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Lady Cultivator
As a female monk, there were too many difficulties to overcome on the road to longevity. Qualifications, skills, elixirs, and magical treasures should not be lacking. Feelings, weakness, kindness, greed, nothing more. Without the former, cultivation was too slow, and with the latter, death was too fast. What's more, the appearance is not inferior, the wisdom is not much less = = = = = = = = = = = = = = the disaster of heaven falling ten thousand years ago, the world of cangming is isolated from all walks of life, and the thoroughfare to heaven has been cut off for ten thousand years. Finally, the thirteenth generation of tianjizi asserted that the path to heaven was opened in this generation! The new book, "Destiny is the phoenix," http: / / / www. Qdmm. Com / mmweb / 1003310469.
A Lifetime of Peace and Care
Copywriter: Mr. Gu, the new director of the famous "Jiaye" film company, known as the "Ghost genius," is a famous "Workaholic" and "Sexual apathy." Although there are still many scandals about him, he still doesn't.
Please Permit Me To Love You Forever
[ The physical book has been published, and the title is "Wait for you, wait for my love" when all cats have it on the same day ] she schemed and provoked the number one authority in the capital! After signing the contract, he called and she was ready to serve. The contract was terminated, and she curled her lips." I'll take the money. You leave. We don't owe each other anything." He was the young master of the imperial capital. He controlled the business empire by day and the life and death of a city by night. She was an exception. The gun was aimed at her heart." Die with me, be loved by me. Which one do you choose?" She curled her mouth, turned around and stuffed a small bun into his arms." Here, the answer."
The Heir Is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince!
[ Pet wen ] as a black fan, an xiaxia's biggest hobby every day is hei sheng yize! Hei sheng yize! Hei sheng yize! Hei sheng yize! But why did this national idol suddenly become her deskmate one day? He even swaggered into her house...
Overnight riches: my days as a venture capitalist
University just graduated into the investment company, thought it was golden avenue, but not full of dirty, where to go?
Bringing Culture to a Different World
A group of dragons sitting on the small benches and watched "Game of Thrones" together day and night. The elves Druid burst into tears because of the movie "Hachi: A Dog's Tale." Humanity and the Dwarf have a violent fight for a legendary card in the "Legend of hearthstone" tavern. Even the gods themselves came to earth to urge for the series of "Holmes's case collection." Exactly! This is a cultural invasion from the earth in a different world! Ps: This time, we won by force. This time, we won by culture. In short, it is a story mainly about messing with the internet and games in the universe, with movies and cartoons as a supplement.
Trembling At A High Altitude
When she woke up, she appeared at a height of more than a thousand meters. It was the top of a towering stone pillar. How did I get up? How should I get down? Help!
Best Delinquent Wife's Order: Rise Again, Hubby
"You... Don't come over! No!" The man looked down at his 19-year-old wife, who was blushing, and pinned her down on his desk! After that, she rushed out of the president's office, hid her face and ran away, regretting it! On the night of the breakup a month ago,... Husband: you are the original author of tao xixi's meticulous urban novel, the pen and interest pavilion updated the number one wife order simultaneously: husband, president, you are in the latest chapter, the number one wife order published by book friends: husband, president, you comment on it, does not mean that the pen and interest pavilion agrees or supports the number one wife order: husband, president, you are a book friend's point of view. If you think "Number one fresh wife order: ceo husband you are on top" is not bad, please click the share button at the top to share with your circle of friends!
The Long-awaited Mr Han
[ Top pet shuang wen, shuang jie 1v1 ] "Take me in, let me do anything!" In her previous life, she was framed and imprisoned by her stepsister and scumbag, leaving only her own mother's tombstone behind. Looking at the reunion between the scumbag and his parents, she caught fire with the scumbag.
My bumpy marriage path
This is my many years bumpy love road, tangled feelings, broken marriage, injured family, family, love, hate in it, human nature of good and evil ...
Temporary Husband: The Pregnant Wife Runs Away?
[ Finished ] in order to get back at the tang family, he did not hesitate to marry her who was mentally ill. In front of him, she was his wife; behind him, the people around him called her'miss'. She thought he would never touch her, but she was wrong. On the anniversary of his former lover's death, he would...
Happy password
How many people have lost their way in the colorful metropolis? What is happiness? Some people say that happiness is a safe, want to get it, you have the password.
Bringing the Nation's Husband Home
The book has been published and released. The title of the book is "You'll be fine for the rest of your life." It's signed. Hurry and buy it!" Don't touch me in public."" Don't publicly say I'm your wife."" Don't let anyone know that I live with you." Lu Jinnian and an hao were forced to get married because of their parents' orders. An hao thought that their marriage was cold in front of people and lingering behind them. So, on her wedding night, she told him three times in a row that she wasn't allowed. Lu jinnian looked at her expressionlessly and blinked his eyes, not letting him touch her in public. He could touch her openly and not let him publicly say that she was his wife. He could say that he was her husband. As for the last one not to... In an interview, he spoke to people around the world," every night, I sleep in the same bed as you.
Tomb raiders
Ouyang met a mysterious man after his failure in the college entrance examination, helped him revise his grades and recommended him to a university for study. On the day he entered the school, he realized that the so-called university was located in Thirteen tombs, kyoto. What kind of school would be built around a cemetery, what kind of school would be built here.
Hello, Heir
He was the successor of di hao group. He was decisive and ruthless, but he loved his wife to the bone. "Hubby, I want to have a pet. What do you say?"" Feed you."..."" Honey, I want to change the sheets. Which material do you think is the best
I Wish Mo All the Best
Chen qianmo was a female criminal psychologist who was good at using micro-expressions to observe people's hearts and had high iq and eq. Reborn, born in a flashy world, sadistic scum was the only thing that could not shake off the little wolf dog's appearance and the little milk dog's heart. To the outside world, he was the strongest and most silent young man.
She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
He just spat out the author's rubbish and dressed up as a playboy with the same name in the book! And the divorce is about to become cannon fodder! Ning meng said, "She wants to hold her husband's thigh tightly and turn her life around!" But why are ex-boyfriends all over the place, with all her debts? When the red emperor was very proud:" ning meng, this is the song I sing for you." Little milk dog, an expert in the competition, said," sister, I can't win the championship without you." Even the original male protagonist came to join in the fun:" as long as you follow me, I can pick the stars for you!" Ning meng:?? She silently turned her head and looked at her dark-faced husband, who was about to cry. Please ask, how can a sulky husband be coaxed by his daily jealousy when he becomes a lemon essence?! Wait online, it's urgent! [ Book 1v1, shuangjie, masochistic, sweet-tasting to the end! ]
Newlyweds 1001 Nights: Mr. Bo’s Love Life
"It hurts... Don't... Let me go..." "First time? Little thing, you are so delicate!" The man looked at his hands and applied the ointment, a gentle and doting smile on his face. Being reborn to 17 years old, luo zheng wanted to find the ceo to repay her kindness
The Man from Hell
The starry sky demon emperor, is reborn! I am a demon, a slave to god, a servant to immortals!!!
My beautiful leader
To give a gift to the secretary, but the secretary is a beautiful woman. What? My leader is a beautiful woman? Well ...
Master Zhan, Calm Down!
When Sang Xia bumps into her ex-boyfriend, he says furiously, “Sang Xia, there are so many women in the world. Call me a dog if I still like you!” She turns around without any hesitation and suddenly, he barks from behind her. The whole world knows how crazily in love Rong Zhan is with Sang Xia. Someone asks, “Master Zhan, how does Sister-in-law deserve your love so shamelessly?”
Flying youth love turns
Zhu jun, qiao qiao qiao qiao and monkey grow up together is the iron friend, qiao qiao qiao qiao first found the former bud blooming into a rose, begged brother to help pursue. Zhu jun will be strong feelings to suppress the heart, monkey prices deliberately trouble. The situation was grim, and competitors began to emerge ... The three brothers agreed to fight off the competitors together first and foremost. But after that, what's the point of being brothers? Rose had her own opinions. The more she interacted with her three brothers, the more determined she became. Indulge in love, sever friendship, brother love is difficult to both? Testing everyone's character and intelligence. Who the hell is it? Love, need strength, need to pursue, also need a little bit of luck and fate. To pursue beauty as suspense, to break through the game layer by layer, reveal love needs fate, character determines fate, experience to promote growth. Satisfy fantasies and dreams. Boy's dream: best friend, best girlfriend. Girl's drea
Granting You Deep Feelings, May You Treasure It
A plot carefully planned by her family made her pregnant with the children of the top businessmen. He did not ask about her background or status, nor did he investigate her eight generations. He said, "Keep the child and I'll marry you!" She said, "I'm sorry, I won't marry a rich family!" As domineering as he was, he was considerate and gentle to her. Spoil her till the end of the world. On the day of the wedding, he smiled coldly. "So, because he's back, you're willing to marry me?" She retorted, "If it wasn't for the position of group president, would you marry me?" A year later, he handed in the divorce agreement. After the divorce, he went crazy all over the world looking for her! (Doting wen, both male and female masters are clean in body and mind) Warm marriage in the world: the first billionaire's wife hunt is a masterpiece of an urban novel by the original author, exquisitely crafted by ruyu. The pen and interest pavilion updates the marriage in a synchronized fashion: the latest chapter of the first
The Inverted Dragon's Scale
Born naturally defective but possessed by the spirit of a divine dragon. Inheriting the divine dragon’s will and power, growing scales and magical claws, imperial waters containing the breath of the dragon, traveling through clouds and summoning rain, an invincible physical body. In this world and era, countless men dream of slaying dragons. Li Mu Yang has always lived a hard life.
Minister Family's Black Belly Woman
When she reborn, she finally understood; men can never be relied on. That being the case, she can only rely on herself to win, that splendid brilliance she yearned for, in this lifetime. To my scheming stepmother and ruthless sister, I will destroy all your backings, pull off your wings, and step on your arrogance! As for grandmother who speaks kindly but has a snake-like heart, and a father who is hypocritical and exploits advantages; I will tear off your pretense and cut off your hope! Let’s see how you can still scheme against me! Witness her splendid fight against her stepmother, punish scum men, and create havoc in the imperial court, as she soars with the wind and rises above the water! But as for that man who still stands! How dare he play with my heart?
Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion
"Um... Aha... Ha... Stop!" She was tickled without any resistance. "Marry or die!" To become the most itchy person in history. "If you don't want me, I'll sleep until you want me." On the surface, he was a powerful business overlord.
The Rise Of Otaku
The reclusive, idle man was suddenly forced out of the room by his sudden ability.
Love From The Koi Goddess
[ Su shuang sweet darling ] jin li, the heaven's fate, the first transformed jin carp between heaven and earth. After being drunk, he wandered through the three realms and landed on the recently deceased third-tier star, bai jinli. Bai jinli, the number one black vase in the entertainment industry. Poor acting, playing big, and recently trying to tie up with the male god lu Qingyuan to fire cp. The daily clamour of the blackies: hot chicken and white pear roll out of the entertainment circle! But one day, the blackies of the three generations of jinli found out that the style of jinli's weibo had changed. A month later - jin li's father, can you draw now?!
Swift Strategies : 100 Ways Of Seducing Mr Perfect
The evil charm villain curled his lips and said, "Kiss and hug. Hold it high." # The cold beauty's long eyelashes drooped slightly." You must not go back on your promise to marry me." # The sickly young man's eyes were deep and he raised his eyebrows and smiled lightly." Where else do you want to go besides me?"... Yu chu could not help but ask the lord," my lord, your soul fragments always tease me, but I don't want to be teased. What do you think I should do? Hmm? Yes, I really don't want to be teased."" Hey, wait... Don't be angry, hey, don't be wronged, damn it, don't be coquettish, okay, okay, I'll let you do it, okay!
Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress
Rebirth, generosity, scum abuse, one-on-one, no abuse! She was the king of mercenaries who changed the tone of the world's big shots. She had an ancient jade in her hand. She was good at cultivation and medicine... Everything. The unexpected rebirth, she became a joke in the upper class, the scumbag girl in the school who saw evil people? The genius mercenary king who used to intimidate the entire mercenary world said, "Stop it, you were still playing with mud when sister was playing with bombs!" Useless and incompetent? How do you feel about being broken by a piece of trash? First from the bottom? Come on, let me tell you how to write the word" genius" ! Was she not as talented as her well-read and reasonable sister, who knew business, finance, and management? Well, do you know that the current king of business is crying for her to accept him as his disciple? Father unknown? The world trembles when her father's name comes out!... The miracle ancient doctor, she was the god in the eyes of countless patients.