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Soul mate
Ghost love.
A devil's forbidden song, a series of suicidal murders, a mentally twisted butcher! Luo Qingyi: is he the murderer? Bai Ye: wrong ... Everything was wrong. It was wrong from the start.
Dead bus no. 13
Do you want to know about the spiritual incident of Hubei no. 13 bus which was banned?
Love you through marriage
Falling in love with lu Jin Yan was Yu Ge's lifelong pain. He hated her and hated her to the core. Even if she had become his sister-in-law, he would humiliate her and torture her. At the wedding, he left her to pursue the old love, her heart like a knife; in the car accident, he ignored her and the child in her stomach, she died of despair; mingyang mountain, he for the sake of old love, he pushed her to death, she was devastated; he hurt her heart, she was afraid. Lu Jinyan, I loved you through your marriage, and for the rest of my life, don't ever see you again ...
He used to be an amateur painter of a rich peasant family, living a carefree and elegant life. Occasionally get the right person, looks like a blessing in disguise, who would have thought of making a fool of others, several times wrong. One heart for good, but bear the crime of destroying the door. She wanted to spend the rest of her life, but she was about to kill again! Hidden life, which day can let all the truth come out?
Husband of the house
After the qingming festival when I was fifteen years old, my grandfather said that he had booked a marriage for me, and I became the son-in-law of the ghost king ...
External exorcism services
Huangfu Ming, an unemployed programmer at home, would never have thought that he would be involved in all sorts of strange and bizarre events for atheists. Knights, god's agents, magicians, taoists, and puppets, all of which were originally unrelated to fiction and movies, actually existed in reality Exist. As Huangfu Ming delves deeper into the matter, he finds that these illogical techniques, whether magic or taoism, violate the rules of physics and are associated with programming. Gradually, an exorcist group disguised as a human resources service company began to unravel the mystery. In this company, exorcists are not limited to humans, heaven and hell's impersonator agents, everything has taken on the organizational operation of business management. This book is a long science fiction story that has been forced into a category of paranormal, allowing the author of human resources to take you in a different light on the wonders and mysteries of the world
The Almighty Rich Daughter Is Explosively Cool
For more than ten years, Qiao Qing never took his reputation seriously. But someone pushed his nose and face, trying to hurt the person she cared about. Qiao Qing decided not to pretend anymore. A piece of trash? A genius's iq is amazing! Lowly commoner? Your true identity is beyond your reach! Rookie weakling? Gu wu is so good at fighting that you look for your teeth everywhere! The god of learning, the god of chess, the god of cars, the god of martial arts... As the various identities were exposed one by one, those who had once looked down upon others had switched sides and become dogs. Qiao Qing closed the door and declined visitors. The person who blocked the interest, but not the evil man. From then on, climbing over walls and windows became Jun Yexuan's unique skill. As the president of jun's consortium, jun yexuan had enough chips to protect qiao qing for the rest of his life. But to his dismay, Qiao Qing was too independent and capable to settle everything without waiting for him. Jun yexuan was in a
Ghost upper body
The matchmaking network had an appointment with a girl, but she didn' t expect that in the middle of the night, she would climb onto my bed with blood all over her face ...
Very young girl shelter
The hero is an ordinary college student (male) I met a strange girl by chance That young girl has incredible powers In contact with the young girl, encountered a special organization to accommodate such young girls When the hero of the trainee came to the organization, he found that it was actually a girls' shelter All the young girls here were supernatural beings, or rather, they were anthropomorphic in all sorts of unscientific phenomena There are hundreds of magical young girls in this work Their abilities (attributes) are useful, dangerous, and useless There are infinitely large brain holes in this work, and these interesting brain holes will become distinctive young girls As a hospice administrator The hero had a hard time getting along with the girls In the process, countless dangerous, interesting, moving, wonderful stories began!
Blood sucking species through the diary
The hero is a love hot springs, sunbathing, eating garlic with silver tableware for the dead blood sucking species, because a chance to cross into a different world, and once again began its ultimate goal - to die! About the main character's setting: the ordinary vampire in the parallel plane of the earth, deeply poisoned by the second dimension, gave up all rights and status in the bloodlings to concentrate on being a house On the setting of the alien world: the human mainly concentrated in the eastern part of Mainland, according to the race divided into Briano, the Kaletta People, Dix, skel people. The Briano are good at riding, and their The kingdom is famous for its knights The kingdom. Carletta was born a warrior, they were enemies of Lionel cloth, two The kingdom often fight. The sikhs believed in freedom, did not have a unified country, and were often active as mercenaries in various battlefields. As the favored child of the god of the underworld, the Dix people were naturally good at necromancy and es
Snake bones
Legend has it that Snake bones, the great wizard of wuxian, left behind a tomb full of treasures, but no one ever came out alive. I stepped into Snake bones tomb for my wife ...
Revenge x freshman
Eight years ago, the first child with a superpower was discovered, and since then, relevant research institutions have sprung up. Some researchers believe that these people with special abilities are the result of the evolution of the existing humans. The evidence is that the dna of the superpowered people is not very different from that of ordinary humans. The odds just went up. Although governments tried to hide it, their secret research failed to escape the eyes of ambitious entrepreneurs and conglomerates, and the small group of people who knew the existence of the ability saw it as an opportunity of limitless possibilities, because the age of the capable was concentrated under nineteen years of age. These entrepreneurs and conglomerates are scrambling to set up schools, hoping to drum up a pool of capable people. In contrast to those who plan to recruit and research capabilities, there are also organizations that target people with the ability to hunt, who dare to attack even government-set research inst
Fantasy notes
"Do you want to really ... Live?" The male lead was actually very conflicted about the words that suddenly appeared on the computer. After clicking" yes," the poor male protagonist realized that this wasn' t an infinite world, but a completely hidden game ... However, the male lead was still very happy to be able to have a close conversation with his second goddess. If she could, wouldn' t it be even more wonderful if she really married the second goddess and had a child? Don't think too much. There's only one goddess in my heart.
The daily life of post-apocalyptic npcs
The daily life of post-apocalyptic npcs.
The ghost is on
At 11 pm, someone called me to send paper beauty to the destination, I found it was a cemetery ...
Dammit girl
The world is always eulogizing youth and dreams. We, at some point, under the shadow of an event decided to let our life" end." It is our easylife to be apart from everything, to be shunned by others, to love nothing and not to love ourselves. Even if an ignorant old acquaintance had come here to uncover my past - no, I would never have let that happen. I want to be the trash in the secular ethics, the waste of daily life, do not deserve to be crowned with youth and dream of the young girl. To be a damsel in distress.
Your heart is in love
When the two countries were at war, she was his bargaining chip. He had never cared about her life or death. However, she was still wishful thinking. "Xiao Junhuai, before I die, let me ask you, did you ..."" no."
Biguxiong benji
A bear aspiring to be a great painter encounters a cat hunted by a rat spirit on the streets of Beijing during the spring festival. Simple and honest Biguxiong, unruly black cat, their collision, produced a wonderful effect. A magic pen appeared. The finishing touches! In the witty plot, a great danger comes: the powerful mouse, the pure yellow, is scheming insidiously. National treasure 12 animal heads suddenly disappeared, and see bear and cat friends, patriotic businessman Zhu Li how to take back the lost national treasure?
Money and luck
Since winning the lottery at the lottery station, my life ...
The fairy tale of the house
I have an old house, after crossing into a dharma tool, electric cars will fly in the clouds, notebooks when the day print, there is a become a fine rice cooker, can refine pills can act cute also love to steal belly pockets; I have a beautiful female neighbor, with six little lolita live in Pansidong, sister Bai Suzhen next door is recently forced to marry, the beautiful ghost girls of the Lanruo temple, but often to eat boiled fish, occasionally called Shiji Empress together lol; Well, who am I? I'm Xu Zhihu, the legendary son-in-law of Pansidong, Lanruo temple partner, bo mountain god teammate, and ... Uh, wait a minute, Xiaoqian. The guy you just knocked out, his name is ning caichen?
World ode
Youth travel in a changing and turbulent world. This was a world that had inherited countless legends of ancient kings and was a world of wars in the early nineteenth century! In this chaotic world, young people pursue their own ties with them, and roam in this magnificent era! Seven years of battle, the war of independence, the battle of Waterloo scene by scene so that the young pursuit of the ancient king's footprints! Until the youth opened the ancient century, the human era nine times repeated the description of the nine kings to the top of the world's king song! This is a hero's story! This is the story of a cowardly young man and them! This is a cruel age they live in, the story of a gentle world!
The history of npc and Miao Lady
This is a red-hot era, the generation of heroes of the century. The main character has unparalleled ability, on the second day, the next can collapse, left holding beauty, right hand world power. Unfortunately, none of this had anything to do with Wang Xiaosan as an npc. According to the young man's idea, as long as he had nothing to do to bring the protagonist a large cup of tea, a water, should be able to live to the end. One hundred years ago, I told my granddaughter about how I teased Miao Lady. "Aiyo, granddaughter, how dare you tickle me!" Also known as" npc in the 19th century,"" Miao Lady and the vixen of the exciting confrontation,"" to no sister of the world declaration of war,"" this is pure nonsense." Please do not worry to read ... The author of the bacteria balance ... Clean!
The good times in the hill village
Yang yu went to the mountain village to teach, and his happy life began from this small village ...
Girls' dormitory - crime
Every school had secrets that no one knew about. They had touched the taboo 407 girls' dormitory. A horrible incident happened, and death ensued. A dangerous journey brought everyone's fate together. The sister of the student who was televised, the ghost of Longmen grottoes, the curse of Fengmen village, the number one ghost village in the world. The vicious spirit of the male dormitory was entangled with a strange red ribbon of death. A strange incident brought everyone into a complicated death. There is a hidden truth behind every piece of human nature, we are all born guilty!
The devil
A pair of brother and sister living in City h, originally lived a busy and full life. However, on the evening of her sister's fourteenth birthday, she was brutally murdered by an unexpected demon. When the elder brother arrived at the scene, the younger sister had no signs of life. However, at the moment when her brother was heartbroken and fainted, a star that fell from the sky quietly merged with her sister's body ... Sister's back to life. No, to be exact, the demon king's soul was reborn with the help of his sister's body, but for some specific reason, she had to clean up the memories in her brother's mind and live with her as his sister again. However, in the face of the following abnormal events, how would sister devil and brother who did not know what would happen? And how can the devil's sister avoid her identity exposure and live safely with her brother? ... Everything was unknown.
It's a pleasure to meet you
I am the hero of this book, out of the door this morning hit a secondary disease, she said she is Yin yang master, also said traveled thousands of years to find me. The sick sister made me take responsibility for her and asked me to keep her in secondary two. Well, for me it's a novel that helps the sick continue to indulge in secondary two. But what I didn't know was that what she said was actually true. Could there really be people in the world who managed to communicate with the yin and yang realms and reverse the universe? The idea was that everyone thought that the female protagonist was a secondary illness, but she was really a Yin yang master.
Beautiful paper
Ever since a woman with an oil-paper umbrella came to the paper shop, my life had changed ...
A marriage: a spoiled substitute wife
She loved him to the bone, but he hated her to the bone. It was all because of a contract that tied up their marriage. And then, with a child, she was abused ...
Scattered spirits
The work is my original. The novel tells the story of how fairies outside the atmosphere have to migrate regularly to find a more livable environment because of the earth's heavy pollution, during which Jia Jia scattered the earth to meet Cheng Aotian (husband), Lin Shuhua (good sister), Lin Yan (Lin Shuhua husband) and others. Lin Yan gave up his fraternity for his alien scientific dream and wanted to use Jia Jia's children for experimental research. The kind Lin Shuhua tried his best to stop him. In the end, he had to hide something in order to become proud and have the motivation to live. Growing up, Cheng Jiahao and Zhao Linger (jia and cheng aotian's children) had an affair, and to find out the truth, to stop the mad Qian Jinhuai (after the tweaking of Lin Yan) from doing an inhuman research effort. They are growing up in the workplace. Finally, under the efforts of Zhao Linger and Cheng Jiahao, to overcome the difficulties, their world ideal harmony. The article focuses on the current topic: education f