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Billionaire's Gorgeous Wife
In the steamy bathroom, she is cornered by a man: "You are my first woman. So you must be responsible for me!" The man is dressed in a suit, but she is completely naked. When she is in depression, she meets the richest man in town — Wen Renzhen, an influential and cool aristocrat in Bin city. Born with an indifferent nature, he saves all his passion and loves exclusively for her. "I want to divorce!" The first year after the wedding, she can't stand it when she learns that he is involved with his ex-girlfriend. "I'm a businessman. I won't bargain with loss!" "Well...... what do you want from me?" She takes a step back and looks at him warily. "Divorce? Fine. But you have to grant my three requests." "Name it." "You have to take the house, take the car, and —— me! Yes! Me! If you can't take on any of these requests, don't you bring about divorce any more! "
Beloved of Bossy President
"Her hands pressing on his chest, she looks so panic,""If you dare to have any bad thought, I… I will sue you!"". He pinched her chin with an evil smile, ""I own the whole East Hill. Tell me how will you sue me?"" A deal ties her closely with the noblest but also the most dreaded man of East Hill. During the day, she is just as ordinary as other girls. But at night, she becomes his plaything that he toys with at will. She regards her life as thoroughly undignified, totally without knowing that she has already become the one envied by all women in East Hill. He loves her so much and the most. The whole world knows that, except for this stupid woman."
Busy CEO: Playboy at Midnight
She was forced to get married and after years she met him again. She was quite confused, But what she wanted is that he said: You are my destiny.
Beautiful as painting
She was tortured to death by the class flowers, department flowers, campus flowers, police flowers, and military flowers. Fortunately, there was a beautiful teacher who was cold and hot outside, and occasionally gave some heart-warming chicken soup ...
Become a Villain Wife After Transported
Jiang Tang was a bit unlucky. She crossed the line. Her husband was the evil villain in the game of b girls, and he was killed by a decent man because he took over the female lead. It was very sad. In addition, her eldest son would be the future boss. The second son was a fierce bully.
Beloved wife: Mr. President, are you on
She accidentally slept with an outstanding male publicist and acted as a bed technician. But why did the male host suddenly become her boss? A certain man arrogantly raised his wrist to look at his watch. "Hurry up and finish your work. We' ll get our marriage certificate this afternoon." The wind blew and she was confused. "What, what is it?" The man smiled. "Or are you going to pay the ten million yuan for the night?" Holding a freshly made marriage certificate, she thumped her chest and stomped her feet in the wind. -----------------------He doted on her and loved her as if she were the apple of his eye. If she wanted a snack, the best cake maker in the world baked it for her. If you want to buy clothes, ask famous designers from all over the world to tailor them for her. She wanted to see the art exhibition, and the precious and famous paintings were sent to her to savor. He was obedient to her, but there was only one thing he refused to obey her. Lin Jinyuan kissed her lips hard. "In this life, in the ne
Bank Of The Universe
Li xiandao got an ancient heaven and earth bank, but now the bank is empty, there is no treasure, only a pile of debt. Eternal immortal king, owed heaven and earth money bank a top-grade immortal artifact, returned two after three thousand years, overdue every thousand years, one more! The cold moon fairy owes the heaven and earth bank the best looks. She will return it ten thousand years later, and she will pay for it with her life if it is overdue! The venerable man of the ancient times owed the heaven and earth bank ten thousand years of life, in order to break through, after breaking through, he would repay the heaven and earth bank one hundred thousand years of life, and increase ten times over the time limit! Li xiandao looked at these debts, looked at the empty heaven and earth bank, and made up his mind that it would take nine days to find these invincible people one by one to pay back the overdue debts! A mortal without the strength to tie a chicken has become the biggest creditor in the whole immor
Beauty lost: the privacy of a female boss
On his first day of work, he discovered that his female boss was a stunning beauty who had been molested by him, and what was even worse was that he accidentally discovered the top secret privacy of the beautiful boss ... However, after that, he was lucky to be in love with her, and he was even more adept at changing his desire for profit. To deceive the sky and sea, to return to the dead, to escape the shell of the golden cicada, all kinds of schemes ... Life is to struggle, for the ideal career and love.
Big jiangdong
Big river flow day and night, black clouds cattle and horses, wind and dust three feet sword, ten thousand miles did not return to people. An orphan in distress, using his withered veins to rob the body of fire, unravel the secrets of the ghost way many years ago.
Back to Ancient Times to Make Pen Pals
Zhu Yuan crossed. How did she spend her time in this backward ancient world where there was no internet, no cell phone, and no entertainment? She made a pen pal - a real pen pal. Zhu Yuan took out her notebook and drew with a brush: Goudan, come out and chat! Xie zheng, who was practicing calligraphy in the study, slipped and destroyed the entire calligraphy post. The book has its own yan ruyu, the ancients did not deceive me! Xie Zheng after many years by
Blood taro
This was the equation of a rich kid who was assassinated in a dark alley after his family was destroyed. The equation that struggled to wake up in the vortex of death actually found itself back to the moment when grandfather had just died eight years ago. He didn' t know if he was a dream or a dream butterfly. He only knew one thing. He didn' t want what he had already experienced to happen again. He vowed to change the fate of the fang family, first of all, to change his own. Taro, taken from the words tar and ro in egyptian, means" the way of kings." Therefore. "Taro" itself refers to the judgment of the king. The wheel of fate called taro has turned, a fool, delusional challenge to the fate of heaven, can become a king?
Banished to Another World
Yan mohun, who had completely offended the heavens, went through this world and woke up soon to realize the cruel environment he was in. He was knocked unconscious and brought back as a winter reserve. His tribe was a super spartan primitive tribe. The only people here are...
Bird chronicles
On a completely empty fantasy continent. A thousand years ago, the twelve spirit birds descended from the mortal world and brought spiritual energy to the mortal realm, ending the era of chaos between the gods and demons. A thousand years later, when the spirit power died, chaos came again, Xu Chen, Baxia. Mo Zi ming will complete the mission of salvation under the guidance of fate; First, it was a battle with the demons, then with the resurrected ancient four ferocious beasts, then the underworld army, and finally the twelve devils of the devil realm. In these troubled times, they fought in blood not for survival, but for dreams, friendship and the glory of the past.
Beauty is a curse: the beautiful princess is going to turn the sky upside down!
Suddenly, the atmosphere in the capital changed unconsciously. Is it time to change your life? The vicious flower that was born from the prosperity should be buried by someone. What kind of woman can be in the bustling capital, what kind of vast love can withstand the family, friendship of the disillusionment. Everyone said that the feelings in the world were all foolish, but someone was willing to prove it.
Back to the Age of Dinosaurs
Gu Lu, a ph. D. In archaeology, was glad that he had created a small Dinosaur. But to his death, he was born in the nest of the tyrannosaurus rex. The tyrannosaurus rex was the strongest carnivore known in the history of the earth, also known as the "King species." The triceratops was a herbivorous Dinosaur, the staple food of the tyrannosaurus rex! Fortunately, he had a very doting tyrannosaurus "Papa" Mengo. Mengo named him Gulu. Gulu thought he could only be a salted fish Triceratops holding onto the golden thighs of the tyrannosaurus rex. Unexpectedly, he just helped the Triceratops group escape the big glacier, helped the pterosaur group fly over the sea of volcanoes, and helped the sea hegemon, the Sliding tooth dragon, escape the super storm... Accidentally, he became the "King of the Dinosaur" and was called" King gulu" by the Dinosaur." Gulu: dada, what kind of stupid name did you give me? It's not domineering at all. It's not cool at all! Mengo: Gulu, cute. This article is also known as "The life o
Billion dollar marriage contract: see you tonight, Mr. Gu
He was the eldest son of the gu family, and he was the arrogant ceo who controlled the business world. However, because she was somewhat similar to the woman he once loved, he was getting closer to her step by step, which resulted in a cooked meal. "Um ... Last night ... I' m sorry, I' m leaving now." Lin yi shyly shrank her head, not daring to look straight at the man beside her. "Wait a minute." Gu nanqian smiled and looked straight at lin yiwei, who was holding her feet on the floor. Shit! If he's holding her accountable. ..."" Lin yi paused slightly and turned his head around in fear. "You were so excited last night. Is it my turn now ..." Gu nanqian raised his eyebrows and stared at lin yiwei like a hunting lion, smiling charmingly.
Billions of ceos running away from their wives at exorbitant prices
A strange man rushed into gu yi's private room, like a wild wild beast, and suddenly pressed gu yi's petite body down. He grabbed her lips and pulled out the cherry blossom hairpin on her head, stabbing it hard at the man. The man was in pain, but he held her tightly. Gu yi pressed her hairpin against the man's weak throat. "Let me out. Otherwise, I don' t mind letting you die on the spot. I' m a medical student." "Heh." The man smiled playfully. "You' re still the first woman who dared to do this to me. I remember you."
Best to Have Met You
If the first encounter was an accident, the second encounter was a coincidence, and the third encounter was a coincidence. Then the nth meeting can only be called fate. As to whether this fate is a marriage or a bad fate... Ah Miao said that even god couldn't make it. Everything was in Old xu.
Beyond this world
The movement of the fingers is timeless calm, the rhythm of the keyboard is melodious to listen to the chapter. Lin Yu was a master hacker. He had been interested in computers and the internet since he was young. It had been 15 years since he was seven years old. From playing minesweeper cards on a computer to easily adding numbers to his bank card, Lin Yu has experienced a tremendous improvement that no one can imagine. He was twenty-two years old this year and seemed to have accomplished nothing. "Boohoo ..." The phone vibrated. Lin Yu, who was resting in front of the computer, woke up from his sleep. He was furious that the damn phone disturbed his dream.
Blood sucking fox servant
Where there is no room for human beings, the king of vampires has married a human queen. Soon the queen was killed, but the queen's son, xu, was not dead. Xu could never forget his hatred. On the way to revenge, he met the unknown blood servant, fox ...
Bloodthirsty oracle
Sun wenlong lost his job on the way home was bitten by a vampire, body changes, from a full of crisis but colorful road. Step by step danger, step by step opportunity, and see how he can rely on his tenacious will to lead the earth to challenge the great leader of extraterritorial civilization! The domineering female ceo, the little princess of the east, the vampire, and all kinds of beautiful women of various statuses came in a flurry. How could he choose to give up?
Beautiful CEO's Personal Doctor
Because of an accidental opportunity, the little doctor met the beautiful CEO, from now on he became very prosperous, and he deduced a romantic happy story with that beautiful lady.
Beauty is with us, but we can't help ourselves in the end. () () [ / color ] [ / color ] [ / color ]
The husband said: niang niang niang niang, I give you whirr, do not hurt ... She said: you go away, again ya close is looking for a draw! King jing said: yan, this palace has failed you. She frowned and thought, who are you? We don't know each other very well. Who? Who kissed her in the middle of the night? Who was it that when she was deep asleep, her words were extremely gentle ...
Bigshot Cultivator Bewildering People Every Day
The leader of the cultivation world, a generation of god of swords, luo Jiujiang, was omnipotent in music, chess, calligraphy and painting. He was proficient in all kinds of weapons. From the moment he decided to embark on the road of quick (tour) through (the world), the scumbags of all worlds were doomed to be in deep water. Ever since then, he has slapped every scumbag in the world with a rap beat in the face. Luo Jiujiang, on the other hand, opened up the daily life of millions of fans in various worlds. Scum attackers: a moment of pleasure in torture, wife chasing crematorium qaq Luo Jiujiang: no, no, no. Don't chase me. I'll give you a ten-mile funeral. Stomping on the ground, looking for your own partner in every world! So... The overbearing ceo's mosquito blood turned ceo Bai Yueguang into a bicycle and ran away! The masses found that mosquito blood was proficient in numerous classical chinese musical instruments, and the lingering sound of a random song made people unaware of the taste of meat for t
Bloodlust rage
With his mysterious background, wuqi was growing up in the process of losing and gaining. Why would he fight?
Blooming Romance
When Chu Xun received the final diagnosis of the disease, he had everything in mind. Being alive was still the most important thing for him to be happy. Get rid of the scum man, slap the retarded colleague, and make a fool of himself.
Back to the ming dynasty to do business
By coincidence, Lin Feng, a social youth, traveled to the ming dynasty to start a business, using modern people's thinking, the business was thriving, and then with four prince jointly directed a fight for power, during which love, hate, love, hate, hatred, ru yu, I cheat, colorful.
Bad wife: Mr. Gong, no wife
Before they got married, Mr. Gong didn't believe her, she ran away, he chased ... After they got married, Miss Ye didn't believe him. She hid, he chased ... Ye Nuan said. "Why are you still pestering me when you didn' t believe me back then?" And Mr. Gong went after them, and took them away, and said in a low voice. "Honey, if you keep pestering me, you' ll become emotionally attached." "I want to run away from home!" A little ball rolled out of the bed. "Mom, and me!" Ye Nuan was in a mess in the wind ... Where did the ball come from?
Beauty crisis: there's a beauty next door
It was a blessing in disguise that his girlfriend cheated on him and created a wonderful opportunity for him to become a famous man. It didn' t matter if she was frustrated in love.
Beloved Husband
Note: this article will enter v at 10: 00 am on saturday (10.17) tomorrow, on wednesday~ after that, it will be more than 6000 + 9000 +. I hope those who like the script of the girl will continue to support ^ ^ Xie Yun, the eighth prince who had been "Foolish" for ten years, suffered a "Disaster." He recovered from his illness, but his leg was crippled. He rubbed his hands and waited for the "Enemies" who were going to bully him to hear about it. He was about to get a wife. He was married to an underage "Man" who was both physically and mentally explosive. All the princes: he also has a day of oppression! (Enjoying ing) Reborn male and female: am I blind?! (It was said that water and fire did not agree, but they killed each other to death?!) Audience: too much! I've eaten too much dog food. Nini: for more details, pick it up, pick it up! Yo! (Serious face) Mystery of the century: she killed him, but they were together!!! Seriously ill prince charming x attack attribute max female lead; The female boss is han