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There's an affair
I never thought that my father would call me back to my hometown in a hurry and let me get married! ! And by the time I got home, they had already set up the wedding feast on the day! !
Mr. Yin and yang
Just after the college entrance examination, grandpa passed away. On the night I went home for my funeral, grandpa's body disappeared from the coffin ...
Ghost buster
My name is Zhao Jinyin under a coincidence to learn a ghost catching skills, from this to eat, both worlds. Well, this book is a little scary, and people with high blood pressure get into it by mistake. Another book is a bit humorous, heart is not good please enter by mistake.
Ghost fans
She was involved in a series of supernatural events, and after experiencing countless ghost fans, she finally solved a huge conspiracy.
Urban hunters
I watched my parents die. To save a child and have to go through a fire. The mortuary faked corpses, controlled the rebirth of the fire of heaven, and pursued all kinds of strange cases step by step. Only to find out that the fire wasn't an accident.
Chen family ghost resolution
A book passed down from the family led Chen Xiaofeng on the path of ghost hunting. After thousands of strange ghosts, zombies, monsters become more and more powerful baptism. This book has the elements of horror, horror, romance, cultivation, myth, and so on, let little m lead you, together to witness the growth of Chen Xiaofeng!
Daffodil: the years I was a daffodil
From ancient times, Shanhaiguan was the boundary of the south, Maoshan taoism was the southern part, and the northern part was the horse fairy family. The horse fairy inherited the ancient shamanism, believed in, hu, huang, long, python, such wild immortals, hu san, huang san tai milk, often trot, huang xiaohua, python tianlong, the names of these northeast immortal halls, Maybe it's just a myth. Wang mofeng, who had the spirit root of the northeast, was a curse that had troubled generations. A book of" the taoist scriptures of heaven's end," a period of twists and turns of life, bai chi so-called south mao disciple, what kind of story will have.
It's hard to die
That day, I saw a woman in red waving to me on the boat ... From then on, I began to become a walking corpse step by step.
Midnight ghost
Try to recall all your classmates from elementary school to college and see if you've ever offended anyone. If so, ask her out for dinner as soon as possible, apologize and gift, get its forgiveness. Otherwise, if anything happens to her, she'll find you first and take revenge ...
The last lineage
Small mountain village, inadvertently dug out a gilded coffin, an ordinary high school student in the chance of coincidence, successfully into the door. Ghosts and gods are not only legends, a experience ordinary people can not imagine, dare not imagine the horror of the road! Waiting for the last vestige.
Source crime
When you're staring at your phone screen, there's another pair of eyes, also staring at your phone. As nietzsche said: you look at the abyss, the abyss is also looking at you. People are going through an unprecedented test of information security.
Horror mobile game
This guy's lazy. He didn't write anything.
Mr. Yin yang of china
The chinese land is full of strange people. East china is the foundation of taoism, taoism students are highly skilled, proficient in yin and yang ghost catching; north china, the ancient craftsmen, they are clever and skillful, can turn into magic; the southwest periphery, the inheritance of witchcraft, corpse, exorcision. There is a generation of zombie dao long and powerful; and the northeast area, there are china's most mysterious and powerful three major occupations, horse, road, black; black, Mr. Yin and yang also;
My wife is a goddess
In the seventh month of the lunar calendar, the ghost door was wide open. My mother gave birth to me in the seventh month, but she scared grandma. She said that I was a short-lived ghost and would die within seven days. In order to save me, grandma asked third brother to trick me into a coffin. She said it was a local custom, but I actually saw a little girl in the coffin ... [ announcement: august 1 [ It's not easy to write a book and ask your friends to support a regular subscription ~ ] [ the website supports *, *, and weibo login. I recommend a few wonderful books," my fierce ghost groom,"" the ghost is coming,"" my ghost husband."
Taoist Zaomengshi
I am the dream Chengkong, Zaomengshi's lineage, every day wandering between the reality and the unreal dream ...
Coffin maker
The coffin makers had many hidden taboos. Generally speaking, the newly built coffin needed to ignite three joss sticks of incense, known as the coffin. Or the coffin will crack and something bad will happen. After death into the coffin, taboos black cat mouse touch coffin and corpse, in order to avoid the occurrence of ominous changes, resulting in the coffin bleeding, dead body.
Sophie school
Supernatural, weird campus. Love and hate entanglement, scheming plot - life calm? No. Come, I invite you to this death pact ...
Ghost bodyguard: yin yang taoist
Xiao yixuan had been on the mountain for many years and received the true legend of the son of heaven, who ordered him to drive ghosts down the mountain. In the end, he died before he could get out. Tianji knew that he was angry and went to hell. In the face of tianji, king qin guangwang gave xiao yixuan the identity of a man and a ghost again. As long as he completed the task, You can make xiao yixuan return the favor ...
The paranormal events in D city
Trees by the stream, acacia things. Tears such as winter snow desolate. Day gauze man, the side of the clouds, falling flowers bloom, clear fish. Light, light, light. Huangquan road, ghost to, on the bridge of naihe people on foot. Light can, thousand soul criminal, light body vicissitudes of flame, one shore. Company, company, company. . . .
Desperate express
Express, this word in the 21st century, I believe that no one will be unfamiliar, but about the express industry, how much do you know? The next thing I want to talk about is something that happened in the years I sent the express, something you never knew!
Secret service unit
Guan Xiao, an ordinary bookstore owner, was involved in a series of supernatural events. At the same time, with the help of the beautiful police officer Zhong Hui, he realized that there was a huge amount of energy in his body. Who was he? Why such strange powers? And this city had unknowingly been shrouded in darkness ...
Huangquan inn
Legend has it that there is an ancient and mysterious street between man and the underworld. All souls, whether man, god, demon, demon, if the mind is too strong, will come here after death, wandering in this street, waiting for their choice will be: immortal, incarnate demon, or forever waiting. Here, there were monsters, evil spirits, demons, wandering souls, and lonely weapons. Only by eliminating their obsession could they set foot on the road of reincarnation again. This is a place full of memories, forgetfulness, obsession, hope and choice, one reads into the buddha, one reads into the devil. This may enter the samsara, but the obsession is too deep, half step is more. This street is called More than half a step. There is an inn in the street, it is called Samsara inn. Young Samsara inn boss Su Chen runs the street. His duty was to help these creatures to dispel their obsession, and at the same time to help those who had intruded into this place because of their obsession, or other creatures, to set the
Haunted house
The mystical arts are divided into yin and yang, yang as taoism and yin as ghost. He had no intention of provoking disaster, but he was caught up in one plot after another. Let's see how the little girl can kill the demons and break the evil spirits!
Dragon village
This book is located in Chongqing Jiangjin historical relic will longzhuang (formerly known as the north dinggong) as the background for the creation of treasure hunt to explore the mysteries of the main plot line. It is said that the treasure map is hidden in a diary, and people from all walks of life will start to fight over the treasure map, and whether there is a treasure left behind in the huilong village, those large and small holes at the edge of the village are pointing to the treasure mystery in huilong village? There are too many unsolved mysteries waiting for us to solve ... The author Raymond Lam was inexplicably involved in the whole incident, and he also revealed one story after another about the huilongzhuang ... This is a thrilling story full of love and positive energy!
The king of hell
Hell, the existence of dark; it is often said that the people who go to hell must have done unforgivable bad things in the world of the sun, especially the 18 levels of hell is not restricted to people to avoid, that is a place where people can hear will be creepy? But who in the world had ever known what hell was in hell, what kind of environment was in hell, what unknown people lived in it, what kind of person was the king of hell who was in charge of the underworld? What truth lies behind the sin of the so-called soul? If the king of hell came to yangjian and stood behind you, and ordinary people, do you believe it? [ Sister ghost has signed an exclusive contract, quality assurance, complete guarantee, welcome to collect ]
Yin yang and yin yang
I have a pair of extremely strange eyes, can see through the yin and yang, but also has some special ability; in the middle of july, let me see the annual spirit removal conference, and my life has just begun! Strange and unpredictable the Yellow River, the uncanny soul calling, the hundred city spirit chasing and other strange events, seemingly unrelated events have a special connection! It all started with that strange ghost car ...
Yin yang delivery man
I just went out to work, I actually found a high-paying job, so, I set out every night at midnight, but horrible strange things began to happen one after another. Most importantly, I found out that my family was actually guarding a huge fortune, which was a ghost tomb ...
Death scenario
Zhong Li: the male lead, high iq, low eq, averse to secularism, has extraordinary insight and deductive reasoning ability, wandering on the edge of death, sin and truth. Story: struggling to investigate the truth of his father's mysterious disappearance has been clueless, coincided with the bizarre death of anatomy teacher Liao Feng, Zhong Li with its keen insight and reasoning skills, to help the police solve the mystery to find the real culprit, and as an opportunity to become a consultant to the police medical examiner. From then on, the murder cases in the secret room, the serial murder cases, or the long and dusty death cases were all found in front of Zhong Li. One case after another was solved, and one murderer after another was caught. Zhong Li's fame became more and more important and more concerned. However, the disappearance of his father had always been a thorn in Zhong Li's heart. Even with the help of the police, it was impossible to find out the truth about his father's disappearance. Only the
Dead site
I saw a group of migrant workers harm a teenage girl, the results of terrible things followed ...