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CEO's Ugly Wife
Jiang Xiaoyun, a dangerous bachelor, who controlled the life-blood of the world economy, always stayed away from womanizing. Lan Qiqi, an ugly woman with an ugly birthmark on her face, who lost her memory in an accident. She doesn't know if it’s fate or a coincidence that she became the bossy CEO's ugly bride. After marriage, he was extremely loving, gentle, thoughtful to her. The sweet burden made Lan Qiqi looked like a canary in a cage could not escape...
CEO's Substitute Bride
To save her mother, she had to compromise to substitute her sister and get married to a strange man. Luckily, she heard that he doesn't like women, so once the job is done, she can get away with it. But one day, he pushed over her to the bed! "What are you doing?" "I want to explain something to you!" "What...?" "About whether I like women or men."
Cute Smart Twins: the CEO is Our Daddy
Cheng, a 26-year-old mother of two, has returned from abroad. Little did she know that she would come across the man she met six years before. Call it luck or call it misfortune, he doesn't know her, but the two kids especially the older one, look exactly like him! Will he recognize them? The younger sister asked, "uncle, do you think I look like someone?" He replied, "you look like me." "Haha! Then there's someone else in my family who looks just like you."
CEO of Wife-Lover
20 days after the marriage, he went back home with the ex-fiancee and took her into the room which was initially set for him and the so-called present fiancee. The poor woman shouted at him:" That was our bridal chamber!" He sneered at her:" Why do you call that bridal chamber as we haven't yet spent a single second there?" 30 days after the marriage ceremony, she met her mother-in-law for the first time who asked her:" Who is this woman who thinks of herself as your wife?" He answered indifferently:" Just a female friend." 133 days after the marriage, she gave up the last hope and walked out of the operating room covered in blood. He asked her sullenly:" Where is our child?" "It's gone. You killed it." Shu Wei often said: "Gu Xinyan, I thought I could cure everyone, but I can do nothing with your heart hurt." Years later, she appeared in front of the tombstone with her adorable baby and considerable husband and happened to meet Gu Xinyan. "Wei?" "No, it isn't me. She's gone over a year ago." Shu Wei never kn
Candy Marriage
"A man appeared very unexpectedly, saying that it was his child. She thought she could end this with an operation, but the fact was that the man showed off once again. "Qu Qing, wanna run away? No way!"
CEO's obsession: Divorced wife marry me
They met each other at a bar for the first time, she lost marriage, got drunk and indulged herself, begging him for sex, but they encountered the anti-pornography police; The second time, at the gym, he accidentally saved her but made him unable to control his body's reaction, thinking he is suffering from "sex addiction"; The third time, in the men's room, she peeped at him when he urinated; The fourth time, in the hotel, she was his gift to open; In her panic, she kicked his penis, and then he has some troubles for sex. He yelled at her to "take responsibility"; "Responsible for you? Okay, I am gonna marry you and teach you how to have sex."
Control Your Burning Desire, Darling
"""I saved your life. So I can possess you."" They met some day, got married on the second day, and then lived apart on the third day! ""Mr. Qin, I really didn't seduce you."" He held her waist tighter and felt that she was stiff. ""You didn't? Then why did you strip off your clothes? Wasn't that seduction?"" What? I wished that he struck by lightning right away and got fainted. It was he who stripped off her clothes! ""Mr. Qin, did you see my pajama?"" ""That's too ugly. I threw it away."" ""How could you...?"" Before she finished her sentence, he glanced at her coldly. ""Alright, It's ok."" She had to change her words. ""Mr. Qin, did you see my nightgown?"" ""I'm wearing it."" She looked for another one but found nothing. ""There're two of them. Where's the other one?"" ""It took up too much space. I threw it away."" She took a deep breath and told herself, ""Control your temper, calm down. You can't piss him off."" After imaging herself beating him up in her mind, she took her uniform to the bathro
CEO Mo's Hard-core Wife
A killer revives as the third daughter in the Luo's Family, the least adorable one. She's overweight? It's ok; it's not too late to lose weight. She's weak? It's ok; she can turn strong now. She's coward? It's ok; she can turn into a scheming queen now. After beating up a jerk and his slut, she's gonna live her life. At this time, CEO Mo, a cool guy, approaches her, "When are we getting married?"
Custom Made Demon King
At the beginning of the game, an egg was reborn in the abyss demon world and was pregnant with the ps system, one of the four great asian magics.
Chaotian continent
Heaven is unpredictable, and walk and look at the sky. The road is long and the search is long. People? Spirit? Bewitching? Xianhu? And watch him walk. If the sky is long, I will look to the sky. There are columns in the sky, and there is no way to climb them. The mist is hard to dispel when the hair is blue. Ask the sky can have feelings, where to go?
Chen family ghost resolution
A book passed down from the family led Chen Xiaofeng on the path of ghost hunting. After thousands of strange ghosts, zombies, monsters become more and more powerful baptism. This book has the elements of horror, horror, romance, cultivation, myth, and so on, let little m lead you, together to witness the growth of Chen Xiaofeng!
CEO's Sweet Heart: Make Out Before You Leave
Xiao Yue, nobel and condescending as an emperor, is by nature ruthless and cruel. But this time, his heart is incredibly fallen for that woman who approaches him with her secret purpose. At their first meet, she shows up with the unknown's son, making him a notorious cuckold. He presses her against the wall with full contempt, "Now that you have other's baby behind me, how dare you try to be engaged with me?" When they meet again, their marriage has been settled and she promised in fear, "After getting married, I won't interfere in your affair and we can sleep in separate rooms......" He gives a sneering laugh, "Mrs. Xiao, are you joking?" She thinks that he doesn't love her at all, but when her purpose has been achieved and when she is going to leave him, he pulls out his belt and slaps on her face, his eyes being red as a cornered animal, "We should at least have something for the last time, shouldn't we?"
Cold palace abandoned
Although Ji Qingyan was a captive of the enemy country, her unique beauty made men crazy. Zhao Yuancheng was domineering and bewitching, and he was arrogant as he announced to ji Qingyan. "I want you to be my woman. As long as you obediently submit to me, I can give you everything you want, power, wealth, fame ..."
City warrior king
He was originally a member of the Shadow team, and most of the members died because he was framed by the mole ... His name was Ye Ling, and his bloody hands were still holding the guns. Whoever offends my brother will be punished even if he is far away! The return of the king of war in the city, foot step on the rich rich second generation, with a beautiful beauty beauty. And look at the top of the king of war across the city, the smile of the proud and the heroes!
Cold schoolgirl don't kiss me
The Star sea college, Star sea four young master, was the star of the noble school ... The cute female protagonist was a straight-a student who only knew how to learn ... Was it a joke or a love of youth when an overbearing school hunk met the cute campus belle? This was a serious reminder: Yan Xixi would never play dumb. This book was not about the bossy ceo falling in love with little sister jie or the innocent girl in the black school ... Yan Xixi's iq was very high, but it was just that she was a little cute and cute ...
Cthulhu Gonfalon
A good man passed through and became the great tentacle evil god. And then? After that, you can read the story slowly.
Concubine often travels through: the crown prince's arrogant and adorable wife
It didn' t matter if she crossed over, but it didn' t matter if she crossed over to daqing. However, you should let me familiarize myself with it in the qing dynasty. ! It doesn't matter if you marry someone. It doesn't matter if you marry into the royal family. But why should I marry the famous cannon fodder of the royal family? ! Even if they were to marry, they had to accept their fate and work hard with Taizidianxia to prevent their brothers from being eaten by them! However, why was mao daqing's only Taizidianxia acting so weird? Sob, she looked so scared. She was not as lecherous and arrogant as the other novels had written. She was simply a peerless good man! Uh ... Just a little out of tune ...
Chasing the cool old boyfriend
In late summer, the final of the quadrennial dance competition is underway. On the stage, the white swan with its eyes covered with white ribbons flew up in the air and spun around in mid-air for a few times before landing steadily. The black swan slowly reached out and drew a beautiful arc in the air, and finally, it joined hands with the white swan to make the final thank you gift. The referee on the stage had already stood up excitedly. When the presenter reads
CEO's Hot Wife Having Twins
Tang Guoguo was pregnant by a ruthless CEO who hated her. His first sentence with her was "take the money and leave after you give birth." She started to live with him in fear. However, she found him strange: he kept asking for kisses and hugs from her... "You said I was supposed to take the money and leave?" The man chuckled, "you said you wanted me, didn't you remember?" Their twins echoed, "mommy, stay with daddy!"
City crush: it's not too cold this winter
Ma xiaoyou, the female protagonist, chose to work in a new environment because of her previous relationship. She thought she would meet the right person, but the appearance of her ex-boyfriend broke the beautiful picture. One was the person she liked and the other was the person she loved. Ma xiaoyou, who was trapped between the two men, didn't know where to go. From.
Consort qing
She was the daughter of a noble and noble noble minister, but she lived a life of the lowest grade. The daughter of a concubine," the dove occupies the magpie's nest," bullied her to take her status and enjoy the wealth and glory that originally belonged to her ... She even forced her to abandon her dearest lover and replace her sister to enter the palace as a consort ... In the face of the intrigue and intrigue in the palace, She had finally become the most honorable woman in the world who had once bullied her. ! !
Career notes of the first female secretary
A personal reception, let the female secretary liang xiaosu met the jiangnan crocodile, and thus fell into the most dangerous emotional career. From then on, her fate was closely linked to him, and she was in crisis step by step, but at the same time, she was on her way ... A secret affair of a female secretary revealed the most dangerous emotions in the workplace for you, and described the most touching feelings in your life.
Criminal record
"I gently picked up the knife in my hand, like a skilled hunter. The tip of the knife was raised sideways and gently stabbed into the bottom of her throat, then carefully cut it off." "I have to be careful because I want to ensure that my skin is intact. Maybe she will be the new decoration of my house, or she will be the footrest beside my bed." Wang Yongchang, who was wearing a police uniform, lowered his head to look at the statement in his hand. After reading it carefully, his expression became even more unsightly. "This is outrageous!" He roared in his heart.
Crash world adventure
By coincidence, qin tianyu, who had been reborn, came to a place called broken space and traveled to the different worlds of the second dimension under the guidance of the system ...
Chief test love 365 days: contract wife is a bit wild
Damn witch lynn! Tell me what to do when you leave the house and go right. When you see the 18th restaurant in front of you, go in and have a good meal. Damn it, every dish here costs thousands of yuan! Wait a minute. Who's the man who's walking this way like a dazzling mannequin on a runway?
Ceo's secret pet
I am the humblest woman in his world. He wants me, anytime, anywhere. I can never resist. Even if he insults me again, I can only say to myself, yes, you have no self-respect. Initially, he thought that he was a demon, but since when had he been secretly spoiling me ...
Cut through the sky
Northwest strong, southeast gentleman, looking through the red gauze patch merciless. Northeast horse, southwest forest, cut through the sky asked chen jun. Ten years of slavery, a lifetime of military service. Fire in the chest, burning all over the world!
Ceo iceberg's drowsy pet
Xia Jin and Xu Muyan met. Coincidentally, she also used her own strength to enter the Shengtian group. She found out that Xu Muyan was also there, and he was also an executive. He was no longer the timid little fatty when he was young. On the contrary, he was tall and handsome now, and because Xu Muyan liked Xia Jin in the first place. Therefore, he took good care of her. How could a girl not be moved when she met such a handsome, rich, and handsome boyfriend who was a good match for a warm man? Xia Jin was naturally no exception as an occasionally irrational love-struck. Xu Muyan's attitude towards her stirred up the hearts of the company's lovestruck girls, so it was conceivable that poor Xia Jin had been punished one after another ...
Ceo leng ai: a million wives, where to escape
Five years ago, she had suddenly disappeared from his life and returned once again. She had transformed into an unfamiliar face! And he, as usual, fell in love with her ... All of this was a conspiracy in the dark, or a fate arrangement! She was carrying a secret that she didn' t even know about and became a pawn used by her enemies, like a time bomb lurking by his side! He would rather fall into the enemy's perfectly designed rosemary because of the" white cloud" behind her gorgeous turn! Betrayal and redemption, love and hatred, life and death hanging between the line, exactly how hidden hidden the sad past of the unknown!
Celebrity flash marriage: young master Lu's pet
Being framed by his own sister, he wanted to throw away the money and leave, but he was threatened to marry someone of high status. "Hey, hey, I' m not familiar with you. Don' t come over!" "Honey, this isn' t the first time. Don' t be afraid, I will eat you well." The man tugged at his tie. "Go away, don' t eat my mommy!" The steamed stuffed bun who had suddenly barged in pointed angrily at a certain man. A certain man turned his head to look at the little bun. "Do you want a sister to play with you?" "Yes!"" then go out first. Mommy and I will make you a sister." "Sure!"