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Forced to be the Billionaire's Wife
"Have you kissed enough?" Approaching him while he was drunk that night, she didn't expect that she would lose her most precious virginity to him. "I'm not the one you are looking for!" "It seems that we need a deeper understanding of each other..." He was the most powerful man in the city, spoiling her and resorting to every possible means tempting her to marry him."
Princess Medical Doctor
"She is the crown prince's fiancée, but she was given two crippled legs on the eve of her wedding. The former god of war, who was paralyzed on the bed ... On her wedding night, the groom, who was supposed to be paralyzed in bed, pressed her down. "Should I kill you to silence you or poison you to silence you?" As the first surgeon in huaxia, lin chujiu had never been threatened like this since she became famous. With a slight tap of her fingers, she turned over and pressed the man under her. "Do you think I will completely cripple your legs or your third leg?" She was a genius doctor in the fengyun medical field, and an orphan girl whose parents were all dead and helpless. He was a famous god of war, and he was also a demon lord who was walking in the dark, making people feel scared. However, as soon as the golden wind and jade dew met, they would be victorious but there were countless people on earth ... I, lin chujiu, am not a good woman, and I don' t know how to write the word' affective'. I love you, I' m
Control Your Burning Desire, Darling
"""I saved your life. So I can possess you."" They met some day, got married on the second day, and then lived apart on the third day! ""Mr. Qin, I really didn't seduce you."" He held her waist tighter and felt that she was stiff. ""You didn't? Then why did you strip off your clothes? Wasn't that seduction?"" What? I wished that he struck by lightning right away and got fainted. It was he who stripped off her clothes! ""Mr. Qin, did you see my pajama?"" ""That's too ugly. I threw it away."" ""How could you...?"" Before she finished her sentence, he glanced at her coldly. ""Alright, It's ok."" She had to change her words. ""Mr. Qin, did you see my nightgown?"" ""I'm wearing it."" She looked for another one but found nothing. ""There're two of them. Where's the other one?"" ""It took up too much space. I threw it away."" She took a deep breath and told herself, ""Control your temper, calm down. You can't piss him off."" After imaging herself beating him up in her mind, she took her uniform to the bathro
Good Morning, My Dearest Mr. Li
Qiao Ning was sent by her father to a strange man. She was desperate to escape but did not expect to bump into another man's arms. She thought it was just a night of love, but they met again. "Ning, you have to follow the rules of the Li family—giving birth to two children before you can leave."
My New Husband Lives Next to Me
"Bo Hanchu, I desperate to marry you!" When Lei Xinbao was a child, she kept a vow for 15 years. By all means, she finally got the marriage certificate, for exchange, she slept alone for 730 days. "Love me once, is it that hard?" Once she got drunk, a girl who always has a brave and strong heart, cried in front of him like a child. His eyes were cold and he turned away without hesitation. Later on, Xinbao's father died, her familial declined, she was also sentenced for attempted murder 5 years. she understood, that man, Bo Hanchu, who she liked for half of her life, doesn't love her, even heather. In prison, his true love who slept for many years finally wake up, Xinbao signed the divorce agreement and send to him."The last favor for you is letting you go." Before long, the Lei family's young lady commits suicide in prison. -- Five years later, Bo's annual meeting, the now-famous director Shu Mingxi with her husband attend, hug a cute baby. Bo Hanchu pushed her against the bathroom wall, his voice is dangero
Reborn in 1987: The Story of an Abandoned Girl
Li Haitang survived. Through time travel, she went to a remote and poor village from the underground laboratory. She turned into a baby abandoned by her parents once she was born just liked her past life. Being reborn, she was decisive in staying away from freaks, registering the residence account independently, and studying separately but not living alone. Everything went very well without her adoptive mother's exploitation, and she ranked first in her middle school and college entrance examinations. She became the most famous study model among her surrounding places. Being indebted to her adoptive father, she took him out of the village, enjoy the beautiful scenery in their country, and travel abroad. As for her biological parents, it didn't matter. She had promised that she would have nothing to do with them.
His ex-wife was like poison, but the ceo couldn' t stop it.
Back then, she had loved him so much that she had donated blood for his heart, but he had personally sent her to prison and aborted her child. Meet again, she incarnates as the avenging angel. It was just that he had shamelessly pestered her, almost spoiling her to the skies. Su yiyi said with no backbone. "Pei, I won' t take revenge anymore. Please let me go." A certain someone held her in his arms and said dotingly. "You promised to torture me for the rest of my life. You can' t break your promise." Su yiyi wanted to cry but didn' t have any tears.who was torturing who?
Love Through Time and Space
Jian Ran thinks she is just married to an ordinary man, only to find that he suddenly becomes the CEO of her company. What's more, he is also the most mysterious successor to the richest company of Asia, the Empire Corporation. In public, he is the definite overlord of the business empire, decisive and ruthless. But in private, he is a wolf in sheep's clothing, consuming every part of her body. One morning, she complains heartedly while holding her aching waist, "We can only make sex once a week..." With these words, the eagering man has already jumps over her again. And then Jian Ran is not able to get out of the bed for the next week.
Scandal Supermodel
[ 1V1 pet wen, body and mind clean ] "Lesson one: there is no inappropriate place, only I want to and don't want to." "It has nothing to do with love to exchange money." However, he was addicted to her for a while and gradually spoiled her to the skies. "Huo shao, miss an said she wanted to be the number one supermodel
Time makes me forget you
He loved her without knowing it. She loved him more than the sky. For five years, all their love had been just an act! Just because of that woman's words, he pushed her into the fiery lava and from that moment on, her bones were pierced through her heart, and she was completely naked! She didn' t even have the right to die.
Flash Marriage with My Mysterious Husband
Being together for five years, she was sent to jail by her ex-boyfriend with her reputation destroyed. Knowing each other for five minutes, she married him. She thought that she married an ordinary man without knowing that he was the powerful CEO of Gu's Group. They met in a cafe for the first time and told their names to each other. The man asked her, "Have you brought your residence booklet?" "Yes." "Let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for the marriage register. I've got a meeting this afternoon." After a few years, Qiao Wei, holding her child, asked him, "Why did you decide to marry me when we first met? Was it too quick?" He answered without hesitation, "No. I have been loving you for a long time." "How long?" "Ten years."
Returning from the Immortal World
The arrival of origin ability era. Many berserk beasts spawned. Humans with superpowers blooming like mushrooms. Su Hao is just an ordinary 3rd year high school student who had mastered a lowly grade origin ability named “Model analysis”. However, when he was creating a character model in his mind by analyzing the opposing side’s ability, a crazy idea echoed in his mind. What would happen if he creates a model of the entire world? This would imply that he… would be like a God, controlling the world!
Take It Esay, My Darling
"In a well-designed feast of giants, Yan Jingxi was betrayed by her fiance Lu Youran. To be with his beloved woman, he sent her to his uncle Lu Muqing's bed. The reporter rushed in and asked: ""President Lu, what's your relationship?"" Lu Muqing embraced her gracefully: ""We‘ve slept together, now you understand?"" ""But Miss Yan, President Lu is your fiancé's uncle. How could you..."" Yan Jingxi leaned in Lu Muqing's arms and smiled: ""My fiancé was horrible in bed, so I dumped him. That's it."" After the reporters left, they had high five. ""Thank you for helping me out."" She said. He placed the ring on her finger and said assuredly: ""We can spar with that asshole together."" Lu Youran saw the blood on the bed and realized what he had lost. He went to his uncle's house frequently, hoping that he still had the chance to win her back. Yan's lovely baby saw him and asked for help, ""Cousin, I saw my father and mother fighting..."" Lu Youran cheered up and rolled up his sleeves, ""Lu Muqing, you'll pay for
Liangcheng wei se late
When she was ten years old, she had been deeply in love with him. In order to marry him, she had suffered humiliation and had nothing. I'm not humble, I'm not cheap, I just like you, I'm not guilty. He said: your biggest sin is to like me, but also dream of becoming my wife. If I live, I will make your life a living hell. If I die, I will drag you to hell with me. When the dust settled, he finally understood his intention, but she left him with a heart full of holes. This time, if he chased her, please, love me again. Just a broken heart, can you love it again?
Love is like quicksand
Love for ten years, finally married him as a wife, she thought it was childhood sweethearts, but unexpectedly after marriage was restricted by him freedom. It turned out that everything was a conspiracy. Her heart felt like it was dying and she lost her memory. However, she did not want to see her old friend again a few years later ...
Arresting My Thief Wife
She wanted to give her boyfriend a surprise that day, only to see her good friend was making out with him! How could she tolerate that? To revenge, she slept with an officer. The officer was also hard to deal with; he claimed, "You gotta pay for what you've done!" She just ignored him but immediately, he flung himself down on her and pressed her on the bed. "I am gonna prove you my masculinity tonight! "
Powerful pampers from rich families: young master di, please let go
As the sole ancestor of the su family organization, su yan's daily routine was: eating and sleeping. One day, she saw a handsome man in the universe. He didn' t have any other hobbies, so he liked to flirt with her! Some handsome guy. "Woman, you touched my shoulder." Su yan felt uneasy. "At worst, I' ll let you wipe it back ..." A handsome man. "I don' t want to wipe your shoulders." Su yan cried. "Hooligan!"
Thump heart: the love of a dog
Never would she have thought that the goddess, who had always been envious and jealous, was actually a handsome and aloof young fellow student! From cruel and merciless to pestering and beating, how did it end?
CEO Mo's Hard-core Wife
A killer revives as the third daughter in the Luo's Family, the least adorable one. She's overweight? It's ok; it's not too late to lose weight. She's weak? It's ok; she can turn strong now. She's coward? It's ok; she can turn into a scheming queen now. After beating up a jerk and his slut, she's gonna live her life. At this time, CEO Mo, a cool guy, approaches her, "When are we getting married?"
True Love in Wealthy Family: CEO's Tough Wife
“I‘m pregnant. It's your husband's child." The young woman in sunglasses takes out a pregnancy test sheet from the bad. Stopping playing the phone, An Ya casts a quick glance at that woman after which her beautiful lips just let out a sound "Huh." Fully enraged, the young woman stands up with one hand pointing at An Ya's face, screaming out, "Who do you think you are? It's just because of your wealthy family background that you can marry him. But I can tell you that I am younger and more beautiful than you. What's more, I can serve him well on the bed!" "But, you are stupid."
The Emperor’s Strategy
In the capital, the young owner of the Su Ji Coffin Shop is Su Li Li. As spring was just beginning, on one early morning, she by chance saved a woodblock that had met trouble. However, no one knew that she was the daughter of the previous empire’s Grand Tutor (akin to the Imperial Adviser), and the other was the current empire’s Lin Jiang King’s son. They overcome many obstacles, to hide in this small town, to become forgotten by the people, they exchanged their hearts and wanted to never part even till their hairs turned white. However, even before anything could start, Mu Tou who had his own birth secret suddenly disappeared.
Uncle ceo is addicted: a pure and loving wife
Her boyfriend, who had been in love for seven years, married another woman and set her up as a bridesmaid. She was drunk the entire night but woke up in a strange man's room! A heartless and heartless best friend of a b * stard tried his best to trick her into becoming a stepmother. Not only was the uncle handsome and handsome, he also liked to play games, which made her legs and legs weak every time.
Wife on top: take down the top bad husband
In order to resist, mu yan xi went to the nightclub to look for ducks on the eve of her wedding. She heard that her future husband was a neat freak and had a tendency to be sm.he didn' t like dirty women. However, she accidentally offended a second generation ancestor and hurt his life. From then on, she was entangled and even forced to be his bedmate! Thus, the two of them started a battle of wits and courage. It was only at last that mu yan xi realized that this second generation ancestor was actually her husband, who had never seen the end of the story!
Morning, the Heir
One dangerous driving time, Lin Xiaomi tragically knocked a handsome man out of his memory. What was even more tragic was that this handsome man refused to leave her house. From that day on, Lin Xiaomi's only goal was to bombard him! Boom! Get him out of here! The first person Leng Yihuang saw after she lost her memory was Lin Xiaomi, who hadn't had eyes ...
Sweet love: don't run
A poor little girl, with her own efforts, found a suitable job and met a president who liked her. However, she did not expect that there would be a problem at the company. The ceo was actually dismissed. What would happen if she lost her love for bread? Would she choose to leave the ceo or continue supporting her to rise again? All of them seemed to be in a split second.
To loneliness for the rest of my life
The man she loved didn' t believe her. He wanted her to marry a dead person, marry her to a mentally disabled person, and personally send their flesh and blood to their deaths. When he held her hand regretfully and pressed the knife against his heart, he only wanted her to give him another chance. "Forgive me ..." She sneered and stabbed him in without hesitation. "Not even death! "
Paranormal PE Teacher
"In June, the top scorer of the liberal arts of Qing Gang city, Mo Yu, was being interviewed by a reporter. "Mo Yu, what makes you such a master of math despite being a student of liberal arts? You just got full marks again!" "It's because of my PE teacher." "PE teacher?" "Yes, my PE teacher!" "My name is Xia Zhi, I am the PE teacher with the superpower. Don't mess with my students, my lovely colleagues, icy lady principal and most importantly, me!"
The president was full of affection: don' t run away, my dear wife!
It was rumored that the young master of the liu family, who was incomparably noble and powerful, was in love with miss liu. However, in the blink of an eye, he heard that young master liu had married a young actor with no power or background? ! Originally, she thought that it was just a small celebrity who was using her popularity to stir up the topic, but from now on, young master liu had become a doting wife and doted on his wife, which was simply outrageous. "Young master, young madam has a kissing scene with the male lead today." "Mhm, tie up the male lead. I' ll be a substitute." "Young master, young madam hit miss liu." "Send a few people to help, don' t let her hurt her hands." "Young master, young madam ... Ran away ..." "Liu ru sheng, I want to divorce you! !" The man smiled wickedly. "But I want to have monkeys with you ..."
The woman in the dress turns over and falls in love with you
Accidentally met the system, since then on the road to wear fast. Luo xiaoxiao: the day falls big also in the gentleman, wear experience quickly, help female companion, it is my great duty! This is a love in the name of the journey through every memorable love, tie each deeply attached to him.
Love is like dust and love is like death
She had grown up in his mansion since she was young and wanted to be his bride when she became an adult. She had never imagined that the wedding night would be the beginning of her nightmare! She regarded him as heaven, but he forced her to watch his" good show." He thought that she was an ant, and he could crush her to pieces with just a pinch! "Raising you is just like raising a dog. I, lei yan, don' t lack this amount of dog food!"