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Flying in the green.
Chu ge, who was admitted to the top three schools in a city from Sanjiang county, had never received formal football training. But when I got to school, I got stuck with football. For various reasons, han chunyang, who couldn' t fulfill his dream on the field, wanted a football genius li tian who could save his dream, guo dong, who had fallen like a meteor ... A group of people behind chuge helped chuge grow up to be an extraordinary player. In the process of contact with football, has only known to learn chug found love with football. After helping su xiaotian, a girl at the same table, complete her dream of playing folk music, chug knew that her dream was to become a professional football player. After breaking through resistance from his family and defeating his jealous opponent, wu qing, chug continued to practice his football skills while waiting for his chance. At this time, a vengeful football coach returned to city a and used his extreme football ideas to influence city a's football scene. Chug and li
This is my basketball
1. Passionate competition. Friendship between brothers and sisters. 3. Humorous dialogue. 4. Passionate love. 5. Never give up faith. 6. The positive energy to combat and assimilate the forces of evil. Tian Ye, a 17-year-old single-parent family kid, liked playing basketball very much. After attending the first middle school in the county, his classmates grew up to be tall and powerful, while he grew from 170cm to 173cm. He could not help but think of himself as mediocre. Looking at the people on the basketball court, Tian Ye was in great pain. "There is no room for me to play in the Basketball division. Isn' t it better to play table tennis or something with my eyesight and nerves?" Tian Ye thought so. Outside the tennis court, I had a tennis exchange with a new girl I liked very much. "What about your favorite basketball? Why don't you go play basketball? The girl suddenly asked Tian Ye. "I ..." Tian Ye remained silent. Tian Ye hesitated when he saw the news that the national strategy for national fitness h