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Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!
[ Sweet baby~ ] when the surrogate sister got married, she went from an orphan daughter to the young lady of the richest family in t city overnight. On his wedding night, he was cold and aloof. "Even if you marry into the mu family by any means, it's nothing to me!" She was calm and heartless. "Master mu, don't take yourself too seriously. I don't care about your people or your money!" After the marriage - young master mu spent money like dirt during the day and worked hard at night. "What do you think you don't like about me, huh?" Luo chenxi was annoyed and threw out the divorce agreement. "We can't live this day. Divorce!" The next second, the little princess ran over with her hello kitty suitcase and hugged her thigh excitedly. "Mama, are we going to play the game of leaving home again?"
My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss
"You bought me back, didn't you want me to sleep with you? I do!" The cold-faced king of the shopping mall, no one can play a rogue! "You - this liar!" She was angry. He had set up a trap to trick her into entering the game, to rely on her, to seduce her.
Medical career
Since then sweeping the campus, dominating the officialdom, the fate of the gear also began to turn. He said: sister, I want to protect you. I want to be an official, because only in this way can I go to the glory of the holy one!!!" He said," brother come with me, I will let you go to the glory of the holy one." He also said: I am the people's son, anti-corruption is my mission.
The Queen Of Everything
Spotted — The world-famous actress Su Cha is drawn into a breaking gossip! After watching the leaked video, her fans and the public have completely different reactions. Fans: OMG!! Her boyfriend is sooooooo cute! They are bound to be together! While for the shocked public: What? How can this swashbuckling man look like a sweet puppy when he is with Su cha? In Su cha's eyes, Bo Muyi is a gentle and adorable boy who always asks for kisses and cuddles. In the public's eyes, he is more like an ambitious and relentless tyrant. Before rebirth, Su Cha died of depression because of wrong love. After rebirth, she becomes a versatile and deviant woman. Moreover, she starts to enjoy spoiling her cute husband.
Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!
"From now on, every inch of your body belongs to me. Don't resist." He was like satan, who had come to invade her, and her body and mind... The retarded, stupid girl whom everyone had despised in the past, woke up and was hit by a demon from the sky the moment she opened her eyes.
Endless Pampering Only For You
That night, she was drunk, and he ate her little mouth, then ate it, and played sneak attacks from time to time. "Yin shaojie, why did you kiss me?" Finally, after he had kissed her so many times, she showed up. However, the devil smiled evilly." You are my wife. Why can't I kiss you?" They were childhood sweethearts and were engaged under the scheme of their families. From then on, they shared a room and a bed." Yin shaojie, you are so abnormal!" He squinted." What did you say?" I said you're changing... Uh-huh!" Her mouth was gagged. He thumped her on the bed." You call it a pervert to steal a kiss? Then I'm even more perverted. Do you want to try..." ]
Reincarnation Businesswoman: Miraculous Hand Space Hunting The Major
In her previous life, she was a cold-blooded assassin who died tragically without a burial place. One day, she travels back to the time she's fifteen years old and has surprisingly gained a miraculous space—she can store items and scans items to see what's inside. She tortures her cruel parents, tricks her unreasonable sisters and slaps her one-of-a-kind relatives in their faces. Who said looks and intelligence cannot co-exist? She has superb martial art skills and gorgeous looks with a bright future ahead of her. However, she is spotted by a cruel military officer. "You are suspected of murder, infiltrating the central system... You have committed too many offences and you need to be arrested right away." Song Ye raised her eyebrows and retorts, "In Young Master Qin's eyes, what do you think is a good way to rid me of all my offences?" The gaze of a particular person darkens. After a while, he says, "Marry me." This story has both strong male and the female leads and it would be a pleasure to read. One vs on
To You, My Beloved
"Honey, I'm feeling a little upset tonight. Please take a vacation!" "Honey, I seem to have a cold tonight. Please take a vacation!" "Honey, I'm going to my friend's house to accompany her tonight. I'm asking for a vacation!" Before getting married, gu qingcheng was always thinking about how to push it to tang dynasty. After getting married, gu qingcheng was thinking about how to let tang shi off the hook for a night. However, it turned out that no matter how invincible her excuses were, he could always easily resolve them." Honey, I'm in Maldives right now. Take good care of your house tonight!" Since she couldn't hide, then she wanted to take the liberty of giving herself a holiday? Tang shi pondered for a moment and ordered his assistant. At midnight that night, someone knocked on the door of the hotel. Gu qingcheng heard tang shi's soft voice coming through t
The beautiful woman always falls in love with me
Once she was drunk, she sent him home because of a long hair, and his marriage crisis erupted ... At the moment when he was utterly disillusioned and his life was at its lowest point, she fought with him in the business world, allowing him to break through to a successful transformation, only to be able to live in his heart ...
The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
"Don't touch my son!" She tilted her face to block the door. He played with her and whispered in front of her ear, "I'm not only touching your son, I'm moving with you, baby, think about how to appease the army tonight. I'll wait...
Matriarch is Pretty and Cool
Bai chuwei had lived for five thousand years and forced herself to become the ancestor of the entire human race. After that, she went down the mountain to start the original plot. A female student came to henghua no.1 middle school and no.3 middle school. The little girl had bright eyes and white teeth. Her lips were red and white, and she looked like an immortal. Unfortunately, it was a secondary illness. "All ten duans together don't have more than half of the assets I have accumulated over five thousand years."" The most famous chinese classic? That's what I wrote and played about 200 years ago."" Scientific research is not as good as flying immortals with a sword. Today, my ancestors taught us how to cultivate immortals with science." Netizens who ate melons sneered and waited for bai chuwei to act like she was flipping over. Until later, the china association for property statistics said," as the richest man in the world, our ancestors owned the world's largest gold mine, hundreds of islands, and countl
The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex
Married into a rich family, she became infertile for three years. When she finally cured her infertility and was ready to give birth to a child for him, he unexpectedly brought the pregnant third child into the house in a high-profile manner. "Since you can't give birth, get out. Do you want our mo family to die?" Her...
His Canary
How does it feel to be forced to be with someone you don't like? Dong Ci replied after experiencing it: first, rejection is unacceptable, then understanding being moved by him, then falling in love with him, and finally - never leaving him again.
The Adventures of My All-Rounder Wife
I heard that the wife of emperor mo was an ignorant little overlord, and everyone was secretly watching a joke. Learning trash? Lu mian flung out the top science student's college entrance examination report card. No talent? Lu mian played the piano with one hand and painted with the other. Only a loser? Two days to earn a small goal to understand. Boxing, go, treasure hunting, racing... Come on, have a good match. The gentle xiao qimo held his glasses and proudly said, "Who else has something to say?" The subordinate carefully raised his hand, "Master mo, I found it! The man who destroyed the illegal laboratory by himself seems to be his wife..." Xiao qimo looked at his wife, who practiced calligraphy calmly. "Impossible!" Until -
Number 1 Scandalous Queen
[ Strongly recommend the new article, "The first demoness," ] instead, she was dressed up as the infamous and miserably banned shadow queen, hyped up, plastic surgery, junior, bribed, played the big card, and went up by the unspoken rules? Generation after generation spoils the empress domineeringly sneers, returns forcefully! Fight the best actor, kick the queen, and dominate the entertainment industry! Kick my husband away, out of the sky, out of the universe, out of space, crazy to the point of outrage! The empress said that as long as she could get rid of the dog emperor, her mother's journey would be recognized! However, the goose... What the hell! My wife's husband has the same hair as the dog emperor!!! The author is recommended to finish the essay, "Hello, lord god of men,"" hello, lord school grass!"" All dressed up as sweethearts and sweethearts. Welcome to the pit.
To the future
The football-loving Han Feng was once hailed as china's most talented footballer. Unfortunately, he was chosen by Barcelona's la masia youth camp and was badly injured in an internal match before joining the club. He was told that he would never be a professional again. Frustrated, he was persuaded by his parents. For the future had to return to the normal high school, re-learn cultural knowledge, take the college entrance examination road. In an attempt to cut ties with football, he went to Dingyuan no.1 middle school, Dingyuan's worst soccer player, but perhaps because of his obsession with football, where he met friends like Luo Yingjun and He Jiayi, who were eager to lead Dingyuan no.1 middle school into the national league and win the national championship. From the beginning by Luo Yingjun moved, by the school team everyone moved, and re-touch football. Then to help them realize their dream, resolutely join the school team. Finally fully integrated into the Dingyuan no.1 middle school family and we work
A Lifetime of Peace and Care
Copywriter: Mr. Gu, the new director of the famous "Jiaye" film company, known as the "Ghost genius," is a famous "Workaholic" and "Sexual apathy." Although there are still many scandals about him, he still doesn't.
Please Permit Me To Love You Forever
[ The physical book has been published, and the title is "Wait for you, wait for my love" when all cats have it on the same day ] she schemed and provoked the number one authority in the capital! After signing the contract, he called and she was ready to serve. The contract was terminated, and she curled her lips." I'll take the money. You leave. We don't owe each other anything." He was the young master of the imperial capital. He controlled the business empire by day and the life and death of a city by night. She was an exception. The gun was aimed at her heart." Die with me, be loved by me. Which one do you choose?" She curled her mouth, turned around and stuffed a small bun into his arms." Here, the answer."
Overnight riches: my days as a venture capitalist
University just graduated into the investment company, thought it was golden avenue, but not full of dirty, where to go?
The Heir Is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince!
[ Pet wen ] as a black fan, an xiaxia's biggest hobby every day is hei sheng yize! Hei sheng yize! Hei sheng yize! Hei sheng yize! But why did this national idol suddenly become her deskmate one day? He even swaggered into her house...
Lady Cultivator
As a female monk, there were too many difficulties to overcome on the road to longevity. Qualifications, skills, elixirs, and magical treasures should not be lacking. Feelings, weakness, kindness, greed, nothing more. Without the former, cultivation was too slow, and with the latter, death was too fast. What's more, the appearance is not inferior, the wisdom is not much less = = = = = = = = = = = = = = the disaster of heaven falling ten thousand years ago, the world of cangming is isolated from all walks of life, and the thoroughfare to heaven has been cut off for ten thousand years. Finally, the thirteenth generation of tianjizi asserted that the path to heaven was opened in this generation! The new book, "Destiny is the phoenix," http: / / / www. Qdmm. Com / mmweb / 1003310469.
Trembling At A High Altitude
When she woke up, she appeared at a height of more than a thousand meters. It was the top of a towering stone pillar. How did I get up? How should I get down? Help!
The Long-awaited Mr Han
[ Top pet shuang wen, shuang jie 1v1 ] "Take me in, let me do anything!" In her previous life, she was framed and imprisoned by her stepsister and scumbag, leaving only her own mother's tombstone behind. Looking at the reunion between the scumbag and his parents, she caught fire with the scumbag.
You Are My Only Sunshine
[ Darlingly sweet ] not only was the hobby of hao xiansen's "Sick" wife well-known, but it was even to the point where it made one's hair stand on end. Rumor had it that Mrs. Hao was a lowly person, and he didn't care. Mrs. Hao's educational background was low, so he spent money to buy a university city for her. Mrs. Hao's appearance was ordinary, and he gave countless treasures as a foil. Mrs. Hao was a loner, so he gave up all the banquets and entertainment. However, Mrs. Hao, who had been spoiled to the skies, was brainless enough to regret her marriage!" I'm poor. I really don't deserve you."..."" Hao xiansen," it was my negligence. I'll take care of it tomorrow." What, a divorce agreement? Oh, no, it's actually half of his property transfer agreement! [ Content is not abusive, not abusive, very pampered~
My bumpy marriage path
This is my many years bumpy love road, tangled feelings, broken marriage, injured family, family, love, hate in it, human nature of good and evil ...
Best Delinquent Wife's Order: Rise Again, Hubby
"You... Don't come over! No!" The man looked down at his 19-year-old wife, who was blushing, and pinned her down on his desk! After that, she rushed out of the president's office, hid her face and ran away, regretting it! On the night of the breakup a month ago,... Husband: you are the original author of tao xixi's meticulous urban novel, the pen and interest pavilion updated the number one wife order simultaneously: husband, president, you are in the latest chapter, the number one wife order published by book friends: husband, president, you comment on it, does not mean that the pen and interest pavilion agrees or supports the number one wife order: husband, president, you are a book friend's point of view. If you think "Number one fresh wife order: ceo husband you are on top" is not bad, please click the share button at the top to share with your circle of friends!
Happy password
How many people have lost their way in the colorful metropolis? What is happiness? Some people say that happiness is a safe, want to get it, you have the password.
My Formidable Beast-Controlling Consort Rules
[ Scum is not a new book. The story of qingyan's daughter, "Dark emperor, your wife is going against heaven," has been published~ as always, su shuangwen~ really don't you want to support yanyan's daughter? (Starry eye) ] the former divine emperor blew himself up and turned into a flower maniac on the mainland of Tianyuan.
He's As Dazzling As The Stars
"Xia xingchen, give me a baby!" That night, she was eaten up by a mysterious man. I thought it was just a dream, but two months later, she was really pregnant! When she went to the hospital to remove the child, no one in the country dared to operate on her, so she had to give birth to the child. Five years later, the child was snatched away, and then a noble man entered her world domineeringly. What? Is he the father of the child? Not only that, but he was also the president of a country above all others?! So... Is this really not a dream?... Good morning, Mr. President! It's an urban novel by the original author, nan yinyin, and it's updated at the same time. Good morning, Mr. President! The latest chapter, good morning from fellow scholars, Mr. President! Comments do not mean that bi qu pavilion agrees or supports good morning, Mr. President! A book friend's point of view. Good morning, Mr. President! If it's not bad, please click the share button at the top to share it with your circle of friends!
Bringing the Nation's Husband Home
The book has been published and released. The title of the book is "You'll be fine for the rest of your life." It's signed. Hurry and buy it!" Don't touch me in public."" Don't publicly say I'm your wife."" Don't let anyone know that I live with you." Lu Jinnian and an hao were forced to get married because of their parents' orders. An hao thought that their marriage was cold in front of people and lingering behind them. So, on her wedding night, she told him three times in a row that she wasn't allowed. Lu jinnian looked at her expressionlessly and blinked his eyes, not letting him touch her in public. He could touch her openly and not let him publicly say that she was his wife. He could say that he was her husband. As for the last one not to... In an interview, he spoke to people around the world," every night, I sleep in the same bed as you.