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Uncle, Please Don't!
"The most miserable thing for Li Yunzi in this life is having her fiance Xiao Rui whom she has loved for three years grabber by her own elder sister. Being deadly desperate, Li Yunzi finally makes her mind: She is going to marry Xiao Rui's younger brother. And she must marry him before that bitch couple's wedding so that they need to address her as "little aunty" every day, making them extremely uncomfortable. But what is Xiao Rui's younger brother, Xiao Chen? Tall and handsome, with sexy body shape, and incomparably great confidence in his eyes. How can a man like him, who has already listed on The Forbes Ranking in his 28 years old, fall in love with such an ordinary woman like her?"
Ceo's secret pet
I am the humblest woman in his world. He wants me, anytime, anywhere. I can never resist. Even if he insults me again, I can only say to myself, yes, you have no self-respect. Initially, he thought that he was a demon, but since when had he been secretly spoiling me ...
It's hard to break free
After three years of secret marriage, she was like a person who couldn' t see the light. The zhao family went bankrupt. It turned out that her family was his enemy, and he was the messenger of revenge. Her family was ruined and her parents were crazy. When everything was irretrievable, he said that he loved her. Can not let go of hatred, can not forget the love. Was he and her reconciled or had they forgotten each other ...
Sweet Battles for 100 Days: Do Whatever I Can to Spoil My Wife
"Because of a conspiracy, she had sex with Helian Zhaoting without conscience. Her fiance broke off their engagement immediately and she became the biggest laughingstock among the upper-class people. She didn't feel like explaining anything and left with a frozen heart. Six years later, she returned, along with her genius son. Superficially, he was the governor of the business empire, cold and arrogant. Behind the scene, he was a wolf in disguise, domineering, and sexually-desired. He could never get enough of her love! ""If anyone makes my wife upset, I will make his whole family upset!"" Said Helian relentlessly. "
Sing a song about loving you
It was the first time bai muqi had seen song qin zhi, or at the opening ceremony. She tied her head in a bun and read the speech in a clear voice, then hurriedly stepped off the stage. When bai muqi saw song qin later, it was at the school's art festival. She was wearing a baseball cap, holding a guitar, and quickly left after singing. The last time bai muqi saw song qinzhi was at her graduation ceremony. He walked onto the stage and knelt down on one knee in front of everyone's exclamations. He asked song qinzhi to marry him ...
Medical Master
He was the youngest martial arts guru in the martial arts world, and he had a mysterious and absolute touch.
My Husband is Royalty
The super Master Immortal of the immortal realm had been hunted by the entire immortal realm because of his cultivation techniques.
You should be wandering all your life
Life will never be more than the dog blood in front of this sentence is always tong ruoyu is more suitable. Her parents had an accident, and her noble background surfaced. Once said, all of our heartache, is their own knife to the heart, even if you are reluctant, will not consciously do so. Time makes the person that should be close to become more and more estranged, even if it is that pale and powerless" I wait for you" can not change the initial feeling.
Engaged All My Life to You
At the wedding night of her fiance and his mistress, she was trapped by her "mother-in-law" and had a one night stand with a stranger. She thought she would not meet him again until she found herself pregnant. With sadness and sorrow, she prepared to get an abortion, but the man blocked her way: "Marry me, no one can hurt you." Half a month later, the most honorable man in City-A married her with a luxury wedding. At first, she felt that everything was perfect, but later... "Baby, you have passed the safety period, we can take more 'exercise' tonight..." "Baby, our parents repeatedly told us to have more grandchildren to accompany them..." "I have already talked with your boss and you do not need to work overtime anymore. We have more time to relax..." Finally, she could not bear it anymore and threw him an agreement: "Mu Luochen, you're divorced!" The man chuckled with his eyes full of love: "Don't be naughty baby. Across the whole country, who dares to take your divorce suit against me?"
My husband has to coax me every day
After Qin Ge retired from the army, he suffered from severe postwar psychological syndrome. After treatment, he was still a little agitated. "Don't you want a marriage? Just her." Qin Ge pointed at it casually. "I'm just here to visit." Wu Tong expressed his innocence. @ @ "Although your husband has completed his treatment, he still has some side effects, such as impulsiveness, irritability, and strong control." The psychiatrist concluded, "In short, coax." "Got it!" Wu tongsheng could not bear to look at him. = = = = = = = = = = = = = My closing essay: "Rebirth at the door of the civil affairs bureau"
Love is like the twilight
His parents died because of him, love because he was imprisoned, and she was forced to marry him, cheng xiao-xiao hated him to the bone. Three years later, her former lover was released from prison and the conspiracy behind her surfaced. The truth three years ago was so painful in front of her eyes. The person she hated had always been silently guarding her ...
Time is still here, you may be deeply in love
The bamboo horse that she hated the most since she was young was actually the king's love that she had been in an online relationship for more than a year? Song xiangsi said that god's joke was a little too big! Actually, like, maybe - he's not that annoying
The sea is the tears of an island
A year ago, zhao quietly learned that things, in the preliminaries lost play, no preliminaries. Finally, he broke up with qiao ran and disappeared for a year. A year later, she wanted to live a peaceful life in the north sports institute. She met three roommates in her dormitory and met qu yinan who had accidentally barged into her world to bully her and mock her. Originally, the peaceful life was broken because of the appearance of shen ning and qiao ran. Zhao silently learned that shen ning was chosen to be the first swimmer in the jinling swimming team. Qiao ran still looked for her for more than a year and chased her to the north of the city to find her. The three of them had been entangled from a year ago, five years ago, until now. Five years ago, zhao fan had lost his hearing in a car accident, which had become a knot in zhao feng's heart that he had been unable to untie. She had been struggling with qiao ran for so many years. Qu nan bullied her and liked to tease her. Gradually, their hearts moved to
A good man is like fire and loves savagery
Ye chu, bai xi xi, and little sunflower were close friends since they were young. They were in the same junior high school, high school, and university. In the hearts of the three girls, they would get married together and take pictures of pregnant women together ... Together, they would grow old together ... But all these beautiful fantasies were shattered in the second year of their sophomore year. Sunflower had a rare form of leukemia.
President, please refrain: the lovely wife has married
He was powerful and cold. However, she only wanted a child and a man who didn' t want to put on airs. She had a lot of choices and tried her best to hook up with someone she couldn' t afford to offend. If she dared to kick him, she was tired of living. She wanted to pay him back ten times the small trauma he suffered in his heart. A woman: don't you always like to see the same woman every day? Man: are you a woman? She was covered in bean sprouts. So-and-so: you can stay away from me. Man: but I like bean sprouts best. Some woman: shameless person. She had only taken a small advantage of him and was bound by him for the rest of her life.
Spoiling His Wife Inordinately
Legend has it that a cucumber causes trouble. One night, after getting caught. The man said angrily," have you really forgotten me?" She scratched her hair: I'm sorry, I have face blindness, I really can't remember. The man leaned close to her ear and reminded her kindly, six months ago, that night ... Her face was flushed red: it was you! The man smiled naturally. Not only him, but also him in the future! Face blind? It didn' t matter if she didn' t remember it once. If it was a lifetime, would she still not remember it?
Southern City Awaits The Moon's Return
Shen Yugui had been particularly unlucky since he was a child, and possessed the spirit of decay. She ran out of all her luck and met him-as long as she is with Fei Nancheng, it will turn around from time to time, life is like a dead end! “Wife, why are you so ugly? Are you still cowardly and incompetent to be bullied? Come on, change your luck.” The next day, she turned from an ugly duckling to a black swan, from a scumbag to a tyrant, and beat her bullies all over the floor. Find teeth! “Wife, why are you so poor? Why are you still at a loss for any business? Come and change your luck.” From then on, she sits at home with money coming from the sky, counting money until her hands shake! Everyone watching the excitement shuddered: There was a change of luck here, it was obviously a change of person. He looked over with a chill: What happened to the substitution? Have you eaten your rice?
The president dotes on his wife to the bone
She was just running away from a marriage, so she picked up a cheap husband by the roadside. Not only was she genetically good, she was rich, but she was also considerate and caring. It's just, the way you care about people is kind of special. If she had nothing else to do, she would talk to her about it. One by one, two by one, she would become the mother of two cubs. Something's not right. Is she too late?
Don't forget you loved me
He said. "This marriage is the beginning of your nightmare life!" When her first love returned, he forced her to sign a divorce. Once upon a time, the daughter was kicked out of the house and became a beggar. On his first day of marriage, she stood on a cliff in a white wedding dress, and the video was live-streamed -" the only way I can choose is to use the power of the media to get the public to tell him the truth." Because he never believed her. When her death broadcast caused a huge commotion, and when the media followed the clues to uncover the truth, he only knew how badly he hurt her.
Through the apocalypse: the queen's upbringing
The car accident, which was supposed to be fatal, passed through strangely! It was fine to travel through time, but why was it the apocalypse? Zombie land? Human ugliness exposed? Can't live? A woman said," zombie!" All kinds of power to abuse! The ugly ones ... Who wouldn' t dare to come? If you don't kill him, I'll take it from you! Can't live? It doesn't exist! When dongfang mo magically traveled through the apocalypse, he would watch how the queen of the cool and cool power would crawl away and create a new era ...
Mr. Gu‘s Spoil to His Wife
"I'm good at washing and cooking. Sichuanese, Cantonese, Japanese and French dishes, which one you want first? Promise to marry me, and you'll have them every day! Mr. Gu, marry me?" "Alright!" Learning from the failure of the first marriage, Lin Nai only wants to have a normal life. But who can tell her why this "ordinary" boss of a small company suddenly became the first heir of the richest man in China? After marriage, Gu Yu looked at a bowl of boiled noodles in front of him and asked: "Where is my French meal and Japanese food?" The woman in front of him unfastened her apron, lifted her long legs, and sat down on the table. "You still think you lost, right? I am tasted better than the french meal, don't you think so" Gu recalled the night before: "That's true!"
A flash marriage never leaves
Lin youran wanted to change her period paper when she saw the red sun, but she was inexplicably surrounded by the super iceberg man in black. She took out a goose egg and diamond to propose to him. "Miss, I love you. Marry me!" "Move aside, I' m in a hurry to pee!" "No, unless I accept this ring!" "Take it!" Since then, she had set foot on the road of no return.
Mr. Bug's only wife
Li youran, as an 18-line actress, had finally received a novel to change the screenwriter. She did not expect to wake up and become a vicious female companion in the novel. What's more, she saved a bug that was supposed to die in this world ...
Love grows: Lu Boss, be gentle
Su Peilin was blind to meet a scumbag. That scumbag not only lied to her, but also stole her career. What was so intolerable was that she wanted to step on the trash and snatch it back. But what if she didn' t have the ability? It's okay. There's a thigh coming to the door. Thigh Lu Muyi said," I can help you, but you have to be my fiancee." Su Peilin nodded." No problem." Lu Muyi said," you still want to marry me." Su Peilin nodded." That's fine." Lu Muyi said," and give birth to a child for me." Su Peilin nodded." Um ... What? I refuse! Lu Muyi smiled wickedly and said," it's too late, honey, let's go to the bridal chamber now!"
There is joy in the wall: the poor young master falls in love with me
A suicide note changed his fate, turning him from a rich young master who had everything into an illegitimate son who had nothing. Fate was already so difficult, yet the slum house he rented was next door to two old men and three young women. However, his arrival had overturned their entire lives, making their lives, which were originally ordinary, unsettled and disastrous. He and her life, from now on tightly linked together ...
When the flowers bloom
She was abandoned by her stepmother when she was three years old, her parents died when she was thirteen years old and joined the black organization by coincidence. When she returned, she thought that she had reached the peak of happiness but lost her love ...
I love you even if I hate you
Sheng yixuan, the one who gave her hope in life and personally pushed her into the abyss. She had watched him get engaged to another woman with her own eyes, from the first step to the end, she was in so much pain that she could not bear to see him get engaged to another woman! She no longer wanted to experience such despair in her next life. However, a dream seemed to wake her up. He said, chenxi, I was wrong. I should die ...
The wedding was about to get drunk: ceo, settle the score!
A city rumors, once the great Miss of the Lin family, love the rich and poor, hook up. However, as her fiancé, Qi Boss had always complied with her every request and was extremely fond of others. Lin Mo said," Qi Fengyu, I heard that a batch of the most beautiful yangcheng lake hairy crabs came from junhao restaurant today." Qi Fengyu said," someone, go pick the best ones for madam and invite master over." Lin Mo said," Qi Fengyu, I heard that a new batch of bags came from xin xin's department store." Qi Fengyu said," someone, go and get the manager to show the samples to madam. You can take whichever you like." Lin Mo said," Qi Fengyu, I heard that the entertainment company of the Gu enterprise has invited a small piece of fresh meat. It's especially handsome." Qi Fengyu" honey, can we stop this? Don't you see me? I' m not handsome enough?" This was the story of a vengeful and vengeful female protagonist who had been bullied and retaliated fiercely. Qi Fengyu's biggest regret in his life was that he didn't t
Mr. Cold face, don't be too bad
On her first day of marriage, after playing cherry passion games, she whispered in her ear. "I don't even care about touching you ..." The first night of their marriage began, and they slept separately. One night, however, he suddenly went berserk and asked for her in the bathroom without any mercy because a special audience was standing outside the door. After that, he had endless desires for her like a beast's love. He had nearly torn her to pieces, but he still did not forget to set his gentle trap. She dragged her devastated body and struggled on the edge of pain. In five years, the cat lifted its sharp claws and met again. She was so beautiful and alluring that she was always surrounded by countless outstanding men around her. Every time she fell into his eyes, he would be so jealous that he would go crazy. Finally, he put down the heroic words and vowed to tie his ex-wife home again. Their ears were intertwined with each other, and they were walking towards each other. Love, lingering ...
Sweet Wife: Congratulations, Mr. President
"Be good, I will love you..." The night before the engagement, he took away her first time! "Baby, I'll give you 100 million to be my woman!" The next day, when she got engaged, he pinned her down on the sofa in the lounge, making her too tired to send her guests away. On the third day, she was unmarried.