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Number one wife: don't stop being arrogant boss
Five years ago, in order to save her brother, she was forced to sign an agreement with him. Five years later, she returned to the old land with the genius mengmeng and met again. He was pressing for a second marriage. She blocked mengmeng from the two of them. "Mr. Gong, I' m already married." In the end, a certain someone arrogantly" beat" her and mengmeng back home, and he was aggressive. "Su yuchun, your husband has one and only me!"
May you live without love
She had been by his side for almost five years, but she could not resist the words that he had not heard from her for a long time. She was finally desperate to change her face and stay away from their lives, but that person broke into her life again, saying that he loved her ...
I heard you say love
When abandoned by parents, when the object of a secret love becomes a couple, when all this is considered to be perfect. When you turn around the moment, no matter how beautiful memories will become bubbles. Yes, he said. "I won' t make you cry again in the future." But with the passage of time, no matter how ordinary and happy life can become a full stop. "I' m sorry, I' ve always loved you, but she needs me to take care of her now." It was the last thing he said to me ...
CEO's Sweet Heart: Make Out Before You Leave
Xiao Yue, nobel and condescending as an emperor, is by nature ruthless and cruel. But this time, his heart is incredibly fallen for that woman who approaches him with her secret purpose. At their first meet, she shows up with the unknown's son, making him a notorious cuckold. He presses her against the wall with full contempt, "Now that you have other's baby behind me, how dare you try to be engaged with me?" When they meet again, their marriage has been settled and she promised in fear, "After getting married, I won't interfere in your affair and we can sleep in separate rooms......" He gives a sneering laugh, "Mrs. Xiao, are you joking?" She thinks that he doesn't love her at all, but when her purpose has been achieved and when she is going to leave him, he pulls out his belt and slaps on her face, his eyes being red as a cornered animal, "We should at least have something for the last time, shouldn't we?"
Fall For My Baby Wife
He was a dominating and scheming CEO, ten years older than her, and has spoiled her for ten years. So she, Gu Ranzhi, becomes willful and even more willful after she finds out that he has a fiance. Her classmate, teacher, and cousin all fall for her and she's busy dealing with them. CEO Lin can't tolerate it anymore and decided to teach her a lesson. How could he give away his baby, who he has cherished for a decade, to others so easily? "I'm not as young as those boys? I'm old? There's a generation gap between us? Do you dare to say it again, Ranzhi?" Once CEO Lin gets angry, she will face serious consequences. The next day, Gu Ranzhi kneads her aching waist and can't even get up from the bed, "Lin Jinhmo, you are a jerk!" The seed of love has been taken root at somewhere you can't see, and the root can't be removed ever since...
Doctor Jiang’s Beloved Sweetheart
I heard that the first knife in the department of thoracic surgery in ningcheng was jiang beiyuan, cold and indifferent, not close to women. The other colleagues in the department immediately opened the table and said, "No! He has a little wife. She's so precious!" The reporter immediately went to the interview, but was sent home by a "No time." The next day...
Don't be mad, Mr. President. She has gold fingers
Mei keqing can see anyone's emotional color except Beichen tuo. She gave him a heart, but he stepped on her. Later, she dug out her own heart with her own hands and clung to another man. At the end of her life, she became the most annoying person she had ever been. Those painful past taught her to love someone and not to end well. The small theater once upon a time mei keqing:" Beichen tuo, I have never thought to harm you, you believe me once, okay?" "Trust?" Said Beichen tuo. You deserve it? Then mei keqing said," believe it or not, it's none of my business! "Beichen tuo:" I don't believe you! Wife, they must be jealous of our good relationship, want to sow discord! Once upon a time, mei keqing said," Beichen tuo, do you love me a little?" "Beichen tuo:" how could I like a disgusting woman like you? Later, Beichen tuo said," qing qing, don't leave me. I really love you!" Mei keqing:" ha ... Get out! "Abusing his wife felt good for a while. It was a crematorium for pursuing his wife. After the initial stage
Legend of Fuyao
The "Red-haired witch" of the archaeology world traveled to the continent of five continents and struggled at the bottom of the earth, meng fuyao, slashed open the five fingers of her lover who was about to marry someone else. From then on, they traveled thousands of miles, conquered the seven kingdoms, and fought for the first place in the world.
Tianxi love song: young master leng's wife
The chaos of the universe, the fall of the galaxy, her identity, mysterious, noble to no one can compare, but was expelled from the house by her biological father. In front of people, she was the strongest queen on ms planet, and after that, she was not even as good as a servant. He, the dragon family, was a proud, powerful and arrogant son of heaven. Others treated him differently, but a little woman despised him! When they met for the first time, they parted unhappily. When they met again, they met three times. He took a fancy to her and she hid from him. "I see you still dare to escape!" She was angry. "How can I let go?" Someone went up against him. "Get married and get married!"
You are My Whole World
She was scolded by a professor; he rushed to her, followed by all the faculty of the university, who later apologized to her. She was looked down upon by a rich woman in the shopping mall; he rushed to her and purchased the whole mall for her. She was taken advantage of by a man she liked; he rushed to her and pulled her back to his mansion. "I'm married. It is said that my husband is old, ugly, and disabled. But I'm his wife anyway." She stepped back to the corner with her eyes trembled. He showed a new marriage certificate and pursed his lip, "Honey, what you heard is not true. I didn't know you love me so much before today. Then, we can have a baby!" A few months later, she got an aching waist and could not bear it anymore…
If you are safe, you will never know
When she met him at the age of fifteen, xu ran fell in love with him. She thought that meeting the person she loved the most at the best age was the greatest fortune in her life. However. When she asked him why he had suppressed the xu family and caused her father to be seriously ill, he only replied with a word of joy ... When she was so excited to tell him that she was pregnant, she only received a merciless slap ... When she asked for a divorce and wanted to escape, he told her coldly that he had married her to torture her, to escape, no way. He had imprisoned her ... She could only jump down the stairs in front of him to end her biggest misfortune in her life ... Gu haonan witnessed xu an jump down the stairs with his own eyes. He thought that he hated her, but he didn' t know that his roots were already deep and he couldn' t take it back.
I loved you day and night
Yu mu love bamboo horse su jingcheng for many years, she will own the soul of su jingcheng's life. As for su jingcheng, he didn' t care for her at all. In his eyes, yu mu these day and night like is only her director's script. In desperation, she finally decided to give up. Later, when they really split apart, su jingcheng finally understood that he wanted to spend eternity with her.
Unrequited love: the warlord's love
The fated meeting between him and her seemed to be a sad farewell song in a chaotic world. How could he be so lovestruck?
CEO's Hot Wife Having Twins
Tang Guoguo was pregnant by a ruthless CEO who hated her. His first sentence with her was "take the money and leave after you give birth." She started to live with him in fear. However, she found him strange: he kept asking for kisses and hugs from her... "You said I was supposed to take the money and leave?" The man chuckled, "you said you wanted me, didn't you remember?" Their twins echoed, "mommy, stay with daddy!"
Full time movie queen
After breaking through the scene of her fiancé and sister's infidelity, tang geshu was brutally murdered and the twins took her place ... After her rebirth, tang geshu became a third-rate actress, song yu, and this time, she would take everything back from her! Song yu smiled. "Tang shuang, I came to find you from hell!" Step by step, one hand slaps the face white lotus, the other hand wins the movie queen's throne. "You are really a sly little fox." Song yu raised her eyebrows. "Do you want to let go?" Without a word, almighty ji carried her into the room ...
Doting on a wedding is tempting: the ceo's husband dotes on her slowly
In the demon world, who didn' t know that the immortal fox tribe had outstanding charm? With a single trick, they could defeat countless heroes, and her magic had always been the laughing stock of the immortal fox world ... She had barely graduated from her immortal studies and was simply too weak. She sneaked into the world and met a scumbag with a messy private life. She watched him mess around with another woman and was about to leave when he imprisoned her and hurt her.
If ten years isn't long enough
On the operating table of the third cesarean section, jiang haoxuan said to wang yang, who was the main surgeon," you don't have to worry about the adult's life or death. You just have to protect the child!" The womb was excised, the child was kidnapped to death, yang miaoyan swung a knife to jiang haoxuan! After coming out of the mental hospital, yang miaoyan held her daughter who had leukemia in her arms and was heartbroken. God had taken away one of her children, and now he wanted to take the other? Wang yang said," I am sweet father!" Let me save her! I was the one who donated the sperm!"
There is no longer a stranger in this life
When chu junmo forcibly tore her wound, li fuyi knew that she should pay for the crime she committed when she was eighteen. She went to the light because of him, because he fell into the night forever. There are no winners in this battle, only two people's eternal doom.
It was cold when I met you
Su mengxi, a lowly servant's daughter, wanted to use a pure love to be with the he family's young master for a lifetime, but it was still wishful thinking. "He yixuan, I' ve paid so much, isn' t it enough to prove my innocence? "Su mengxi, you b * tch! You' re so scheming! Don' t think I' ll believe you!" "A chance encounter, thought met love, did not think it was a sinful fate. When su mengxi passed away, he yixuan finally realized that he had let others hurt the woman he loved the most.
Powerful and powerful: huo shao's cruel and beautiful wife
Leng qing was abandoned by the most trusted person and was asked to marry a man who looked like an ugly ghost. Huo quan was frightened by everyone, but he couldn't help but feel cold. Her fearlessness attracted him deeply, allowing him to take leng qing for his own. Because leng qing was carrying the secret of the heir of the leng family, he had no choice but to stay away from huo quan, who might pose a threat, but huo quan insisted on her. After they had gone through many things together, their relationship slowly heated up, and the bigger conspiracy would eventually be revealed ...
Seducing a wife: a black-bellied husband is addicted
When I opened my eyes, I thought I was hallucinating, and I saw myself at the age of 18. I thought the tragedy could change, but who knew ... Since god had given her a chance to be reborn! She would definitely let those people know what it's like to lose their family? !
It's hard to be a good girl
My name is An Xin. I named it myself, when I first arrived in Haicheng with my elder sister let me choose a better name, because my favorite novel protagonist is this name. Yes, as you wish. My profession is the dishonorable one.
My Man’s Reputation Is Ruined Again
His invisible emperor of city a hated everyone's closeness, but he only liked her closeness. There was a fight one day. "Kiss fourth master, I was wrong." A certain woman was pitiful. "What's wrong?" A certain fourth master glanced at her. "No...
Daddy, Mommy has Cheated on You!
Song Qingge spent a night with a stranger after being cheated by her ex-boyfriend and losing everything. She thought that she would never see that stranger again, but she slept with him for the second time when she's drunk. Since then, Song Qingge couldn't get rid of him, the big boss of Gu Family. She met him almost everywhere, including on the way to the workplace, restaurant, and even bank.
Destined to love you
She grew up as a childhood friend until one day, when he went to join the army, she was sent to a closed private school. He had a bloody life in the army, and she was tormented by campus violence at school. In the purest days of high school, his character became violent, and she was silent and withdrawn. The two of them curled up in the darkness, only a trace of sunlight and warmth from the bottom of their hearts.
Best of all
Lu qingxue originally thought that marrying xiao li qian was the beginning of her happiness, but she didn' t expect this marriage to be the beginning of her nightmare. She personally operated on the pregnant mistress and endured his vengeful torture, hoping that he would stop and look back. One day, when a big mistake is made, anger erupts. "Xiao li qian, why are we like this now?" When she left resolutely, xiao li qian realized that she had already become an inseparable part of his life. After a long separation, she smiled back. "Thank you for appearing in my life, but I can' t love you, xiao li qian ..."
Get into debt and get married: young master ye, please dote on me
Because of a huge debt and a human life, she was pushed into the vortex by her adoptive father. "Serve me, I' ll give you a high price." At first, the words of the barn cool, cold look. "I've got Stockholm syndrome, and I'm in love with the devil." Lu bing licked his wound, trying to shake the man's deep heart with emotion. However, she didn' t expect that the mystery of her past life had a hidden meaning, and there was an old hatred between the two of them? "Everything about you should have been mine." That day, lu bing's eyes were cold and aggressive. "It's yours. I' m yours." The leaf barn is smiling and warm, like the spring breeze in march.
The Female Supporting Character Just Wants To Live A Good Life
It was a story of a serious girl dressed up as a vicious female companion in a novel who had no idea and was planning to live a good life. Su Rui thought he had crossed over, but this was a novel. Su Rui thought she was rich and beautiful, but she was just a match for cannon fodder. Su Rui thought that he had found a reliable marriage partner, who knew that he was the man. It's already 80 chapters, so I know I'm a girl?! The whole world is in Marie su, and I'm the only one who's taking a realistic approach?! ... Explanation: The heroine of the original novel is not really a white moon. She will explain later and eat it at ease. 2. The writing time is around 10 pm every day.
If I could not love you
The world was ashamed of her viciousness and persecuted her own sister to ascend the throne. For five years, she had suffered so much that she had no right to die. When fate turns, what's waiting for her?
I've been there with you
Can human love really move with the heart? Bai Yu, do you love me or the beating heart of shen feimo in my body? ! If I give anything, my marrow, my heart ... Can you, love me? ... She used her worst malice to guess the truth. She thought that he was heartless and selfish. In fact, she was the stubborn one. She had never chosen to believe him. Never. He was like a drop of ink, dirtying his clean city. However, like a hot spring, he kept warming her and purifying her, never complaining. Mu chen, can there be a happy ending between us?