258 Books
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
“Even if this universe is truly nothing more than a brutal, bloody, shadowy forest, we Cultivators will burn all that we have just to give off a single weak flickering spark in the darkness! “No matter how weak each spark is, how short-lived, how small… As long as the sparks flow unabated, then one day one of those sparks will light some tinder, and that tinder shall light some fallen branches, and those branches shall set ablaze each and every last tree of the forest! “In the end, even the smallest sparks will eventually set the shadowy forest ablaze and illuminate the whole world!”
Flash Marriage to a Billionaire Husband: Lovely Wife for the Taking
He was drugged by his stepmother and sent to the old man, but he did not want to be entangled with qiao yanli, the powerful and cold god of li city. When she woke up in the morning, she blocked him in the bathroom. "I'm so young, can you do it?" The man's deep eyes looked at her chest. "Not really.
Forever Worthy Of Your Love
There are rumors that the Fifth Young Mistress of the well-known Hua family is ugly and has a stuttering problem. Her parents do not dote on her, and she must go through an arranged marriage with an infamous playboy. On the fateful day of her wedding, the groom leaves her at the altar, yet she manages to turn the tables on him by finding a replacement groom at the very last minute. Everyone gradually becomes aware that she is in fact a captivating beauty capable of eloquent speech and that she possesses a great intellect. She is no longer living in seclusion, and her brilliance will soon be revealed. However, she will also have to deal with the huge problem of her pesky newfound husband.
Fall in Love in One Night: Mr. Yun and His Spoiled Cute Wife
An Jinnian agreed to spend the first night with her sister's husband, Yi Yunshen, to raise money for her seriously ill mother, but they fell in love that night. He was the CEO of Yun Tian Group: aloof and arrogant, but he realized what destiny was from that night. "I'm your man now and forever." "I'll go anywhere you go, even the hell."
Farming With The In-game World
An wen suddenly realized that he could cross the other world. An anecdote that had little interest in exploring the alien world, when he unconsciously pulled a tree, but a piece of wood exploded... Ps: daily, farming, climbing technology type. Group number: 808063906
From Nobody to a Martial Master
Cang Xuanting, who has been a crap in his family since young, accidentally gets the chance to change his destiny. The Ninth Layer opens a door for him and allows him to become a martial master. Cang survives in the cruel election of the general, slaughters in an isolated land, and finally competes in a martial battle in "the Big World." It is the blood that makes him continuously achieve a breakthrough! It is the blood that makes him transfer from someone who is bullied ruthlessly to the god of martial arts.
Forced to be the Billionaire's Wife
"Have you kissed enough?" Approaching him while he was drunk that night, she didn't expect that she would lose her most precious virginity to him. "I'm not the one you are looking for!" "It seems that we need a deeper understanding of each other..." He was the most powerful man in the city, spoiling her and resorting to every possible means tempting her to marry him."
Flash Marriage with My Mysterious Husband
Being together for five years, she was sent to jail by her ex-boyfriend with her reputation destroyed. Knowing each other for five minutes, she married him. She thought that she married an ordinary man without knowing that he was the powerful CEO of Gu's Group. They met in a cafe for the first time and told their names to each other. The man asked her, "Have you brought your residence booklet?" "Yes." "Let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for the marriage register. I've got a meeting this afternoon." After a few years, Qiao Wei, holding her child, asked him, "Why did you decide to marry me when we first met? Was it too quick?" He answered without hesitation, "No. I have been loving you for a long time." "How long?" "Ten years."
Flash-Marriage with a Rural Teacher: She is Busy Farming
"A teacher from the countryside left her village, ditched her boyfriend, who she had been together with for six years, and the flash-married a guy from a rich family. On the marriage night, she surprisedly found that he had sexual dysfunction. What overwhelmed her more was that she realized she was pregnant after a month... "
Fire of winter wood
Let's start with some guy. The man who was more idealistic than anyone, but also desperate for it. The man's dream is so simple. I really hope everyone in this world is happy, that's all. Every young man once held a beautiful wish in his heart, but gradually gave up the childish ideal after understanding the cruel reality. Happiness is a sacrifice in exchange for every child in adulthood, learn to use this reason for their own defense. But he's different.
Fake marriage and love: young master leng's cute little wife
"Hubby, it's getting late. Let's go to sleep." Leng yu looked at lan yi in confusion. Blue said to him with her mouth. "Your mother is outside." Leng yu replied coldly. Lan yi was just lying on the soft bed when leng yu dragged her onto the sofa. Lan yi thought to herself that one day, she would sleep on the big bed. A year later. "Hubby, let's get a divorce." "En?" Leng yu asked curiously. "I want to really get married." "Okay." A subtle smile appeared on the man's face.
Fake Dating the Amnesiac School Prince
In a conflict, a good student, zhen yuan, hurt the school bully while Bufan broke his head and bled all over the ground. After the ambulance pulled Shi Bufan away, Zhen Yuanbai returned home trembling and pleaded with his parents to transfer to another school. As expected, he was rejected. Zhen Yuanbai could only force himself to apologize to Shi Bufan, hoping that he would beat himself gently. As a result - Shi Bufan has lost his memory! Zhen Yuanbai couldn't help but be happy: you really don't know me? I am your good brother. After lying and being Shi Bufan's good brother, Zhen Yuanbai quickly realized that the other party looked at him strangely. Until one day, the amnesiac bully blocked him in the corner, kissing his confused face and chuckling: good thing brother, I already knew you liked me, and approached me while I lost my memory... Be good, I'll give you a chance to call me husband. Zhen Yuanbai: ... Wake up! Don't say you like your brother, he's lying to you. I even broke your head! I lied to the b
Falling into the Abyss
Ethan, a former Earth alliance secretary, was detained for treason in a place called "Forbidden city." Everyone here is human trash, and they have to keep doing some extremely dangerous and horrible atonement missions.
First wife: master mo, please control yourself
There must be some way to get revenge! Lin xiaoran didn' t expect that when she woke up, a certain famous cowherd would suddenly change and become her ex-boyfriend's uncle! She hid left and right, away from this god of plague! However, he thought that she had ulterior motives and strictly guarded her! She really couldn' t get rid of it! "President mo, we' re all adults ..." Her cheeks flushed red as she tried to explain herself. "I want to run after I sleep? Tell me, what's the purpose this time?" He pressed her against the car door, his eyes narrowed, and his smile was so piercing.
A devil's forbidden song, a series of suicidal murders, a mentally twisted butcher! Luo Qingyi: is he the murderer? Bai Ye: wrong ... Everything was wrong. It was wrong from the start.
Fortune girl: uncle's obsession with addiction
Yizhuang, the body thief, yuan yuan. "Amitabha, blessed be buddha. The jade emperor, the elder son of the goddess of mercy, qi tiansheng, has come to help me. I' m grateful to you, amen!" "Who!" An ice-cold voice sounded and grabbed her at the same time. "Second miss yuan?" Zhao gou said slowly. "Why are you here?" He stole a corpse and bumped into his brother who was running away from his marriage. God, do you want to play with me like this?!
For the rest of my life, to love you
The ex-husband of the ceo had three treasures. He was handsome, rich, and lived a good life. Back then, he found a mistress to force him to divorce. Well, isn't it just a divorce? But why do you want to break my peach blossom when we are already divorced? As she took her fiance's hand and swore before the priest, the man stood in front of her with a five-year-old boy and pouted at her veil. "Mom, my dad asked me to call you home for dinner!"
Fall For My Baby Wife
He was a dominating and scheming CEO, ten years older than her, and has spoiled her for ten years. So she, Gu Ranzhi, becomes willful and even more willful after she finds out that he has a fiance. Her classmate, teacher, and cousin all fall for her and she's busy dealing with them. CEO Lin can't tolerate it anymore and decided to teach her a lesson. How could he give away his baby, who he has cherished for a decade, to others so easily? "I'm not as young as those boys? I'm old? There's a generation gap between us? Do you dare to say it again, Ranzhi?" Once CEO Lin gets angry, she will face serious consequences. The next day, Gu Ranzhi kneads her aching waist and can't even get up from the bed, "Lin Jinhmo, you are a jerk!" The seed of love has been taken root at somewhere you can't see, and the root can't be removed ever since...
Foodie: the president, come to the bowl!
The imperial power struggle was shocking. After a bumpy situation, she became stronger. He still protected her behind him, but excessive protection was not a form of injury. He let go of his protective hands and looked at the world side by side." When our parents recover, we will return to chang' an city and marry me, okay?" She only smiled without saying anything, but her eyes were filled with joy. God knows how long she's been waiting for that ...
Flash marriage love: black-bellied ceo is too flirtatious
At the wedding, she was abandoned by her fiancé, accused by Mistress as a third party, was subjected to all kinds of abuse, relatives and friends do not recognize. When she was in the most painful period of her life, he appeared like a ray of light and completely saved her from the darkness ... His gentleness, his thoughtfulness, his endless love and deceit, was he the warrior who saved him or the devil who deceived him ...? In this complicated relationship, she couldn' t see clearly.
For your love in bloom
She was in love with him for five years. The five years of lovemaking had been when he was sick, and he would cover her face every time. Someone told her that she was just a substitute for that person! She questioned him. "You always cover my face. Are you afraid that the person you see isn't Yang Zhiai?" He sneered. "Do you want me to look at your face? Then I will grant you! In the end, she became a substitute that he would never forget!
Finally, the king of war
In the near future, a huaxia special forces soldier encountered a group of strong enemies after various special missions in the city. The story is compact and suspenseful.
First rape queen: make an alliance
Twenty years of childhood sweethearts, ten years of mutual affection, five years of deep love for her husband and wife in exchange for the use of her black iron crossbow viciously pierced her heart. It turned out that everything had been a trap from the start, and from the beginning, she was just a stepping stone for him. Fortunately, the heavens had eyes and were reborn for the rest of their lives. Coming back from a little daughter of a concubine, one step at a time. This time, she wanted to take back everything that she owed her, everything that had bullied her, everything that had hurt her, and everything that had happened to her. However, due to the chaos of the situation, she accidentally fell into the arms of Ming King, who was feared by the world. She was lying on the bed like a fish waiting to be slaughtered, but her smile was as bright as summer flowers. "Ming King, why don' t we cooperate?" He raised his eyebrows and smiled wickedly. "As you wish." [ After finishing the old book," noble lady's hear
Fan fu road
Everyone said that saving a person's life would definitely be better than creating a seven-level floating slaughter, but fan chen was confused about it. In order to find the true meaning of life, he kept asking himself why saving people would be better than creating a seven-level floating slaughter. To save others was to save himself.
Fatal male god: please feel free to dote on your wife
Luo xue had liked a person since she was young, but he was a good-hearted scum. After being used by him again and again, she finally broke down. When she was heartbroken, she ran out of the clubhouse in a sorry state, but was squashed by a mysterious man! It was rumored that there was a pack of wolves in los angeles, and the fiercest one was gu ansen. This mysterious man became addicted to her the first time he saw her ... Love gu was an addiction that could not be stopped. Legend has it that none of the people who got it out alive ...
Full time movie queen
After breaking through the scene of her fiancé and sister's infidelity, tang geshu was brutally murdered and the twins took her place ... After her rebirth, tang geshu became a third-rate actress, song yu, and this time, she would take everything back from her! Song yu smiled. "Tang shuang, I came to find you from hell!" Step by step, one hand slaps the face white lotus, the other hand wins the movie queen's throne. "You are really a sly little fox." Song yu raised her eyebrows. "Do you want to let go?" Without a word, almighty ji carried her into the room ...
First consort abandoned
"A cup of poisoned wine was thrown into a cold palace and a fire ended the prosperity she should not have sought. Her sworn sisters had painstakingly attacked her, and that passionate passion was not a restraint. What about sisters? What about the emperor? If merciless, if not love, still out of the palace wall, love, another married! "
Flash marriage love: boss dotes on his wife like treasure
After waiting for her fiancé for so many years, she had actually become the most hated person in the other party. "Boss, Miss Xia is going shopping." "I' ve already followed the bodyguards." "Boss, Miss Xia is going to paint." "I' ve already prepared all the car paintings." "Boss, Miss Xia said she's sleepy!" An imperial boss walked over with a cold face and held xia jiu in his arms. "What are you looking at? Get out of my way." "What?" Xia Jiujiu raised his eyebrows. "You' re cold. Let's warm up." The legendary Big boss was cold-blooded and cruel. He had gone through many ups and downs in the business world and had never been soft on anyone, but he was trapped in her gentle trap. Unexpectedly, she would reveal her true colors one day like a lamb ...
Falling in Love with My Colleague
Woman is the most complicated book of the world. Working as a PR I read a lot. Until one day, a woman came up before me...
From the ceo's bowl
Qi Xiaoli said he really only wanted to steal something outside of his heart and people, but someone didn't think so Su Checheng. "Stop, put down my wallet and watch." Qi Xiaoli, who had lost all his money, quietly put down the stolen goods. Su Checheng. "Take off your clothes and leave them behind." Qi Xiaoli was enraged. He didn' t sell his body because of his skills, okay? ! Su che cheng laughed. "Since that's the case, just leave the person and the clothes." You steal things, you're responsible.