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End of the Magic Era
The world that nurtured the civilization which reached the pinnacle of magic was on the verge of destruction. The last survivor transmigrated to the past when the magic civilization started growing, as countless mages were still fumbling their ways through the thorny paths of magic knowledge. Lin Yun lived on earth during his first life. He was reincarnated in Noscent at the end of the era, later was killed by the Netherstorm which destroy Noscent and return back to Noscent 30.000 Years ago into the body of a young man name Mafa Merlin. Reaching the pinnacle of magic was Lin Yun's (Mafa Merlin) aim.
Ex-wife's Temptation
They had a crush on each other at first sight. She was innocent outside and scheming inside, mastering a magic trick that can quickly change her appearance. He was the mysterious leader of the JK Agent Team, a financial king in the capital. Once, he said: "I am your guardian." And then she started her "miserable" life—be like a queen in the day and slept with him obediently at night. They just fought and had sex and fought and had sex... One day he pulled the pants up as he said shamelessly: "I just touched you a bit. You are not making me responsible for that, aren't you?" The other day, she put on his pants for him and smiled enchantingly, "I just had a bite. I didn't make you disabled. Alright, I'll be responsible for you. Other than that, how much do you want for compensation?" Another day, the well-built guy pinched her seductive butt like a hungry wolf, "Baby, it's time for you to be responsible for me." When an accident happened after they slept together when true love met with conspiracy, could he man
Extraordinary David
"Shadow boy, what are these?"" A bunch of elementary knowledge balls. Am I a garbage dump?" David scolded the floating attendant. The attendant blushed and showed his master that he was working very hard. The boundless starry sky, the waiter of god, the clash of civilizations, the invincible warships, the terrifying zerg, the extraordinary life, the humble mortal, the beginning of a new era. It has finished the 51,800 words of" the witch's uncle" for 667 consecutive days
Emperor Of The Cosmos
When humans began to step into the age of the galaxy, the ancient practices radiated new vitality. Cultivation, no matter in any era, will never be outdated. In the diamond sutra, xubodhi asked sakyamuni, "If you want to become a buddha, how can you subdue his heart?" . In one sentence, he said the true meaning of cultivation, and in four words, he subdued his heart. Sun wukong was also known as the heart ape because his mind was well connected. Each person's mind is a sun wukong, surrendering to the ape can fight against the buddha. In The great star river, dreams of divine machines explain the true meaning of cultivation for you.
Endless ghost territory
The young man who had been poisoned by the internet thought that he had caught up with the tide of transmigration, but he didn' t expect to just enter hell!
Endless Pampering Only For You
That night, she was drunk, and he ate her little mouth, then ate it, and played sneak attacks from time to time. "Yin shaojie, why did you kiss me?" Finally, after he had kissed her so many times, she showed up. However, the devil smiled evilly." You are my wife. Why can't I kiss you?" They were childhood sweethearts and were engaged under the scheme of their families. From then on, they shared a room and a bed." Yin shaojie, you are so abnormal!" He squinted." What did you say?" I said you're changing... Uh-huh!" Her mouth was gagged. He thumped her on the bed." You call it a pervert to steal a kiss? Then I'm even more perverted. Do you want to try..." ]
Emperor yu: matchless doctors and women
Sixiu palace is the bedroom of the empress of filial piety in the kingdom of ying, but there is no queen in the luxurious palace. The merciless fire seven years ago had brutally killed a young woman. From that day on, the royal highness of the ying kingdom, jin fu, had lost his soul.
Empress dowager: princess is not to be trifled with
Lu anyuan, who was 25 years old, supported the lu family with her own strength. After receiving the news of her father's death and the truth that her best friend had revealed, she chose to commit suicide. Lu anyuan, who had thought that she would die, was reborn in the alienated world and became the third princess of east yu country.
Ecstasy: fatal primal compulsive love
Ecstasy: fatal primal compulsive love
Emperors Domination
This was an age of power, an age of hierarchy where only the strong could survive. Only the strong have the right to let others abide by their own rules, and only the strong will be willing to obey.
Exclusive production: the ceo's personal double
I am a career double living at the bottom, never in my life thought of marrying into a rich family. The first time he ran into me, he didn't leave me alone, I was grateful; the second time, he ignored the eyes of the crowd, in the film set to take me out of the water cramped, and saved me once; the third time, he used the most despicable Then again and again he appeared in my life as a knight; and then I asked him. "I' m just a stand-in actor. Why do you care about me?" He paused and whispered," you are my exclusive." "
Embroider the needle
Xx military marriage network, the best choice of love army girl. We have the most comprehensive military, the best officers, what are you waiting for? Just sign up!
Eaglewood Crumbs
This is a wonderful story about a millennial dogleg lotus seed named Yan Danny. According to the order in which the male characters appeared: lord Shan Chief was gentle and moody, with a tenderness in his bones, but he made Yan Danny a member of the clan.
Even Until Death, the Scum Gong Thought I Was a White Lotus
Xie Mu's task was to make dregs fall in love with him. He was best at disguising himself as a white lotus. Pitiful, kind and naive. Even if he had become an existence that was abandoned by scumbags, it didn't matter. Xie Mu would soon make them kneel down, apologize, and offer him their whole hearts. And when the dregs fell in love, he led them one step at a time to hell: [ I didn't abandon you, you left me with amnesia ] [ I didn't mean to give you a green hat, I was forced too ] [ Although I used you as a substitute, it was unconscious ] What could be more cruel than the person who had been abandoned to beg and not be able to do so? Lightning protection policy: the whole text is empty, brainless su shuang, little fresh dog blood, all over the xiuluo arena, the protagonist is white cut black, there is no lower limit to moral integrity, the thunderer is careful to enter.
Everyone Thinks that I Like Him
From childhood, Ye Zhou hated number two the most. Without him, he was second in his family and second in his school grades. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't cross the magic spell. What was more infuriating was that at university, not only did he get second place in grades, but he also got second place in looks that he had always been proud of! Why can't I compete for first place? The second son of ten thousand years will also rise! Then, Ye Zhou mustered up his courage and fought, but... The first place became his boyfriend. This is the story of the second place in ten thousand years being "Forced" by the crowd and the first place becoming a true result.
Engaged All My Life to You
At the wedding night of her fiance and his mistress, she was trapped by her "mother-in-law" and had a one night stand with a stranger. She thought she would not meet him again until she found herself pregnant. With sadness and sorrow, she prepared to get an abortion, but the man blocked her way: "Marry me, no one can hurt you." Half a month later, the most honorable man in City-A married her with a luxury wedding. At first, she felt that everything was perfect, but later... "Baby, you have passed the safety period, we can take more 'exercise' tonight..." "Baby, our parents repeatedly told us to have more grandchildren to accompany them..." "I have already talked with your boss and you do not need to work overtime anymore. We have more time to relax..." Finally, she could not bear it anymore and threw him an agreement: "Mu Luochen, you're divorced!" The man chuckled with his eyes full of love: "Don't be naughty baby. Across the whole country, who dares to take your divorce suit against me?"
Ex-wife's too hot
Who would have thought that yun qixue, a talented fashion designer who became famous at a young age, would ruin herself for a man who didn' t love her? She had borne the brunt of the humiliation for his unborn son. She had been imprisoned for three years and was released from prison to become his nanny. In the end, she could not even get a single eye for him. In order to mourn the loss of his first love, he had given her all the humiliation a woman could endure, and finally crushed the last bit of hope in her heart into scum! "If I go today, I will never appear again. I don' t want my reputation anymore. I don' t want my dream anymore. I don' t want my child anymore. I don' t want you, and neither do I." She left alone and silently, ending a bad relationship. She only wished for the rest of her life to be peaceful and peaceful. He used all his power to intercept her world's path: "Even if you don' t want my love!"
Enemies are hard to deal with: Mr. President, please let go
A loveless marriage could only be a lifeless grave. For ni jia, this marriage was a prison for punishment and was fu shichen's way of torturing her. In his heart, ni jia was a vicious and heartless woman. She had been waiting for that person to wake up and clear her name, waiting for fu shichen to turn around, but there was nothing. Everything is wrong, I don't know if I can still love the right person for a lifetime.
Eternal emperor
One read for the devil, one read for the immortal; to the supreme immortal road, crossing the endless sea of magic. The immortal body can not be cast and the immortal code can be practiced, but the infinite immortal method can be practiced. In her previous life, she was Eternal emperor, but she would rather be an arrogant devil than an ugly The immortal world. In this life, there would always be no heavenly demon emperor. He would only laugh at the dark ages and perhaps destroy immortals and be unrestrained!
Evil president: the queen of darkness
He's a monster! However, this demon made her unable to stop. Not only did he have a handsome face of a celebrity, a model-level figure, a warrior king's combat prowess, and a bewitching smile, but he was also an overbearing president who controlled the economic lifeline of the province as well as black and white. What girl can resist this demon's charms? So is she. But the reason why she chose to become his personal maid was the case that happened two years ago. And a chance encounter ten years ago. Although she had long forgotten
Emergency of the Marriage: Bad CEO's Desire for his Wife
Meeting Qi Cheng was like the light in the darkness for Wen Yining...
Everlasting Sword God
He was The Greatest Talent in the Nine Hells Realm. Shen Zhenyi began to practice his sword when he was four years and two months old. At the age of seven, he studied the Ten Thousand Sword Sutra. By the age of eleven, he fought against the Yudao in Shangqing Palace. In an instant, he unleashed one hundred and eighty-five sword strikes, making it impossible for anyone to retaliate. The Yudao admitted defeat and deemed him as “The Peerless Genius.” At the age of 14, Shen Zhenyi, with his Six Forms of the Ancient Sword, surpassed the swordsman Zuo Tianxing who was ranked among the top ten masters in the world, and won the title of “The First Swordsman of the Abyss.” He now lies crippled. A fraction of the state he was in before. Or so they thought.
Ex-wife's happy
How ... How could it be him? Ling xi qing's mind was thunderstruck. At this moment her brain had completely stopped moving, and the shocking fact hit her so hard that she could not escape. She never thought that one day, she would appear in front of him in such a sorry state.
Exotic wife come with me
She was a foreigner with a lot of bad ideas and a good heart. Looking for food, she met a man with high martial arts and his appearance. She had no chance to live an ordinary life. His identity was mysterious, his character was aloof, and his personality was cold, but he exuded a sense of humor in his bones. The eight-level spirit cultivators that she possessed attracted not only the human organization, the alien hunter, but also the prey of the same race, the" robber." How did she escape the capture of the two organizations? He, he had the responsibility to save the foreigners, but what kind of secret identity did he have? What kind of secret was behind him?! How would she face his new identity?
Eternal Martial Sovereign
Xiao Yun, a young genius who awakened a Martial Spirit, was labelled a mediocrity after his cultivation stopped advancing. However, no one knew that his Martial Spirit was the Life Martial Spirit, one of the 10 Great Martial Spirits of the ancient times. After being upgraded, the Life Martial Spirit is able to absorb all Heaven and Earth Essence Qi, as well as heal injuries and neutralise extreme poisons. With the Heaven-Devouring Divine Art left behind by his father, Xiao Yun integrates many more Martial Spirits for himself to use. A hopeless youth defies fate and washes away his humiliation, walking towards the boundless world with his Life Martial Spirit to become an eternal martial sovereign, dominating the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths!
Entertainment: rising in the japanese entertainment industry
Here is the story of a rural old man who came to japan and turned into a star ...
External exorcism services
Huangfu Ming, an unemployed programmer at home, would never have thought that he would be involved in all sorts of strange and bizarre events for atheists. Knights, god's agents, magicians, taoists, and puppets, all of which were originally unrelated to fiction and movies, actually existed in reality Exist. As Huangfu Ming delves deeper into the matter, he finds that these illogical techniques, whether magic or taoism, violate the rules of physics and are associated with programming. Gradually, an exorcist group disguised as a human resources service company began to unravel the mystery. In this company, exorcists are not limited to humans, heaven and hell's impersonator agents, everything has taken on the organizational operation of business management. This book is a long science fiction story that has been forced into a category of paranormal, allowing the author of human resources to take you in a different light on the wonders and mysteries of the world
Ex-husband: Sashao, give me a kiss
Jian Tao needed money. Sa Peilin gave it to her as an unsung hero. She was humiliated by her ex-husband's wife, and he rushed forward to protect her without a word. After she was kicked out of the company, he bought her as a gift and even tortured those useless relatives into pieces. She wanted to buy back The jian family's old residence., but he refused. Sashao, who was suffering from sleep disorder, could only sleep soundly by hugging her. How could he bear to let go of such a good human pillow? It was just a deal between her and him. To him, she was just a pastime of boredom. "Jian Tao, I can only sleep well if I hold you." Because of his words, she felt wronged and humbled into the earth. But, in the end, it was all empty. "What do you think I am, one of your many women?" She fell to the ground and her dress was dyed red with blood. "What else?" He walked past her with his beautiful fiancée in his arms.
Empress assassin: your highness, don't be so arrogant
What is this? She remembered very clearly that the boss had given her a very difficult task this time. In the end, during the mission, she fell into the lost forest and was finally hit by the bullets from the enemy. She fell into a cliff and then passed out. She thought that she was already dead, but she was still in a daze. When she woke up, she looked at the woman in an ancient costume, who was crying profusely, and then looked at the people standing next to her. Who would tell her that she was dreaming now? Otherwise, why were all the people in front of her dressed so strangely? Could it be that she had traveled through time?
Exorcist of the gods
For the unknown things, many people are afraid, lei xiao zong's successor to take you to understand the different world!