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Devil fragment
Once drunk, he woke up and lost three days of memory. When all the pieces were put together, the devil appeared ...
Special case Group s
Here is the other side of human nature, which is a crime encyclopedia novel. Among them are high iq perfect crime, vicious and abnormal serial murder, monsters and monsters fight. Double - personality police, on the verge of becoming Holmes or Hannibal. Weird hypnotist with mind reading. A serial killer with both intelligence and martial arts. A criminal syndicate that plays with the police in the palm of its hand.
Notes of the man in the coffin
On our wedding night, I was buried alive by my wife, and she took the opportunity to worship her father ...
Ghost island
In the graduation season, they were on a sea adventure together. Unexpectedly, they met a mysterious witch tribe and a frightening cursed doll!
The ghost climbed the bed in a panic
I got kissed on the train. He's handsome, he's better than Daniel Wu, he's better than Eddie Peng, and he's killing every male star in a minute. The point was that he was winking at me and asking in a loud voice. "Miss, may I kiss you?" I fall in love every minute, reason or something simply left behind, is only nod or nod. However, not only did he kiss me, he also sent gu into my mouth, which could make me break my intestines and die miserably ... Right, he wasn' t human ... He was a fierce ghost who could only swallow me alive and eat me clean! If you like it, please click on the top right corner of the book, so that you can find it in a new update. (agencies) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~ About the update: the previous depository temporarily every day more, later will add more, muzha.
There's a ghost on the pillow
The wicked stepmother sold me to the devil for her dowry. Since then, all sorts of strange things have happened in my side one after another. Forced to gestate a ghost, be invaded by a hundred ghosts, be entangled by all the demons and ghosts! Every night my" ghost," still lying beside me, invited me to share the pillow. "My wife, my husband wants Yeah, next time. ]
Mao Qiudao
Legend has it that there was a cursed village where people could only eat human flesh. Once they ate something other than human flesh, they would turn into evil spirits. Their faces were ferocious, and they were extremely fierce. Their relatives and friends were inseparable, so the people in the village were despised by the world. And because of the curse, the village is often volatile, sometimes in the wilderness, sometimes in the valley of the jedi, perhaps even in the village next door ...
Uncle ghost, I won't ask
Valentine's day grabbed a red envelope, the results of a ghost, from then on, I have been surrounded by strange things, the village of my hometown disappeared out of thin air, and I close people died one after another ... All sorts of strange things led to my spirit was tortured, let me more collapse is that I was pregnant with a ghost, I do not know whose ... Welcome to join: 3041 76315 want to know about the text content, update can add oh!
Reincarnation of the spirit snake contract
Buddha said, good and evil will eventually be rewarded, good reincarnation of heaven. A snake is a spiritual thing, and it must not be mutilated at will. White snake repay kindness, because a white snake, yu family became a rich family, from the rich side, from the qing dynasty to the present. However, the premise was that he would be indebted to the white snake. If he was evil, he would definitely suffer endless tribulation. To solve the problem, we must dispel the resentment of the white snake.
Crooked history
The founder of four sheep is so heavy. Did the ancients really use it to make wine? Why didn' t she use such a cow's shroud? Is metal really what you see? What exactly is hiv used for? Is liangzhu yucong an sacrificial weapon? Damn it, it's just a pipe! After worshipping the god of wealth and the birthday boy, I tell you these two goods are really scary! There's nothing in Lop Nor, but it's important ... Oh, you don't believe what people in society say? Then don't believe me, because I'm lying!
Red dust trail
Look through the red dust to escape the empty door, want to be a monk laugh devil. Who said must see through the red dust to get the way! I have to show you the path!
Night watchman logs
Because of the attractive salary, I applied to a resort as a night watchman, the position sounds tall and powerful? To put it bluntly, it was security! But this resort seems to be not simple, there will always be president lin strange things happen, abuse my small heart every day nervous. You're asking me why I didn't quit my job when I was so scary? Because I've got a crush on a cool guy with a brain full of holes. The handsome guy said that as long as I could help him find Baidu people, he would let me hehehe, hehehe, hehehe ... You know, raise your eyebrows.
Ghost marriage is provocative: lord keeper, a powerful pet
In the dream, there was a man whose body was cold and his fingers were fair and slender, but he was as cold as a dead man ... He thought it was just a dream, but he didn' t expect this man to cling to me ever since ..." B * stard, why didn' t he let me go even if I was a ghost?! !" All she could hear was his low voice. "You are very good. I am very satisfied ..."
Netherworld express
A hundred years old city, but live young people. It was a boxed delivery, but the courier couldn' t make a phone call. He could only knock on the door three times and leave the things at the door ... A woman who vomited blood, a man dressed in a fake army, an old man without a shadow under the lights, a ghost hitting the wall, offering incense ... In any case, I was talking about me as a courier ...
Deadly treachery: conspiring with deceit
I was born to kill my mother, was father as an unknown monster abandoned in the orphanage. Unlike ordinary people, I am doing a cold profession, but I don't want to be entangled by a rogue ghost, and I can't live like ordinary people ...
Death diary
Spirit car night travel, I take the bus, unexpectedly took a ghost! The sudden death in the classroom, the continuous death game, the students who kept dying, the whole world, are full of suffocating taste! Many days later, I finally ended the game, but I do not know, the real game, just just beginning ... My qq, 814478695 book friends, welcome to the" diary of death" reader group number: 343917653. In addition, readers like this book, click to join the bookshelf ~ readers do not have to recommend this book more, your urge, is my motivation!
Master yin yang
When night falls, another world is finally revealed behind the bustling city. The corpse demon in the hospital, the fierce baby in the uncompleted building, the zombie in the feng shui array ... The corpse, the ghost, the demon, and the alien with the secret technique. Before lin mo entered the city, his master told him that he was not allowed to interfere with the demon's affairs, and he was not allowed to touch women.
I'm looking at the gate in the underworld.
Reveal south sichuan thousand year wind and water fierce bureau, hide in the old crematorium of deep mountain, is it the soul gathering place or the living place?
The lost city of traps
A string of strange spells, involving a shocking secret, I inadvertently involved in a team looking for the city of traps, know a group of people with different minds, how do they have an unknown past? How do they relate to me? And am I really the one I know? God has no reward, ghosts have punishment, looking for the disappearance of the strange traps city. Is it to find the ultimate meaning of the city of institutions, or to seek their own redemption?
This, unscientific
How on earth do people live in this world? Is it the intelligent beings above all living things, or in the vast universe, there are other biological civilizations that can compete with it, or the world is a multidimensional space composed of countless spaces, humanity is only the master of a certain space. These questions have been studied by countless people for thousands of years, but they have not been answered with certainty. What is it? What strange and absurd phenomenon you see is your imagination, or your dream, or your life is a dream.
All those years I've been haunted by female ghosts
A small village in the ghost ridge. Wu can got lost and hit the woman to take a bath by accident. A few years later, the woman remained the same and fell in love with wu can. The family knew that wu can was bewitched, so they asked the taoist priest to help them. They found that the bath pool was a mass grave ...
The night watchman
The city, the gorgeous city, the ancient city in people's eyes, in the eyes of the locals, is a strange place. Like so many big cities, you walk down the street, and every day you hear the roar of machines, and the honking of cars, and the noise is incomparable. But many people may never know what lies beneath this bustling city ... Are the factories, construction sites, and construction subways you see every day really as noisy and ordinary as you see? There would also be dead silence in these places ... The mountains were flattened and merged into the hustle and bustle of the city. Did anyone ever think that the living creatures in the mountains might feel pain as well?
We have a beautiful wife
When I was selling my house, I spent the night in a haunted villa, and then I was haunted by a beautiful female ghost. I had to support her with my essence every night ...
Human bones are divided into the yin and yang bones, the two re-union, even if the body can be" dead and reborn"! I am a bonesetter, a day to see drama, accidentally to a female corpse bonesetter, trouble also appeared one after another! (This book deals with descriptions of terror. )
Ghost catcher: my secret weapon
Zhong shi ability an orphan, was adopted by a retired taoist. After the taoist priest died, he passed on a book to zhong shi. Through his hard work, he finally walked on the road to catch the ghost! !
My girlfriend is a fox fairy
I accompanied my girlfriend to a remote and poor village to buy a wife. In the middle of the night, the appearance of a young girl made me discover the horrible secret of this village ... The fox feather in the back mountain lake, the fox skin dripping blood from the door wall, the unfathomable old well ...
My exhumation career
Xiangxi has three big fans, one is to drive the corpse, the other is to fall into a hole, the third is voodoo. Among them, the exhumation of the dead was the most concerned and curious. City youth zhao yiduo lived a quiet life, suddenly one day a girl came to see him, took him to see the ghost, solve the mystery behind his life. Xiangxi wishes from the twelve zhao family, only he one person. In order to revive the family, he resolutely lifted a heavy burden: break the Xiangxi voodoo door, hunting and killing the dry spell to win, submit to the rear minister minister minister. A kongdong seal in the hand, why fear thousands of bodies attack. It was so horrible that she couldn' t finish her sentence ...
The strongest ghost master
It didn' t matter if the mistress was stupid, but the ceo's ghost pet helped her devise a plan; it didn' t matter if she wasn' t qualified or not, she would change her body with a good quality and even train herself.it didn' t matter if she didn' t have money, resources, power, or help.it didn' t matter if the general manager's father paid for it.in her past life, one of the four great families of her father gave birth to precious earth weapons and pills, and no one dared to bully her grandfather in the immortal world. And the men who sacrificed their lives to protect each other ... Heh heh heh, I like to see you want to kill me and can' t beat me to death.
The scientist, xia feng's girlfriend, died in an accident after trying to ride the bionic wing he invented, and xia feng wanted to revive it. He tried cloning, but he couldn't restore his girlfriend's memory. Later, he met neurobiologist luo zhongqing, who proved the existence of the soul. The two worked together to find the soul of their girlfriend and bring her back to life.
Break the curse
One night the ordinary college student who believed in materialism encountered a series of strange shock from grandma in the locked room. The next day, grandma died miserably, and then a series of unimaginable strange changes happened in her life. There are ghosts in this world, grandma is super taoist, grandpa is extremely mysterious, beautiful taoist wife, all kinds of metaphysical big families, all kinds of cult forces, all kinds of ghosts and monsters in the underworld ... Grandpa was cursed, grandma was plotting, parents were hiding, the thoughts of the big families, and several beautiful women were vying for each other.everyone could be real or fake, so how could they face the pure yin yang and yang? After seeing ghosts, fighting monsters, and seeing the power of the level of the ghost king to destroy heaven and earth, yin yang, who knew that he had many curses and that his family could not escape his destiny, would go on the path of cultivation and face the evil ghosts that would destroy the balance of