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The coffin king
The strange hospital, the strange old man in the morgue, the mysterious ghost prostitute, behind all these mysterious events, what secret was hidden?
Top secret exploration
Germany supported china during the second world war in exchange for a meteorite, which could at least produce a number of atomic bombs, the most powerful to build an undead corps, and the ability to move the world's time and enter time travel at will. This time, the action code name was Huangbei rock. At that time, professor qi, Professor Chen, the uncle of the main character, Old black, class monitor, and so on went down. After a series of strange and strange things, they finally got close to the underground factory. When they opened the factory, the group of people were all duplicated in the factory. There was also a team that looked exactly like him ... The soldiers who escaped from Huangbei rock still stayed in the 531 engineering team. After 10 years, the 531 project was restarted again. I was transferred to 531 by my uncle. The role of meteorites: hallucinogenic, audio-visual, time travel, space distortion, want him, inadvertently will be killed, so, this article will not have a very good, perfect endin
All those years I've been bewitched
Have you heard of voodoo? It sounds a little dark. I didn't believe it either, but after that incident, something started to happen to me, and I realized that I was being bewitched. It is an old curse, I do not know why to cross a hundred years to find me, what impact on me, I will die? In order to relieve the voodoo, I began to search for answers with beautiful Ya Jing, bitchy Pangzi, but who knew that they were also accidentally hit. Can I save myself? What about the truth? Keep an eye on it and you'll see ...
Ghosts are hard to break, but love is cheap
I'm the ghost who tried so hard to" die," and Lin Chuan was the one who wanted me to" die." As the saying goes, an enemy of the enemy is a friend. I said Lin Chuan, not to mention reincarnation, even if his soul was destroyed! As long as you can get me killed, you're my father!
Mr. Paper clip
Left hand tied color paper, right hand yin and yang, Mr. Paper tied a wandering yin and yang people. Chen Yangren was born with an evil spirit. Although he learned how to make paper, his master asked him to enter the industry after he was twenty years old. The reason was that there was a life and death tribulation after twenty years of age. If he wanted to escape the life and death tribulation, he had to learn the art of paper binding and become a Mr. Paper binding.
Unexplained mysteries
Weird thing started when someone went missing, two girls went missing. It was like opening Pandora's box. Horrible and unexplained mysterious events happened one by one, making one's scalp numb and puzzled until one day ...
Marry a ghost when you're 20
My mother told me that I must not drink before I am twenty years old, but my mother did not tell me that I will marry a ghost if I drink! On my twentieth birthday, it was the first time in my life that I drank, but then the boys around me began to die a strange death, strange broken hands, long hair covering their faces, and night bursts of sobs In the coffin and his worship ... Rose book friends: 5549 62538 (welcome to join) tentatively updated two chapters daily: focus on about 9 pm update
Dream detective
Because of the super friendship with sister-in-law, the little sister-in-law fell to the floor and died. And I became the real" next door old wang." However, more terrible things came one after another, where should I go?
There are no ghosts in my college
A narcissistic idiot, in this" ghost" university, catching ghosts, making money, making chicks, and creating an alternative path to taoism ..." Elder sister ghost signed an exclusive contract, quality assurance, complete guarantee, welcome to collect."
My ghost husband
The duke said in his dream that marrying someone else would herald good things. I was happily waiting in my dream to worship someone, who was finally locked in the coffin, dark space, a cold hand into my clothes. "Wife, let's get married!" The next day, I found myself sprawled on the bed Exorcist
44 Chaoyang road
I dug up 44 Chaoyang road during construction, and since then I've been haunted ...
Blood flower shop
Linhai city nebula street was the Ghost city of this city. But not to live people ...!
Don't mess with me
Ever since I rented a no. 4 store to run snacks, every night after 10 pm, a handsome man in black came to the store. Slowly, I realized that this handsome man was not alive ...
King of the punishment of daming
A modern policeman's soul traversed the law field to accompany the execution of a death sentence called song Wu Ya, in order to survive, he decided to use his criminal investigation ability to defend himself, but did not want to turn into the king of daming torture!
The cold ghost is a little cute
"You owed me in your previous life. In this life, in the next life, you have to use your body to pay for it!" I said angrily. "That's a romantic debt you owe yourself. Why do you want me to pay it back?" Blue and thin, shiitake mushrooms. A tear streaked across the corner of her eyes. His sexy and deep voice echoed in her ears. "Who told you to kill me back then ..." The man was handsome, rich, and affectionate, handsome? But he's a cold - blooded, vicious talker. How rich is he? But they're all antiques, you know? It was his first love! This incident started when I went to the lu family's house to cry ... I didn' t expect that my life would change so drastically ... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The ghost king's wife
University student Ling Yao dreamed that he was taken away by a strange man for the first time. He thought it was just a dream, but a series of terrible things happened next to him. The man in the dream suddenly appeared beside him and claimed that Ling Yao was his wife.
Horror fans
On a dark night, a gust of wind blew. The author is telling you a story: a man is walking at night. As he walked, he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around and saw nothing behind him. He continued walking and heard footsteps behind him. He turned around again, but there was nothing behind him. Just as he breathed a sigh of relief. "Have you seen me?" A chilling voice suddenly sounded in the air. Before you read this book's series of horror stories, you should be mentally prepared. At the end of each carefully written story, you will be shocked and deeply stimulated by every nerve of the horror fans!
The tyrant is so rude
Yan Qingyu was the killer of my life. Before I met him, my life was flat and peaceful. But ever since I met him, my life was completely disrupted. If I could choose, I would still choose to meet him without hesitation because ... I have fallen deeply in love with him!
Daze shenanigans
When I was a child, I accidentally stepped on the coffin book, the god said that I broke the taboo in Daze will be haunted ...
The ghost wife has an affair
There is an old saying in china, called peony under the dead, ghosts also funny. I used to use these words as my motto, but ever since I experienced something very strange last night, I don' t even dare to believe this sentence anymore.
The last psychic
My constitution is quite special, can see some people often say ghost. At first, I was still very scared, but those ghosts didn' t seem to harm people, and I got used to it after a long time. However, recently, I found that I was entangled by a evil ghost, and I didn' t dare to sleep at night because he would appear every night at midnight, and he would touch me with his stiff and cold hands, forcing me to marry him ...
Please don't be ill
Suddenly, the nightmare woke up, and found a beautiful man beside him," ghost," then strange things layer poor, wake up in the mortuary for no reason, and talk to a person, but later found that he had been dead for a week. Take a train will be found, once" pit of ten thousand people." The jade pendant which was handed down by the ancestors on my neck frequently brought me back to the scene when the dead man was alive. 3671 ~ Weibo @ sweet reading ] [ the website supports qq, baidu, weibo, wechat to quickly login, login and click to follow the book, so that you can read it next time. ] ]
My fairy wife
The kidnapping in the middle of the night was also the beginning of a strange ghost. Was it an illusion or was it real? Was it fate or coincidence back then? My wife, she.