I experienced all kinds of strange things that I had never expected before.
All those years I was a undertaker
From the moment I remember, I followed my adoptive father to the funeral of the dead. In this line of work, there would always be something dirty behind me. As long as I didn't do anything wrong,' it' wouldn't hurt anyone. That day when my wallet was stolen, I took a steel wheel from the dead man's mouth and took the bus home. That night, the car went over the cliff. More than thirty people died in a carriage; when I got home, I found my adoptive father lying in a coffin next to the weeping, quietly lying in the coffin ... Is myself.
The night is not surprising the corpse is endless
Three college students, fall into love triangle can not extricate themselves, a chance they learned a legend, as long as go to the fragrant corpse valley, rumors that it is a harvest of love in the world. Unexpectedly, all of this was just the beginning of the nightmare. The people who lived in an old house started to have supernatural events one after another. The half-cut human body, the crying of a baby at the bottom of the bed in the middle of the night, could take pictures of a woman's corpse in two dimensions. A girl with a mischievous eye, a long-haired human face hanging upside down outside the window, and a conversation from hell appeared on wechat. Behind all the truth, however, there was a strange and terrible strange tan. Dead people, too, will live. The night is not surprising the corpse is endless, the sky is dark please close your eyes.
I hooked up with a ghost husband
I'm a psychic Female anchor, but I didn't think that one day, I caught a ghost husband back . Every night 7: 00 on time update!
Ghost in the awkward way
"Lin ~ gong ~" her hands were as soft as catkins, her skin was as fat as jelly, and her teeth were like a hu rhinoceros. From such an intuitive first view, no matter how she looked at it, she was a beautiful woman who could topple the country. Who would have thought that he would be a perverted woman in a fancy leather bag? What? This female lead refused to leave and insisted on cohabiting with Lin Qing? Lin Qing only wanted to say one word to him. "Get lost!"
Take the system to catch ghosts
Zhou Yang got a strange system by mistake. There were not only various magical pill spells, but also many missions related to ghosts. The only way to improve his ability was to complete the task and obtain the ghost currency and buy props in the system. Could Zhou Yang, who had such a strange system, become a god-like player or a mission that accidentally turned into a soul of grievance? Readers, please look down ...
I have a snake girl
The other side of the world hides the most vicious ghosts, the most exotic ghosts, the most greedy ghosts, the most lecherous ghosts. A bloody walking corpse instantly distorts your outlook.
Tang hu
Zhou hong, a young man in the city, now traveled to the tang dynasty. In this life, he was no longer a person, but a female fox in the early stage of cultivation. The tang dynasty is not all the prosperous tang dynasty in the history books. The devil and the devil and the devil are all kinds of different kinds.
Blood sucking fox servant
Where there is no room for human beings, the king of vampires has married a human queen. Soon the queen was killed, but the queen's son, xu, was not dead. Xu could never forget his hatred. On the way to revenge, he met the unknown blood servant, fox ...
Maiden of the netherworld marriage: I am afraid of the dark
My name is Bai Sang, I am a ghost slave, I answer is, ghost ... Every full moon night, I will molest a man named Youming!
Don't sleep in my bed
In order to earn extra money, I found a part-time job as a hotel test sleeper. I never thought that because I took a strange test list, I fell into a horrible and strange strange thing after that. The body gradually expands the corpse spot, the tangle asks the song person, the head that installs in the jar, the midnight taxi driver that wears paper clothes ... In order to live, I have to go out one sinister and horrible death zone. [ Update mode: it's scheduled to be updated every morning at three o' clock! ! Check it out! Welcome to the new book club: 4915 70656
A mountain doctor is a fortune teller
He was talking about an orphan who was studying taoism. After he died unexpectedly, his soul went to Ying chau, and he returned to the real world after learning the orthodox heavenly book spell from the immortal in Ying chau. After he woke up, he had the ability to subdue demons and eliminate ghosts, from immature to mature, and when he realized that his ability was not recognized by modern times, how should he choose? The more he walked back, the more he finally understood that it was not a ghost but a human heart that was scary.
My campus belle ghost
That time, I followed fatty, because the big adventure lost and secretly came to the bottom of the girls dormitory building, but inadvertently found a girl just jumped down the body ~
Criminal record
"I gently picked up the knife in my hand, like a skilled hunter. The tip of the knife was raised sideways and gently stabbed into the bottom of her throat, then carefully cut it off." "I have to be careful because I want to ensure that my skin is intact. Maybe she will be the new decoration of my house, or she will be the footrest beside my bed." Wang Yongchang, who was wearing a police uniform, lowered his head to look at the statement in his hand. After reading it carefully, his expression became even more unsightly. "This is outrageous!" He roared in his heart.
Death card.
A business card was picked up, but after picking it up, strange things kept happening. Four eyes of the baby, lying on the shoulder of the ghost hand, porcelain jar on the skull ... Business card on the message, led me into a more suspenseful world.
Death sutra
At the company gathering, a tall girl rubbed her legs against me. After exchanging wechat messages, I sent her to the hotel ... Not long after, I felt unwell and came to find a girl to argue with, but at the hotel, I saw her with another man ...
Big body let go
I was a sparring partner, and a crisis forced me into a special department. Only then did I realize that there were really supernatural events in the world. All right, I'm going to have to spend the rest of my life ...
The ghost way
It's half night and half a ghost! Can you make sure you meet people in the dark, whether it's trees, grasslands, mountains, gardens, alleys, streets, cities or villages?
The last mausoleum keeper
For thousands of years, the protector of the mausoleum, the magical bloodline, the magical witchcraft, the organs and poisons in the catacombs, or the people's hearts? Living for a thousand years of people who do not die, eternal life, in the end is happiness? Or pain? Only those who have experienced it can truly feel it.
A secret marriage
Do you really believe that there are ghosts hitting walls in this world? Believe it or not, I believe it. Because now, I am going through a blind road a man and a woman are doing something inappropriate for children, the woman riding on the man and I have the same face! When I woke up, I found myself with a lot of ambiguous hickeys on my neck ...
Dead beauty
The miao people ancient village in the mountains, the witchcraft imps of southeast asia, the firewood knife of seedlings, the voodoo of mature seedlings ...
Scary city
I've never believed in ghosts before, and I think they're just stories made up of nothing. It wasn' t until I went to college that all these so-called news appeared in front of me one after another ...
The dream of death
All the women involved with me would dream of a blood-red nightmare flower in their dreams. Was it the haunting of evil spirits, or was it the haunting of evil spirits? . . . . Nightmare flower language, eternal missing, endless grief, desperate love. Meng po a bowl of soup difficult to swallow, forget the river side hard.
Ghost theory
In order to harmonize this article, except for special people, other masters use aliases. On september 15, 1986, I was born in a remote village in Sichuan. When she grew up, she heard about the series of experiences her mother had experienced when she was born. She didn' t understand it at that time, but now she had experienced it. That was more than a month before I was born.
Women's school fantasy song
Four years ago, a spirit calling game swept through the campus, but for a university attracted a strange scene of events; four years later, several new students involved in it, a ghost building adventure, a mysterious letter, where exactly did they lead to? And they finally can solve the fog, find the final truth?