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In Love with Cold-face Highness
I was kissed by a handsome guy twice that evening? How can a dignified girl like I will be kissed at other's will? What? You will take responsibility? Engaged with me? Marry me?...... Oh! No! I left home exactly to escape marriage, and now a handsome guy jumps out saying he is gonna marry me? No......But, why is this school full of all kinds of handsome boys, cool, gentle, charming? And why they all want to ask me out?
Youth blown over by the wind
I am a cat, quiet and perverse. When I looked up, I looked for your eyes. When I looked down, I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that I wanted you. I'm rebellious, crazy. But still met the Fushun I can defy the hair of the xu chen! I'm a cat, a cat named gu zhen. Drinking, fighting, and beating up bad girls who did everything but smoke gu zhen became a good student after meeting xu yichen. Time and time together, gu zhen slowly from xu chen body found the original lost things.
Too late to say I love you
"Do you think that by signing the divorce agreement, you can get rid of your relationship and have a good rest? As long as I have a breath, I will make your life a living hell!" Fang Muyan clutched Shen Xiaoou's throat. Muyan, if there is a next life, I hope I will not meet you again, so that we will not live so painful. Shen Xiaoou slowly closed his eyes without any struggle. Everyone in yan city knew that Shen Xiaoou loved fang Muyan for eleven years, while fang Muyan treated her as a dog in the Fang family.
The time we lost that year
How helpless was it to come to this school, to be so muddleheaded as to bow down to a group of people? Originally, a well-behaved girl who skipped class openly learned how to fight, and it was even more unbelievable that she was a good neighbor across the wall with her school nemesis! Oh, my god, I've never seen anything so outrageous! Won't you ever let me go home again? How am I supposed to live with this low profile? I am really sorry to the people and the party, but also to this group of sworn sisters. Why is there a man among the sisters? Is high school campus life so colorful?
I'll wait for you in hangzhou
Yan xiaobei is a chivalrous heroine, like to fight injustice, not afraid of heaven, not afraid of the earth. From campus to work, she's evolving. From the romantic encounter to the separation of the beloved rich young master, she hovered among the three boys, struggling in the dream and reality. Who would be her true son, and whether she would be able to guard her own corner in hangzhou ...
Cold schoolgirl don't kiss me
The Star sea college, Star sea four young master, was the star of the noble school ... The cute female protagonist was a straight-a student who only knew how to learn ... Was it a joke or a love of youth when an overbearing school hunk met the cute campus belle? This was a serious reminder: Yan Xixi would never play dumb. This book was not about the bossy ceo falling in love with little sister jie or the innocent girl in the black school ... Yan Xixi's iq was very high, but it was just that she was a little cute and cute ...
The secrets of mottled time
On a certain night when he was frustrated in his life and could not live all day long, the emblem began to reminisce about the good old days in the fall, the people who had loved and missed in his youth began to appear, through the objects with the breath of youth, the past was exiled in front of him ... However, the past was ultimately the past, no matter how hard he tried to find it, Is also the eternal that cannot return. It is a good thing that all the joys and sorrows in the memory have been fixed, though difficult to find, but it will not change the beauty of the time. (applause.) [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ]
Me and the beauty of the school
When I was a student of my life Wang Dong, nicknamed wang ye pot, football when I met the new campus belle xiaojin. She was scolded as a pervert for spying on her mother's bath, but she was beaten to a pulp for standing up for the school belle. But good things take a lot of time, and finally because her mother was sick and I changed the attitude, from the misunderstanding, to relief, and because of stealing people from each other to love.
Youth opening ceremony
The curtain of youth has already opened, perhaps at the moment we were born, there are many people who love me in our colorful appearance and pay silently. The hero, chen merlin, grew up in the great era of the great changes in the motherland, and went through a mystery of his life caused by the dispute between his parents and his parents What about happiness?
Animal blood boils
When she arrived at a brand new school, she didn' t expect to bump into her on her first day ...
It's none of your business I love you
We all meet someone in a simple life, You love him very much, but he doesn't love you. Or you loved him, he didn't, and you still loved him. Anyway, there's someone you love but you don't That's the story I'm going to write. Su qingning had loved song qiting for eight years. She gave him everything from the best college days of her youth to the youngest and most beautiful ages of a girl. However, after he left, he was no longer on good terms with her. There was no connection, no pity, not even a hint of emotion. Even if that girl had given up everything for him, including a child that almost lost her life, their common child. Seven years later, song qiting entered the marriage hall.su qingning committed suicide, the child's identity, song qiting gradually understood the truth. Originally a woman's love, really can spread all the time, also can spare no effort to complete life. And that man had regrets? Ever been upset? Did you ever take care of it? This was the story of su qingning and song qiting.
Sunday that I can't wait
No brief introduction
One wrong love for uncle
As a newcomer to the workplace, shen jia met an older man, gu yiyun, on an unexpected occasion. Because of gu yiyun's special concern for her, shen was led by his boss to socialize with gu yiyun. The process of approaching gu yi yun step by step made shen jia fall in love with him step by step, but became his secret lover. Knowing that there was no future for the two of them, they unknowingly gave their hearts. The plot continued to attack them. Who could make a promise for this fragile feeling tomorrow? "You gave birth to me, but I gave birth to you. I am away from the heaven's end cliff, and you are separated from my cape." There is a kind of love, called shen jia because love gu yi yun. There is a kind of waiting, called gu yi yun waiting for shen cain.
One look at her: the cute girlfriend of the school hunk
The male lead was a warm man.because the female protagonist's best friend liked the male lead, the two of them had a misunderstanding and broke up, but they were still together.
Youth without pride
Whose youth is not lost? Whose youth is not mad? Bai yu, a teenager who had been teased by his classmates, never gave up on pursuing his dream. In the front of his life, when he was ridiculed and looked at coldly, he met his brothers like wu biao, yang dali and li shaopeng, and his life began to change. When they were together, it was as if they had hung up in their lives. With the pride of the red child, they kept running forward, making their lives more dazzling.
With you around
At that time, I was very helpless to listen to him call me nan xiaomo, but he with a full body of sunlight, into my gray world, with his smile, lit up all around me.
Doting wife: the ceo's husband cheated on her
An nan, who had an outstanding appearance and a distinguished family background, had a charismatic aura that was always elegant to outsiders. However, he was obviously one of the losers, okay? His biggest hobby was bullying me and torturing me, trying his best to train me to be his personal maid ...
Romantic fantasies
Through to a wonderful world, people here are actually idiom personification! The idiom is anthropomorphic, that who, no wonder to look at you sneaky eyes, so you are' sneaky eyes'!
She's lying
An unknown young girl's mind imprisoned her. Her childhood had been invaded and became an endless abyss. She struggled to fall and was wandering around in love with scars on her face. He was a cynical uncle, he approached her, he conquered her, and finally she said" I love you." She, young and inexperienced, arrogant and arrogant, met love, self-righteous, passionate heart, tears hanging in the air, after a lie, can see him? What was being violated, what was sex, what was it? She had only become lin shan.
Rebirth of alternative youth
"Mo yi, do you regret being with me?"" yes, I do." "En, what did you say!" "I said I regret being with you." "It's no use regretting you. You' re already my bride anyway." She threw mo yi onto the bed and omitted ten thousand words. Daily dog talk rebirth wait for me to love you, liu mo yi lin bai wans love story.
Those years, our youth
This is a beautiful and shocking love story. It happened in the mid-1980s. If it had happened in the high technology of transportation, it might have ended up in a different scene. However, what caused all of this ... To happen was" whose crime"? Or shall we go back to 1985 ...
So don't look back
The female protagonist lin yejuan and the male protagonist xu bai cedar a campus love, although in the most beautiful years made a promise, but in the end he gave her a absurdity, no matter how much he paid for love is of no avail. When you look back, there is always a person not too close to accompany you, once was just a dedication not love. Eager to meet, meet and afraid to miss, such as your footsteps, eager and sparse, leaving a face to smile, blowing in the warm wind, reversed the spring and autumn, green the whole summer.
I like such a peaceful life, every day pinch to the classroom, and then take out my nokia read novels, until after school. Study? Well, it's only a year from senior year, and I'll try. Uh ... Maybe. In short, life does not need accidents, nor does it need grandeur. It wasn't until that day that Laoqin put his unwashed right hand on my shoulder. He said. "Go to the Student life division after school."
Our memorial
The beauty of high school is the sweetest part of everyone's youth memory cake. Their feelings were sweet and bitter, but they could not hold each other tightly in their most beautiful years. Maybe some love really doesn't work out.
Little us
This year, Ah Xing was ten years old.
The girl of my dreams
Fang shuai, 18 years old, was an ordinary senior in this school. There were many ordinary students in every school. After instructing him to meet that girl, xu menghui continued to run without turning her head back. She gradually disappeared into the darkness and fang shuai, who was watching her back, muttered to himself. "Xu menghui, menghui, what a nice name!" She stood there stupidly. His heart had been beating rapidly ever since he saw her. He had not known that she had fallen in love with her. "Could this be love at first sight?" Fang shuai said to himself with a smile.
I love you: Mr. Mu, please let go
"From now on, you are my private property." "Why? Why didn't you say you were my private property?" "Can you afford me so much? Little fool.
My ice school belle girlfriend
One day I saw her doing it, so I threatened her ...
Passing through your world
The cold qin shang, the innocent and pure cheng qian, and the winter son that qin shang had not forgotten for a long time. Since met you, why not hold you tightly? A song away from the war, half a cup of old dream pure feelings. In the campus of youth, full of happy laughter, I tried to integrate into your world, but still passing by, looking at you in wanton laughter, that sweet dimple, intoxicating smile. I was really in love with you, and ...
My poor youth
I slept with my youngest aunt because I wet the bed once and grew up to be a man. But in the face of my youngest aunt was insulted beg, but I can not muster the courage to protect, I hate, guilt. Because of weakness, I was bullied, forced to steal nie qianqian's stockings, like the smell of nie qianqian, inspired my bad blood type, I anger, I resist. With the transformation of the body and the strange return of youngest aunt, let my youth track deviation, the original behind all buried a secret can not be told.