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Flash marriage: president meng dotes on little wife
He met her on two separate tracks. "Uncle, don' t ignore me." Qin Muzi's eyes were full of tears and he held his arm tightly, afraid that he would accidentally leave again. "Silly girl, how could I leave?" Ouyang cheng gently wiped her tears with his fingers. "Girl, I won' t leave you unless you give up." No, even if you leave me, I'll sneak up on you and watch you and not let you get too far away from me.
The Second Marriage Was Spoiled By The Boss
Her husband had a third party, and Chen Xu chose to divorce. With the baby in debt, everyone thought that chen xu would be miserable. Two years later, photos of Zhang Qian, the internet tycoon, were published online. Under the dim light, Zhang Qian was holding a woman's slender waist and kissing her indescribably, extremely emotional. This woman, her name is Chen Xu. Justice netizens quickly went to Chen Xu's weibo and scolded her for wanting to eat swan meat. Divorced women dared to seduce their father. Chen Xu's aunts, colleagues and friends also called her to advise her not to be vain and worship money, becoming a rich man's plaything. The next day, Zhang Qian registered his weibo account and ended up in person. His weibo @ Chen Xu: let me introduce you to my sister. After years of unrequited love, she was finally able to pursue her openly. Weibo exploded. People who insulted Chen Xu flooded into her weibo again, one after another queuing up to call her aunt. Zhang Qian: wait, this generation is not right
My Escaped Wife Comes Back!
He is the eldest son of Fu Family, and in his engagement ceremony, his fiancee escapes from him. With no choice, he randomly finds a woman as his bride and directly holds a wedding with her. But such pretended marriage is made real on their first night. "Tonight, I will let her know what it will be like when dry wood meets blazing fire." When he rips off her clothes and notices the birthmark on her back, he is simmering with rage, "How dare you escape from our marriage? But you can never escape from me anymore."
Honey love 100 days: the president is on the top and I am on the bottom
Introduce: He was just a rich ceo, calling him" king." He really thought he was" king," yet he shamelessly held a wife selection conference! Su xi, the candidate, was relatively calm compared to her. After all, she looked ordinary and had a thin body and had no talent." Ming King" was ugly and not blind, so he wouldn' t fall for her no matter what ... But in the end ... Who set her up? Who was the man in the ghostly mask? He was even scarier than the rumors. He used money and power to keep her by his side and used her as a pawn in the game. He also signed a contract with her. As long as she was obedient, he could leave the terrifying Jing yuan in a year. She thought it would be easy, but she never thought that she would leave in that way ...
Three gorges
The story tells the story of two people in Hubei han wenxiang, zou linyin apprentices root in the three gorges area, the dream of service immigrant development tour and to drive the rural citrus economic development along the upper yangtze river region for 30 years of selfless dedication to all the hard journey. As a retired cadre of the citrus field han wenxiang can not bear to see disciple zou linyin with a child outside the development of citrus seedling career, holding the spirit of dedication to join the teachers and students in the common cause, they have been in Zhijiang, dangyang, Badong, Yiling to teach cultivation skills. Because of being framed to go far away, to jiangzhou yunan, Xiajiang and other places to continue to develop. In time for the three gorges migrants, their success in obtaining wealth in yun 'an, and their grafting technology was further developed. On their way home they met chen wuyang, a farmer from Xiajiang. So han wenxiang came to Xiajiang with his mission.
Bodyguard of the School Venus
Fan Tian used to dream of living a normal life while suddenly became a bodyguard of the prettiest girl student, Tang Guo! He thought he was too handsome to have friends or competitors until he was called as 'big brother' and provoked by those silver spoons...Fan Tian showed an evil smile: "Come on, kids! Let me teach you to be a good student!"
Heretic Doctor Zihou
In the twenty-first century, the king of shadows, who was feared by everyone on the road, fell in an explosion. When she opened her eyes again, time and space changed, and she became a big girl who everyone in xiliang city looked away from! Same body, different soul. Generation one...
Contract test love: my husband is a ruffian
Her hand was suddenly gripped tightly by the man, and in the darkness, his gaze was as sharp as a knife. The man without any fluctuation suddenly raised her hands above her head. Then, his tall figure followed her, his cold lips pressing against hers without any warning. The passionate kiss was so strong that she couldn' t help but be shocked, afraid that the next second, she would be swallowed by this person, leaving no residue behind.
I wish you a lot of flowers
He raped her, humiliated her, but also gave her a colorful love.
Is it wrong to fall in love with you
In his third year of marriage, he suddenly woke up and pressed her under him.
Master's a Byoukidere and Needs Pampering!
Father always said, xu fang, why don't you die? Because she had an abnormal arrangement of chromosomes 6, she was not hungry or painful, and she could not speak. Dr. Xiao yi often said, "Xu fang, you are the legend of genetic medicine." Because her vision and hearing were second to normal humans.
Your empty joy
Jiang Yao never thought that su xu would bring a pregnant mistress to court and insist on a divorce. "If I don' t die, she will be three in the end!" "Su xu! I'm not getting a divorce, and I'm not getting a divorce! The two of you will never be able to be together openly! Jiang Yao was obsessed with the idea of losing everything for love. On the edge of the cliff, he ignored her life and death to save another woman. At that moment, Jiang Yao realized that all these years, she was only moved by her love. At that moment, she decided to let go.
Flash Marriage: My New Wife, Don't Escape
She accidentally pregnant with his child, poor orphan overnight became everyone envious Qi family's young Mrs. 'Why marry me? Qi Rui's voice is cold, "I need a wife, and an heir, you are just suitable for that." After marriage..."Hey! What are you doing!"Mu Siyue unbearable toward the bed man kicked afoot. Qi Rui naturally said, "Do what a husband and a wife obligate to do." [Qi Rui: "Simply, it's a cute story of the bullying CEO eating the little white rabbit! But sometimes... the damn rabbit bites, and it hurts."
Open marriage
This novel interprets love, marriage, the tangle between reality and the life troubles of urban people from three perspectives of urban women, and reveals the meaning of life.
One-night Romance: Marrying a Stranger
A night of the wrong and lingering, let him eat marrow know taste, from now on do not sleep for the combination! They all said that he was thin and cool, but he doted on her to the depth. However, she knew that all he loved was just her body. He has someone else in his heart, the woman who he really loved in deep. ~~~ She begged him to at least let her have his baby. But he said, "do abortion, right now." She turned around and smiled. He was so affectionate to that woman, but so cruel to her... When she disappeared, he was surprised that she had been branded in the depths of his bond, become his favorite!
Charming Fortune Teller: He's The Apple Of Girl's Eyes
"Zhang Xiaotian was an urban loser before. Thanks to an accident, he became a guest of honor for his precise geomantic omens and superb medical skills! He's good at expelling evil ghosts, cooking, entertaining and even beating the gangsters! Elegant anchor girl, fascinating queen of acting and pure lolita...all the girls were curious about him! He's the present leader of the Taoist Family Chisong, and was expected to be the leading master of Taoism in the future. He's also the richest man in the world! He had all the precious things that he was called 'The son of God' or 'The beloved'. Zhang Xiaotian said, "actually, I'm nothing but a fortune teller." "
Glory world's wedding pet: pounce on the ceo!
She liked him, loved him, wanted to be his woman, and did everything she could for him. However, he didn' t care. In the dark night, he pressed her down tightly, his cold voice devoid of emotion. "Tonight, I' ll let you enjoy it. Isn' t that what you want?"
The Untouchable President
Because of a holiday, she was treated like a whore. After she came back, she caught her fiance cheating. Then she went off in a fury. Five years later, she's back with a talented and adorable baby. The baby took part in the piano competition, unexpectedly, he was still thinking about looking for his father. "This way, make me look good! My name is Tang Bao, and my mommy is Tang Siyu, who is super beautiful! I am four and a half years old. If there is a man who looks like me, he could be my dad. Please do contact me!" Then he turned to the camera and said, "Daddy, I'm waiting for you!" Back to the backstage, a woman got extremely mad. A few days later, a mysterious man came to the house, claiming to be the father of the child. Tang Siyu looked at the tall and handsome man, she was angry. Was he the one who stole her heart five years ago?
Unlimited pursuit
The unlucky song ru didn' t know who she had offended. There were many people around her who wanted to kill her, so she simply found a handsome, cool, cold and abstinent little brother to protect her. Coincidentally, this little brother seemed to have some connections with her ... An old thing that links two people who will never meet in this life. This cold man called xie jian almost killed her, and she had no choice but to entrust her life to him. Xie jian, who only reaped human lives, eventually became her knight, but song ru, who was in deep crisis, became his salvation. And when will this journey of death come to an end?
You are the south wind, I sink
The person in charge of taking her statement was the one who hated her the most in the world - her ex-husband. She was also inexplicably accused of" abusing children"! The truth was complicated until a glimmer of light led to the truth behind the scenes. He finally understood that he was wrong ...
Mr. President, you've been set up
He didn' t care about the marriage arranged by the family. He started everything from scratch and didn' t work under his father. The people outside thought that she only had work and iron face, but after meeting her, his whole person changed. His gentleness and smile became something common. Could they really be together ...
Super Driver
My girlfriend disdained that I was driving a taxi and dumped me, but she didn' t know that my car could travel through time and space.
Sweet Marriage with My Evil Husband
The devil only loves you in his special way: "Remember darling, don't look at me, don't hold me, don't kiss me! Turn your face away, you just need to lie down and be quiet!" Just lie down? What does he take her for? An inflatable wife?
The wife of a bossy ceo
Because of her outstanding appearance and temperament, the ceo had taken a fancy to her. However, she did not believe that the heavens would be so kind to her, so she directly rejected him. However, the ceo's infatuation seemed to have moved her. In the face of true love and wealth, as well as slander and jealousy, how would she choose ...
Turn love into prison: hi, wallflower
On the way to escape, floret caught a man wall-dong ... On the first side, he was a heart patient who stole drugs from the hospital; on the second side, he was a terrorist who smuggled explosives; on the third side, he was a cold-blooded general who took her to jail ... Floret repeatedly told himself that he did not love him, but because of him again and again She was in danger until he threatened to marry another woman, but she wanted to marry him instead of that woman?
Koi gets slapped in the face again
Article 1: she bought an orchard to open a gold mine, bought stocks and stocks, and drew the first prize every time. When she met him, she actually spent all her luck. The first time she met him at a high speed, her boyfriend cheated on her, and she was in the traffic police force; the second time she met him at a bar, she was broken by the fall; the third time she met him at a hospital, god forbid her to let go, she was struck by lightning; the fourth time, she was directly lying in his bed. ... By mistake, he had moved into her cell phone, and qian zhao felt that he was going to blame her for the rest of his life. Someone didn' t know it and said narcissistically. "I' m your greatest luck!" Article 2: mrs fung's training skills are as follows: 1. She needs at least four language skills; 2. She needs at least four advanced certificates, such as certified public accountants or first-level human resource managers, etc. ) The qualities of Mrs. Feng are as follows: 1. The fragrance of the wind when walking is th
Love is more than goodbye
He said, murderers don't deserve love! Not until I left him did he say it was all his fault.
Your wife has arrived, please sign for it
He was a cold and aloof business tycoon, and she was a gentle and fragile little white rabbit. The two of them, who had thought that they had nothing to do with each other, were entangled by an accident. He hated her, forcing her to stay by his side and imprisoning her. However, she didn' t know when it started, but her cold and heartless heart started to ripple. It was night, and he pressed her under him gently. An Jingqi raised her eyes and looked at the man on her in surprise." Don't you hate me to the bone?" He was speechless, but in future actions, he pampered her, loved her, and cared for her. It was only then that An Jingqi realized that this man could still love her so much. However, when this big net was broken, what should she do?
Falling in love with you like an angel
Xia xin was a young white-collar worker who had just graduated from university and needed to be taken care of because of her mother's illness, but she met an overbearing ceo by accident and worked at his place. The company started to spread that she was a mistress and a vixen. Would she choose to give in or face difficulties? Would the overbearing ceo really fall in love with this ugly duckling? An angel's fate seemed to be attached to her ...
Love never lasts: may you live forever
She had thought that he would be brave for her and thought that his efforts could change everything. You're just curious about how people like me live, she said. So, it's not love. "I know how you live," he said." I'm really just wondering if I can survive with you, so give me a chance. She remembered that the airport was very noisy that day, and she heard her own voice: perhaps there was still the warmth she had hoped for.