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Genius Detective
Police legend song lang returned from his "Rebirth," disguised as chen shi, the driver. Chen shi was once again involved in the murder case because he wanted to live a low-profile life. He promoted the wolf culture and killed the employees, but the company was silent. In order to get justice...
All The Male Leads Want to Eat Swan Meat
"Baby, you don't know that when you look up at me with contempt, I'm already in hell." The sick man set fire to his heart until he died. As a Swan genius with a lucky buff, ps was destined to attract a lot of sick girls when Gu Yu decided to be a flower of gao lin...
If You Are a Dodder Flower
In her previous life, she tried her best, she struggled. In the end, she has lost to her own mediocrity. In this life, she resigned to her fate. After her mother passed away, Xia Rou reincarnated as an orphan and she got taken in by her mother’s lover. Once again she stepped into Cao family, and once again she had to confront the people she loved and hated… She dares not to expect anything, only except that she won’t suffer any more in this life…
Self-help Strategies for a Femme Fatale
Liu Yin is truly a femme fatale. Lovers are separated, and brothers turn against each other…One falls, the next follows. Turns out some people were holding her sincerely and letting her do whatever she wanted.
I’ve Transmigrated Into This Movie Before
Question: "What's the scarier experience than traveling to a horror movie?" Anonymous answer: "Wear it in a movie you haven't seen." "Bad reviews! There's nothing to be afraid of!" Anonymous: "Really? Are you sure your father isn't a murderer? Are you sure your Pillow man doesn't want to kill their wives to get insurance? Are you sure your son doesn't have a murder weapon in his lunch box? The scariest thing is that you haven't seen this film at all, so you don't know if there's a high energy reaction ahead! " So this article is also called "Forward high energy reaction."
Give a Kiss to Paranoid Men
There was often a male villain in romantic novels. They were paranoid and crazy. However, readers were disturbed by unfair treatment and bad endings. Then, Ji Ting who complained about the novel was bound by this kind of reader’s resentment. Since then, Ji Ting had shuttled back and forth in the novel world, dedicated to helping miserable male partners change their ending and achieve wholeness. First World: Disabled Insidious Villain, While the male villain was still small, she worked hard to educate him about love. As a result, the time to buy a dish was ten years later. The little man had become a big villain, and he felt that she had abandoned him. Man: I believe you’re going shopping, I’m not angry. Ji Ting: … put down the rope first, everything is easy to explain. Second World: Sickly Wealthy Young Master. Ji Ting:… Weren’t you robbed of your property by your step-brother? Why are you so rich? Man: In order to buy diamonds for you, I have to grab them back The third world: Princess Regent vs Pett
The Untold Story
This story talks about an undercover police who lost his leg during a mission. We do not know much about it as the story starts from his life after losing his leg. He became a taxi-driver and during an accident, he met the female lead. The female lead is a very cold person who does not interact much with other people beside her family and her boss. But there is something very warm about her – the way she treats her brother and him.
Professional Accomplishment Of A White Lotus
Passerby a became increasingly dissatisfied with his role. Coincidentally, luo ran was born in this mood. Her only purpose was to add drama! If you want to add more scenes, you have to be with someone who has more scenes. And the person with the most scenes was the male lead! In gong dou wen, she was the second class palace maid who died early beside the female protagonist. In the text of cultivating immortals, she was a flower demon that was killed by the female protagonist before she could transform. In the president's article, she was the man's capable secretary. In the entertainment article, she was a singer who had nothing to do with the male lead. ... Luo ran used these identities to attack the male protagonist and fulfill the wishes of the passers-by.
Ex-Girlfriend Blackens Every Day
There must be a cannon fodder in every love. If one day, the ex-girlfriend turns black... Hehe, that would be fun! Blackened sayings: don't say you like it so quickly. I can't help but hide you in the closet. Either you die, or I'll watch you die with a smile. You...
Wife Can’t Escape
Song Luan wore a book called "The A powerful official" and became the wife of the male protagonist. The protagonist of the book was snobbish, abandoned his husband and son, and finally died in a fire. Song Luan, who had read the book, was a little flustered. Then she prepared to tuck her tail between her legs and be a good person.
Strategy to Capture Men
System: Han Yanyan, you're chosen by the world of wearers. What kind of golden finger do you want, you can ask here. Han Yanyan: if it's a peaceful and prosperous world, I want to have a beautiful face and a lot of money. If it's life-threatening, I want my strength to explode. System: sorry, your condition can't be met. Then why are you asking me! (╯ ‵ □') ╯ ︵ ┻ - ┻ Mine-clearance: cn-control, cleanup party please stop Content tag: the system wears a reverse attack Search keywords: protagonist: Han Yanyan xu supporting role: anything else: Award for outstanding works in a literary recruitment event: outstanding works in a literary recruitment event, 2018
Please Continue Protecting Me
A few years ago, the rumored delicate and fragile wheelchair bound beauty of the Rong Family was kidnapped by someone. While everyone panicked and burned their heads looking for her, only one man was able to find her. Rong Mo carefully asked the tall and gloomy man before her. “Will…..you continue to protect me?” The man took one glance at her immobile legs and pale tender face and answered. ”No” “Then why did you rescue me?” She waited for a long time before she heard him say lightly. “It was along the way.” A few years ago, Rong Mo thought this man’s blood must be cold. It was only many years later that he really did become the true sense of the word ‘bodyguard’, and she finally ‘‘experienced’ the warmth and hot blood that his body always had. Afterwards, Rong Mo sat on her wheelchair in the school garden and looked at the man pretending to be a school worker at a far distance. She reached her hand out to him and said. “Hey. Come over here and lift me up. I need to get to class.” Nie Feizhan: “….”
Age of Cosmic Exploration
Endless sky and infinite space, the cosmos isn’t some paradise waiting to be found, it is full of darkness and danger, death and terror of the great unknown. However, for that glittering swath of blue, we have no fear! For the longevity of men, we have no regrets! Nothing shall stand in our way because it is finally our time, our age! The age of cosmos exploration!
Revival/Return from the Grave
My hotel is a little bit special...Because it's only for ghosts...
Awakened as a Fine Female Cannon Fodder
In every book, there is a dead woman who is arrogant, domineering, spoiled and willful, tortured to death by the protagonist. After Huo Wei dressed up as a woman, she flipped against the wind every minute! [ Crappy dad dotes on his first love daughter? Why don't you two make a couple! ] [ The president turned into a dog and became unconscious? I'll send you to beat up the dog office! ] [ The fake daughter is rejected? Meeting you again is too high for you! ]
The Villains I Raised All Died
Ye Chen's task was to correct the three views of the villains and save the world. She shed blood for the villains, she blocked the knife for the villains, she raised those villains to be fair and fat, who would have thought - she raised the villains, all! Hang up! The system contemplated the pain: ...
The White-Haired Imperial Concubine
In the red tent, she was forced to entertain, and three thousand strands of green silk turned into snow in the eyes of the wild man. Outside the red tent, her husband was drinking with a beautiful woman and watching a real spring palace show with a smile... When the red light was torn apart, bits and pieces fell in the wind. She was having a hard time...
The Journey of Flower
"There are two things I fear the most in this world, ghosts and master..." "Sister, you are so tall and beautiful. The only drawback is that your chest is a little smaller..." "These tongues are very obedient. Sometimes they need to be watered. Sometimes they need to open the roof