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Goodnight Mr. Gu!
Before Gu Linzheng met Tang Chi, he was unattainable like a flower in the high hills. Once Gu Linzheng met Tang Chi, he was still cold and distant as before, but he had a new behavior ― public display of affection.
The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
In her previous life, she was robbed of her identity, status, appearance, and reputation! The rebirth of her, changed, turned into a tyrant against heaven, the entertainment industry's all-around diva, hand torn white lotus, dregs of a new life!
Beautiful countryside: marry a beautiful woman, du ruochun
Du ruochun died in the village's landlord's backyard, not fighting a few concubines, the death was very miserable. She was reborn again. In this life, she would not eat meat for a bite or marry a landlord. She resolutely married the widower in the village. Widower zhao zeyek lost his wife, parents died, living under a fence, without a penny of savings. Everyone said a flower inserted in cow dung, only du ruochun know, this widower zhao zeye, is a powerful role.
The chains of sin
The edge of sin, the choice of impulses, the plain life. Unwilling to be flat, the heart is eager to move, break through the shackles, but involved in endless suffering.
Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist's Uncle
# Surprise! Ling sheng got into the movie king huo ci's precious sports car, and the two of them seemed to be in a relationship # boom! Movie king huo ci and ling sheng went in and out of the same apartment and decided to live together # # explosive! Movie emperor huo ci and ling sheng ate hotpot with their children, and there was no doubt that shi meiyin was married and had a child # ling sheng: get out! Blind your mother's eyes, that's my real father! Third master jun: the title, the title, the kill, the master wants to see which dog dares to lie about my wife and father-in-law. The world's richest man, the arrogant third master jun, had recently become a little depressed. He was only a few years older than him, petty and resentful. Third master jun came to propose the marriage with the dowry: Mr. Huo... Huo ci, with a cold face, blocked the door: call him father! The movie king huo ci was going to marry his daughter, and he was in high spirits. He said that it was better to earn money than to raise his da
My Dear Mr. Gu
He was the commander of the empire, arrogant and domineering. He looked as upsetting and charming as he was, and his heart was as cold and hard as he was. Before her marriage, her first time was taken away by someone and she had to make up for it. On his wedding day, he saw the red color in the water and was surprised. "Why is it bleeding? I'm too heavy?" Huo wei felt guilty." This is the first time!" Gu shao's face darkened." So you were an aunt last time?" Huo weiwu: ..."" he was powerful, ruthless, and ruthless, but to her, as long as she could not think of anything, there was nothing he could not give her. Asked why he doted on his wife, he smiled." She's the only one who bled twice for me! If you think "Military marriage is continuous: young master gu, indulge your wife" is not bad, please don't forget to recommend it to your qq group and friends on weibo!
Love is so deep that you don't know it
You said, I don't deserve to love you. As you wish, I don't love you anymore.
The most beautiful tenant
A personal reception, as a small secretary, she met a big man, from love bad male boss can not extricate themselves. Thus fell into the workplace most dangerous feelings, step-by-step crisis but step-by-step ...
Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empress
No one wants to marry a cruel and bloodthirsty man, even if he is the head of a country. A marriage, known to the world as an idiot, third miss liu xiangfu took the place of the noble princess. Under the ordinary appearance, it is a peerless face, but it seems that the ordinary is actually the master of the assassins. He was raped from then on.
Only You till the End
Ever since she married time domain, shen cheng has been spoiled without integrity... The most beautiful love sentence she has ever heard is, "Whoever you offend, I will teach you a lesson." Small theater: "Young master, a handsome man just came to deliver an express to young madam." "Yes." ..
My cold female boss
He had experienced all sorts of emotions and crises for the sake of his superior, but he did not give up and followed her to the end.
Sin game
Ordinary Chu Rui goes to secret prison for murder. In prison, he found a mysterious chip implanted in him by the mysterious man who framed him, encoded by computer program data, that controls the brain and nerves and various cell tissues. Underground at gt, he found people who had been implanted with the same chip as him, and the prison forced them to kill and show them on the internet. Chu rui, on the other hand, gradually revealed the conspiracy behind their special abilities, killing and struggling with humanity. The happy death was still a painful life. Controlled by a dark empire that wants to rule mankind ...
Super Electric Eel Avatar
Because of an accident, Chen Fan unexpectedly got a Electric eel as a separate body! As a very thoughtful person, Chen Fan certainly had to study the Electric eel's identity. Are the captains still worried about somali pirates? Come and hire me on the website.
Career events
Small man ma yingjie inadvertently discovered a secret of the boss, so, he used this secret, the workplace step by step, all the way to the peak!
Amnesiac Bigshot Remembers Only Me
Fu nanli, the captain of Dongchuan airlines and the sole heir of fu's consortium, lost his memory in a car accident. All she remembered was wen qiao who saved her life before the car accident. "You are?" Only by staying with fu nanli could wen qiao survive, "I'm your wife," she said shamelessly. Fu shao's eyes were confused, but he only remembered one person. She said yes, that's right. The cold and noble male god was snatched away by a wild girl from nowhere. The famous ladies of hong kong city were furious. The socialites raised a hundred million dollars, and they had to tear off the mask of a lying wenqiao. But only for the wedding of the century. One hundred million and it's gone! All the famous ladies cried, "They say that master fu has a dark belly. Why did he fall on this little fox who is full of lies?" A certain man's eyes were light and unrestrained: "If you don't follow the plan, how can you take the little fox home?"
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Internet expose: the mysterious military proud son, lu yanchen, is married. It is said that the woman pestered him and gave birth to a child by despicable means. Shi guang replied on a small account in the comments section, "He obviously forced the woman to use his child to trap her..." That night, lu yanchen, who had returned home, immediately pushed her down. Shi guang exclaimed," what are you doing?" Lu yanchen:" strong, give birth to a child, trick you!" Time: ..." ]
My very female boss
Wei ran, a beautiful college student who had just graduated, met song xiaoyang who had a bad marriage and became a confidant. Under the influence of song xiaoyang, wei ran entered a strange workplace and used her wisdom to defeat the competitors around her, stepping up.
King of painting
King zhou of shang dynasty the great tyrant through the modern, become a cock silk man;
Grassroots millionaire: I'm a legend
The small farmers who were struck by lightning had the magical ability to look for luck. From then on, they had made a big comeback and started a strange and exciting way for the rich to grow up.
May You Return In Stardom
[ The main text is over ] if one day you meet an actress who is obviously in her twenties and has an elegant temperament, she will dress up like a flower and act like her mother. Then please contact feng xiao, because - that's his wife sneaking out to act again.
Lucky to Have You Till the End
Sweet wife: honey, hug me
I Am This Type Of Woman
Stupid, cute, lucky dad, tough, protective mother, dandy brother going to bed. He was not panicking after being rejected three times. Beautiful clothes, golden beams. Who wants a man when he has money and power? This is the story of a vulgar female protagonist who has been divorced three times and a hypocrite male protagonist. This article is relaxed, airy, sweet, and interesting. Xie moran xuanhua (shuimu mingse) helped me make the cover and provided the cover picture for me. This is the kind of woman I am. The original author, under the moon, butterfly shadow, has meticulously created an urban novel. Bi qu pavilion has updated me simultaneously. I am the kind of woman's latest chapter. Other works of butterfly shadow under the moon: on the end of judging people by their appearance, the goddess of return, the eight treasures makeup, a comeback, the rebirth of fu ze yu, the rebirth of fu ze yu, the rebirth of fu ze yu, the rebirth of fu ze yu, the rebirth of fu ze yu, the rebirth of fu ze yu, the rebirth of
Holy hand of medicine: a counterattack by a teenager
Xiao jindong, a cock, but due to the outstanding results of participating in the national competition was junchi group 24 year old beautiful woman in the eyes of the boss, after a high salary hired, xiao jindong's life has undergone a great reversal, and in the sense that he and the goal is closer and closer, poor background so that he met double resistance in love and career. Seeing that his goddess was about to become someone else's target, he received the chairman's advice again. How could this b * stard be calm?
My Hubby Is A Business Mogul
On her engagement night, she was betrayed by her fiance and best friend. The next day, she woke up from the bed of a strange man! She ran away, but was carried back to her room and bullied! "You want to run when you're dry?" The man pulled her back into his arms. "It tastes good! One hundred million, be my woman!" "Dreaming!" Gu xi spat out two words softly! He stared into her eyes and smiled with determination. He teased her again and again, and she ran away again and again... Until the day after her wedding, she glared at the sheets and shouted at him, "Pei qian, you are shameless!" Mr. Pei was rather good-tempered. "How shameless am I? Didn't I know last night?" "Mrs. Pei, I can be more shameless tonight..." Black emperor's 99 favorite weddings: baby, don't be shy is the original author of the urban novel carefully created by the demon fairy, the pen and interest pavilion updated the black emperor's 99 favorite weddings simultaneously: baby, don't be shy, the latest chapter, the black emperor's 99 favorit
Project pygmy
Chen Yan was a newly graduated college student, born from a modest family, parents are ordinary workers, with their own talent on the dongjiang provincial committee of the organization department of the transfer of students, become a university student village official. Not the second generation of officials, no special background; not the second generation of rich, no resources. Chen Yan started from the lowest level of the village officials, one step at a time. He was less than thirty years old and became the youngest cadre in the country. He was a reserve member of the third echelon of the central committee ...
I Shocked The Globe
That year, after traveling through the female honor, the apricot blossoms drizzled slightly. Yunxia met the youth under the umbrella. Her eyes and eyebrows were warm and beautiful. She lowered her eyes and blushed at her. "May the princess live a peaceful and happy life, and everything will be successful." That year, when she passed through the apocalypse and was killed by a zombie, she met him again. The fair and beautiful man raised his pale eyes and curved his lips at her." Don't be afraid. I will protect you." The year of the galactic melee... Shit! Or meet him! The tall, slender young man lowered his long eyelashes, straightened his strict cufflinks, and said slowly," where else do you want to hide?" Yunxia: ..." Yunxia:" there's no place. I'll borrow your house to hide." # I just want to stir up the world as a father, but who knows why I was abducted back home # ps: put on the cookies, don't control the plot, the plot party is careful to enter.
Picking fat and cutting animals
The college students who came out of the countryside were abandoned by the society and had to return to the mountain village. A wild ginseng, in exchange for a job, from then on is more discrimination, cold treatment; With their own knowledge and understanding of the probability, revenge those cold eyes and discrimination; Seek truth in adversity, hope in strength; He is generous to the poor; he knows all about power and money; he is good for the wicked; The role of good and evil, back and forth, interpretation of a thought-provoking and thought-provoking life.
Sweetest Top Actress in My Home
Recently, jiang yuning, who refused to pursue the movie king, was badly dissed on the internet, and netizens commented, "Even the movie king can't be looked down on. Does your man want to go to heaven?" "More money than the movie king?" "More handsome than the movie king?" Then, a mysterious man came out to claim his family
The dancer on the blade
This is a story about a soldier who cannot help himself outside the country. An overseas rescue mission let the main character accidentally wandering abroad, although he returned like an arrow, but again and again by the accident held back, the homeland is difficult to return. With nostalgia for his motherland and respect for his life, he fought on the battlefield in a foreign country.
Young Master Jue's Beloved Wife: She's Great At Flirting
On the night of her wedding, she woke up with a cold and unparalleled stranger lying next to her. She ran away in a panic. The person she loved was so cold and distant to her that she fell into a situation where everyone pointed fingers at her. She had thought that she would never have any contact with the man who had ruined her innocence again, but he pressed her against the wall step by step and whispered in her ear, "Honey, I'm addicted to you." When his lips pressed up, she asked in a panic, "Why are you clinging to me?" He smiled. "Because, I want to sleep again!" It was said that he was mysterious, low-key, rich, ruthless, ruthless, not close to women, but to her, like a drug addict, unable to quit, hard to let go. Male and female masters are clean in body and mind. 1v1, don't worry about jumping into the pit! ] Jue shao's personal pet: the charming wife, too flirtatious is the original author of the urban novel by nan se, who was elaborately created in the middle of his life. The pen interest pavilion