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Dear, Marry Me Again!
After four years of marriage, he kicks her off. She signed up the divorce agreement, but her "ex-husband" doesn't let her go? "The baby is sick and needs cord blood." The child is given birth by them one after another, why this CEO still don't let her go away? "Your weird relatives always bully you, I don't like these shiny bitches!" After cleaning up weird relatives, I can leave, right? Song Tingyu directly drags her into the civil affairs bureau, remarry!" Hum, bad guy, now you want to remarry?No way!"
Don't Annoy Me, My Ex-Husband!
[ Don't spoil it, it's not love overnight! "Boss, miss mu is back!"" Mmm!" The man replied indifferently." Boss, someone gave miss mu a bouquet of roses!"" Adulterer! Hmph!" The man finally raised his head, narrowed his eyes and snorted, his last note rising." Boss, miss mu watched a movie with that man today, had a candlelight dinner, and..."" what else..."" and kissed him!" The man's eyes lit up, and he could no longer sit still, rising from the sofa." B... B... Boss, no good. Miss mu is going to marry that man in Holland!" The man clapped his hands on the table." Which plane? Shoot it down!"" Yes!"" Wait a minute!" The man suddenly stopped." What do you want from boss?" If she loses a hair, try it?!" ... Wedding heart: chief husband, hold me tight. I am the original author nan nan li's meticulous urban novel masterpiece. Bi interest pavilion is also more newlywed heart: chief husband, hold me tightly in the latest chapter. The book friend's marriage heart: chief husband, hold me tightly to comment, does n
Dark Civilization
When night fell, darkness descended on the world. With the arrival of a big era called "Darkness" in later generations, human beings began to evolve again. With the memory of ten years of living in the apocalypse, Ye Chen returned to the day of the apocalypse. The only thing he could do was to protect the people around him, and then... With the power of an ant, we can reach the peak of this world! The person who is lost in life, struggling aimlessly in this world, walking forward, there is always a way for you to open up... The new book," reboot the apocalypse," was launched in 2015, and there was a through train.
Double jeopardy: the princess with the hot hands!
After ten years, Mu Jinqi lived in guilt for ten years. Once upon a time, the late best friend suddenly appeared in front of her and showed her husband affection. It turned out that she had only been a pawn under someone else for ten years. Rong hua was extremely humble and extremely painful. It is false to be deeply in love with one another, and even more false to be in love with another. Vows of love two white-haired husband has long been and" dead" friends of the secret. Pity for her pair of children, innocent children but both become a drug guide. It was ridiculous that she had been forced to die of anger. Once reborn, phoenix nirvana. The best friend is deep, the scum man is affectionate, the first wife's younger sister is deep! I'm Mu Jinqi! I swear to kill my dog!
Dark gray city
Wang Xiao was persecuted by his stepmother as a sexual companion, and his father, Wei Ji, believed it and drove his son out of the house. In desperation, Wang Xiao was forced to wander and go astray, forming his own small group. After Wang Xiao's nephew was seduced by his partner Hua Fengtian, Wang Xiao met his nephew. My niece said that my grandfather's health was not as good as before, and he was sick. At this time, wang xiao had been away from home for four years. Homesick, so decided to spy on the old house. There were two spies and misunderstandings, and the news of" killing father and mother" came through. Wang Xiao had no choice but to continue wandering around and meet her uncle, ding jie, who had lost contact for many years. Ding jie was overjoyed and wanted to give Wang Xiao a proper name. The letter to Wang Weiji was intercepted by Wang Xiao's stepmother. The stepmother suddenly realized, but she could not tell Wang Weiji, had to make a mistake, let lurking in her side of the so-called savior stabb
Double destiny: a charming young man and a beautiful woman!
Zhao Yun liu, who had two memories, was undergoing an incredible change. Who was this handsome young master who knew martial arts and medical skills? Wen yan stared at Zhao Yun qing, who had worked so hard to cultivate, and was easily defeated by this wild seed who had suddenly come to her senses. She was so angry that she almost went crazy.
Dream master
Win Longjiang snobbish and stingy do not know shame not gentleman, dare to fight with the beauty of the food, is a thorough little person, the biggest advantage is many defects, but the only bright spot is enough to serve justice. Win small Longjiang to be a landlord and rich, buy a mansion to raise a dog to ask for flowers and willow, it is a pity that the number of bad luck, spring and autumn dream has not yet This temperament also attracted a lot of good luck for it. Heaven is fair, a coincidence of a dream, let win Longjiang on their own life, more independent and grasp, free to run between the battlefield in the business world. Why is it so often assumed that one does not reach the realm of heaven and man? Why was there a trace of objectivity in his hands? Because, he had dreams ...
Dear new wife: don't worry, Mr. President
She was the daughter of a rich family, but she was reduced to a hostess in a romantic setting. She was set up and almost lost her virginity. He was a legend in the business world. He had an iq and means beyond ordinary people. He was also a synonym for ruthlessness and ruthlessness. "If you save me, I' m willing to accompany you for one night. This is my first time!" She begged in the mire. She didn' t expect that even though the satan like man had saved her, he would definitely leave. She thought that the nightmare would end here. "Miss, please fulfill your promise!" Once again in her world, he could not refuse to speak. It turned out that everything had just started ... Why did he drag her directly to the civil affairs bureau? She hurriedly resisted and tried her best to dissuade him, but he held her hand and never let go. Since then, she had been forced to start a new journey in her life, but she did not know that after the constant surprise and heartache, there were endless traps and intrigues!
Death of vengeance city
A hyper-realistic virtual game, the death of an adoptive father. Let yang ban also risked his life into the capital. And look at how he sneaks into the depths of the game company step by step, to find out everything is unsolved. How many secrets were hidden behind the game? How many players died under the conspiracy?
Don't know the darkness of the day
When I was ten years old, I was sold into a kiln and forced to be a lady. He is the change of my fate, and I climb the ladder, let me in the most beautiful years in the perfect transformation, let me become the most dazzling woman in Jiangcheng. When I'm in bliss, he pushes me into the abyss ...
Daffodil: the years I was a daffodil
From ancient times, Shanhaiguan was the boundary of the south, Maoshan taoism was the southern part, and the northern part was the horse fairy family. The horse fairy inherited the ancient shamanism, believed in, hu, huang, long, python, such wild immortals, hu san, huang san tai milk, often trot, huang xiaohua, python tianlong, the names of these northeast immortal halls, Maybe it's just a myth. Wang mofeng, who had the spirit root of the northeast, was a curse that had troubled generations. A book of" the taoist scriptures of heaven's end," a period of twists and turns of life, bai chi so-called south mao disciple, what kind of story will have.
Double killer
An assassin on the road to escape had another person in his body and an inexplicable strong aura, an inexplicable time travel, and an inexplicably put on the hat of saving the world. What was this to an assassin?
Divorce, ex-wife, doting
He was very resistant to the arrangement of the family, and an accidental drunkenness made her entangle with him ever since. She was framed, beaten, and misunderstood by him, causing the child in her stomach to almost lose. She was extremely hurt and asked for a divorce, but secretly gave birth abroad. Six months later, he returned to china and accidentally bumped into him and su su Peipei dating, three people from the emotional dispute never sleep. "He's my boyfriend." "I already have a child with him." Knowing that she had regained her life, it had nothing to do with her anymore.
Doctor Jiang’s Beloved Sweetheart
I heard that the first knife in the department of thoracic surgery in ningcheng was jiang beiyuan, cold and indifferent, not close to women. The other colleagues in the department immediately opened the table and said, "No! He has a little wife. She's so precious!" The reporter immediately went to the interview, but was sent home by a "No time." The next day...
Drunk qing chen
The inkstone plum is silent, the wonderful pen renders a point, between the fingers, the last independence; the pure plum, dark cluster to come, look back, a million years. Under mei mo xi's hand, she had a simple brushwork. Who was she? This game was made by jiangshan, and the world was chess. Who were they and who was the chess player? For her, he only hand fold peach blossom, only this one person; for him, she would rather suffer from each other, gnawing the bone is endless. Busy kyoto, the dark waves surging; four rising male, who is the main ups and downs? The imperial officials' internal affairs, the emperor's decision, the chu family's military might, the changes in the martial arts world, and the strange court, after all, what kind of mysterious tricks did they contain?
Don't be mad, Mr. President. She has gold fingers
Mei keqing can see anyone's emotional color except Beichen tuo. She gave him a heart, but he stepped on her. Later, she dug out her own heart with her own hands and clung to another man. At the end of her life, she became the most annoying person she had ever been. Those painful past taught her to love someone and not to end well. The small theater once upon a time mei keqing:" Beichen tuo, I have never thought to harm you, you believe me once, okay?" "Trust?" Said Beichen tuo. You deserve it? Then mei keqing said," believe it or not, it's none of my business! "Beichen tuo:" I don't believe you! Wife, they must be jealous of our good relationship, want to sow discord! Once upon a time, mei keqing said," Beichen tuo, do you love me a little?" "Beichen tuo:" how could I like a disgusting woman like you? Later, Beichen tuo said," qing qing, don't leave me. I really love you!" Mei keqing:" ha ... Get out! "Abusing his wife felt good for a while. It was a crematorium for pursuing his wife. After the initial stage
Dear ji
Some people some things are destined to become the past, the past is the years, can not forget only the youth.
Don't sleep in my bed
In order to earn extra money, I found a part-time job as a hotel test sleeper. I never thought that because I took a strange test list, I fell into a horrible and strange strange thing after that. The body gradually expands the corpse spot, the tangle asks the song person, the head that installs in the jar, the midnight taxi driver that wears paper clothes ... In order to live, I have to go out one sinister and horrible death zone. [ Update mode: it's scheduled to be updated every morning at three o' clock! ! Check it out! Welcome to the new book club: 4915 70656
Doting wife addiction: the president refused to divorce!
He took everything from him. This is a deliberate plot, but can not resist the love quietly attack. It was a trap for him to marry her. It was a trade for her to marry him. Sometimes he was cold and sometimes fanatical. She thought it was love. Unexpectedly, when she was pregnant with his child, he gave the order: abort the child! You, get out!
Deep love was not too late: the ceo asked for a second marriage!
After two years of marriage, Wen Wan tried his best to love someone. The last thing I got was a sentence. "Don' t mention this marriage to anyone else." * Two years after her divorce, at her engagement party, her future mother-in-law framed her for falling into the water. She left in a sorry state, but was blocked by the sudden appearance of him. The man laughed mockingly and pressed on. "Wen Wan, do you regret this?" She smiled faintly. "There are many things I regret. I never regret divorce you." * Later on, at her wedding banquet with someone else. He caressed her wedding dress and whispered softly. "Wanwan, this is my wedding gift for you. Do you like it?" Wen Wan had nowhere to go. "Bao Yuanchen, please let me go ..."" I prefer you to find another place to beg." The next second, he pushed her onto the guest room's queen bed ...
Doting on a wedding is tempting: the ceo's husband dotes on her slowly
In the demon world, who didn' t know that the immortal fox tribe had outstanding charm? With a single trick, they could defeat countless heroes, and her magic had always been the laughing stock of the immortal fox world ... She had barely graduated from her immortal studies and was simply too weak. She sneaked into the world and met a scumbag with a messy private life. She watched him mess around with another woman and was about to leave when he imprisoned her and hurt her.
Dead bus no. 13
Do you want to know about the spiritual incident of Hubei no. 13 bus which was banned?
Wind and cloud will rise, the name moves nine days. Who pulled the plug? A xiao and a sword, the realm of heaven!
Daddy, Mommy has Cheated on You!
Song Qingge spent a night with a stranger after being cheated by her ex-boyfriend and losing everything. She thought that she would never see that stranger again, but she slept with him for the second time when she's drunk. Since then, Song Qingge couldn't get rid of him, the big boss of Gu Family. She met him almost everywhere, including on the way to the workplace, restaurant, and even bank.
Death card.
A business card was picked up, but after picking it up, strange things kept happening. Four eyes of the baby, lying on the shoulder of the ghost hand, porcelain jar on the skull ... Business card on the message, led me into a more suspenseful world.
Death sutra
At the company gathering, a tall girl rubbed her legs against me. After exchanging wechat messages, I sent her to the hotel ... Not long after, I felt unwell and came to find a girl to argue with, but at the hotel, I saw her with another man ...
Dreamy love
In the park, the sun was setting, and a little boy was standing on the basketball court. On the other side of the park came a little girl with two red clouds on her round cheeks, and her plump body was dressed in a red dress, with butterfly hairpins in her slightly curling hair. She was holding her schoolbag and staring at the boy on the court. The boy seemed to find that someone was looking at him. Stop shooting and look in the direction of the girl.
Destined to love you
She grew up as a childhood friend until one day, when he went to join the army, she was sent to a closed private school. He had a bloody life in the army, and she was tormented by campus violence at school. In the purest days of high school, his character became violent, and she was silent and withdrawn. The two of them curled up in the darkness, only a trace of sunlight and warmth from the bottom of their hearts.
Death sommelier
Zhang bingtian, who just turned 19, is a hotel sleeper living a normal life. However, when he checked in, he inadvertently broke the taboo, and thus opened his own talent, he could predict danger and death! As night fell, the yellow and red light of danger and death flashed, and an incredible legend began.
Demon world
The king and his party participated in god's game in their lives, collecting 81 golden pills to conquer the demon world in 30 days.