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Body with a ghost: master ghost husband, please control
If someone told me to dream the same dream every day, or with other men do that, then I think it must be this person in the dream, how is it possible? But now ...
I'm a massage therapist, telling you about the horrors of all these years ...
The dark side of the night
The mud doll in the temple couldn' t be carried home casually. Now that the journey of terror is underway, why are you hesitating? Join Xiao Dong's team and experience the thrilling and bizarre memories together.
Ghost Marriage was Far Too Hard
"She thought she could get rid of the ghost marriage like a nightmare by leaving the village. However, 12 years passed, he came to her again. She felt painful when she woke up and what's scarier was the ring which she could never throw away. The elderly said that the ring was the keepsake for love. With that, she could never escape the marriage."
Me and her past life
The story of this book comes from a legend I heard, our second middle school, originally is a temple, and is symmetrical on both sides, called" double temple." It's said to be magnificent. I've never seen it. Listen to my grandmother. Because the temple is located in a better location, accompanied by a snow river, convenient transportation. During the period of the cultural revolution, for some unknown reason, the government leaders received orders not to be superstitious, not allowed to worship buddha, so, a few small leaders with a group of people to tear down the temple. After it was removed, there were many pythons inside. Most of them were crushed to death. However, all those involved in the dismantling of the temple died within a year. And they're all bizarre deaths. Some of them jumped into the snow river at night to commit suicide, others were chatting on the street was killed by a pole down, and many people at that time, only hit him one, or very coincidentally hit on the head. Some are electrocuted.
Beautiful coroner
Yin and yang are the world, the world is the law, the spirit! Yin and yang can be replaced, the world can be reincarnated, spirit can pass. According to legend, the mother bag into the museum, if the mother live then the birth of yin and yang, if the mother died then the fetus spirit. Beggar's new book is on sale today, like the relatives to support more! Five minutes a day before the first three days on the shelf, two more a day after, and sometimes more explosive. Honest author, you deserve it! Beggars new book, like friends more support. Please join the * * exchange group: 474551308, beggars waiting for you!
Psychology's empty mind
A series of stories about a normal person entering a mental institution with a mentally ill person, a doctor, a nurse, and a police security guard, are led, step by step, to distortion and depravity, and then to redemption.
Village wizard
When he was a child, he had a strange experience, which made Chen Yongnian grow up to be a jinx. He had originally wanted to spend his life in an internet café, but by chance, he had met a pair of strange grandfather and grandson. This pair of grandfather and grandson not only helped Chen Yongnian get rid of his bad luck, but also made him become a sorcerer, and his granddaughter, Feng Bingbing, became Chen Yongnian's fiancée. While Chen Yongnian was dreaming about his career and love, he was surprised to find that the two of them came from a creepy place. [ Sister ghost has signed an exclusive contract, quality assurance, complete guarantee, welcome to collect ]
Yin as a wife
On an ordinary outdoor trip, we were accidentally trapped in a small mountain village. The woman she loved, yan ran, had an affair with her.she thought it was a chance encounter, but she didn' t expect it to be the beginning of a plot.
Tree wife
When I was young, I was very weak and sickly. My parents found a fortune-teller who said that I could not live to be eight years old. In order to keep my life, my family got married to a locust tree in the mountains with the help of the fortune-teller and arranged to marry her when I was twenty. Since then I've been ridiculed for having a wooden wife, which I find distasteful. At the agreed age, I had a girlfriend and brought her home, but that night, something weird happened ...!
Ambassador of india
A mysterious jade sculpture, a mysterious dagger. A mysterious change of face, a mysterious mark. An ambiguous family feud, a song can not be sung. A time can not wait for the vicissitudes of life, an unknown mystery of life.
Corpse road
Have a baby! Man! Do you think there's a connection between these two words?
Ghost busters in the city
He was born with a pair of yin and yang eyes.
Late night train
Suspense thriller collection.
Zhang gongchuan of yin ghost's yang difference
A taxi driver in a city caught a girl in the middle of the night. When she arrived at the destination, the girl disappeared. She did not see the girl get off the car. The next day, the driver died in the car inexplicably, leaving a letter in the car, which revealed a shocking secret. A strange and strange thing happened that was incredible and puzzling. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are interested in any of these reasons, let me tell you a story that I have experienced with my own hands.
Feng Shui: How to Raise Ghosts
When my eldest brother died and got married, I was forced to take his place. From then on, I was haunted by the infant spirit, and I had no choice but to inherit the secret art of raising ghosts handed down from the ancestors and went on a road of no return.
My name is Zhou Xiaobai. With the desire to meet a beautiful love, entered a forest park. At dusk, I stayed at a deserted inn. To my surprise, this inn is a ghost inn! In the inn there are dead and sick ghost, head broken ghost, half-body ghost, long-tongued ghost, blood ghost ... In the circle of ghosts, where should I go? Can I walk out of here alive?
Blame the traveller
Resentment - filled with strong dissatisfaction or hatred, is hidden in the heart of anger, is inexhaustible energy. The gifted master liu was the owner of this incredible energy, but he was like a lost child who didn' t know where he was going. And old friend Leeson, the elegant gentleman who loves art, puts the sun in the air, points out the direction for him. With luck and hard work, the two defeated a monster and a killer who took the initiative to find them. Chance, met the honest and honest huang he, three people died a rich, and son into said, a name" ranger" organization was born ...
Keeper's door: don't bite me, Mr. Fierce ghost
"Woman, from now on, your life will belong to this seat!" On a trip to the tomb, I was entangled by a proud and black-bellied evil ghost. Not only that, but also by countless evil spirits, who kept telling me to give my life to them. The blood jade that appears inexplicably, the grandfather that dies suddenly, let me originally calm life Welcome to the readership, q group number: 2238 44395
Spend a lot of time with Anthony.
Unemployed for three months, helpless when accompany swim, how to know to provoke the overbearing male ghost, let me be its wife, more from now on into a strange strange thing. The gloomy apartment that didn' t see any living people, the hideous face that seemed to leave, the eerie white bones under the millennium tomb ... This was both fate and fate ...
Samsara horror game
To meet the person, he signed a scroll with the devil, crossed into the horror story, reincarnation ... The devil's game, the horror story, whether he can live to see her?
The prophecy is husband, the bewitching husband clings to the upper body
I was a helpless orphan, but I met a mysterious man on the night of my eighteenth birthday. Since then, my life has changed dramatically. Most importantly, I found that I am not an ordinary person ...
Death software
The next moneymaking app software how do I know students die one by one I just know some app software can not download. [ It's not easy to write a book, so I' m asking my friends to support the original subscription ~ ] [ the website supports * *, *, and weibo login. Please log in and chase the book next time, it' ll be convenient for you to read it next time. ] I also recommend some very good books:" a ghost in the lower half,"" my fierce ghost bridegroom,"" don't sleep in my bed."
Dirty wife
Four years ago, I went back to my hometown, yunan province, near the border of laos. There was a secret in my hometown. As long as a girl was born, almost every family was in a heavy mood and there was no joy on their faces. Contract, let our village for generations of women, will marry the yin fu.
Open the coffin and meet you
My dad owns a coffin shop. But one day I fell asleep, and he put me in a coffin. After that, I dreamed of a handsome and overbearing man every day. I thought he was my prince charming, but he insisted on signing a contract with me ... Otherwise, he would kill me ...
Gambling wife
Spring festival home gambling money, unexpectedly won a daughter-in-law. After a night of love, the village friend told me that the girl died two years ago ...
My netherworld lover
Ever since I had that strange dream, my life has changed tremendously. First, I was molested by a male ghost, and finally, I was forced to marry him in the dark, and he ate me dry. If it weren' t for his presence, I would have become like him. Every time at the most critical moment, he's there. "My woman, are you qualified to touch her?" * Damn it, he was the one who gave all of this to her! It was not until later that I realized that the underworld marriage was fake. It was fake to eat and wipe clean. The truth was only because I was a descendant of the Ouyang family ...
Damn phone
My story begins with a phone call from a college friend, and it's a fatal call ...
Hell college
When you become a ghost, what can you do? Save the petite Dragon Girl from taoist Yin Zhiping, or be chased to death by Ma Xiaoling the long leg of" I have a date with a zombie," or make a scene of" god's roll" and daji flying together, or become a lonely priest killer, taoist star? The game is just beginning. I'll meet you at the Hell college ...
Paradise town
Paradise town, mysterious inn, a variety of strange characters and events, one after another on the scene! With the arrival of an unidentified person, everything became so confusing and frightening! Heaven? Or hell? People opened their eyes wide and screamed!