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Ghost store
What's the experience of opening a grocery store for ghosts? I-- Li Xiangyang, that's what I do.
Tomb mystery
The Thirteen in the door of the tomb theft, after decades of joint tomb theft, theft, in addition to the hearts of the people, there are a plot behind the ground, the old generation hidden a lifetime, what is it?
Baiwuya's funeral
Baiwuya was a young man who had no father or mother. He grew up in an orphanage until he was twenty years old and was doted on by the director of the orphanage. Ten years ago, on a night in Changqing city with the orphanage director, Baiwuya accidentally met three headless bodies and found two million dollars in cash next to the bodies before leaving Changqing city. Ten years later, the head of the orphanage went to Changqing city alone and was killed and dismembered. The protagonist Baiwuya to find out the truth for the dean revenge, alone to Changqing city, met Liu Meili, Cui Changan, Wang Rui, Qian Shen, Chang Anle, Helen and other acts of the same case truth and full investigation partner, and fell in love with the female protagonist Wang Rui. In the beginning, Baiwuya trusted all of them, but he didn't expect that this pedestrian had ulterior motives. After Baiwuya was used one after another, he learned to be calm and only trusted the female protagonist, Wang Rui. The road of truth investigation was extr
The city magistrate of rebirth
When he was trapped in parallel time and space, finding cause and effect disorderly, good and evil unrequited, zhang lingguan only picked up the pen in his hand to judge every hidden criminal in the dark, let the light reappear.
Midnight live: the ghost is too busy
I am a popular webcaster, my streaming room is called" midnight shock," in our line of work, the surface is bright and beautiful, but rotten inside, the world is the most indispensable is rich, every time I start to take off clothes, gold ingot, cars, yachts on the screen. And every time there is always a man every night when I live to pester me, he tore me madly, up and down, so that I have no dignity in front of him, constantly humiliating me with words and actions. Qq, 100 degrees, microblogging logging, please log on the next point to pursue the book, convenient next time to see. ]
Bai Xiaohai was a poor bastard, and suddenly he became the heir of the richest man's estate!
Ghost haunt.
The old man said, there are ghosts everywhere in the world. I mean, ghosts are just human fantasies, everything can be explained by science. If ghosts explained science, but not science, the world would be interesting. No comedy, no fear, some, just helpless, just sad. Ps: emotional line, life line according to their real experience change.
Raising a corpse as a wife
My name is qin yun. In order to cure my mother who was in danger, I accidentally became a yin salvaging person. That day, I dug up a dead woman's body and gave her to a rich family for a ghost marriage. Unexpectedly, she didn' t marry a dead person, but instead appeared on my bed ...
I can curse, please avoid!
I am the average person who will disappear from the crowd as soon as I stand in the crowd. At 30, I have been in three relationships, and each ending is the same. But, god may have heard my call, but he really gave me a new one Extraordinary life, but this life is too ridiculous, hidden murderous intent and conspiracy, I can curse who, who will be unlucky, this cow's divine power I really was a bit forgetful, but behind the divine power is a terrible story, timid do not enter! Let me get back to reality!
Spiritual records
What are the cases handled by the Supernatural group, the country's department of paranormal affairs? This book will tell you everything
What the hell is going on
When I was ten, my grandmother's coffin fell out of the sky. The next day, cui's second uncle, who was wearing a woman's wedding dress, was hanged on the locust tree ...
The law of despair
An ugly game, exposing the ugliness of human nature, let me into despair ...
One day a strange story
This is a collection of strange stories about love and hate, each night telling a wonderful, suspenseful story. Dear you, please follow the fingertips of the crafty woman, open this book, she will quietly take you to spy on the ups and downs of the world, accompany you to see through the human nature, see the human heart. Maybe one day, you will meet the person you love here and say gently to her (him). "Hey, so you' re here too!"
Ghost buster.
In her previous life, Song Zhichu negative lin Zhuozhuo. In reality, Lin Zhuozhuo no longer had any memories of her past life, but she met Song Zhichu, the first love who was still a ghost. For thousands of years, Song Zhichu had been looking for lin Zhuozhuo. But a female ghost was killed halfway to get revenge. Lin Zhuozhuo and taoist fate, into the taoist world, and master together to catch ghosts and exorcise evil spirits. The ghost love between Song Zhichu and Lin Zhuozhuo is destined to be a tragedy.
Yin yang stranger
North china village's dark sky is like the end of the world, for a week to cover the sky, so that the protagonist Ouyang ze live in a panic village, until seven days after the opening of North china village's secrets, Ouyang ze found that all the village is dead!
A - b - propadine
Small people have the joys and sorrows of small people, big people have adult ups and downs, power, let a person lost, love, let a person crazy
Seriously, my fucking husband
I am an ordinary cashier in the company. I do the same thing every day. Suddenly, one day, my third aunt called me and told me that my old house was going to be demolished. She asked me to go back to my hometown to deal with it. From the moment I went back, strange things kept happening. From then on, I also embarked on a strange and deadly road ...
Legend of tang women
Sleep to the tang dynasty, from now on become a exile. Yes, this is me, li zi qi! With his superb sleeping skills, he successfully traveled to the tang dynasty! So what if I start as a beggar? It's just my temporary occupation.
Ghost lover Fox fairy's wife
Little fox steals chicken, charming, one shot dead. The old fox took revenge many times and was struck by lightning. Save Fox fairy, in return, with a fairy wife. Rich and noble think new love, road encounter female ghost lover. His wife was scattered, he was in poverty, and he died miserably in the mountains. More than ten years later, his son grew up in tribulation. The sword shakes the ghost with a spear. Do the right way, accumulate merit, sword split merit mountain, mother and son get together.
Death photographer
Do you like taking pictures? I love it. But one day, I suddenly found that the photos I took were very scary ... Want to know what you look like after you die? Let me take a picture of you.
I'm live in hell
"The heavenly law is clear, the earth law spirit, the yin yang crystal, the water is invisible, the spirit water is absorbed, the law is practiced, the mirror of the yin yang and yang law, the mirror of the yin yang and yang law, the instant appearance of the true form, I take the three qing sky supremacy as an order, urgent as an order!" Handsome summer's journey of the supernatural, chasing ghosts and seducing girls in the sun, hell when the ghost king. During the period one by one breathtaking supernatural story, one by one amazing ghost experience, a beautiful young campus belle in the book have a perfect presentation!
Consort xuan: your highness is so annoying
Leng xiao xi had been in the primary school since she was able to catch ghosts and remove demons. The wounds from the slaughter door had made her seal herself up and she only wanted to avenge her master. As the most powerful sorcerer in the six realms, yan mo li was not a demon nor a ghost. Their meeting was destined to be a fate, a fate that bound them, and when leng xiao xi approached the target of revenge step by step, yan mo li's identity was revealed step by step ... Leng xiao xi: didn' t I tell you not to move? These ink bodies are coming! Yan moli: sunset, I can not control myself, my heart just see you will jump. Leng xiao xi: ... Get lost!
Death school
A senior high school graduate received a letter full of numbers. The contents of the letter were actually ...
Clothes of Dead
Because of one vintage, I was dragged into this boundless horror whirlpool...
Husband's Strong Control: Every Night was Busy on the Bed
A director was impressed by me and offer me to join the shows. That night, an evil man fucked me and chased after from then on.
The underworld catches ghosts
I was a native of the northeast, once determined by the great immortal to die, but I could not live to be nineteen years old. He had no choice but to follow the" uncle" to learn the tao method. However, she never thought that an accident at the age of eleven had made me a monster that was half human and half ghost. From then on, I set foot on the day of ghost catching in the underworld ...
Raising voodoo is a disaster
Voodoo was a kind of poisonous insect that was used to harm people.it was a kind of mysterious witchcraft, which was extremely sinister and horrible. Most of the people who raised voodoo had bad intentions. They used voodoo to have fun and even resorted to any means to achieve their goals. I have experienced one thing. It is related to voodoo and I know the horror of voodoo ...
To mess with Ming King's husband
Accidentally provoked thousands of old ghosts, after getting the jade plaque, caused a variety of strange things in life. Lan Ruoyi expressed her distress, but the other party was Ming King. She could only walk further and further along the journey of exploration and repay the two lives she owed Ming King.
Wonderful ghost fairy
Misty light, say is a dream! It still hurts to hold me! Really! Could it be a ghost? She fidgeted with the brush in her hand and felt that it was an ordinary pen no matter how she looked at it.
Fate master
I could have been just an ordinary life, living with my grandfather all my life. But the presence of a strange man changed my ordinary life. I was just going down the mountain to look for the book of ghosts, but because of a contract, I became the fiancé of a proud young lady.