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Ruffian ghost husband: kill you while you are near
"I only kill ghosts, not people!" A certain ghost shamelessly approached her. "It's against the law to murder your husband!" "What law still protects you?" "Song family law, I' m your fiancé!" After death, ghosts who do not want to enter samsara will endanger the world. It is said that there is a kind of people whose occupation is to destroy all evil spirits, such people are called evil spirits. If Song Ling had not met that shameless little brat, she would still be that cold and evil spirit envoy!
Fortune of the five ghosts
In the" life and death" book, su mo was a dead person, because the miao jiang witches used the resurrection technique, another undead soul into the body and survived by luck, and the protagonist has a dual identity, ghost, occasionally, know the female ghost zhong ling, began to use the imp into the official arena. All of a sudden, the government's ghost luck was changing!
Crazy people
In an ordinary town, there lived a long lost writer, Zhou Xianjun, who, because of a meeting with his readers, led him into a bottomless pit. For three consecutive days, the same person had arrived, but they had different identities, different lives, and didn' t know each other. All sorts of unimaginable things happened to each of them. Was it someone who deliberately pretended to be someone, or was it someone who was so hateful that she met someone with multiple personality cognitive impairment? Step by step, Zhou Xianjun met more of this patient's personality and experienced more things that he could not forget. He was very scared. As he got closer to her, Zhou Xianjun realized that this matter was as simple as he had imagined. Director Hu of Changping hospital, a young and promising psychotherapist, received a patient who had killed his parents decades ago. Director Hu used a unconventional treatment to send asymptomatic patients back to society, only to find one thing after another in this patient. Direct
The road is full of water
My name is chang cang ze, I am a taoist! I will take you into my 50 years as a monk. My path, the path of the heart. Northeast hanging corpse tree, miao jiang theft tomb, yin bing borrow yang road, south and north war road! Look at me lead the chinese nation group of british trample this long road to break!
Paradise shroud
Yin Jiu's spiritual journey, my name is Yin Jiu, the road to give face to friends, called 9th master! From the beginning of the little cock silk, gradually grow, gradually mature, and have their own pet, a garfield cat! Suddenly one day, under Yin Jiu's astonished eyes, the garfield cat actually spoke. "Oh my god!" A mouthful of northeast flavor!
Zhuang qin suspense short stories
Fifty suspense short stories, two more a day
Makeup artist
I came from the bai shi family of miao jiang and learned the special skill of dressing up the deceased. Because I was not in line with the family's weak fame and wealth, I would rather live a dull life in a different world and fell into a big city. An accidental opportunity, I took a" private order," for a dead young woman to make up, who would have expected, but caused a great disaster.
The bride in the cage
My boyfriend has disappeared for half a year, I do not know where he went, the phone has been unable to connect the state. We had planned to get married at the end of this month, and we had sent out invitations. Mother said I was deceived, forced me to abort the child, but I do not believe, also unwilling, I want to find him! I got on the train to my boyfriend's house, but I never thought that I was on the road to hell.
Ghost slave
My name is Bai Sang, I am a ghost slave who is not even as good as miss. Miss picked up a man. I picked up a ghost ... What's worse is, every full moon night, I would molest a man named Youming! It's not easy to post a new book ~ ~ (≨ ≨ ≨) / ~ it's not easy to write a new book, so please ask your friends to support the original subscription. Recommend my old book:" there is a ghost in my bed" has been finished, click on the title of the book to see! [ If you encounter any other problems such as filling, please contact the customer service girl, qq: 2054 6403671 ~ weibo @ sweet reading ]
People who are always open to the devil!
My name is Sheng Yang. I was born surrounded by cats in the village. My grandma said that I am a ghost, also known as the ghost man. The ghost man is destined to experience unusual, dangerous everywhere. Grandma said that she wanted to find something very dark for me to see the message of death for me.
A woman like jade
Years ago, his wife suddenly came looking for him ... A big red coffin was dug out from the village ... Death and fear followed ...
Lethal procedure
I was invited by the students to participate in a group of q & a small game, from then on, life completely changed, participating in the game students, friends, relatives, one after another died, to me also by small procedures, struggling in the edge of death! In order to survive, I had to accept the arrangement of the small program, and have been trying to find the secret behind the small program ...
Shop owner
She was lucky to have married a beautiful woman. She thought that she had married a celestial immortal, but she had never expected to marry an aunt. She had a lot of strange things under her hands, and all of them had to be provided by their ancestors. After a period of time, zhang mosheng felt that sometimes living was better than dying ...
Fox love is not yet, Fox fairy wife beg to let go
I lived in the countryside of Northeast, listening to my grandfathers tell the story of Fox fairy, and some people worship Fox fairy at home. I always thought it was nonsense, until that year I secretly ran to Back mountain, saw a beautiful woman ... Home after I was not sick, almost died because of it, and then I know, the world strange things, so many.
Great wizard
In the old village, all kinds of taboo customs, I accidentally ate a white fish, unexpectedly night by her life ...
Red nightclub
Rural girl mo xiaoxia, young, beautiful, sexy. Like most girls, she also aspires to be able to jump out of the countryside and find her place in the city. However, the hustle and bustle of the city made her fall into the wind step by step and experience a series of little-known things ...
Death buddha card
??? After I failed the college entrance examination, I opened a buddhist shop, specializing in the business of the little ghost, did not expect to encounter so many terrible and strange things. ??? Is there really a buddha card that got rich overnight? Is there really a buddhist card that finds marriage? Can the buddha card bless to enter the famous university? ??? Selling ghosts, offending the vagina. The legendary buddha card brings us luck or bad luck after all, human face spider, village female voice, evil spirits possession, mountain ghosts carrying coffins, more bizarre and horrible adventure one by one ...?? Author's personal wechat: 344165074
Terrorist company
A mysterious company, a horrible project, a combination of genius and madman, in order to resign, but struggling in the horror of the supernatural events. In the end, she walked up to the top of the company step by step and found out a huge secret! There was no powerful martial arts, no magical weapons, only a group of ordinary people hovering between ghosts and life ... The main character was a madman among geniuses and a genius among madmen. He entered a company and completed every supernatural project arranged by the company. I want to resign!
Sewing a corpse
There are two kinds of things in this world: those who eat the bread of the living and those who eat the bread of the dead. Living people's meals were easy to explain. This person who ate dead people's meals was also known as the yin sect ...
Half - night marriage
When the doctor told me I was pregnant in a disdainful tone, my blood froze because I was carrying ... A ghost. The witch told me to get rid of the child as soon as possible, or my life could be replaced at any moment. He showed a fierce face. "Give birth!" (More than 4,000 ^ ^ free days)
Dead operator
I can hear ghosts, I can see ghosts, and I can only trade ghosts to survive
Taboo hypnosis
Fang Mo's ultimate fantasy
The beautiful wife is not obedient: ghost king, please go around
Thousands of years ago love and hate entanglement, created this life to die entanglement situation. As the strongest person in the family, she had seen countless ghosts, but she was entangled by a certain ghost. One day, she could not help but shout. "North Night, get lost." "Get lost now." A certain ghost smiled wickedly. ... She was telling him to get lost, how could he get lost?! Extradition of ghosts, ghosts to stir up trouble, results, led to a horrific plot. Ghosts, zombies, demons, all appeared to cause trouble. Hey, hey, can you extradite him properly?
Secret art
You' ve heard of people who die with their eyes closed, but you' ve never seen a person who has just died with blood flowing through her seven orifices ...
Yin village
On the surface, I am a rural knowledge of the young, but my heart of the secret, but will never tell you. On the day I came to Liujiazhen, the people who built the terraces dug up a large amount of copper money, but what they did not expect was that it was the copper money that caused a terrible disaster ...
The curse of love and hatred!
Everyone has resentment towards people, things, even society, ordinary people's resentment is not strong, but some special resentment is very terrible. You can even kill invisible people. A blind young man who appeared out of nowhere said that he was his father's friend and wanted to take care of this little girl. At that time, he did not know what was wrong with him and actually agreed to his request. Then Guo Xiaoting's job was to take care of him if he kept coming into contact with these strange beings
Funeral coffin
I have been learning feng shui with old man hu for many years, in order to pursue the blood smelter, we went to wuwang mountain adventure. In the hopeless mountain, I was trapped in the cave, misunderstanding the six ding six armour array, released the sleeping zombie king and his officials. The king and his officials wanted to sacrifice my blood to the heavens. Old man hu arrived at the critical moment and saved me, but he let zombie king run away ...
North latitude fraud
Has been bought off, the outline submitted to the website. ... 66 ...
A marriage without measure
I was forced to marry a dead man when I was 16 years old, and since then, the ghost man has come to me every night ... Lu, click on the book for next time to watch. ]
When I was Mr. Feng shui
"Zhouyi" china's most mysterious and mysterious one of the great works, practitioners can understand the heaven machine, the world can be known to change, the mysterious fate of all in the grasp of the tang dynasty master yuan tiangang disciple li chunfeng deep zhouyi essence, astronomy and geography of yin and yang feng shui are proficient, but because there are too many opportunities, after the fairy died after the reincarnation of five generations of women, Can not escape the sad fate of crazy silly silly silly silly, not to be stained with the opportunity of understanding half a silk fate. In this life, he was finally a man. In his dream, old fox fairy passed on a book and practiced the art of yin-yang feng shui.