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The Flirtatious Scheme of the Vicious General’s Daughter
Jiang Liangchan was transmigrated into a book and to the body of a sweet naive young woman whose family was destined to be a supporting role and a cannon fodder with catastrophic end. Her father and brother would cut off the male lead official road. While she on the other hand would be as ruthless as a demon and tried to kill the female lead. With knowledge of this plot, she frantically followed and helped Cheng Fang and the female lead among to act as a go between in an attempt to make up for their mistakes. Finally, the story line goes to the magpie bridge, where the female heroine set foot on the bridge, henceforth will entangled with the male protagonist in one’s life and will doted on all her life. Standing at the foot of the magpie bridge, Jiang Liangchan breathed a sigh of relief and was ready to retire Chen Fang stared at her and lifted her chin: “This bridge is yours.” Jiang Liangchan: ????? I treat you like a brother, but you treat me like your girl instead? This friendship between the ruthl
The Big Shot’s Girlfriend Is a Demoness
The sea demon luo xi was suddenly thrown to the earth, except for the beautiful face and golden tail, poor jingle. When someone tricked her with a' eat, sleep, and soak' bag, she immediately left. Later, the melon eaters found that the circle was as beautiful as a demon.
My Time as a Cat in College
Qi Xiaohan, the kitten, received an acceptance letter to promote the big lion smiling that the school's employment rate was 100 % and that the package was allocated. Qi Xiaohan packed up and came to school full of hope. When the schedule was handed out, Qi Xiaohan was shocked to find that cats had to learn calculus and were not allowed to drop out of school! This...
Ming King i
The world is big, and there are many, many, many parallel worlds outside of the people we live in. When a teenager from The underworld meets a dying human girl, what kind of sparks do they have? What big secret is this seemingly gentle boy hiding? Why was this girl from the human world so powerful? Can they overcome all the challenges of uncovering the truth that has been hidden for 14 years and become a generation of Ming King together? This is an adventure story, when love and responsibility intertwine, facing the test of friendship and love, responsibility and duty baptism, see how they cut off evil, cast brilliant!
Grave Digger
After Shenlaosan's death, his family told him about a marriage - old shen, who had become a ghost, gave online Kidney treasure tablet shopping in march. "He treats me well." Lu Yu took on a business deal to pay off his debts, but he didn't expect to get himself into it. I thought I could leave with money after the ghost wedding, but I didn't expect my husband to float out on my wedding night. He not only sucked in his yang qi, but also asked him to dig up the grave to find the bones. Later on, lu yu had an old attack--everything was fine except for the fact that he was not human. Reading guide: Host and receiver. 2. Mengwen cookies.
Gentle Beast
The young girl traveled to a different world and met a wounded little animal. She thought it was harmless, but when it grew up, it was the most ferocious beast in the world. The female protagonist is young and the male protagonist is strong.
Urban anomaly management
"Evil come": you weak chickens are dust, the sprinkler is sweeping all the dust storm storm violent violence ... Greedy wolf: you must have never been targeted by me before ... Otherwise, you would never be so complete ... "Warm weather": the next second of the air, the next second of the earth, boxing meteorite, foot bump bump man, I am the strongest living creature on earth! "Drunkard": occasionally I would go abroad on a business trip to help international friends tear down a devil's city or something ... "Cang jie": eh? Don't believe those assholes, we're just temps ... Well ... The content wasn' t so ridiculous, it was just a bunch of stories about people who didn' t look like human beings demolishing all kinds of illegal buildings around the world ... (hey! ) The above profile may be a little funny, but it is really a serious and interesting story, and the main character is just a new temp bar. (Laughing) The title of the book was" Urban anomaly management office," but ... It was nine words! / (Advice)
Fake Villain Turned Into Cannon Fodder
An Ran transmigrated as the first love of the male lead who was destined to die early. Her courage was weak. She was a pitiful beauty who was carefully nurtured and raised by her family. She was the pearl of the Sheng family. It was a pity that she made a lot of mistakes. After the return of the true female lead who had dreamed of her future, her life would be miserable. She was a fake villain turned into cannon fodder. An Ran… So I transmigrated into a novel! I should study hard and become beautiful every day! I have no time to take care of the female lead! Everyone felt that An Ran, who had been accustomed to being delicate, would return to that slum-like biological family and be miserable. She would have to spend a lifetime in the mud. Who would have thought that her parents who were money-sucking vampires were so violent! [Her main task was to enter the best college in the country with the title of the top student in the college entrance examination to survive and more importantly gain beauty rewards!
Germ demon
The meteor that cut through the night sky, people made a wish, but this one brought a nightmare ... Only humans who had always been the head of all living beings had been frightened to discover that stronger creatures had always existed, but in the past, they did not know that the creatures led by humans were all like' food' in the face of the power of such creatures! The germ demons brought by the meteor activated terror, but they also triggered a human being who was able to activate the power of life. They walked through the crowd with the power of life they could see. They could not prove what they saw, so they could not get more help. Instead, they had to bear a lot of incomprehension. But they can not give up, can not give up, because their efforts are the hope of mankind to overcome terror!
As a teacher
The protagonist's name is Lin Hua, the body of God from a different world. The self-awareness and personality of an abandoned body. He is looking for a sense of belonging and learning the way of this world culture, slowly put the brain that does not belong to this world of knowledge and the culture of the world slowly combine, get new things. At the same time, it also makes up for its own personality and soul, and becomes a more complete individual. There won't be too many monster fighting upgrades in this book. The main theme is to develop a world structure, showing many races and aerial knowledge belonging to the culture of the world.
Death timer
Human life is fragile, just like a machine, will be eliminated because of the use of years, but also because of improper operation and early elimination. Disease, murder, car accidents and so on are a nightmare that haunts the entire human race. Do you remind people when you can see that their lives are reduced by unhealthy lifestyles? When you see someone about to have an accident, will you remind them? When you can predict someone's suicide, will you stop them?
From Rome to Changan
When Zeus fell to the Changan guillotine, the western gods (who were actually magical) lived on the roof of the world, and the east conquered the west. Decades later, Zeus's bloodline established" the republic of the night" to reclaim territory, Prophet He Ma occupied the navigation road, in Arabia self-styled king, the name of jerusalem. As the situation in the three countries was at stake, the Night man tribe in North pole killed the sun dragon and drove the dragon tribe out of North pole. As the dragon tribe moved south, europe faced disaster. The main character is the mysterious boy who was expelled by the Night man tribe, from North pole to Rome, Easter island, Babylon, jerusalem, the roof of the world ... Finally arrived in Changan, participated in a world exposition held by the world, to wash the shame of his father. A lot of things happened along the way. He first had an entangled relationship with the future queen of the night, Zhu Liye. He and Zeus's successor, Hagrid, were also enemies and friends.
Transmigrated into the Cannon Fodder’s Daughter
Li Xiao transmigrated! After transmigration, her father was Li Nanjue, a CEO, and her mother was Xu Manqin, a chief fashion designer. Before Li Xiao could even happily laugh like a pig, she found out that her mother is the Cannon Fodder of the novel “The CEO’s Pampered Film Queen Wife”, and she is the daughter of the cannon fodder ex-wife. Now the plot of the original novel ends. Her father had just kicked out the cannon fodder ex-wife who was hindering his love and can now be inseparable with his film queen female lead, who got genius twin children. Her maternal grandfather’s family bankrupt. Her mother mentally broke down. Li Xiao lost her aristocratic aura: it’s dawn, time to use her prophecy powers to see when this slag father is bankrupt.
My neighbor is the god of creation
The male lead is a super power, is a special agent dealing with supernatural events, he was involved in a gun case by coincidence, found that these guns are turned into toys. With the help of a natural dork girl next door, the male protagonist caught the criminal and found the super power hidden behind him. The male lead and the female lead became friends because of this incident, but a variety of incredible things happened next to them. After further understanding, she realized that this girl was actually a god of creation from another world.
She is a Great Demon Hunter
Mi Wan was Zhuoyao Teacher, who had killed too many demons and was besieged by the demons. Finally, he was trapped and died in Merlin when his spiritual power was exhausted.Five hundred years later, Mi Wan was reborn into a girl of the same name and surname by chance.After her rebirth, Mi Wan, who had captured the demon for the rest of her life, planned to be a buddhist Zhuoyao Teacher, in line with the noble character that the demon did not offend me and I did not offend the demon, to be an ordinary person."Big brother, I'm not here to catch demons. I'm just climbing a wall and going out to lose weight." Mi Wan, who met big brother on the first day of climbing over the wall."... Fan Chen, who had never been seen through his identity, stared at the girl climbing the wall.Later, mi wan opened a pet (Demon clan) hospital, specializing in prenatal care for the Demon clan.Mi Wan: "Do you need prenatal care? Three hundred thousand, thank you."Demons: "It's expensive to have children."It was about the first day of
I Am Not Fit to Be the Male Lead’s First Love
Only after chu yin died did she realize that she was the Bai Yueguang of the rich. The paranoid male protagonist fell in love with her at first sight when he was young. After taking over the power of the rich, he imprisoned her and made her possessive. Chu Yin suffered and died early. When she opened her eyes again, she went back to the day before she met Lu Zhen. Ding~ the learning system is bound! The host can change the trashy script by learning!" [ Do the complete course homework, but change the original word! ] ... [ Winning the top spot in the college entrance examination, make up your own ending! Get rich! Get popular! Do whatever you want! ] That night, Chu Yin finished his homework overnight and got the right to correct the words. On the day of their first encounter, Lu Zhen walked into the school, and it was drizzling in the sky." The next day, Lu Zhen walked into the school - a knife suddenly fell from the sky. Young Lu Zhen:? Someone's been attacking me. The whole school knew that the Chu family'
I Am A Matchmaker on Taobao
Also known as "When can I see you get married" and" I know who your future husband is" when he woke up from a car accident and didn't get hit dead, he actually added a skill, staring at a person or a photo for three seconds, to see when he got married and who he got married to... Ten...
The streets of old men
In 2020, aliens came to earth. The group of aliens who claim to be the astronauts did not invade the earth. They destroyed the moon and then manipulated their spacecraft into orbit around the moon, becoming the new moon of the earth - and of the human race. The scarlet moon. Under the light of the red moon, a few people's forehead appeared a bright red crescent moon imprint, and obtained the ability unlike ordinary people, in the past in the novel, the film of superpowers become reality. These people are called" new people." In addition to the new humans, there was also a group of" old humans" who were born with special abilities. These old people lived together in a common street called" Jiaxing road." Wu Yang, an ordinary student of the Heavenly dog university, was also the leader of the old humans, a Jiaxing road supporter. There are many directions to the story, but I prefer to write love, characters, more elements just to ensure that the story of novelty and plot. Basically, this story will not involve t
He can't die
One of the strongest beings in her past life had been schemed by countless beings ever since she died. Rebirth again, and this allows all beings to discover that their immortality is truly indestructible. However, he was no different from a mortal. However, when she almost died in the river, she had awakened the terrifying power of eternity, which made those extremely powerful beings realize something crucial - this guy, he. . No. . Okay. . To. . Die!
God's express
Books on motherhood, blood battles and harem.
You Look Like You’re Made of Money
As a scourge that had been gnashed and cursed countless times by the concubines and concubines of the harem, Su Yan said after crossing that those little bitches were right. A good man does not live long, but a curse dies for a thousand years. No matter what era she was in, she would never let go of her thickest and thickest thighs. Looks like...
Environment Protection After Rebirth
Copy1: Wei Ying was robbed of her life by her stepsister in her previous life, causing her family property to be robbed and her reputation to be ruined. She was even forced to break off her engagement with big brother Tang Yu, and finally died alone in the bar. She was reborn to seventeen, weighing 150 pounds. Her classmates mocked her for being "Fat and ugly," but she relied on her "Environmentally friendly" ability to become more and more beautiful, even saving herself from losing weight. Not only that, she also relied on "Environmental protection," to maximize her learning skills and strength, and to kick a man who was 18 meters tall. In order to continue to become beautiful and strong, Wei Ying was forced to start environmental protection. Later, netizens found out that the rich girl who participated in the "Metamorphosis of youth" actually led the rich second-generation dandies to pick up garbage on the program and called for the public to protect the environment. Netizen: "What is this sand sculpture r
Quick Transmigration with Female Lead Aura
Copy1: Jiang Nian was hit by the system god, shuttling through three thousand small worlds, determined to find the lost halo of the female protagonist and save the collapsed original world. Jiang Nian was a qualified tasker. She was diligent and hardworking, but there were always some small problems with each task. No matter how hard she tried, the female lead's halo stayed at 60 points. ... Was it really going to take the five million dollars that the master's mother dumped? ... Are you really going to run away with the ball? ... Would they really be mistaken for a gold-digger who abandoned a poor boy? ... Is it time for my fatal car accident to be cured? Note: Marie su was brainless. 2 Full-time writing, life is not easy, refused to reprint, refused to steal, refused to pick up the list. 3 There is no need for any writing guidance. If there is any disagreement, there is no need to force it. There is no need for further notice. Thank you. Part of this article's professional knowledge comes from baidu.
Can I Touch Your Aura of Fortune?
Before the age of 16, Lin Cha had a rich father and a famous pianist. Her brother was a famous star, and she was the little princess in everyone's hands. After his sixteenth birthday, Lin Cha choked on water and vomited out anything that cost more than ten yuan.
Ariel's problem
In the narration of joy and trickster, all kinds of sincere feelings are extended. At the same time, create the cutest female characters in the world (in dreams, of course)
The Yandere Came During the Night
About the sudden illness of the night: two families carrying the wrong child, a business, a Marquis mansion, the status of a thousand different. Unfortunately, Yu Xiang was dressed as a businesswoman who was carried to the Marquis mansion. Her background was exposed, her legs were crippled, and she had a' The lost star' on her head.
Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You
There has been a lot of news in the capital recently. Extra one: I heard that the abducted little daughter of the Mayor chen family has been found. It is said that she has been sold to the deep mountains and gullies. Nickname 2: I heard that the little daughter of the Mayor chen family is a fool. She says she can see ghosts every day.
The Demon in the Mirror
The coffin that should have buried the girl was an empty coffin. In the deserted village of Pavilion building, there lived a white-haired Scarecrow. The bowl can become a demon, birds contain flowers, and a monster rides around on a carp... Monsters and monsters, the world is strange - The story of the red-blooded demon hunter, little sister West Wind, and powerful Long Shen walking through the mysterious world hand in hand
Seven counts of hunting
This is a game triggered by convention. The name of the game is" seven sins of hunting." Seven human beings born with original sin and seven" angels" who abandoned their human identity ignited a cold war in this seemingly ordinary city. That day, Xiao Qiao saw the girl's tragic death; That day, Xiao Qiao became an accomplice to the teenager; That day, Xiao Qiao was involved in the chain of death; That day ... No one knew how long he would be able to live in this game that had no rejection option ...
Guide to monster apartment
Qianyezoutai, an average-looking 15-year-old student with no distinctive features, likes to stay at home and read books or wander aimlessly through the internet. Zoutai, who had suddenly decided to move, had a hard time not knowing where to go, but was informed by a call from a man who claimed to be a lawyer. Your parents have an apartment in Sakuracho. Think about whether you want to manage it or sell it. Zoutai decided to move to Sakuracho and look at what he called" the apartment left by his parents," with the mentality that it was better to rent and collect rent than to sell it. But what awaited him ... A woman who was naturally dumb or naturally black? Mr. Frankenstein, whose art has to be booed every day to carry out an explosion? And there's also ... "So why do all the guests who come to the apartment have to be inhuman?" "Don' t mind meow. Anyway, Zoutai, you didn' t reject meow back then." "Chi Wan, stop poking at my wound!" Today, Zoutai was also worried about his apartment. The book is also known a