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Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
She was originally a rich family, but she was exiled for 15 years. After being found by her relatives, she fell into another conspiracy and died miserably. Fifteen years old, she was born with vengeance, her adopted daughter was hypocritical, she personally peeled off her skin, stepmother and stepsister greedy, she...
Young Master Mo's Gentle Kiss: Wife, Won't You Accept It?
Chi huan was heavily asleep by his bodyguard the night before the wedding. When he woke up, he knelt on one knee and calmly said, "I turned myself in." She wore a man's shirt and smiled lazily. "Surrender?" Her white feet rubbed against the man's legs, and the verdict was nonchalant. "You have only two choices. First, repay my innocence from the palace. Second, be my man." Chi huan had always thought that mo shiqian, as a bodyguard, was not only omnipotent but also incredibly handsome, except that he was not born well. However, many years later, he landed in front of her with incomparable dignity. "Chi huan, try it. Who dares to touch the woman who has my mo shiqian label on her?" (1V1, both male and female masters are physically and mentally clean) Dear wife on: mo shao, gentle kiss is an urban novel that the original author meticulously wrote at ten o' clock. The pen and interest pavilion updated her at the same time: mo shao, gentle kiss the latest chapter, the dear wife published by the book friend on: m
Black Tech Internet Cafe System
In a distant foreign world, there is such a weird Internet cafe. This Internet cafe charges extremely high, it has no network management service, and each customer can only play a maximum of 6 hours per day. Of course, the owner never gives a damn about those customers; he plays video games all the time and let the customers help themselves; he closes the door without hesitation once the time is up! The announcement attached to the door saying: If you don't want to stay, fxxk off! This cafe occasionally sells snacks like Sprite and Haagen-Dazs, but everything is priced out of this world. It's crazy, right? Would anyone come to such an Internet cafe? Well, it actually turned down the Emperor's invitation several times, and now it is still crowded with visitors! As for the reasons, it must be its unique system that enables people to run a virtual reality...
Gourmet Food Supplier
"In the far east, there is a strange little shop that has repeatedly rejected the michelin three star evaluation. It was very expensive. A bowl of egg-fried rice with soup was 288 rmb. Oh, I forgot there was a plate of kimchi, but even so, there were a lot of people waiting in line. There were no reservations, only live queues, and countless people lined up on private flights, but there were no parking spaces or parking spaces available. The service there was so bad that the customers were supposed to clean up the dishes themselves. By the way, they were supposed to clean the table. Oh! God, this boss is crazy. " Michelin food magazine
Township official route
Provincial party committee officials because of the whereabouts of find girlfriend to a remote town, inadvertently become the province to break the local interests of the public interest of the road stone, the result is to provoke the younger sister. Not only to face the local officialdom on his guard and suppression, but also within the ability to carry out a proper balance, in the face of the feelings of the younger sister and waiting for a girlfriend how to choose between?
Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife
She was an international ace agent, a top hacker, an expert in firearms, an assassin, and unexpectedly reborn as an ordinary junior high school student. Cowardly and incompetent, the scum girl wants to press her head into the toilet dung pit? The father of a gambler, who borrowed a loan shark and was chased after for debt? There was also a group of top-quality relatives who followed her home. Yun Jian, who had been reborn, put his hand on his forehead and sneered: do you want to know how to write the word "Death" ? When she returned, she fought back in a high-profile manner. If anyone bullies me, kill me! Ps: refreshing, abusive, face-slapping, strong for women and strong for men. 1v1 is absolutely clean in body and mind. If you don't believe me, take a soap brush and scratch it! At the same time, press the lower right corner to collect it!
The Empire's Mr. Jun Is Playing The Villain Again
The number one pet of the empire: young master jun's 100 ways to seduce his wife
The Spiritual Attainment Of Minghe
They all had their own legends. As the ancestor of the sea of blood, the styx river did not leave any real legends. A man from a technical residence in later generations expressed his dissatisfaction.
Love From The Koi Goddess
[ Su shuang sweet darling ] jin li, the heaven's fate, the first transformed jin carp between heaven and earth. After being drunk, he wandered through the three realms and landed on the recently deceased third-tier star, bai jinli. Bai jinli, the number one black vase in the entertainment industry. Poor acting, playing big, and recently trying to tie up with the male god lu Qingyuan to fire cp. The daily clamour of the blackies: hot chicken and white pear roll out of the entertainment circle! But one day, the blackies of the three generations of jinli found out that the style of jinli's weibo had changed. A month later - jin li's father, can you draw now?!
The 99th Divorce
[ Original name: divorce 99 ] after five years of marriage, she loved him as much as her life, but was abandoned. Once reborn, a divorce contract struck first: "Divorce in a year, the terms of the contract are as follows!" "No room, no bed, no intimate contact?" ..
Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
There are two qiao in the courtyard. The big qiao is as beautiful as a painting. Xiao qiao, she was as humble as grass and had been an old girl all her life. Qiao nan: ah bah, it's obviously my own, but I can't even compare my life to the ones I picked up! Mother qiao: qiao nan, you are not as good looking as your elder sister. Your brain is better than...
The General’s Beloved Wife: Shame on You, Sweetheart
In a fighter aircraft, a wild but delicate-looking girl is found climbing over the thighs of a man. “I’m gonna bed you, Uncle General!” Her declaration gets the man smirking with narrowed eyes. "Lass, are you sure you want to sit right on me? You'll faint from the pain.” Jiang Mianmian eventually becomes General Zhan’s pampered little lover after their fiery night together. Under his commands, she’s forced to quit smoking, drinking, and skipping classes… but she has finally reached her limits after her repeated failed attempts of resistance. Thus, on the day of her coming-of-age ceremony, she hooks her arms around a handsome boy and leads him over to the general. “This is my boyfriend, Uncle. Let’s get a divorce!” The man’s eyes turns icy cold at that. The girl receives a good spanking from the wasted general that night. Her eyes bulge in horror as she cries out piteously, “No, not there, Uncle!” “My dear Mianmian..." The smirking general caresses her face in response. "You were the one begging me to take you
Hidden merchant
"A newly graduated college student was framed, suffered unbearable pain and humiliation from a man, and laughed at by the world. People will encounter many crossroads in their life, each choice is a treasure to life, but also a challenge to fate. Is the life of the throat, or grasp the pulse of fate, is the trend and do, or against the current, everything is fate, or a brilliant life. "
City of Sin
I risked my life to escape from the pyramid scheme, and I also abducted a girl...
The Rest Of My Life Is For You
Yu yuehan, the most honorable and mysterious man in h city, is cold and heartless. He is not close to women, but he is entangled by a little girl! "Daddy, you're so handsome." His eyes were drooling." Daddy, hug me." Drooling. Daddy, I want a sister. Make one with mommy." Daddy..." Yu yuehan's face was expressionless." I've never slept with any woman!" Not to mention a daughter!" Did my mommy sleep with you when you weren't looking?" Yu yuehan: ..."" a brief introduction: this is a sweet history of a cold father and a dark baby's family fighting for wisdom and courage..
Mr Quan, Let's Be Together From Now On
The first time we met, he said to her, "I want you." The second time they met, he said to her," I'll marry you." The third time they met, he stood at the bathroom door, wrapped in a white towel, and bewitched her with a deep voice." Do you want me? Here you go."" Pervert." She threw him two words and turned to leave. As soon as he stepped out of the door, he pressed his foot against the corner." Mrs. Quan, tonight is our wedding night. Should you fulfill your duty as a wife? If you think "Limited indulgence marriage" : husband, don't be too bad! If it's not bad, please don't forget to recommend it to your qq group and friends on weibo! Limited spoiling marriage: honey, don't be too bad! The latest chapter, limited spoiling marriage: husband, don't be too bad! No pop-up window, limited indulgence marriage: husband, don't be too bad! Read the full text. Limited spoiling marriage: honey, don't be too bad! It was the original author, su zhishui, who had carefully created an urban novel. The pen and interest pavi
Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!
As a soldier, I am loyal to my country, and as a man, I am loyal to love. After rebirth, ye jian doesn't need love! No need for family! No need for affection! But standing on the top of the mountains, proud of the past! Those who once bullied me and humiliated me, in this life, will be rewarded one by one! She was reborn with a face that could feed her, but she was destined to be a special trump sniper. He was born into a powerful family and could rely on his family for a living, but he had to rely on his ability to become the youngest general step by step. He took a fancy to her, and she avoided him. "You need the nourishment of love." He said. "Get lost! I need bullets!" She was angry. The battle between the strong and the strong, the battle between the strong and the strong, this is the story of a strong couple in special operations, and it is also a story of warmth, happiness, loyalty, and balance of power.
Crossing Worlds Provocation
[ Wildest rose, restless no man's land ] at first sight, wen xian took a liking to captain lu. Drool, salivate, lust, drip. Wen xian: hmm? How can I get to you? Is it sack or sweet talk? Lu xiao held a cigarette in his mouth and said coldly, "You are a famous star. I am the captain of this no-man's land. I am very poor. What do you like about me?" Wen xian: "I like to see how you contradict me." Lu xiao choked. With a dry face, he left without mercy, "Shameless, don't even think about it!" The next day. He: "A whim?" Wen xian: "Deliberate." [ Captain no man's land vs great star, both big shots, gao tian ]
I Can Turn into a Fish
Accidentally, Chu Xian realizes that he can turn into a fish with an extraordinary system! He also finds out that swallowing smaller fish could constantly evolve and upgrade. And then he can rule and transform other fish! In reality, his ornamental fish were sold all over the world. His fishing grounds were comparable to gold mines. And in the endless ocean, he raises the devil wherever he goes with his followers: shark, whales, giant octopus... ...
This is definitely not the future of me!
On the day of his junior year, Yun Lin met the Space and time research bureau, who had signed the deal, as" Yun Meng" from 2018 to 2013 - just a girl. Although he didn' t know why it was like this, yun lin had no choice but to follow a completely different path from his life plan under Yun Meng's" education." His goal was to become a top student, enter the best university, and reach the peak of his life. However, the road is difficult and difficult, but also harvest laughter, love and precious memories.
Death crack
This article takes treasure hunt as the main clue, intriguingly interweaves the various forces, among which is a group of young people who are lost in the modern self primarily. With their own goal of finding the treasure, all the tumultuous life and death of the process. This article takes love as the auxiliary clue, tells a group of young people who are bound by love and hate in the cruel transformation of ego and self-awareness, find their own share may not be the most correct, but this life without regret lover.
Hello Mr. King
Yun thought that she was a famous star in her previous life. In this life, she wanted to be a conscientious and good actress. Love feathers, rather lack than abuse, not relying on the number of fans to speak, the work is the confidence. He walked down to the throne on his own, but one of them accidentally got into trouble with the world-class man. From now on, the big boss will quietly follow her on weibo, and on the grounds of giving her high-tech protection items, he will create a ring set that only his ring finger can wear, and will be known as their family to let their benefactor take risks and monitor her! Until she was pinned down by him: "You are too dangerous now. Only by being my wife can you be safe." Yun thought: ...
Extraordinary years: chen xiaotian's struggle
A grass-roots chen xiaotian originally wanted to spend a lifetime with his girlfriend mediocre, but unfortunately, things backfired, his girlfriend climb another high branch, chen xiaotian's life fell to the bottom. Fortunately, by coincidence, thanks to your help, from step to step, on a grassroots man can not bear to look back on the road of secret struggle.
Hug me, Master Qiao!
There was breaking news in Beijing. “Master Qiao’s wife for twelve years ran away! Without taking her son with her!” Rumors spread like wildfire. Some said that Master Qiao was two-faced with a cold attitude which led to an unhappy marriage. Others said his wife got together with another man. And a few said, their son was too ugly. One day, the little boy found Ye Jiaqi and cried,” Qiqi, daddy says I was bought from a pet shop.” “How can you buy such a gorgeous son from the pet shop,” Ye Jiaqi replied, “You were obviously won… From a lottery.” … Twenty years ago, he had spoiled her to the heavens. Twenty years later, he spoiled both of them to the heavens and back. And from then on, Master Qiao had only one person in his heart.
The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
In her previous life, she was robbed of her identity, status, appearance, and reputation! The rebirth of her, changed, turned into a tyrant against heaven, the entertainment industry's all-around diva, hand torn white lotus, dregs of a new life!
Female Star Student Is Awesome
[ Female strong shuangwen, slap face revenge 1v1, pet, shuangshuang! Her best friend became a sister, ruined her face, broke her legs, took away her rich fiance, designed to kill her mother, and sent her to a mental hospital to suffer and die in agony! The cloud painting was filled with...
Everything has a spirit
However, as the student party's mint lozenge, there wasn' t any amazing experience. As for the characteristics of the work and the creative experience, everything had a spirit. It was probably a series after all, this guy had been doing it since junior high school. Although it had been done for so long, it was still salty eggs and waste wood. Yes, this feature is not unique, anyway, the author's dream is to destroy every ideal coffee beans, just like the fate of the coffee house as the mascot Miao Highness!
King of the masters
The king of the special forces, long qian, had stepped on a bully, had flirted with a goddess, but in the end, he had to fight against the clouds and look down on the world. The scenery has been frustrated, but has never been unyielding. Many years later, he held a cigar in his mouth and asked a group of brothers behind him.
Good Morning, Mister Dragon!
"Give me an heir!" A conspiracy with ulterior motives led her into his forbidden land, but after a night he caught her and gave birth to a child! "Sir, I heard that you have a hidden disease. Do you want to use an artificial or a test tube?" A cold light flashed in the man's sparkling eyes.
Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
[ Signed for publication ] it was originally a deal to get what they needed, but after the baby was born, he tore up the agreement unhappily. "Who said only one child? I said twins, twins, and twins. If you can't have a pair, you can continue to give birth to me." Lausanne endured nothing.