12 Books
Blind eye
Ever since she had witnessed her friend's death, she had encountered some strange things. Nightmares and strange events had always troubled her. She had no intention to probe, but she had discovered some old things that she did not know. She had thought that things would calm down when the truth came out, but she did not expect that this was just the beginning ...
The complainant
A simple commission actually led to the death of a person? Life and death were endless, and there was a constant layer of horror. Who was the mastermind behind this? Nightmare technique, soul detachment array, shadow demons everywhere, ordinary people with sky-eyed eyes, all kinds of grievous spirits gathered together Coquettish and charming than the occasional handsome washers The eight - way serpent who can't handle his fighting ability Is it a strong team or a pig teammate? Wash blame division fang liang with the strength of qing hong, ask you can have complaints, what complaints. What kind of emotional entanglement does the eight snakes tangyuan have with the only one in the world? Timo invited the station
Seven deadly sins
Major emergency in m province. Strange scene, hidden message. Death is not necessarily the end, but the beginning of a tragedy. At the peak of the incident, there were many unexpected changes. Behind the wind and rain, a civil society emerged. "These men are subordinate to the seven, representing seven kinds of human sins. The purpose of the campaign is revenge." Jiangxi mu was full of mystery. What kind of hatred did he have on him? What changes will his presence bring to this event? "God makes a man who is decent in his appearance and a scoundrel in his quality." Around the seven sins, between light and shadow, a great event called" revenge" began.
When A Snail Falls In Love
One day, after a routine talk about work, the man changed the subject, "I've been chasing you for so long. What do you think?" Xu xu was surprised, "Are you chasing me?" The man patiently lit a cigarette and stared at her with his dark eyes, "I accompany you in the morning every day. I teach you how to shoot with my hands.
Back against the warm sun, look behind you
For the past 15 years, gu zhiman has lived in escape and pain When she was five, she saw so many deaths It was not until fang zhihan appeared that she finally decided to face up to the past But behind the truth, there's another tragedy And creepy humanity and selfishness ...
The ghost husband is very proud
Ren xinlu had the spirit constitution that ghosts liked to approach the most.she had always been cautious, but she was still entangled by the fierce ghost.her life began to fluctuate, and she couldn' t be at peace. Fortunately, she met a gifted yin yang master, but she didn' t expect that this man was actually a ghost ...
The keeper, your wife is dead again
Case one: the first: the punishment of car cracking; the second: the third life: a thousand arrows piercing through one's heart: burning one's body with fire ... The eighteenth great tortures were tried, and a thousand different ways of dying were not the same ... Yin qijin: can we change the method of death? Alright, she was angered to death by the male lead in this life! Yin qijin: are you going to die ninety-eight times before you can achieve the results? Script 2: yin qijin had been reincarnated for several lifetimes and was angered to death by feng xi. In the ninth life, yin qijin fled to a place without fengxi. Seeing that the author wanted to summon her to feng xi's side, she knelt down and begged for mercy. "Can you give me a different way to die?" "No, you' ll have to go through ninety-eight deaths before you can become a true result with the one you love!" "Pffft ..." Yin qijin spat out a mouthful of black blood and fell directly under the author's feet. In this life, she finally didn' t die in feng
A liar from the book of miracles
Two generations of urban eccentricities taught in Maoshan, From shen qingqing's pursuit of the whereabouts of her grandfather to the strange experience of retrieving the four treasures of Maoshan. The turn of fate has begun, All the questions were connected into a huge net, Since he was born to do it, Since it was destined to be extraordinary, If the way of heaven is unfair, So I, for god's sake, came out of the sky.
The night is hot: the ghost man climbs the bed in a panic
I was on the yangtze river to salvage the body for a living, do not want to one day, but was dragged into the water by a water ghost. The originally peaceful life was dragged into the abyss of not seeing the sun ... When he was good to me, he wished he could pluck the moon from the sky for me; but once he turned his face, it would hurt me all over again.
Private ghost detective
In the middle of july, ghosts run wild ... The murder happened, I carried the corpse downstairs, accidentally kicked a ghost rice bowl. The man went into the house with me to live together, I have solved many cases to his assistant, in his venomous words, I have had feelings for him, from now on, my eyes only you.
A Match Made in Heaven (Huang Yan Ting)
If a man is honest, courageous, exceptional, not only can capture attention but also cook, lives across from you, of course you should push him down. If a woman is kindhearted, sharp, smart,quick-witted, not only protective but can also solve cases, lives across from you, of course you should eat her. Qiao Yin very clearly remembers her first meeting with Xiao Yang. She thought that he looked pretty handsome. They were neighbors for four years, she never thought that one day he would become her man. A lawyer and a policeman, two busy occupations, originally deemed impossible to be together, however due to one case, it started their life of “possibilities.” One is a foodie and one is a chef, one talkative one quiet. One caring and one cold.
Predetermined love: the devil seeks to let go
This article set to fight monsters upgrade, no, fight ghosts upgrade to pursue lovers, act cute to splash through hell. Is there a ghost in your house? Ok, a phone call from lynn fennel ghost company to help you out. A thousand years old lover becomes an enemy? Come a dozen talisman paper, bag you forget the past life forget this life, walk on the road of white rich beautiful tall and handsome. This is a pursuit of love story, plus with the ghost fighting wisdom and courage, a group of demons and ghosts dancing, occasionally thunder point, blood trough gradually empty.