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When A Destructive Wolf Joins An Escape Game
Gu Mozhi was a demon who smuggled across the world and was addicted to eating, drinking and playing. He found that compared to hell, where birds don't lay eggs, the world was a paradise! Until one day, he accidentally entered some escape game... Gu Mozhi: the ghosts here are delicious. Ghosts:!!! Players:?? That day, the ghosts remembered the fear of being coveted by Gu Mozhi. The players... He is still trying to reshape his three views...
"When the second time the lord jesus comes, the one who died in christ must first rise from the grave." -" 1 Thessalonians 4: 16" in 2019, the zombie virus exploded and swept the world within a few months. Communication cut off, water and electricity stopped.
When a Fanfic Protagonist Transmigrated into the Original Novel
Zhangsun Zijun and Yi Xichen are the two main characters in "The nine thousand realms of ups and downs," one is steady and introverted, the other is free and unrestrained. As brothers and sisters who grew up together, their friendship could be described as a life-and-death friendship. However, in a great fellow human being, the two of them...
My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away
Tang Wan, the owner of the pet shop, was reborn into the galaxy by accident. When he opened his eyes, he realized that he was automatically married to a vegetable by the star network. It was said that she was worth ten billion dollars, but she couldn't get the money out of her. Tang Wan was a poor man in the name of first lady.In order to make a living for the future, Tang Wan tied up the "Earth pet system" and began to resume his old business. His goal was to save money, divorce, and find a second spring!After thousands of years of evolution, the earth's energy supply had been depleted and abandoned in the corner of the galaxy. All the animals in the galaxy had evolved so dramatically that the furry Little cutie only lived in textbooks. The moment Tang Wan and his Little cutie appeared, they became the treasures of the universe! Pet shops quickly became famous throughout the galaxy, and the entire universe lined up to suck cats~Finally got through it
Falling into the Abyss
Ethan, a former Earth alliance secretary, was detained for treason in a place called "Forbidden city." Everyone here is human trash, and they have to keep doing some extremely dangerous and horrible atonement missions.
Green Dragon Totem
But the dragon city will fly in the early stage of mount humaduyin without teaching him to be upright and abstinent. The later stage of the monk's life was revealed and he ascended to the throne at the end.
Handsome to the Point of Death
Xu Zhi was killed by a group of women. Xu Zhi, the male god, was revived by the system. His mission was to get out of the story and be a handsome man.
Time-Limited Hunt
Serial no. 01AE86. Full name: Shi Shanyan. Height: 189cm. Weight: 82kg. Passed the Black Panther test and joined the Special Forces in 2160. Expelled from the unit and detained at the Guangtong Prison in 2162. Described in the Special Forces’ mission appraisal as having poor self-control, lacking empathy, and possessing a strong tendency to dominate. Broke the rules repeatedly during missions. Danger level has been specially set as S-Rank. Serial no. 7-001. Full name: Yan Junxun. Height: 175cm. Weight: 62kg. Passed the Black Panther test and joined the Special Forces in 2163. Expelled from the unit in 2164. Described in the Special Forces’ mission appraisal as having poor overall capability with the inability to adapt to dangerous missions and a lack of destructive power.” “In accordance with the ’Mites’ agreement, both of you will work together on the serial murder cases at the Tingbo District”. Shi Shanyan deleted the information and re-entered it. “Warning. Serial no. 7-001 is super—fierce.” Astonishi
There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem
Ye Zhizhou, who had been alone for 20 years, suddenly had a few more relatives. Before he could figure out what was going on, he was on the verge of death in an inexplicable car accident. Then he was inexplicably not dead, and he was forced to bind to a life-saving system. What is a life-saving system? Well...
Hypocritical Adonis
Qi Cheng, unrestrained, romantic, was named the number one pretender in xx high school by his roommates. One day, he suddenly had many inexplicable options in his peaceful life. In the dark corner, the handsome man lying in the corner with wounds all over him. [ Handsome fellow student found ten meters ahead. Do you want to help him? ] [ A. Help and flirt ] [ B. The clothes are so dirty, we must help wash them. ] Qi Cheng raised his eyebrows and happily chose b first, then a. In the great hall of the school, the outstanding and indifferent student representative rushed to the auditorium, and the speech fell to the ground. [ Is there any help for you when you find xx master dropping important documents two meters ahead? ] [ A. Help when he's about to cry and his eyes are red ] [ B. Would you rather see a bully cry in public? ] Qi Cheng bent down to pick up the speech on the floor and curled his lips. The headmaster invited the red boys to cheer for the 26th anniversary celebration of the school. The capta
The Protagonist Makes You Retreat About Thirty Miles
With the control of the plot, Ji Mo successfully swam among the protagonists. However, just when he thought he could live to the end by walking, another magical protagonist fell from the sky. You've picked up Ye Ming Jun, the big boss of the tribulation. Ye Ming Jun has appointed you as a romantic strategy partner. Ye ming jun wants to develop a pure male relationship with you. Well, this is a men's field, right? The theme should be world domination, right? Why is this suffocating operation happening? That day, the confused Ji Mo finally understood the truth. The krypton players might be late, but they would never be absent. Many of the protagonists of the novel have been fighting in an otherworldly world, healing the dog immortal monarch by attacking the x-sensitive cat writer.
Lessons on Raising a Partner
The great elder told Haian that when he opened his eyes, he would see the adult world. As soon as Haian opened his eyes, he went into outer space and became a plant called the Trembling grass! There was not even a little chirp! It was a plant with a low name but difficult to feed, for the sake of silence.
No Worries about Food and Medicine
The kind and gentle mother had passed away. A steady and upward-looking sibling brother - to be nurtured. Yanking on a cool power system -
The Big Bosses Are Not What I Expected After I Transmigrated Into A Book
Qiao Yang entered a rich and powerful novel.In the novel, he and his brothers fight for family business, fighting in the same room and turning into enemies. She was also fighting with the man in the book, ye ye, in the mall.It was just a failure, a complete loss. In the end, he was abandoned by his family and his reputation was ruined.Qiao yang checked the balance of the account and counted the last long string of zeros: one billion one million...I'll go! I'll fight with a brush!First, he gave his power to his brothers and then withdrew his bid with male client ye. From then on, he stayed away from the competition in the shopping mall and lived a leisurely life as a rich man.Every day is to play music, go to nightclubs, be comfortable, and be quiet. It was just that the people who were originally at odds with him were looking at him more and more kindly.Big brother: you haven't changed your car for a long time. I'll give you a new one.Second brother: the land in south city is your birthday present.Dad: is poc
Banished to Another World
Yan mohun, who had completely offended the heavens, went through this world and woke up soon to realize the cruel environment he was in. He was knocked unconscious and brought back as a winter reserve. His tribe was a super spartan primitive tribe. The only people here are...
The Fourteenth Year of Chenghua
Cheng hua 14 years: Cheng hua 14 years, there is a Wan noble imperial concubine in the harem, the West factory also has a factory called Wang Zhi, the crown prince Zhu Youtang is only eight years old, I don't know if he can grow up smoothly. The emperor was mediocre, the eunuchs were deceiving the superior and the subordinate, and the court officials were making up for their mistakes.
The Protagonist Is in the Right Position to Get Along With the Villain
[ I am a strong demon cultivator. I will not torture you. In the past, Li Jinzhi thought that the way the protagonist interacted with the villains was to do whatever he wanted. Later, when he was shot by the villains a few years after he was dressed as the main character, Li Jinzhi sent out...
Qing Kuang
The short-tempered captain of the basketball team, huo ran, and the rumored "Fight king" Kou Chen had fought head-to-head on the basketball court, but they were assigned to the liberal arts class together at the beginning of the second year of high school. On the first day of the meeting, the atmosphere was tense, but the floor was destroyed by accident, and then the two made a bet to meet the school "Ghost house" adventure... In a series of accidents, they began a new campus life that was very exciting. The author's writing was smooth and vivid, with vivid details depicting two young sunny boys with distinct personalities. The basketball captain who liked to play outdoors, huo ran, seemed to be in a hurry, but in fact, his heart was delicate, caring and tolerant to his friends, and the arrogant Kou Chen on the surface was actually a teenager with a happy personality like er ha. The two of them were filled with laughter from the initial hostility to the tacit understanding. Their interaction with a group of
My Family’s Idol’s Vest Fell Again
After completing multiple travel missions perfectly, Shi Fei collected enough points and returned to his world with a bunch of skills he had learned during travel. The goal of flying back was to eat, sleep, and have a winning life every day. When you're bored, draw a picture, make a design, write a book, be a hacker or treat someone who's terminally ill. If you're interested, go to the talent contest and get a' best newcomer performance award' in the entertainment industry. It was as if more and more vests had been added by accident, and he was originally very satisfied with this kind of life. It wasn't until one day that Shi Fei accidentally signed his autograph for his fans. Fan: ... Media: ... Reporter: "The latest news is that Mr. J, the mysterious artist who sold for a billion dollars, is the famous Shi Fei." Media: "Headline, the rising designer of the design world, Evey, is the popular student Shi Fei." Netizen: "I was surprised to see that he was Mr. Fei, the best doctor in the world, accidentally pi
A Certain Someone
When Ye Jinyu had a miscarriage, Huo Jingyao hated that the person she hit was in a coma. She said the brakes had been cut off and she was framed. He didn't believe her. But then Huo Jingyao told her to stop pursuing it. Everything he did was just for...
Opening a Shop in the Nightmare World
Su Zimo got a shop called "Ah Yu fish." Selling the goods in the store will increase your life expectancy. But su zimo had to go to nightmare world to get some supplies first! Senior cannon fodder: the newcomer over there, put down the vase, put down the tissue, and put down ah piao's shoes! Run! * Shop: "Settle down in a corner," not "Ah Yu fish!"
An Illustrated Guidebook to Other Races
This is an adventure story where “you” collect scenes with other races in another world.
Bigshot Cultivator Bewildering People Every Day
The leader of the cultivation world, a generation of god of swords, luo Jiujiang, was omnipotent in music, chess, calligraphy and painting. He was proficient in all kinds of weapons. From the moment he decided to embark on the road of quick (tour) through (the world), the scumbags of all worlds were doomed to be in deep water. Ever since then, he has slapped every scumbag in the world with a rap beat in the face. Luo Jiujiang, on the other hand, opened up the daily life of millions of fans in various worlds. Scum attackers: a moment of pleasure in torture, wife chasing crematorium qaq Luo Jiujiang: no, no, no. Don't chase me. I'll give you a ten-mile funeral. Stomping on the ground, looking for your own partner in every world! So... The overbearing ceo's mosquito blood turned ceo Bai Yueguang into a bicycle and ran away! The masses found that mosquito blood was proficient in numerous classical chinese musical instruments, and the lingering sound of a random song made people unaware of the taste of meat for t
Live Broadcasting Raising Dragons in the Interstellar
Shen Mian, a powerful man in the wood and space departments, dressed up as omega who was kicked out by his family, had zero homeless savings, and the original master was still a young teacher, assigned to the most marginal planet, and became the dean of Nursery school. The nursery school was small and run-down, and Shen Mian, as the dean, had to live to earn money in addition to raising her cubs. So one day, on the biggest broadcast platform in the galaxy, there was a big cute scene, also known as the crematorium of A Wei, which was rumored by the audience to be able to attract dragons together in 1551! The cubs weighed a hundred kilograms and could spitfire. They could fight and sell well. The nursery teacher, Shen Mian, was better than a. With the popularity of the broadcast room, little Nursery school became the number one Nursery school in the galaxy. Shen Mian was diligent in bringing up the cubs, not thinking that empire The crown prince was actually his cub. Shen Mian: I, the dean, raise dragons.
My Princess Has Been Reborn
Lu Qipei has died at the hands of the person she trusted most. However, what she regretted most before she died was that she had appeared before Princess Qi Yang and had an abnormal (gay) marriage with her. After dying, she would still be pulling Princess Qi Yang into a quagmire. Thus, after being reborn, Lu Qipei decided to break free of her shackles and abandon everything. She did not want to appear in front of Princess Qi Yang again. Yet, Princess Qi Yang had been reborn as well and even managed to successfully capture this wild, escaped prince consort on the first day of being reborn… Qi Yang (smiling): You still want to run? Servants, come and bring this prince consort back! Lu Qipei (tightly covering her clothes): No no no, who are you? You’re not that cute and innocent little princess of mine!
Male God is Chasing My Brother
An Xu Mo knew that Zhou Jinchen was good looking from a young age. He had worked hard to sign into Zhou Jinchen's agency. He thought that the relationship between the two would be as distant as before, but he didn't realize it, but he went on the road to block the peach blossom for the other party. Zhou Jinchen: next weekend, ming...
After Reverse Transmigration, I Became the Four Arch-Enemies’ White Moonlight
Jin Yanliu, the man with divine facial features, mega-rich, is viral at the age of twenty. One day, he finds out that he is actually living in a book called “Taking Turns to Dote on.” In the book, his body is the one that someone else’s soul will transmigrate into. According to the plot, the soul will spend his money, enjoy his fame, and use his beauty—to seduce the four big shots within the story. Ha! It wouldn’t matter if he didn’t know, but he’s got to fight back since he knows already! As a result, Jin Yanliu set his eyes on the four big shots from the text. The first big shot: His brother who looks mellow and calm on the outside but is actually sick and dark with paranoid and fanatical deviations. The second big shot: his well-known archrival in the showbiz world. The third big shot: The cautious leader of his anti-fans and has extreme fighting strength. The fourth big shot: The tyrannical, cold blooded disabled bigshot who never experienced any warmth. Jin Yanliu personally groomed them all to
Investment Life
If you had a chance to live again, what would you do? Earn money, hold onto a thick leg, just find someone to live a happy life with? … Stepping on the beat of the times, riding the wind and breaking the waves, strategizing, using your knowledge to change yourself, and everything around you? Based on reality and distinct historical occurrences in China’s economic history, this novel tells the story of love, redemption and second chances.
Beloved Husband
Note: this article will enter v at 10: 00 am on saturday (10.17) tomorrow, on wednesday~ after that, it will be more than 6000 + 9000 +. I hope those who like the script of the girl will continue to support ^ ^ Xie Yun, the eighth prince who had been "Foolish" for ten years, suffered a "Disaster." He recovered from his illness, but his leg was crippled. He rubbed his hands and waited for the "Enemies" who were going to bully him to hear about it. He was about to get a wife. He was married to an underage "Man" who was both physically and mentally explosive. All the princes: he also has a day of oppression! (Enjoying ing) Reborn male and female: am I blind?! (It was said that water and fire did not agree, but they killed each other to death?!) Audience: too much! I've eaten too much dog food. Nini: for more details, pick it up, pick it up! Yo! (Serious face) Mystery of the century: she killed him, but they were together!!! Seriously ill prince charming x attack attribute max female lead; The female boss is han
The Haunted
Chi Yan was born with a very weak constitution, and there were always ghosts who wanted to kill him. For many years, there was no way to ask people to worship buddha. It happened that ye Sangongzi died of illness in shiming city. An old saying told Chi Yan that Yesangongzi was evil, took a little of his ashes and placed them beside him, and worshipped his tablet at home, which could suppress the ghosts around him. Chi Yan gave it a try and it worked. But he did not expect that this would lead to the most difficult evil. Love business is obsessive, resentment business is hard to sell, evil into the body. It is not true that the evil forces have been pestered for more than one lifetime, and each time they lose their memories, they have to be frightened again. - - - This article is a literary creation. The content is purely fictional. It advocates that everyone believe in science and not the author's nonsense (* / omega*).