137 Books
A Wizard's Secret
Anyone can become a sorcerer as long as they can build a stable spell model! This is the ultimate Aoyi of the sorcerer! Through becoming the son of the nobility, with the super quantum computer of his previous life, he could easily pick up magic models...
True Martial World
One day, yi yun went hiking and found a mysterious purple card in the cave.The moment he touched the card, the mountain collapsed.After he finally crawled out, he saw an extremely incredible scene, uh... What exactly is unbelievable? Please read the first chapter of this book.This is a magnificent and unknown world of true martial arts. This is the legend of an ordinary young man who has achieved the ultimate strength.
King Of Gods
He was tenacious, unwilling to be mediocre, but of mediocre aptitude, from a humble tribe. In an accident, he fused the eyes of an ancient god, and from then on, the carp leaped into the dragon gate, rose like a comet, and embarked on the legendary path of cultivation. From the bottom of the tiny world, the lotus grew step by step, stepping into this Sect forest, genius like clouds, ancient thousands of races, myths contending, magnificent era. - [ New book "Heart of eternity" has been released ] follow the author of the fast food restaurant wechat public number: kcd 3030, you can communicate and get more exclusive information.
Extraordinary David
"Shadow boy, what are these?"" A bunch of elementary knowledge balls. Am I a garbage dump?" David scolded the floating attendant. The attendant blushed and showed his master that he was working very hard. The boundless starry sky, the waiter of god, the clash of civilizations, the invincible warships, the terrifying zerg, the extraordinary life, the humble mortal, the beginning of a new era. It has finished the 51,800 words of" the witch's uncle" for 667 consecutive days
The myriad demons of the demon dao series
Shenzhou central plains area for the tao, buddha, demon, demon four door valve. Taoism" Changsheng Gate" is located in the northeast of Central plains continent, east of the boundless sea, west by the buddhist" All beings temple," All beings temple and west is the ancient tomb of the immortals and demons. The demonic realm is opposite the two sects of buddhism and taoism, with its back to the land of wulin in Southern xinjiang. And" Gather demon valley" is located in Shenzhou Central plains mainland southwest of a narrow and remote valley.
Empress dowager: princess is not to be trifled with
Lu anyuan, who was 25 years old, supported the lu family with her own strength. After receiving the news of her father's death and the truth that her best friend had revealed, she chose to commit suicide. Lu anyuan, who had thought that she would die, was reborn in the alienated world and became the third princess of east yu country.
Bank Of The Universe
Li xiandao got an ancient heaven and earth bank, but now the bank is empty, there is no treasure, only a pile of debt. Eternal immortal king, owed heaven and earth money bank a top-grade immortal artifact, returned two after three thousand years, overdue every thousand years, one more! The cold moon fairy owes the heaven and earth bank the best looks. She will return it ten thousand years later, and she will pay for it with her life if it is overdue! The venerable man of the ancient times owed the heaven and earth bank ten thousand years of life, in order to break through, after breaking through, he would repay the heaven and earth bank one hundred thousand years of life, and increase ten times over the time limit! Li xiandao looked at these debts, looked at the empty heaven and earth bank, and made up his mind that it would take nine days to find these invincible people one by one to pay back the overdue debts! A mortal without the strength to tie a chicken has become the biggest creditor in the whole immor
Lori's personal killer
I am, she likes to call me cold, I am (secret organization) (assassin), this is life in the city! I have no emotions. I'm all alone. The people of the world are afraid of me, afraid of my killer, they are afraid that I will take their lives at any time, they call me" death"! But there was a little lolita who touched me. She said. "Han, don' t be cold. Smile!" She said. "Han, don' t touch me!" She said. "Han, with you, I' m not afraid!"
Legend of wudang grace
This is a time of disaster and disaster.
Iron sword and jiao mei qin
Secluded mountain village, young brother and sister, because of a massacre, the family was destroyed. The cold winter had arrived, and only by relying on each other and warming each other could one survive ...
One punch for the lucky knight of superman.
Pinocchio crossed into the world of one punch and became a knight without a license. He had been unlucky to get lucky system, can become a lucky superman. After the transformation of the qi is invincible, and the usual bad luck just the opposite. Beach. "System, can you explain what happened to this helmet?" System. "Ding, knight's helmet, exclusive equipment." Beach. "I' m not talking about this. I' m talking about why it's green." System. "This is the original color."
Archean Eon Art
My name is meng chuan, I am fifteen years old, and I am the brother of a master of the present age in the "Jinghu monastery" of dongning prefecture.
Double killer
An assassin on the road to escape had another person in his body and an inexplicable strong aura, an inexplicable time travel, and an inexplicably put on the hat of saving the world. What was this to an assassin?
Throne of Magical Arcana
"Knowledge is equal to power." "The so-called god is just a stronger Aoshu Teacher." Xia Feng came across with a lot of knowledge
Rebirth of the dragon
Thrawn, an accident, unwittingly reborn 30 years ago, has used his forward-looking, frenzied absorption of funds to resist the financial battles of the coming decades. At the same time, he also got numerous adventures, making him a master of fantasy. On the road to success, encountered the countries of the world, the financial alligator attacks, and accompanied by constant assassination, slowly formed a powerful group, trying to dominate the entire universe's economy. Just as she was about to succeed, she suddenly realized that all of this was planned by someone with a heart ... Would su long continue to follow the arrangements of someone with a heart ... Please watch the series, the first season, and the rebirth ...
Cthulhu Gonfalon
A good man passed through and became the great tentacle evil god. And then? After that, you can read the story slowly.
War spirit flood
Twenty years after lei peng ascended, dongfang ruolan also ascended and became the fifth person to ascend after the west gate celestial dragon ascended. In the hundreds of years after dongfang ruolan ascended, no one had ascended again.
Back to the ming dynasty to do business
By coincidence, Lin Feng, a social youth, traveled to the ming dynasty to start a business, using modern people's thinking, the business was thriving, and then with four prince jointly directed a fight for power, during which love, hate, love, hate, hatred, ru yu, I cheat, colorful.
Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao
"In his first life, he was the most powerful alchemist in the martial world. While he eventually dropped down like a falling star because of his desire for power. In his second life, he was reborn as a young master and created legend one more time. "Lin Han." This name used to stand for weakness and uselessness. But the game is totally changed once the grandmaster transmigrates in Lin Han's body. From now on, the legend path will be reset. You will see who is the best alchemist very soon."
The best swordsman in the city.
The tragic experience of his youth doomed him to be different from others. The word revenge was his motivation to move forward. Only when the wings are full, is the time for revenge. But after revenge, where would she go? "I hope that one day, hatred will not blindfold your eyes and let you protect me."
Legend of the Mythological Genes
Every myth is a way to become a god! When mankind stepped into the age of the galaxy, the ancient cultivation radiated a new life force. May your genes be with you! He broke the true meaning of cultivation. Myth is not a dream. Everyone has an ancient mythical gene in their body. The Hou Yi gene allows you to travel hundreds of miles through the yang, one arrow through the sky... The father gene allows you to run like a fly, chasing the moon day by day... The dragon gene allows you to fly through the clouds, travel through the starry sky... Over ten thousand years, the wind forest came from the earth of the 21st century to this magnificent era, with the understanding of ancient earth myths, embarked on a unique path of genetic cultivation. Interested friends came to talk about the things in the novel.
The wizard of oz
On a quiet night, the monster war suddenly appeared. The people's hearts were in a mess. Where was the world that was destined to be restless?
Unrivaled Medicine God
Qingyun Zi was betrayed and murdered. Just when he thought that everything was over, he wakes up in a new body; the body of a silkpants named Ye Yuan. As he embarks on a new life, he struggles to cope with the loss of loved ones as well as to accept his new identity. Unresigned to his fate, Ye Yuan resolves to make his way back to the top while hiding his identity from his old enemies as he plots his revenge. How did he revive? Will he be exposed and die again with countless regrets? Was there a mastermind behind all this? With all these questions and more in his heart, Ye Yuan resolves to seek out answers as he uncovers a darker plot behind everything.
The memory in the fragment of youth
The afterglow of the sunset fell on the ground, and the whole world seemed to have been washed with blood. Zhao xiaoyuan, you didn't close the door? A voice pressed behind her. If I close the door, how do you get in?
Immortal sword emperor
Wulin continent, changjing, wufu. The grand and imposing residence was situated not far away from the changjing imperial palace, with a plaque hanging on it. The word" imperial edict" was obvious, and it was obvious that it was built by the emperor. The story takes place in this mansion.
Monarch Of Evernight
Qian Ye rose from hardship and fell from betrayal. Since then, a person, a gun, walking between the night and dawn, but out of a legend. If evernight was destined to be his destiny, then he would become the king of the world.
The sword god is holy
The time is yu yuan, is called dusk. Slanting sun hanging west, dyed red half the sky. Sparse forest night jays, wild goose across the horizon. At the beginning of the day, the evening was getting darker. "Alright, this old slave finally failed to live up to the old master's request and broke the last hurdle. I can rest in peace even if I die ..." When the sky was heavy and the wind was blowing, who had the spare time to enjoy the picturesque scenery?
The hero in the city
With the emergence of the special source, it broke the balance of the special ability of the secular world. Dream and reality shuttle, the body is carrying the special constitution of yunfei, incarnation of the strange man wandering the city, achievement extraordinary life.
The martial arts world
Located in the fog valley on Changbai Mountain, is the world's first strange valley full of rivers and lakes. It is said that fog valley has appeared in jianghu since the tang and song dynasties. The people who lived in the valley were all martial arts experts, especially the five clan chiefs under the valley master, who were most famous. There's only one thing fog valley has to do with foreign exchanges -- business. Fog valley people, do not ask jianghu things, only the help of chivalry. The valley of fog was also called the first valley of righteousness by the people of lebanon. Early in the morning, a loud voice came from the fog valley, interrupting the morning's silence.
The age of wuxia e
Ordinary people would not understand jianghu, so this jianghu has always been a world dominated by people who are not ordinary.