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The counterattack of the small farmers
The ups and downs of a woman's friend, the ups and downs of a rural youth. Wine, poetry, beauty; love, desire, pride.
The eSports King’s Crush
Three years ago, the supreme alliance fell apart and mo bei, the gaming genius, quietly retired. Three years later, she disguised herself as a man and returned to fame. From being despised to going back to the altar, the whole nation was excited! He was handsome and abstinent, with countless fans, and no one in the gaming world was unaware of him. At the beginning of joining the team, he said to her, "Be quiet, don't have any wild thoughts." After her identity was revealed, he looked up from the table and slowly stood up, "After getting married in the game, do you want to give up? Hmm?" The voice near her ear made her feel guilty for no reason, "What else do you want to do?" He leaned over and placed her on the table, his breath closing in, "Make the marriage real."
Young Master Chu's Guide To Spoiling His Wife
"Chu yichen, I want..." "Okay." Chu yichen picked her up and asked her to swallow the word "Divorce" back into her stomach. He had a car and a house, and his parents were busy. This was his showdown before the wedding. Cars, luxury properties, and parents flying around the world in business negotiations, this was the reality that gu xiaoxiao discovered after their marriage. Gu xiaoxiao once foolishly thought that chu yichen was the most suitable person for her to exist, until she found out that he was actually her immediate superior... Beloved sweet wife: young master chu's confused little wife is a masterpiece of the urban novel by the original author Mo-tse you. The pen and interest pavilion updates the beloved sweet wife simultaneously: young master chu's confused little wife's latest chapter, the beloved sweet wife published by the book friend: young master chu's confused little wife comment, does not mean that the pen and interest pavilion agrees or supports the view of the beloved sweet wife: young mas
Please Keep Our Secret Marriage Low-Key
Please keep a low profile in secret marriage
Wonder village head
Zhao qingyun, who was handsome and elegant, could have been a low-key rich second generation, but was tricked by his own aunt to a poor valley as a college student village official. With his own wisdom and hard work, coupled with a little bit of luck, he became the leader to change the poor and backward face of the mountain village, and thus began his magical career journey ... The old village head proudly said: stand in the village, look around, every family has a mother-in-law. The head of the small village proudly said: standing at the mouth of the village to look around, the family live on the new building.
Woman: my irresistible youth
A deep bone marrow fragrance, called women. It's stuck in my heart. I can't dig it out. I can't hide it. "Bin, are you really going to do this?" "Yes, I will love her till I die." A deep and deep affection, called father and son. His arms carried the sky. "Old xu, you' re already old. Do you still want to pick up a knife?" "Yes, because he is my son." "A kind of double-edged sword righteousness, called brother, carry up, difficult to put down, as long as you live. "Bin, are you really going to do this? Are you going to kill someone?" "I can save my life because he's mine, brother." "Bin, I'm with you, brother qi xin ..."
The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO
Cloud city's most respected man married the Mu family's most unpopular pitiful little man, and everyone didn't like this marriage. Rumor has it that the Mu family's pitiful and weak are easy to bully. Mu Huan nodded. "Yeah, I'm a bully." The big man who was bullied to tears by her: if you say this, your conscience will...
Even if I knew we were going to meet
Synopsis: when the hero and heroine grew up together, they naturally walked together at first. Later, when the male protagonist was pursuing something he liked, he found that the female protagonist was not suitable for him, because she was too familiar with it, but not suitable for him. The female protagonist was forced to let go because she liked it so much that she found more meaningful things during the healing period and also gained happiness. It was worth mentioning that no matter what she did, the people around her had always been there, so she was fearless. Features: to describe the love of the opposite sex in the crazy youth with a peaceful perspective, with a little shyness, and not lack of courage, and the period of the unique reckless and unbreakable friendship brought warm power. Idea: youth, nostalgia, sadism, warmth, humor throughout the whole text.
Entertainment News Headlines
Feng Nan was the precious daughter of the rich Feng family. One day, she woke up in the body of a beautiful, younger girl who lived in poverty. Determined to stay calm in these strange circumstances, she sought to fulfill the wishes of the younger girl, whose body she somehow ended up in – She wanted to make it big in the entertainment industry with her pretty looks. However, she soon realized that someone else was living in her original body, and that person was living her life. She grew suspicious of this ‘imposter’ who somehow knew so much about her personal life, and she had every intention of finding out who this imposter really was.
In zhou luo's wild mountains and mountains, the two most luxuriant plants were brambles and thorns. Every time xu yiming investigated the route, he would always be scalded and hurt by the thorns. It was hard to bear the pain. Xu yiming finally understood why his ancestors used thorns to describe the difficult situation. At the beginning, xu yiming had thought about giving up, thinking that it would be so difficult. Why would he do that? However, standing on the mountainside, he looked back at the houses with four walls of wood and tiles under the mountain. Thinking about the people living among them, xu yiming was instantly ashamed of his idea. The idea of" why?" Flashed by, and some just" had to be." This is" ratchet ground," lao luo after" jiangshan zhiyuan" another devoting work. And see how xu yiming blood, how to cut through thorns and thorns; how to make a blood trail from the thorns to lead the people of zhouluo to wealth.
I'm A Baller
When people are poor, their breathing is wrong. Ding, congratulations to the host, you get a certain amount of money every time you breathe. Ding, you eat a crayfish with an explosive taste and get a spicy consumption card. Ding, the quality of your sleep today is very high.
City flower protector
He retired from the special forces, but received an order from the old chief to protect the eldest daughter of the senior official wang family, wang mei' er, and a single man and woman. From then on, he embarked on a wild and exciting journey to the city to protect the flowers ...
Oath of Love
For the rest of your life, please give me some advice
The new life of reborn zhang meiling
Zhang meiling had never thought that she would go back to her previous life and change her partner. In that era, those who had suffered would become billionaires in the future. Those who couldn' t endure the pain would become the same as her, but ... Once again, she hugged the slightly wet blanket and smelled the moldy smell of the air. She was once again stunned .... In this life, he didn' t live for others, but only to live for himself. Thank all the gods for giving her a new life!
You need to take the Peking university
Mr. He’s Daily Affections
"He jingyao, hurry..."" oh, hurry up? Yes, sir!" The man's hoarse response forced her to swallow the words" let me go. Before the marriage, he jingyao promised her that she could walk sideways in y city after she married him. After marriage, su zhixi found that no one dared to bully her again, but at the cost of being exhausted every night! "He jingyao, you said you wouldn't touch me!" "Well, I don't touch you, I only sleep with you!" She begged, "He jingyao, my back is sore and my legs are weak!" He smiled, "Why don't you try it on?" "..." [ Sweet darling ] [ the most exclusive male protagonist in history ] [ if you don't believe me, come and see! Fresh wife is so sweet: honey, don't be too bad. It's the urban novel that the original author, ye qiaomu, has carefully created. The pen and interest pavilion is more synchronized with the fresh wife. Honey, don't be too bad. The fresh wife published by the book friend is so sweet. Honey, don't be too bad. Other works by ye qiaomu: fresh wife is so sweet: honey
Forced to Date a Big Shot
At first sight, xue xi was forced to fall in love with this dangerous man at first sight. If she did not fall in love, she would die. She could only take the initiative, "I have money, and I can fight." "Be my boyfriend, I'll protect you." As a result, everyone gradually knew that the eldest daughter of the xue family raised a pretty boy who ate soft rice, but she was very protective of his short stature until one day - xue xi shielded him behind her, and said coldly to a few people in front of her who seemed to be punks, "My boyfriend is timid, what have you got for me?" The punks looked at the big guy who was protected, the legendary black king of hell, trembling. Did they like this tune? [ 1V1, shuangwen, stronger for women and stronger for men
The ceo's daughter loves me
After graduating from college, after a year of teaching in a rural middle school, mao haibo could not bear the life of intrigue and intrigue and resigned to work in a city in the south. In a listed company, mao haibo chanced to find the president's daughter beautiful and lovely, moved by it. At the same time, the ceo's daughter also fell in love with mao haibo. At the same time, mao haibo faced his girlfriend in distress, and the beautiful and lovely daughter of the president, how would he choose ...
Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife
She stayed by his side with a deep and calm heart. That day, he finally got angry and pushed her drunk to the corner to play with the wall. "Stupid woman, I see how much you can stand it." When she woke up the next day, she blamed herself, "Damn it. I was drunk. I didn't know how I felt....
The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
Handsome man, help! Let me borrow your clothes! "A woman stripped naked was cultivating a certain evil king, and then ran freely. A certain evil king clenched his teeth after waking up: search! Dig three feet to find her! He was a sacred figure worshipped by all living beings on this continent, mysterious, noble and unattainable.. She was the king of modern assassins, and her evaluation of him was: evildoers, perverts, and godsticks. She avoided him like a snake and scorpion, and he pestered her like a vine. Her belly was dark and ruthless, ruthless and without love. She abused the scum and abused bai lian. But he put her on the tip of his heart and did not allow anyone to humiliate her. He said that those who humiliated me could be forgiven, and those who humiliated her could not be forgiven!
Night watchman
In this world, if there was light, there would be darkness. If there was day, there would be night. However, must the day be clean and bright? Must the night be dirty and ugly? No, sometimes the day is worse than the night. At this moment, a group of" night watchmen" stepped forward ...
Big fish's treasure island
A group of illiterate tycoons, a one-handed emperor, operating a rich sea, adhere to a belief that only belong to" men on the sea."
Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love
When he went to her house to sleep, he accidentally borrowed her body for the night. From then on, she was entangled with him. Before the marriage, he thought about how to force the marriage, after the marriage, she thought about how to divorce. "God, I'm not married! Not married! Not married!" Finally, when she said something important three times, he decisively threw her a divorce agreement. He thought he was finally free, but he didn't want to... After the divorce, he went into her room day and night, and the people who were pestering her... She finally couldn't bear it: "We're divorced!" He glanced at her calmly and threw the divorce agreement in front of her. It clearly said: the car belongs to her, the house belongs to her, the company belongs to her, the child belongs to her, he... Belongs to her too?
All the years I've been in the stock market
Starting from 60000 yuan in 2009, the result is very miserable, fell into more than 20,000. However, he didn' t have the heart to plant flowers and didn' t have the heart to plant them. Six years later, his share capital increased from more than 20,000 yuan to 170,000 yuan! What the hell is going on here?
Blessed To Have Each Other In This Life
Mu shao, your wife is reborn
Blood road
The way back, I found, but where your soul is, I have searched the whole world, but can not detect your breath, is it really doomed in the dark, no, I do not believe. Looking down on the heavenly dao of the world, you once made me lose it once. I will never forget that kind of unforgettable pain. How can I tolerate you taking away my only memory of her again? Even if I die, I will also resist. If I break your heavenly dao, let this heaven and earth forever remember and burn a brand. It is said that the heavenly dao is not reversible and should be revered. However, the thief god is so unfair. Why should I revere him? So what if I disobey him? One day, I will find your soul, even if let my hands full of blood, the ground withered bones, or the body of the road to extinction will not hesitate.