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An iron heart
A ingenuity, two skillful hands, three crafts, everywhere bright, five times sexual encounter, six children, seven women, eight years anti-japanese, nine dead life, very addictive!
The most powerful mercenary
Liu wenhao from home for 20 years, home adventure encounter beauty rich woman, accidentally become the developer woman boss yu meixia bodyguard! From then on, beautiful rich woman, young age police flower, charming military girl, tender and beautiful, the stewardess star xiaoke love to come in a flurry! Moreover, looking at the penniless cold-blooded mercenaries, how they managed to survive in the face of a new battlefield ...
The last iron cross
Soviet troops captured Berlin in 1945, and the soviets who attacked the bunker found only two bodies. The great german empire then issued a surrender communique a few days later, formally declaring the collapse of the nazi regime. What is not known, however, is that on april 30, a few days before the surrender, german chancellor Adolf Hitler, along with his men led researchers and an elite army to secretly leave germany by submarine, with a large number of secret papers and documents to the ice covered antarctic continent. Here they will begin new construction to prepare for the completion of their dream of rejuvenation. Here they live in isolation, dreaming that they can launch a full-scale counterattack when the world's next upheaval occurs. But will wily Stalin and Truman really believe Hitler is dead? What would Stalin and Truman do in the face of a mysterious message from the british?
What happened to the emperors of the yuan dynasty
This book is the first chinese literature image art and animation visual art combined form complete, systematic, real reproduction of the history of the mongol and yuan dynasty book. At the same time, it is also the first book to reflect the historical style and cultural context of mongolian yuan through the real image of mongolian and yuan emperors. Teaching is fun, This is the book's biggest feature and highlights. This book is a book worth reading for the mongolian youth who want to know the history of the whole nation and enhance the sense of national pride.
Invincible Soldier Controls the World
He is the invincible soldier of the army who sweeps all the enemies. He is the charming man who attracts all kinds of beauty. He is bold, strong and unscrupulous! He looks above everything and manipulates the world! Let's see how Xiao Jian overcomes everything on the journey of the transcendent!
The path has changed
The first hero became a bandit by accident, then took the road of resistance, became the chief of the Taishan military division guard company; the second hero is the ancestral tin sculpture art successor, began to think that no matter who is in charge, take the imperial grain as a free king, strongly opposed to the war of resistance, and then went through hardships, to support his son (the first hero); There is no violence, no bizarre plot, only calm, only infiltrative thinking and growth experience.
Special cooking class
The strongest members of the special forces weren' t actually those soldiers, they were usually the cooks who followed the big troops around with a frying pan. They were the scariest people on the battlefield. For the promise of our predecessors, we guarded this army. For the sake of an oath to join the army, we guarded this land and this soil. The people on the ground, I am a cook and an ordinary person, I can fight for the beauty of the hands can also fight for my brother can also be the last drop of blood for the country.
I want to be an officer
A young man called a fool, under the guidance of an expert, had a sudden idea and wanted to become an official. Is it so easy to be an official? No money, no power, no literary talent, stupid, pointing to a mao official ah? But this stubborn boy, he wants to be an official, okay, silly boy, then you work hard! Look at all these bumps and bumps in your life, how you deal with them ...
Secret of special operations: code name thorn
He had been sent to the top secret base to receive special training from the devil since he was five years old. Like him, she had been trained in secret since she was young. When she grew up, she and he were on different sides of the world, each dormant. Until one day, the country faced the danger of terrorist attacks, a top-secret mission came, drunk ten miles of thorns were urgently awakened ... The delicate buds were budding, hidden military thorns mercilessly kill, flowers and military thorns perfect combination, this is the thorns!
The soul of the sword against japan
His father was brutally killed by the devil, and he swore to be at odds with the devil! He went to the mountains to learn art, learned a knife method, down the mountain after he became the devil smell the wind to disperse the gall of the knife; in the battlefield, the devil frightened called him china's god of killing! The officer gave him credit for his promotion, he did not want, he only served as a soldier, because the soldier on the battlefield nearest to the devil, killing the most satisfying, the most satisfying, the most dispelling hatred!
Special mission
During the cultural revolution, in the coastal town of guangming county, a strange thing happened one after another, ghosts and monsters, one after another. Zhang xiaoxian, who graduated from the provincial criminal police school, followed Mao Zedong's instruction that" educated youth should go to the countryside and receive re-education from the poor and middle peasants. It is very necessary." Came to guangming, assigned to guangming county, the first food factory, because zhang xiaoxian is a criminal police professional, so the factory leadership decided to zhang xiaoxian arranged for the chief security branch work, after zhang xiaoxian became guangming county's first food factory security officer.
Agent tai hai
This book is a history of the wild, based on the first point of view, according to the actual timeline series, the real events with a deductible full story, told by military agents, is a realistic city life, from the source of life, from the information we contact. There are some feelings, justice, responsibility, of course, there are also ruthless, abandonment, blasphemy responsibility ... I hope this book can be recognized by all readers. Piece of flower: The two sides of this family, the same as the enemy. ... There was a day when flowers reopened and no one was young anymore. ... ... Was there a white coat with a round neck and long sleeves? Yu li asked. Before the little girl could reply, a middle-aged man in a suit who was not too far away heard her and walked over quickly. He said," yes, you want yun jin?" Or shu brocade or cut silk ...
Iron blood tang dynasty
At the end of the sui dynasty, the world was in chaos. Li shimin came out of nowhere, he straddled the horse, holding a long stick, galloping across the world. He is brave and good at fighting, all the way to ping xue ju, liu wuzhou, wang shichong, captured dou jiande ... Clean up eight sides, all jiangshan. He is cruel and merciless, in order to supreme imperial power, the front of the xuanwu sect killed brothers and brothers, taiji palace forced the father to abdicate. This book has a magnificent war scene, but also a thrilling power struggle.
He is the descendant of the red hero, he has the tenacity and tenacity of the chinese soldier, he is the chinese special forces that takes off the military uniform, is called the chinese tough man. Tao ye, who was born to be a professional soldier, was once the most outstanding assault soldier in the famous tiger group. After leaving the camp devoted to his ideals and youth, he decided to join the french foreign legion and become a member of the spade team in order to continue his dream of joining the army. The french foreign legion and black water corporation were the two biggest super mercenary companies in the world. In order to occupy the mercenary market and defend the military honor, the spade team became the most important chip in this battle. Blood splattered, tears gushed, love and hate. Hatred and pity, intrigue and honor, always send out earth-shattering collision, the traditional chinese military concept and contemporary mercenary creed collision as if thunderstruck. If she didn' t leave, she woul
Pacific rim - great wall watch
Movie pacific rim The story is after the movie is over. In 2025, Luoli Beckett drove dangerous rangers to blow up the gap, but this great victory brought only seven years of peace. Seven years later, the monster returned, the original hero Luoli also died in glory, his flag was taken over by posterity. A new generation of robot drivers, they will use their lives to defend human survival and dignity!
Special ops
All we can believe is ourselves! Even if what happened in front of him, it could be fake!
The King of Soldier in Snowy Area
Wolf: They are fierce and fearless while dealing with his prey. They live in groups and work well together. Wolf: Tenacious, single-minded, persistent, calm, observant. This is a hot-blooded story. This is the legend of a Wolf-like king of soldiers.
The most powerful god of war
He risked his life for his country, but was betrayed by his own people! All the anger turned into a raging rage. Luo feng had never lacked beauties, but he had never forgotten his mission, avenging his brothers and friends. Even if the enemy was god, he would stab the sky through a hole!
The strongest blade
What was the secret behind the sudden retirement of the king of war, who had a bright future? Return to the city, once the strongest soldier king will set off what kind of storm?
Red soldier
A stubborn, rebellious and troublemaking young man made his parents worried. His parents could not only send him to the army, but they knew that he should not be a thief in the army. He almost killed people in violation of military discipline. It would be best if he returned to china in a mission that was not his mission. He sought to find the truth of a heroic story he had never believed about the 716 regiment of the eighth route army, the precursor to his troops. . . . . .
Blood and fire
This is a historical leap from the republic of china to the modern times, a true reproduction of the history of hengshan county in Shaanxi, desert, bandits, bully, resistance, anti-japanese, Yanan acrobatic art, land reform, anti-american rescue, cultural revolution, reform and opening up and opening up, the history of the story ups and downs.
The warrior king
He was the' grim reaper' on the battlefield, the trump card of the secret army. In the eyes of his brothers, he was a solid backing! In the eyes of beautiful women, he was a complete jerk! In the eyes of his enemies, he was a demon from hell! The love of brothers will never die! Smile proud city, beautiful woman tenderness in the heart!