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Love and hate
Yujing and xiaoyi welcomed their birthday, but did not expect that a beautiful birthday is behind the source of terrorist forces.
Right Here Waiting For You
She was one year old and he was six years old. When she was three years old, he ignored her constant clamour to give birth to a monkey. But when she was 18 years old, she was eaten clean by him, and her lips curved sharply, "Didn't you say you wanted to give me a monkey?
I Give Half of My Life to You
Update: because of the fortune-teller's words, the lucky little girl Lin Miao, who could live a long life, was sent to the ailing young master of the The yu family who would not live long. The young master, who had been tortured by illness since childhood, was gloomy until that day, when the weather was just right, he came.
My Guardian Mr Bo
"Uncle, why are you peeking at people taking baths??" "It's you." "Uncle, how can you steal a man's woman?!" "It was you who stole it." "Uncle, can you be more shameless?" Overnight, the arrogant and indifferent, abstinent elders became husbands, and she bit..
Predestined love: deep encounter
A ridiculous cruel plunder, let qin lyric regret. However, she knew that in the end, she could only get rid of her teeth and swallow blood. It was just a complete mistake. It should have been buried under the sand. She was clearly far away from that world, and she should not have interacted with that demon at all. But why was it that things had already started to deviate from her imagination ... Shen yuan locked her in his arms, his thin lips pressed against her earlobe, and he whispered softly," qin song, you can' t escape."
Pillow demon: Mr. President, he's toxic
She had been his lover for seven years, but she still had no right to be jealous. She could only watch him flirt with another woman. She wants to know why? He hurt her bluntly. You are more beautiful than her, but she is more satisfying to me. She turned and left, but he stood in her way and led her into the room.
Loving You Dearly
(Weibo has responded, and this article will continue. I suggest that skeptical readers not buy chapter v.) back in his sophomore year, Ning Zhen vowed to do three things. Try to accept stepmother and stepbrother. Keep dancing. Stay away from Lu Zhi. She did the first two very well.
Love does not forget, there must be memories
She was originally a rich second generation, so she could live a life of spending money without doing anything. She chose to start an advertising company with her friends, hoping to become a great person through her own efforts. In the middle, she encountered many setbacks and difficulties. She wanted to give up but still insisted on it. And finally love.
Jiang Yan returned from the battlefield and his friend went to the airport to greet him. But after waiting for a long time, Jiang Yan was nowhere to be seen. As the crowd left in a bad mood, jiang yan tidied up her messy clothes in the airport dressing room. A smile rose from the corner of her lips, "I've been waiting." Everyone...
Bad dreams
I would like to be a knight, take you away from the sea, when I really take you away, but you are nostalgic for the sea depths of the warmth, left to me, only a miserable world and the sound of exhausted horses. She really didn' t want to cry anymore. I am still waiting in place, waiting for you to come back, but you seem to go far, I can't see you again, in the game of love I lost, lost so miserable ...
However, her nature was cold and thin.
Ye lingxiao was the only person in gu liang sheng's limited life. She was always following behind him like a ray of light, following his footsteps. She had lost her pride and faced ye lingxiao's gu liang sheng alone with joy and nowhere to rest. She just wanted to give him everything she could think of. Just when she thought that the two of them would get what they wanted, Guan Tong's appearance destroyed all her hopes. Even though she was lucky enough to become the ye family's wife, she still could not escape the mockery of the god of love. She couldn' t escape ye lingxiao's torture ...
Get Away from My Cold CEO Husband
He was the mysterious CEO behind the business empire backstage. His status was exalted, and his disposition was cold and proud. Surrounded by many beautiful women, he only treated her differently. She was a poor girl in an arranged marriage by her father. Her status was low, and she was unpopular. All she wants was to get away from the bonds of men. Three years after marriage, she lived a carefree life with her son, but his return disturbed the peace. She was determined to leave because of the abuse she suffered. Five years later, this tender woman became an upper-class lady, returning home with a cute child. When she met him again, she smiled haughtily, " Mr. Xi, how are you?"