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Sweet Wife: Congratulations, Mr. President
"Be good, I will love you..." The night before the engagement, he took away her first time! "Baby, I'll give you 100 million to be my woman!" The next day, when she got engaged, he pinned her down on the sofa in the lounge, making her too tired to send her guests away. On the third day, she was unmarried.
How come I don't love you
Lu ming wan never doubted bai qinyu's kindness to her, he could give his life for her, but he refused to marry her when she was pregnant. In order to prevent the child from having no father, she had married the young master of a wealthy family who was of equal status as he wished, but she did not expect to fall into another trap ... After the ordeal, bai qinyu rescued her from the devil's den and said," what should I say? I don't love you that much. "
Young master Gu has a long way to go after his wife
What was the experience of being ridiculed by a group of soft and cute buns for being short and poor? Well, gu yichen really wanted to beat him up. In fact, what he wanted most was the' sister' of the steamed stuffed bun! However, how could he bear to think about it? How dare you? Thus, he could only open the mode of doting on his wife. He abused the dog, even his own son. One day. "Brother chen, your son bullied me in the game." Gu yichen narrowed his eyes. "My wife said that you bullied her. What do you say?" Little bun. "Then you can bully her back!"
Falling in love with you is a secret
Leaf, who came from the countryside, was raped by her stepfather when she was a child, and she suffered from the pain in her heart ... When she went to university, she met bai shucheng and gradually developed feelings for him. Meanwhile, her good friend angel and the white tree became together. Seeing the two of them being intimate, the pain in her heart slowly twisted leaf's heart ...
Marrying the wrong president is super powerful!
After breaking the affair between her fiancé and her sister, lin feifei, who had collapsed, chose to take revenge on the cowherd at night. She didn' t want to make a mistake and treat the officer as a cowherd. She didn' t just have her body and heart, but her fiancé didn' t intend to let her go. The wild ceo, the gentle doctor, and the handsome senior rushed in one by one. Su wei's life, a multi-faceted love entanglement, began to play ...
Overnight addiction: prince charming's husband is too difficult to deal with
After getting drunk, she picked up a handsome man by the roadside. He promised to marry her, but when she woke up, he was gone ...
Fortune - changer
She, fell off the cliff after death, but become the fate of the rewriter, specially rewrite the fate of others. He's a young man with a bright future. A couple who love each other. After three years, they returned with a new identity. They were separated forever. How will they end up?
Godly Stay-Home Dad
He became a new dad after cultivation: building the mountain, operating the restaurant, writing songs, and flirting with the mother. Let's see how this daddy plays in the city.
The president has a special hobby: doting on his wife
Her good sister was fooling around with her beloved husband and took her child away.
Love you is my last memory
Three years ago, she was his heart. He said he couldn't live without her. He was killed in a car accident, she was coerced away from him, carrying a cold and heartless reputation across the ocean. From then on, he survived, but he had no heart. She lived a difficult life with her child and spared no expense to raise the cost of the surgery to do a special live broadcast. Who knew that he would find out about the love and hatred that she had lost three years ago and get involved again ...
Strong love: president mu's doting and sweet wife
The originally peaceful city had changed because of an qingli's return. A cunning woman like a fox had broken into mu yanchen's world again and again. The first time they met, the foxy woman threatened him; the second time, the fox turned into a cat to bless him, and the third time the cat became a lion Deliberately against him; for the seventh time, the lion was injured, and the man's heart ached ...
Movie queen's wife: young master mo, slow down
Her fiancé and half sister had already hooked up! Three years ago, they were also the main culprit behind her downfall from the newly minted starlet! Her eyes darkened as ye en xin ran to the nightclub to get drunk, but she accidentally hooked up with the famous young master mo. He got married by accident and became a movie queen by accident. After getting married, her husband pretended not to care and stretched out his thigh. She could only serve the golden thigh well. "Hubby, you' re so awesome ..."" honey, are you hungry again? "
I Will Always Love You
I will always like you. "Brother, what is the relationship between having sex?? Is kissing eating each other's mouth?? How was the child born??" The three-year-old white rabbit liked to chase after cheng zhiyan and ask strange questions.
A pet ceo is very happy
He was a cold, thin man, the sole heir to the empire. He was handsome and distinguished. It was just a casual night, and she had managed to get the most noble man in the world to have a baby. When they met again, he was a high and mighty international ceo, and she was a lowly actress. "President, please forgive me!" "Sure, give me three children first." Wait till you're old enough to see where else you can run. This is the story of a black-bellied ceo doting on his wife.
A kiss is love: love is love
A young white-collar woman worked very hard at her job, but her disgusting boss wanted to secretly discipline her and beat her boss up in a fit of anger. However, another ceo saw this and asked him to work in his own company. From then on, the two of them started a magical relationship.
The return of his daughter: young emperor dotes on his wife
On her wedding night, she was taken away by her beloved husband and best friend. After dying, she changed her face and vowed to take back what belonged to her. However, she realized that the person who saved her wasn' t as simple as she appeared to be.there was a huge conspiracy hidden behind the family ...
Sweet wedding pet: the president is above the fire
Her father was imprisoned and her mother's whereabouts were unknown. He was the president of the company, but he was an illegitimate son who could not be seen. He was ruthless and overbearing, and his methods were decisive, but he doted on her to the skies. However, if he doted on her too much, his taste would change. What was she to him?
Sadistic love: the ceo's substitute lover
Because xu tianyang looked like her late ex-girlfriend, ren xinxin came to work in her company.ren xinxin liked xu tianyang when she was in contact with xu tianyang.it was a pity that lin shan, xu tianyang's admirer, had ruined xu tianyang and ren xinxin's relationship. Ren xinxin left in anger and under xu tianyang's efforts, ren xinxin believed that xu tianyang was sincere. Lin shan and xu tianya create trouble let xu tianyang misunderstanding ren xinxin, finally ren xinxin defend their happiness and xu tianyang together.
Love affairs are set: aim, husband takema
I am 24 years old, met 21 years old you, you left me forever; 27 years old, met the most intolerable betrayal in life, and then died, now, I am reborn, again become 24 years old me, again meet proud you, guess what will happen?
Flash Marriage with a CEO Husband
On the night before their wedding, their fiance eloped with his best friend. Her eyes darkened and she grabbed the man in front of the civil affairs bureau, "Mr. Mo, before your bride arrives, my groom runs away. How about... Let's get married together?" Before the wedding, she said, "Even if we go to bed, between you and me, what...
The ceo's sugar wife
After three years of marriage, she had never even met her husband. She had tried so hard to get a divorce, but she could not find him ... Why would she keep such a husband for the new year? A man:" I heard ... You don' t want me to stay until the new year?" "Woman:" so what? "But I ... Want you to spend every year with me. "
Never see each other for the rest of my life
Shen mo chu was gu yi's obsession that had been deeply rooted in her bones for ten years. In shen mo chu's eyes, she was a murderer. A paper of diagnosis determines gu yishen's life and death, but it is replaced by her biological sister, gu ruoqian. She was the one with the terminal illness, but gu ruoqian was the one who was taken care of by shen mo chu. When she was dying, shen mochu said," a woman with a heart like a snake and a scorpion should die immediately! Gu yi's heart was filled with despair and her eyes were filled with desolation." Shen mo chu, we will never see each other in this life!" "
Beautiful wife under: the national husband is so sultry
Three years ago, when they were about to get engaged, she came to annul the engagement the night before. She said," I'm sorry, I slept with someone else." Three years later, when he came back, the first person he met was her drunk. She kept muttering to herself," why don't you love me?" Ji Yanting sneered. This was a good opportunity from heaven. When Zhong Qing woke up, Ji Yanting was smoking with his legs crossed. He walked around naked with his white shirt in his hands. He was joking." Zhong Qing, tell me, why did the man who lost his virginity three years ago still have virgin blood?" Zhong Qing's face turned red." I'm on my period, okay?" She thought this guy came back to get back at her. However, he abused scum, men, and women, protecting himself from the water everywhere. Just when she was tempted, he said casually," Zhong Qing, how does it feel to be dumped? Of course, if you want to be with me, it's not impossible. I don' t mind raising a child. I believe my wife doesn' t mind either." Zhong Qing imm
Forget as you think, look back still
Gu qinglu once said, shen siyan, because of you, I want to see this world. When she loved him, he tortured and ignored her. When an xiaoman died, shen siyan thought that her heart would never beat for anyone in this lifetime. When gu qing left, he woke up, but it was still love. When she gouged out her eyes, she said," shen siyan, I don't owe you anything. We'll be even from now on."
Love in her past life: the prince was a jealous man
Acacia as deep as the sea, old things as far as the sky. Tears drop thousands of lines, more make people sad broken intestines. If you want to see no cause, it will be hard to fight in the end. If there is no predestination in the previous life, to be re-married, to live a wish. "It's just touched. It's no big deal. If you feel bad, you can just take it back. An xiaoran's hand reached out and said to me. "Viney, let's go home."
My Perfect Mr. Lian
In Wu family, Mr. Lian is known by everyone. In Wu family, Mr. Lian said you were wrong, then you are wrong. In Wu family, don't mess with Mr. Lian, or the end is only one word - death. And she, Gu Xiaochen is self-aware, don't do becoming a phoenix dream. When he was in his college, he is the president of the students union, she was scolded to cry by him in front of countless students. Four years later, when she went to work for her new company, he became her boss! She was just rooting for her best friend but offended his girlfriend? Alright, I am afraid, I am gonna go away. She offered to resign, but the supervisor said that the President didn't accept it, and she would be promoted to assistant. Her hand is clearly a letter of resignation, why the company was judged as a letter of confession! The woman wore black-rimmed glasses, a stiff suit, a withered figure, and a ghastly pale face! He, Wu Helian, Wu family's heir, is always adept at flirting with women. There is no one I can't nail it, only he doesn'
Beautiful wife toxic: belly black husband, the headline see
Ning manxi was the most infamous socialite in the city. Everyone was laughing at her, watching her turn from a young lady whom everyone envied into a prisoner with nothing. One day, she climbed back into li tingrao's bed and became Mrs. Li. Everyone knew that li tingrao hated her and wanted her to live a better life than death, but no one knew that li tingrao loved her more than death.
Good luck warm love: belly black husband, quickly spoil me
You, what are you doing, you little brat! What if the patient who comes back with good intentions insists on offering himself to her? Waiting online, in a hurry ...
Goddess CEO Is My Wife
He's the king of weapons. Tired of the life of killing, he decided to return to the city, but accidentally, he married an angelic female president! Since then, he started a happy life of chasing and teasing his girl!
My Wife Reigns Supreme
The boldest thing qin mu had ever done in her life was to sleep with yan lishu. Then, he left a sum of money and ran away. She had just run in the morning when this man caught her in bed at night. She couldn't struggle, so she said, "Don't do this. I'm still a child.