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Fire of winter wood
Let's start with some guy. The man who was more idealistic than anyone, but also desperate for it. The man's dream is so simple. I really hope everyone in this world is happy, that's all. Every young man once held a beautiful wish in his heart, but gradually gave up the childish ideal after understanding the cruel reality. Happiness is a sacrifice in exchange for every child in adulthood, learn to use this reason for their own defense. But he's different.
Double destiny: a charming young man and a beautiful woman!
Zhao Yun liu, who had two memories, was undergoing an incredible change. Who was this handsome young master who knew martial arts and medical skills? Wen yan stared at Zhao Yun qing, who had worked so hard to cultivate, and was easily defeated by this wild seed who had suddenly come to her senses. She was so angry that she almost went crazy.
Lu chunnong
I always believe that in another world, there must be another me, doing what I want to do, living the life I want to live. A jade pendant witnessed the love of life and death between two pairs of people. It was just that the previous generation, one believed in fate, the other loved life, and finally passed by the other side in a hurry. That kind of hardship that had been waiting for a lifetime made the descendants sigh. It would be best not to be disturbed, not trapped in love, not afraid of the future, not thinking about the past. So, good. But where would their love go?
Silver unicorn
The legend of love fairy tale, beautiful is recited by people, at the end of that rainbow, forever is recited by people. In the corner where the stars fell, only silver unicorns remained.
Good morning, lilith
Have you ever lost a loved one, I mean the one who grew up with you and grew up with you day and night and has penetrated into your spiritual world, or some brave knight who will be by your side after this. And god has given me peace before seventeen, and after seventeen, it's the beginning of a nightmare, it's purgatory ...
The illusion of two worlds
The geek received a delivery, and there was a gem in it. At this point, he traveled through two worlds and gradually realized the importance of the team. In the end, who arranged all this?
Death of vengeance city
A hyper-realistic virtual game, the death of an adoptive father. Let yang ban also risked his life into the capital. And look at how he sneaks into the depths of the game company step by step, to find out everything is unsolved. How many secrets were hidden behind the game? How many players died under the conspiracy?
Drunk qing chen
The inkstone plum is silent, the wonderful pen renders a point, between the fingers, the last independence; the pure plum, dark cluster to come, look back, a million years. Under mei mo xi's hand, she had a simple brushwork. Who was she? This game was made by jiangshan, and the world was chess. Who were they and who was the chess player? For her, he only hand fold peach blossom, only this one person; for him, she would rather suffer from each other, gnawing the bone is endless. Busy kyoto, the dark waves surging; four rising male, who is the main ups and downs? The imperial officials' internal affairs, the emperor's decision, the chu family's military might, the changes in the martial arts world, and the strange court, after all, what kind of mysterious tricks did they contain?
Secret assassin
The beginning of the story about the sword demon alone seeking defeat life biography, leaving behind the exquisite sword techniques alone nine swords, for the future generations of people longing to pursue jianghu. Hero luo yin kung fu is strong, jianghu people called" hidden thorn," adopted two girls, teach their martial arts to justice, did not expect that one of them is the court left jianghu A battle of blood and fire, ice and frost.
You are the only entertainment
He left home at a young age and enlisted at the age of 16. In the first 18 years of his life, he had a bad time. Looking back on the past, she realized that the motivation that supported her along the way turned out to be the ones beside her.
Zorana of naruto
After the ninja war, it was peaceful and peaceful. However, the ninja crisis was not resolved, and new dangers lurked in the darkness. The last descendant of yuzhibo, parents are three tolerance, my birth on behalf of extraordinary! "Zi, ugly hai, the art of tolerance, the art of shadow separation!"
The miracle of medicine
The young doctor with the ability went from obscurity to the peak of his life.
The rise of the qing gang
Qing gang! Ancient and mysterious jianghu organization; hongmen! It was also a god-like community, after meeting the qing gang, how would it be? Who will be the final ruler of darkness, the hero and the hero who is the real underground king.
You're the only one with my eyes
Meet in thousands of people, I saw you at a glance from all things lost color in my eyes, my eyes can see the most beautiful scenery only you.
All those years I missed you
Perhaps the beauty of life is to meet, I do not know how many people in this life, do not know how many people will meet. There may be many people in this world who can amaze you with your time, but willing to stay by your side until you slowly gentle the years. Accompany you to cry accompany you to laugh accompany you to wait to accompany you to spend, life may only have one.
Up to the wrong path
You're my only doll. You can't show it to me without my permission, whether you cry, laugh, laugh, be happy, or be sad. Do you understand?
Yizhou crime
The mad demon who snatched the red envelope picked up the corpse man, the black car driver, the trafficker, the beggar, the peddler, the star pervert assassin ... What kind of darkness did these people have?
The spirit spring against the fox
"The netherworld spirit spring is like water, if the water is like water, if the netherworld knows nine days; nine days away there is a white fox, the white fox is to make the netherworld peace." At the beginning of chaos, nothing, the universe two instrument life myriad; vast zhou yu stars, stars are cast stone; the world is true, good and beautiful, the movement of static law; who would expect chaos back to the world, the mind is the source of all evil. The poor fool was born unaware, first there is a stone after the head; stone infected into a human disease, human suffering and reincarnation; the underworld wailed empty grievances, spiritual spring has the fox law; if people do not know themselves, destroy the chaos of heaven and earth. A black stone on the final mountain, I have destroyed you through this stone; now encountered this stubborn stone, after work reincarnation for geometry?
Humble: the reeds move with the wind
It was the 2005 year when god came to earth, the year when the shenzhou vi was successfully launched and the qinghai-tibet railway, the highest elevation in the world, opened to traffic. Zhang yongchao was twenty years old this year, and all he cared about was his dream that was about to be destroyed by the cruel reality. Because it made him less interested in anything but women.
Miss chen's beauty
Huang yiyi couldn' t tell that it was a person.her vision was blurry and she couldn' t see anything.she walked a few steps closer and wanted to see clearly, but she slipped and fell directly.
The new journey
On may 6, 2030, the apocalypse suddenly came, and the peaceful and stable world fell into chaos. There was no rebirth, no system, no grandpa, only a new human who had just evolved a superpower! "I don' t know if this is doomsday or evolution. I only know that I want to live a good life with my sister, even at the cost of my life!" "Everyone says this is the apocalypse, but I will turn it into a new one!"
Wuling sage road
The eight wastes of Liuhe. The gods fell and demons began to rise everywhere. An inconspicuous light fell from the sky. An unremarkable and handsome young man stood up with his sword in his hand. For that extraordinary dream, for everything he cared about!
Beauty: you are the only one who has to make the wrong choice!
Gu weiyue was a lucky star. When she was just born, gu zeng's business became bigger and bigger, and he became a wealthy businessman that no one in the country could compare to. However, when she was 12 years old, someone told her that gu weiyue was too lucky to stay by her side. Just like this, the moment her beauty returned, fanghua was no longer around. Ups and downs of old dreams, between the fingers. Memories of all gone with the wind, the fate of this life, hope to live to see again.
Return to the immortal
From heaven to earth, he lived and died. She's been looking for him ever since. She can be invincible for him. But she didn' t expect that she would end up chasing him.
Demon world
The king and his party participated in god's game in their lives, collecting 81 golden pills to conquer the demon world in 30 days.
Big adventure system
The main character, ye su, got the system because of some unknown reason, so he began his journey through time, and continued to improve himself, and finally became a sword immortal, thus completely, free in the world!
I seek to be your king
Jin 13 since birth and master shen mo xi lived in the empty valley, since childhood is good at making poison and detoxification. Shen mo xi was even more protective of jin. By chance, jin thirteen saved the beautiful appearance under the fate of a hundred miles, from a hundred miles to love at first sight, never give up.
Travel through: beautiful red makeup phoenix
"Damn it, even if I find the ends of the earth, I won' t let you be satisfied." Afraid of the table, the table was already smashed with a bang. Everyone was so scared that they didn' t dare to say anything more. Wan chen was so angry that he clenched his teeth when he heard the news. Damn it, just let you go. You think you can get away from me if you take her? No, I'll find you.
The extinguishing weapon of the burning star
Through the billions of nebulae, across the vast sea of stars, swim against the river of time; you are me, I am you, together herding the stars, fishing for the moon!
Consort is common: first class profiteer second class
"It turns out that fate has indeed arranged for me to meet you in the crowd. Perhaps I' m not good enough and not strong enough yet, but I will work hard for you. Yue' er, I will always protect you. Will you come back? There's always a love that beats the sky. Isn' t this the stall you bought for five yuan?" "Actually, you' re the one who bought these five yuan!" I'm only worth five dollars." As long as the love of the heart together, winter is also a blooming flowers of spring.