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A note lock caused by a sin, the original crime is also to learn! This is a sin!
Ghost eater
Lin Zhengzheng, an impetuous and selfish genius, became the legitimate Spirit division of the Lin family, but his character also made the job extremely unbearable. As long as he had money, regardless of whether the ghost was good or bad or wrong, he would eliminate the ghost at the same time!
When I was twelve, my father sold my sister to the second-rate son in the village for two thousand yuan. And then, in a rage, I shot my father ...
I've been a teacher for 20 years
A baby who had been sentenced to death from the moment she was born. A very different childhood full of extreme horror and paranoia. Some 100 ghost legends that you have never seen in your life, the beautiful ghost that haunts the soul, the strange glass beauty, the beautiful stone demon that confuses people. And they all have a section of shocking world, the sad story of ghosts and gods. Twenty years of demon slaying is not long, but the legendary life is enough to affect a person's life. Have you ever lived like this? It comes from every detail of life that people don't care about. Perhaps this is life, no matter how fate plays us, we have to learn to face life strong, I am afraid there is no worse experience than such a wizard from birth to grow up, because he is faced with those scenes are ordinary people can not bear -!
Yang Zuowei was originally a master craftsman, working as a silversmith. Because she had learned a few skills from her grandfather in yin-yang, she occasionally received a list of supernatural events that no one else could handle. By chance, Yang Zuowei received a call from a female star. Unexpectedly, this female celebrity ...
Yellow spring death taboo
A wrong life and death, reincarnation wilderness; love white fox small, difficult to determine. My name is li luo, I was the king of hell took the heaven and earth pen to write a life and death book. Once again, reincarnation was released into the wilderness, saving the tribulation of the three realms.
The Psychic Lady
I was born in a coffin. I was doomed to live on the dead's money.
Ghost on the road
The strange resurrection of the dead, the complicated and strange criminal cases, the horrible underworld marriage, the horrific human corpse love, the horror, the horror, the suspense composed of a mixed yin and yang story, all in the" ghost on the road."
The keeper's husband is fierce
In retrospect, all she had left in this life was endless pain. In the endless darkness, he was her salvation. His silver mask, black pupils, and his aura were in a mess as he whispered into her ear. "Tell me, who do you like?" After all, she could not hear the answer.
Soul calming lamp
A shabby old lamp sealed in a secret room was actually the soul calming lamp that the two realms of demons and taoism had been searching for. What kind of secret was hidden behind this seemingly ordinary lamp? The various magical engravings depicted on it also indicated something. When this magical old lamp met the ordinary hero, li tiangui, And what an extraordinary experience, what a legend ...
Death sign
In order to investigate the truth of his father's tragic death seven years ago, Bai Haolin entered the police station on the grounds of writing a thesis. In a joint investigation with new police officer He Wenze, Bai Haolin found that the last 10 cases of missing children are related to deputy mayor Li Ying's son Li Wanglong! In the operation of the powerful Li Ying, Li Wanglong escaped the law of sanctions, he wenze in the process of collecting evidence, was killed. Bai Haolin vowed to bring He Wenze's killer to justice, but he was caught in a chain of crimes. He knew that the law could not give the murderers a fair trial, so he vowed to clean them up by extraordinary means...
The ghost wedding is hard to deal with
Her name was Pan Su. She had just finished her college entrance examination and had thought that her bitter life would end, but she did not want to be even more horrific. Her exhausting life had just begun ... A thousand year old female ghost had killed all the people in her school. She had run for her life and was finally able to escape from the heavens. However, she had been cleared by a strange man. She hated, hated, and blamed, her grandmother was killed by the whole village. The one who stole my innocence wanted me to make a deal with him, so he helped me save my grandma. I became a patrolman in the underworld to save her ... But why did I become his wife and that cute little brat who kept crying and calling me mommy?
A living man has a dark side.
When I was young, I married a ghost and accidentally sat on the white horse of the ghost bridegroom.
Ghost house
At 444 starbuck street, there is a library with striking rules on its walls: it is not responsible for borrowing or returning books except food. It is said that the master of this book house had been married to a monk in his previous life, damaging his practice, so this life is doomed to suffering, rare good end. But the woman's book house is full of treasures to protect her.
Exorcist and maiden
This is the story of an exorcist who sees no ghosts but has the blood to repel them, a schoolgirl with the eyes of yin and yang, and a ghost with a mysterious identity. The trio of a man, a woman and a ghost solved the murder case of the devil and a woman hidden in the school, and released many innocent souls at the same time. Then came to the mysterious Miaojiang, crack the mystery of the mysterious necromancer raising ghosts. Just as she thought that everything had calmed down, she caught up with the demon girl's companions and came to avenge her. Unknowingly, the two of them were entangled in an open and secret battle in the dark world. It was not easy to settle the fight and get a short peace. However, after learning about the identity of the female ghost, she was involved in a life-or-death battle.
Ten years ago in the afternoon, my master and master's mother suddenly disappeared without a word. On that afternoon in my memory, flies were flying all over the office. The walls and pink curtains in the room were covered with all kinds of twisted blood marks. When I lifted the blood-soaked mattress, I found a bloody yellow symbol with a few small words written on it. "Ten years from now, this fate will befall you." Ten years later, I was living in poverty, remembering the carefree days of my childhood and working around for a living. An unexpected road trip into the mountains, let me once again into a series of unexplained strange things. In it, I began to recall my identity, which I had long forgotten over the past ten years, and I began to pick up the strength needed for this identity. My name is Ma San, I am a spirit division, a spirit division who has done other work for ten years!
The shadow will not leave
After my sister-in-law died, I went back to the village for a funeral and found that her death was related to all the men in the village ...
Ten thousand devils
Li Qing had followed her master since she was young, so how could she learn all her skills from her master? He wandered through the yin and yang circle, but fell into other people's conspiracies again and again. Let's see how Li Qing can kill demons and break the conspiracy.
Scary businessman
Some buy and sell the living, others sell the dead. I'm in the dead business, not the coffin money, not the shroud paper. For something more bizarre, something you've never seen before ...
Look at the necromancer
After the death of the foster father, the orphan Shan Gan took the foster father's shift and became the gatekeeper of the hospital morgue, suppressing the evil spirits in the morgue. But one day, someone came to recognize him as a son ...
Dark fluff
Justice and crime are always intertwined as light and shadow, sometimes behind the bloody killing is often a naive and pure face. The darkness may contain more than just repression and terror, and when we brush the dark hairs, we may see more.
Death notice
When you receive this death notice, fortunately or unfortunately, your next life is destined to be extraordinary, either to complete the equivalent trade, or become a stepping stone under the feet of the strong.
Criminal investigation
Lin meng, with a mysterious background, was an orphan and had no family. He only wore a police uniform. In front of him, no one would be able to escape by chance. He had always followed the principle that you did not break the law, you and I are friends. If you break the law, the crazy belief of heaven and earth would not work. It would depend on how he would stir up trouble in this san francisco city.
The woman upstairs
On a rainy night, the sharp sound of high heels came from the corridor of the rented apartment in the unnamed residential area. A knock on the door sounded in room 402, and a voice asked faintly. "Miss, can I have a light?" After graduating from university, li xue and lin Nina stayed in jiangbei city to work together. They rented a room in block a, not far from the company. But ever since they lived there, they had been experiencing strange things ...
Dead detective
Detectives undercover dark forces, disguised as antique merchants, receiving goods, goods from the feng shui, was set up by people, imprisoned, in the detention center using human resources to strategize, jedi counterattack, during the dark forces head of the daughter of the favor, staged a blue life and death love. The layers of suspicion, the pulling out of the cocoon ...
I'm the anchor
I am a popular webcaster, my streaming room is called" midnight shock," in our line of work, the surface is bright and beautiful, but rotten inside, the world is the most indispensable is rich, every time I start to take off clothes, gold ingot, cars, yachts on the screen. And every time there is always a man every night when I live to pester me, he tore me madly, up and down, so that I have no dignity in front of him, constantly humiliating me with words and actions. Qq, 100 degrees, microblogging logging, please log on the next point to pursue the book, convenient next time to see. ]
A hundred ghosts
Through our Huaxia folklore of a hundred kinds of ghosts, and these ghosts are like the toilet to hide the toilet to peep at other people's poop, like the ghost - toilet ghost ghost ghost ghost ghost (not original, there is the folk record of toilet ghost). With the protagonist's adventures. Complementing the current popularity of the system flow is the work becoming more engaging. It is worth mentioning that although the book is not funny leisurely novel, but it is absolutely not a horror story. It's like a one-sentence introduction to a book. "There's no such thing as a water gun and a catty of black dog blood!"
The ghost is too fierce
That night, I had a horrible dream. In my dream, I was lying in a coffin in a wedding dress. A cold hand reached into my clothes and even said it was my husband ...
Chief of the morgue.
In the depths of the mysterious dragon vein of Kunlun, I have discovered a secret that is unknown. With the opening of the door ... You can never imagine how many demons and monsters lurk under the turbulent times of war! Zuo Ci's relic, moon and night, Xiangxi beast spirits, yin and yang zombie demons ... Everything had become strange ...
Bounty hunter
I was Danzhu, an unknown college student, but I don't know what happened. Ever since I went back to my hometown, everything had changed. Not only did a lot of strange things happen to me, but I also became a bounty hunter in a muddle. I even adopted a soul out of nowhere. What was even more depressing was that I was involved in it. In a bizarre dispute! God, can you make me a normal person! ! !